A Little Tied Up
Opening my eyes, I can see her across the room. Still wearing her 3" strapless heels, garter and thong. Without a word she leans across the picket rail into the sitting area, drinking from the glass of wine, unfinished from our lovemaking. Slipping behind her I ask her to lean forward so I can touch and please her some more. As she slows bends forward, her eyes locked on mine, her ass raises in the air her breasts hang free between the wide cherry pickets, dark beside her soft white flesh. "Can you reach your calves?" I ask, challenging her to bend even further.

"I think so, my love." She bends further, her calf muscles pulling taught, the wine glass almost spilling as she stretches even further over the rail, her ass now lifted up high, her feet almost coming out of her heels.

"Close your eyes and hold that pose," I encourage her with a fgew soft kisses in the middle of her back, my tongue leaving a hot wet spot as I lick down between her spread cheeks.

This is a THE opportunity for a new form of play I have been thinking about for weeks. With her brown eyes closed, her nipples swelling with anticipation, I take two ties from my bag. Hooking them around her ankels, then around her legs, I pull the slik material through the pickets and then up and around her arms. Pulling them snugly, the ties not only bind her legs spread wide, but her breasts now press against the pickets, her nipples extended and easy to reach between her taut legs.

"Jimmy??" She questions but does not object while moving her bum she now realizing her dream of soft bondage was about to become reality.

Softly rubbing her back, making sure her tummy was comfortable across the padded railing, I kiss her neck, softly reassuring her,
"It's ok sweetheart, just relax baby girl."

Pulling the foot stool forward I sit down to face her beautiful ass. My blood is boiling with desire for her as I find her smooth bum at eye level, her pussy lips glistening with the dew of her mounting lust.

"I can't hold this glass my longer," my lady whines, her heels now an inch out of her shoes.

"Don't spill a drop," I command slapping her bum plat=yfully, but firmly. As she begins to object my hands begin tracing up her smooth legs, leaning forward my breath is warm against her cunny, now swollen and covered in her sweet nectar. I extend my tongue and lightly brush across he nub, her legs shaking with the exertion to not fall out of her heels.

"I can't hold it. Let me go," her voice pleading but giving away her excitement that my prim and proper professional was now completely out of control and fully exposed to my desire. The lady who just hours before commanded so much respect and authority in her business was now my captive, trusting that I would please her and meet her deepest and most secret desires.

"I just want to please you." I chuckle as my voice deepens with my growing need to pleasure this woman now so fully exposed. Reaching between the pickets I pull her beautiful breasts towards me, the thick globs of flesh now pointing back at me, nipples red and swollen begging to be touched and licked.

Taking both nipples between my forefingers and thumbs I pinch and roll them while drawing her breasts taut through the pickets towards me. As her knees bend slightly to steady this new position my tongue reaches out again and again, licking the full length of her delicate furrow.

"Not fair!" She exclaims, attempting to push back against my tongue, begging for more contact upon her clit.

"Watch it," I warn, as I notice a tiny dribble of her unfinished red wine, dripping down the wine glass. She strins to focus on holding the glass, just barely by her beautiful fingertips, as the same time testing her bindings to gain the pleasure her pussy demands..

"Oh Gawd!" she cries out as my hand slaps her bum, delivering the punishment promised. "NNNNooooooo Jimmy!" she squeals, "Please, darling, take the glass, I'm yours, whatever you want."

Reaching between the pickets I capture the glass, ready to fall, as my fingers glide easily into her wet slit, my thumb circling her little brown hole, now puckered from the pain.

"Remember you said whatever I what," my lips kissing her slick lips, tasting her juices as if for the first time. Using a mixture of her own hot juices, now flowing down her leg, and the cooler wine from the glass, I moisten my finger tips and trace then across her ass and slit. I then curl my thumb into her ass while my lips suck her clit fully into my mouth, my lips holding it firm as my tongue swirls and teases it. Licking the length of her slit, my tongue presses deep inside her pussy and then circles the widened bum hole, now opened by my extended thumb.

"No baby, NOT my ass," her words signal her distress, but her butt, pressing back against my tongue tells me this has been part of her dreams...

Standing, I rub my swollen cock head against her. My thumg enjoys the feel of her gripping ass. She is teased and thank ful that she has complied and has using her butt plug as I instructed, just to prepare herself for her final submission to me. The girth of cock, slowly sinking into her pussy spreads her lips even wider, the heat of my legs now pressing against her exposed thighs exciting the both of us. My lady is shaking, her climax approaching while knowing she has NO control,

"MMMM, Oh FUCK Yes, I want that cock in me, Please, I need it baby, NOW."

Pressing up against her, her eyes are fixed on my swollen nut sack, now swinging free between her legs. My hands gripping her hips, I press only my head inside, my throbbing cock teasing her as each pulse spreads her wider. As I pull out she shudders, my pre-cum now mixing with her juices flowing down over her clit.

Bucking back at me, her heat rising, I can tell her sumbission is near.

"Dam You, stop teasing me, you can do what ever you want to me, but make me cum, NOW!"

"Baby Doll, do you mean What Ever I want?" I hold perferctly still as I press for an answer.

"Yes, I said YES, Now Fuck Me" she cries in frustration, her swollen nipples betray how teased she really is, her voice having no real understanding of the bargin just made.

Reaching over the rail and around her waist I cup her cunny with my hand, two fingers encasing her nub, rubbing it as I have watched her do when she thought I was sleeping. As I press my cock back inside her I hold myself still, only half of my engorged cock now inside. I once again begin to tease her bum, my thumb pressing deep, rubbing my own cock though her membrane. As her climax rises, her ass fully accepts my thumb to my hand, her cunny gripping my cock as I plunge deep hitting her cervix.

"Cum for me, baby, my sweetheart, cum for your lover like never before."

She cries out in delight, no words, only guteral sounds that have meaning only in raw passion. Rubbing her clit I send her forward on her second climax, my cock stroking her G-spot as I angle myself upwards. One shoe comes off as my hard thrusting lift her off the floor, her body still restrained by the bonds I have wove for her.

As her climax begins to subside, I withdraw; a loud plopping sound, followed by my thumb fully inside her ass, pressing down on her throbbing cunny. The lack of hot cum in her pussy tells her I'm not yet done.

"Now for making you fully MINE," I announce this new chapter with tender authority, and before she can argue my cock head presses against her stretched brown hole. Slick with her juices, flexing like it was another womb for her lover, she squirms but all her struggling does is assist the impending implament by my swollen cock. As my cock head presses inside, it delights in the heat and tightness of her virgin ass.

"OH Gawd BABY, NOOO, NOOO it won't fit, I can't take that cock in my ASS" she squeals, but she is restrained and can only be resigned to the continued pressure of my slick cock slowly pressing into her tight ass.

My nut sack, full of the dreams and desire I wish to deliver to my baby girl, is now hitting her sensitive nub, being coated with her juices and the spilage of my pre-cum, at each thrust. Holding her hips, I press one last time, driving myself into my maiden to sink myself fully to the root.

Shaking, her third climax grabing my cock like a two fisted hand job, announces that this submission was what she really wanted.

"Gawd, FUCK Me NOW, Dam you fuck my ASS NOW!!!" was the words I had longed to hear. As my cock explodes insdie her ass she bucks and turns, teased and pleased by this new Final penetration.
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