A Little Birdie
A Little Birdie
By: Rockin Rach

The Luncheon

It was a wonderful luncheon, supporting a breast cancer organization fund raising drive. It was where I first met Randall and Janet, and they were such a charismatic couple. Randall, tall good-looking man, toned, looking like he worked on maintaining his body. Broad shoulders tapered to his hips, dark hair brown eyes, and approximately six feet without an ounce of fat on his frame. He was a flirtatious guy, talking up all the women and he is quite a charmer.

Janet on the other hand is a five foot, two inch bundle of feminine energy. Black hair in a style sweeps over her dark left eye and cut level just below her left ear lobe. The right side is short with a moderate spike look. She wore a, tight almost black, knit top that accentuated breasts hugging her curves flowing into her flaring hips and tucks into a black skirt that ends just three inches above her knees. Smoky black stockings ensconcing her shapely legs and disappearing under her skirt with her black heels bumping her height up two inches. Janet is one of those women that always appearing sensual without much effort.

I could not help but look at Janet's firm butt wrapped in her black skirt and think a few naughty thoughts. We sat at our table eating our lunch and listening to the speakers. Soon the speakers were an afterthought and we became engaged in conversation learning about each other. Randall worked in the entertainment industry, Janet worked in social media, and they live in the suburbs. They had no children, or other responsibilities. Randall traveled for work and he would be on road trips or at events several days a month. Something about Randall told me that he had a wandering eye and enjoyed the company of other women when he was away from home. When at home I think Janet was all he could handle.

I was attracted to Janet and I wanted to get to know her much better, maybe even intimately if she goes that way. Janet left the table go to the ladies room and Randall shifted his focus to me. He saw my eyes lingering on Janet's twitching backside as she departed.

"Janet is a straight arrow, she does not play on the girl's team but I would not mind if she wanted to play," Randall said with an impish grin.

I blushed from being caught ogling his wife's butt, and "Just what makes you think I have an interest other than platonic in your wife? I asked.

"My dear, you are defensive, just what is your orientation Rachel?"

"I don't think that is your business," I replied in a short, sharp hushed tone, with my eyes flashing.

"I see you wear a ring on your left hand, very feminine design, so you must be married but I wonder to who, Randall probed.

"I am married and have been for three years now, but that is another story."

"`Rachel you are an attractive woman and I would not mind getting to know you on a more personal level. Here is a ticket to a concert I will be at next Friday I would love to get to know you better. If you are there great if not I will return home early, Janet always gives me a hot reception."

"What about Janet? Does she mind you playing around on her?"

"No, she likes it when I come home all hot and bothered."

"And your husband, does he mind if you get some on the side?"

"It is wife, and we have an open marriage and we are both bi-sexual who prefer women to men. Men are a special treat for us and sometime we share. I hope this does not shock your fragile male ego."

It was then when Janet returned and the conversation resumed to a more appropriate topic for the luncheon.

"Janet, I am going to be here next Friday, I would love to get together with you for lunch, and we could get to know each other better.

Randall just smiled, at the thought of either Rachel hitting on Janet or the opportunity of maybe getting into Rachel's panties.

Lunch with Janet

The week flew by and I was on my way back to Houston and checked in my hotel room by just two hours before my lunch with Janet. I took a quick shower and then carefully selected my clothes to wear for our luncheon and a quick afternoon business meeting. I toweled dried and brushed by long brown hair. I took a quick look at my naked body in the mirror. Full firm 36B breasts and my pink nipples each set in a chocolate circle areola. My nipples a tad bit stiff, but not fully aroused from my dirty thoughts of Janet. Slipping the bra cups over each boob and fastening the bra my boobs filled the cups with just the right overflow. The black lace bra looked terrific against my tan torso.

Next, I stepped into a black lace thong that rode high on my hips, a lace waistband, and a braided cord that vanished between the cheeks of my butt. A twirl in front of the mirror I was happy the way the lingerie fit. I slipped on a sleeveless green satin camisole style top with a scoop neckline, which showed a bit of cleavage, not too much but enough to peak one's interest. Finally a pair of cream-colored slacks, which hugged my body and highlighted my booty and I was ready to show Janet what I had to offer her, if she was interested. I wore a black pair of flats to down play my height and a silver necklace the dangled between my boobs to garner her attention. I slipped on my black waist jacket; picked up my small purse that contained the concert ticket, room key some condoms, just in case, and other things a girl needs for a day of fun.

Janet chose an upscale restaurant and I was the first to arrive so I got a table where I could see the entrance and watched for Janet's arrival. A few minutes passed and I sipped on my water, skimmed the menu, and kept an eye on the greeting desk waiting for what I really wanted to eat to arrive. Then she appeared.

Janet looked my way, I waved, and she started to walk towards the table. She was stunning. Janet wore a tan pair of cowboy boots, a pair of stonewashed jeans that fit like a glove on her curvaceous body and a rose colored top that hug her perky breasts. I thought, I would love to see what she had under her clothes.

She smiled and greeted me. We ordered some wine and then lunch. We talked generalities at first then we dove in the depths of our personal lives. She was a little surprised that I was married to a woman and that was a topic of interest for her. I commented on Randall being popular with the girls and seem to flirt a lot.

Janet said he was mostly bark and little bite, but had a strong libido and sometimes he plays around on his business trips and she did not mind.

"I always tell him what is good for the gander is also good for the goose. I have never exercised my option but it is always available to me, besides sex is so hot when he gets home from a business trip when he got a little on the side. Besides, he gets to do things that I do not do. Now I am not a prude, I love sex and have since I was a teen, I just do not do kinky stuff, and Randall likes the kinky stuff."

"I see and you are comfortable with him sleeping with other women?

"I am Randall told me you said you have an open marriage with your wife, is that true?"

"Yes we do, and you are right the sex is fantastic after one of us had slept with someone else, so fresh and so alive. We have very few boundaries in our lives and that is such a turn on for me. So Randall shared what I told him at the luncheon with you.

"Yes, that and the fact that he gave you a ticket to the concert he is working tonight. He also said that you were looking at my butt when I left the table and he told you I was straight as an arrow, Janet said with a slight giggle."

Blushing, "Yes he did and yes I was admiring you and to tell the truth I was hoping to find out for myself today. I find you to be a very attractive women Janet and I will admit you kinda make me horny."

"Why thank you Rachel, I guess that is a left handed compliment for a straight woman, but Randall was quite correct, I have never been with another woman. If I were going to be with one, I hope she is attractive and sweet as you are Rachel. I will give you one piece of advice, use that ticket for the concert tonight, Randall will not disappoint you, I promise. I will reap the rewards on Saturday when he gets home and shares you with me. I don't mind waiting one night for him. So go, enjoy the concert, and if I ever want to be with a woman, you will be my first call.

I smiled and thanked her and told her I would just go to my afternoon meeting and pass on the concert.

"Maybe we could get together the next time I am in Houston, I get here once a month or so," I said to Janet.

"Sure, call me and Rachel, give the concert some more thought you will have a good time and we can talk about it next time, Janet smiled.

Janet stood, kissed my cheek, and bid me goodbye. I watched her sexy butt wiggling as she walked away. I could feel the dampness, my thong is wet, but there was no time to change. I went to my meeting.

The Concert
The meeting seems to last forever but was just over an hour. I am distracted with thoughts of Janet and making delicious love to her. I want to caress her frim breasts and to dip my tongue in her tight little pussy tasting her sweet nectar. In addition, I would not pass on rubbing my juicy cunt on hers. My head filled with thoughts of various debaucheries I will share with the lovely vixen, Janet.

I get out of the meeting and I flee to my hotel via a cab. Sitting in the cab, my panties are dripping and I can feel my juices on my inner thighs, I have chills and I need some relief for all this pent up sexual tension. I squeeze my thighs together, I can smell my arousal, and I need to get to my hotel room. The cab stops, I pay the cabbie and I slide across the vinyl seat marking it like a dog marks his territory. I rush to my room and strip my clothes off.

I pull the covers off, shove the pillows against the backboard, and clamber onto the bed. My back against the pillows, I pull my legs up so my heels are touching my ass and I spread my thighs open. My labium are swollen, I place the palm of my hand over my bare pussy, slipping my middle finger into my glistening slit. I moan loudly as my finger brushes my clit and I begin to rub the sensitive nub slowly. More moans, I push against my finger. My pussy spasms, clinging the probing digit as I finger fuck myself. My tits ache and I tug on my nipples, rub my dark areolas in search of relief but there is none. More thrusting, more moaning, I visualize Janet, between my legs and her tongue deep in my cunt as she eats my snatch. Then I raise my butt off the bed and my pussy floods, clinching my finger in a death grip as sweet girly cream seeps from my slit and down my thighs. I sigh, languishing in the aura of a self-imposed climax and my fingers dabble in my cream. I come down from my euphoric high, sweat dripping from my body, my finger still in my cunt teasing my pussy.

I look at the clock, there is my purse with the concert ticket sticking out and I look at it and wonder if I should go. Janet has encouraged me to go to the concert and Janet knew that Randall and I would hook-up; in fact, I think she wanted us to hook-up. Janet knew that if I let Randall fuck me he would share the details with her when he fucked her and in return, Janet would think about Randall's cock in me. However, the thing that got me was that Janet has said we could talk about the next time I saw her.

She was not closing the door on the possibility of Janet and I hooking-up, she was not definitely saying no. Janet left the door open a slight sliver and all I had to do was to spread my legs for Randall. Maybe if Randall fucked me, maybe if Janet and I talked about Randall fucking me, then maybe Janet would open the door wider for me. A twinge between my legs, a deep feeling coursing in my body I decided if I was going to get in Janet's panties the key would be Randall's cock if I had the slightest chance. The worst would be I would not make love to Janet but I would get a good fucking from Randall, after all Janet had said I would not be disappointed.

I quickly shower, and change clothes. A red G-string and sheer red sheer bra were on the line up for the concert. A short denim skirt, a white knit top, and a pair of running shoes were the attire for the concert. I took a cab to the venue and this time I did not mark my territory when I exited the cab. I got there found my seat close to the front with a great view of the stage second seat in from the aisle. It was a great seat, a top-notch act, Keith Urban, Rip Cord Tour was the main act and I love me some Keith Urban. The aisle seat remained empty, the opening act was closing, and it was time for Keith Urban. No one uses seats at concerts these days unless it is the symphony. Rock, country and rap, it is shoulder to shoulder with the masses as your body rocks to the music and this was the case here. I felt someone bump me on the right side, I looked over, and there was Randall.

Randall shouted that he was glad I made the show; I simply nodded, it is impossible to have a conversation during the show so we just rocked it out. The concert over and the arena slowly empties out and Randall grabs my hand and we head to the stage. He speaks to a group of people, giving them direction and then he folds up his laptop and we head for an exit at the rear of the building. Outside, the night air is cool, a refreshing change from the stale air inside the arena. It was a short walk to Randall's car and soon we were at a quirky bistro for a late night meal. The food was good and the wine was better but the conversation was most interesting and revealing.

"I was not sure if you would show up tonight Rachel and you do look quite delectable too if I may say so," Randall said.

"I almost did not come, in fact I had flat decided to eat an early dinner and go to bed, but a little birdie told me I should go."

"Hmm and what else did this little birdie tell you Miss Rachel?"

"This little birdie told me to go and that I would not be disappointed. Is that true Mr. Randall, I won't be disappointed?"

"The last thing I would want to do is to disappoint an attractive woman such as yourself Miss Rachel. Another glass of wine, it would be a shame to waste the wine before we have even decided what to do with the rest of the night."

"Why Randall, you did not disappoint me at all, the concert was excellent, but then it was Keith Urban, the late supper has been enjoyable as well as your company, so I would say my little birdie was quite right. I also have a sneaking suspicion that my little birdie was talking more than dinner and drinks and has personal experience in not being disappointed by you."

I sat there, crossed my legs making my skirt ride up a bit, and did not attempt to pull it back down. I saw Randall look, a little longer look than a gentleman normally should look, but then it was my intention for him to get a good eyeful. It was then when Randall finally ended our little sexual chess game by talking about the elephant at the table.

Rachel I certainly would not let you to leave Houston feeling the slightest bit of disappointment, I can see that you desire more than idle chat, you crave my wife but she declined your offer. I can give you the next best thing, me and satisfy your cravings for gratification. Let me take you to your hotel and give you something for you to remember when you leave. As our mutual birdie says, "You won't be disappointed, I promise."

"Randall there is something about you that is hard to say no too, your wife is my intended object of desire, and I do wish she was bi-sexual, but here you are offering to give me a night of decadent pleasure and this little union is blessed by Janet if I understood her correctly. You are a lucky man to have a wife who will share you. I could not possibly deprive sweet Janet of her pleasure, who knows she may change her mind one day. So yes Randall take me to my hotel and pleasure me but do not disappoint me. If I can't have Janet I will have you instead."

"Wonderful, let's go and Randall with his hand on my bare thigh, leaning in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I was ready to be laid. We quickly made our way to his car and sped off to my hotel.

The Hotel Room

I sat in Randall's car just out of his reach my back leaning against the seat and the door just so he could see my bare thighs and see my fingers playing with the hem of my skirt just to tease him until we arrived at my hotel.

The elevator doors slide open and the elevator was empty. I went to the farthest corner of the elevator and Randall stood by the control panel.

"What floor," he asked?

"Eight, Room 869, now isn't that naughty," I replied.

"It is and we can," Randall replied with that impish grin of his, he pushed the button, and the elevator ascended.

Randall is in front of me, I am in the corner, and he kisses me lightly on my lips, not once but twice. The second kiss I can feel his hands caressing my waist, his lips pressed hard to mine and I open my mouth to slip my tongue between his lips. Randall open his mouth and my tongue danced in his for a brief moment, just enough to tantalize him. The kiss broke, the elevator came to a halt, and the doors slid open. We found our way to my room, I slip the keycard into the slot, and we enter the dark room. The ambient light from the windows permitted me to see that housekeeping had changed the bed linen and turned down the covers.

Randall laying his jacket on the back of the chair turns and takes me firmly by my arm. My back against the wall, Randall closes on me and our bodies touch. I feel a slight chill run down my spine, another kiss, more forceful and his tongue is in my mouth. I can feel his hand on my breast, fondling the warm flesh, taunting my hard nipples through my knit top. I can feel his erection pressing on my thigh and I lower my hand to rub the bulge that lay under his slacks.

I feel him stiffen, a slight gasp and he presses harder on my thigh. I feel a freshening in my crotch, clamminess between my labium and my vulva damp with sweat. Randall has his tongue in my ear, making me writhe and now his erection is pressing on my slit forcing my G-string between my lips. I want him; I want to feel him impale my hungry cunt.

I slip from under his arm, our position reverses, and I press his shoulders to the wall. Fingers deftly undo the buttons on his shirt and I pull it from the waistband of his slacks. Randall's shirt is open, I twirl the hair adjacent his stiff little nipples and then kiss each nipple. Unhooking his belt as I rim his navel with my wet tongue, another moan or more of a groan Randall lets escape. His fingers are sliding through my hair exerting pressure on my head, trying to dominate me. The button slips through the buttonhole, I ease Randall's zipper down and then tug his slacks down to see a pair of black satin boxers, tented and with a wet spot. Now I wanted to see just what it was that keeps Janet fulfilled and sated.

It did not take much to get those black boxers to join Randall's slacks puddled around his ankles. Now I was kneeling, I could see a massive thick erection, a circumcised cock with a glistening mushroom head. Curly black pubic hair surrounded the base of his cock and his furry balls were heavy; filled with cum is my guess. Cupping his balls, I kiss each one before taking them into my mouth. I lick the warm orbs giving them a tongue bath and feel his cock stiffen in my hands. Randall remains, almost frozen as I manipulate his balls in my mouth, licking them and pushing them almost out and drawing them back into my warm wet mouth as I pump on his turgid shaft. His cock slick with pre-cum, my fingers gripping his joystick and his shiny dickhead is begging for some loving.

Pearls of clear nectar being expelled from the eye of his cock, his masculine scent fills my nostrils as I suck his furry nuts and then I ease the heavy balls from my mouth and lick his shaft like a little girl eating an ice cream cone on a hot day. Long licks with my soft tongue along the underside of his straining cock, from his nuts to rim of the satin mushroom head of his penis. For good measure, I scrape the tip of my tongue on the underside of the mushroom head and then I flick my tongue on his frenulum and over his glans for my initial taste of Randall. Randall is consumed with lust, giving me mini thrusts as I suck Randall's cock, and his tube slides over my lips, but I do not want him to cum, not yet anyway.

I remove my mouth from his engorged cock, a final squeeze as I slowly rise and I have Randall the way I want him, naked and ready to fuck me hard. Randall kicks off his shoes and steps out of the clothes that are at his ankles and then shrugs off his shirt. It is quite a sight, Randall standing there, naked with a mammoth erection jutting out from his crotch dripping with my saliva and wearing a pair of socks. I giggled and he took my hand pulling me to him.

We landed on the bed and Randall unhooks my skirt and pulls the zipper down then yanks my skirt off. He then slides his hands under my knit top, running his hands under my top push it up and over the top of my breasts. Randall is kissing my erect nipples through the red sheer bra and his immense erection squashing against my red G-string making my labia spread. I am aching for his cock and I wrestle the knit off and toss it aside. The time for foreplay is over and it is time for serious sex.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard Randall I growl."

Randall unhooks my bra freeing my tits and covers one with his mouth. Drawing my nipple deep in his mouth he tickles it with his tongue and I about wet my pants. I thrust my hips up, grinding on Randall's wet cock Randall's hand was frantically working on my red G-string, I resisted, but not too much I wanted him as much as he wanted to fuck me and then Randall tosses his prize onto the bed. I can feel Randall's fingers probing my sopping slit, pumping his fuck finger into me and touching my clit. I brace, raise my hips off the bed, damn I want his cock.

"Miss Rachel, I am going to give you the best cock you have ever had in your pussy."

With that, Randall snatched me by my ankles and flipped me over onto my face.

"Kneel my Miss Rachel, show me that sweet pussy that I am going to ravage, stick that pretty ass in the air for me," Randall orders me and I submit to him.

My tan ass in the air and Randall spreads my legs wide and my feet are over the edge of the bed. A stinging slap on my left cheek, Randall steps between my spread legs and he rubs his hard cock on my salivating gash. Hard cock is pushing on my puffy lips, strong hands on my hips pulling me towards that hard spear that is ready to impale my tight cunt and Randall thrusts hard. I lower my face to the sheet, a muffled squeal escapes my lips, and Randall has his cock in me. Groaning I take more of his cock as he pumps hard and fast into me and soon his balls are spanking my sloppy puss and I am fucking him as hard as he is pounding my kitty.

Randall's prick is swelling, stretching my pussy, filling me when I feel a shot of hot cum filling my hole. He is cumming in me, my pussy is very slippery, and he is banging hard. Randall slams his cock as deep as he can get pauses and then explodes in me. Thick rich cum seeps from my hole, oozes down my thighs, I am bucking as Randall fills my throbbing sex. Three or four explosive spurts and Randall pull from my tingling pussy and he rolls me over on my back, then he straddles me.

I figure Randall has shot his load and requires some rejuvenation time. Randall's cock is unwavering, hard as he was on his first poke and has his cock aimed at my face and sandwiched between my tits. Randall is tit fucking me, his strong hands pressuring my fleshly globes together with my nipple pinched between his thumbs and forefinger. It only takes a few stroke and I get a shot of hot, sticky cum landing on next to my nose just below my left eye. The alabaster gob slithers down over my lips and I suck it in and swallow the gob.

Randall fucked me three more times making me cum time and time again and his magic cock never seemed to get soft. We screwed until I could not take any more and I feel asleep with his cock buried in me. When I woke up, I wanted to ride his cock one last time so I climb on top of Randall sliding my nasty cunt onto his cock and roll my hips feeling his fat cock bumping my cunt as we fuck for the last time.

We shared a shower, and for the first time I saw Randall's cock in a flaccid state and once again and marvel at the seven plus inches he had fucked me with just hours ago. I had his dick in my mouth feeling it grow hard, it is such a beautiful thing. Randall pulls his cock from my mouth and steps from the shower.

"Miss Rachel I said I was going to fuck you and I think we managed to do just that and now I have got to go home and share this night with Janet as we screw our brains out. I am so glad that you listened to your little birdie and came to the concert."

The Finale

We got dressed; Randall in his clothes from last night and they had a faint scent of raw sex clinging to them. I wore a purple shirtdress sans any underwear and a pair of Birkenstocks for my flight home. The bed was a disaster; soiled sheets piled in the middle of the bed were the remnants of our night of debauchery. I thought to myself, Janet was right I was not disappointed and I would be looking forward to my next trip to Houston and another shot at getting in Janet's panties. Soon I would be home again and Janet is with me, in my mind at least and maybe in my bed one day.

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