A Little Extra Help
"Carmen, come see me after class ." My chemistry teacher said.

"Yes, Mr. Franklin." I am so confused. I did not do anything what could he possibly want with me. Maybe I did awful on the last test, maybe I did really well and he wants to congratulate me. I am so nervous because not only do I know what is going to happen but the fact that he is so cute. Mr. Franklin is a pretty strong guy in his early 30's. I still have 20 minutes left. Why can't class be over already? Finally, class is over. I get up and walk to the desk, it is the last period of the day so I might miss the bus.

"Text your parent, this may take awhile. It is 2:00 now so have them be here about 3:00." I text my mom, she is going to come pick me up. "Carmen, I want to go over your last test you were doing all the problems backwards."

"I knew I did it wrong." I said.

"Here let me show you how to do it." He walks up behind me pressing his chest against my back. I want him so bad. I push my butt out so it is now touching his ass. I wiggle it a little. His cock rises to attention. I adjust my mini skirt and pull it up. I am so glad I went commando. I feel my bare supple ass pressing against his stiff member. His explanations start becoming faint whispering my ear. He backs up and realizes my ass was bare and against him. He pulls his cock out and grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them. I turn my head and look at him. I was not expecting it. He pushes and pushes I unbuttons my bra and take my bra off. I spread my legs and start rubbing my clit while he pounds my ass. I am starting to climax and he pulls out. He turns me around and puts me on his desk. He starts kissing me softly then harder. He kisses down my neck.

"God Mr. Franklin you really are the best teacher." I say in a soft moan. He just nods and starts kissing my nipple. Then he starts circling them with his strong tounge. I am loving it and catch myself by putting my hand on his shoulder gripping his polo firmly. I pull it off. He starts rubbing his teeth and tounge from nipple to nipple. He spreads my legs and pulls his shorts off. He runs his dick against my clit while still sucking my nipples. He puts his cock in my pussy and starts pounding me hard. I am so wet. He is kissing me every once and awhile. I feel me about to climax again, he as well. One quick thrust and I am sent in a world of exctasy. I feel him pull out and I lick the last bit of cum off his dick. We get dressed. I see my mom is here. I finish getting dressed, I leave and get in the car.

"How did it go Carmen?" My mom asks.

"Fantastic Mom."
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