A Hot Night
Candles were lit so they could see a little bit. The storm blew out the power, but did nothing to the humid, sticky air. It was still a hot night. Sleep was impossible.

Their only refuge was the shower, cool water taking the heat off their sweaty bodies. Being naked, so close, they gladly indulged in the one actively left open to them. They fucked.

One candle, poised on the lid of the toilet, shed no light on them behind the curtain. No matter, knowing each others bodies well.

Taste of cool water, mixed, occasionally, with a drop of sweat, her tongue licking it off his body. His hands, brushing wet hair from her face, guided, unnecessary, to his aroused cock. She teased him, going right to his balls. Not a drop of sweat there, only cool drops, now on her lips, kissing, sucking, smiling as he moaned. His hands pulled her in, sucking, licking harder, she gave his balls much overdue attention.

Kissing open mouthed, tongue, licking, (smiling) driving him nuts. She slowly made her way up, hearing him gasping. Sucking its head, softly, almost fragile, carefully. A few drops of cum, her tongue capturing. She quickly rises, her fingers finding his lips, parted from his last moan. She kisses him, her tongue touching his, the drops of cum rolling onto his. Back down she goes, smiling secretly, knowing she just had him taste his own cum. A thing, he said, he could never do.

Crouched, sucking his very hard cock, his hands gripping her wet hair, fucking her mouth, in a slow rhythm.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," he's not teasing, his lips and tongue, ignited her flame. Her hands pulling him into her pussy, her legs spread. Her body bears down, biting her lip, holding his head. She cums, tearing from her body. Through her bliss, she's a little jealous of his taste buds. No matter, he kisses deeply, sucking his tongue, tasting, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, her delicious cum.

Always, no matter how eager she is for it, her lover feels like the first time. Holding his wet body against hers, his cock enters, soooooooooo tight. Her nails pierce the skin on his back, her teeth bites his shoulder. Slowly, very slow, he enters her, making her stand on her toes. Her turn to gasp, so hard. "More," she gasps.

Fucking her, harder, at her request, he's fucking so hard and fast. She cums repeatedly. From behind, deeper, harder, so very good.

He said yes, he would. Fucking her mouth, faster through her lips, he's close. His moans, the pulse in his cock tell her so. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," thick, hot cum. Arching into her mouth, tasting so good. She doesn't swallow, holding it, he cums a lot. Gasping, he fills her mouth.

He's surprised by the taste she shares. More surprising is her like of finally letting him finger her rear hole, by saying yes, he can have her there, next time.

The power comes on, their bed waiting for them, now cooling from the air conditioner, their hot night over.

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