A Lost Valentine - Part II

This is a continuation of a remembered love who is missed on a very special night.

........ Lying down between her spread legs James had leaned forward to run his tongue across her wet clit, down her swollen slit and then deep into her tight love tunnel. As his hands caressed the soft smooth skin of her inner thighs he began, darting his tightly rolled tongue quickly inside as deep and as fast as her could.

If he could not restrain her with marital bonds, he would bind her with pleasure beyond her experience.

Feeling Jeans legs begin to shake James again broke contact to run the head of her glass toy up and down along the soft folds of skin, now wet with her desire mixing with his trailing kisses. Pressing the head slightly inside her tight opening she gasped at the new sensation. Jean, who was conditioned to expect fleeting minutes of pleasure form her husband, grabbed his head hoping his face would make the contact she desired and soon give her some release before the teasing ended.

James breath a long hot breath across her swollen clit and re assured her "I'm doing this, just so I can cum DEEP INSIDE you tonight sweetheart".

He then went back to licking and sucking on her thick and sensitive lips. The raised nubs of her glass penile substitute continued to excite her with each stoke.

Jean released his head and clutched handfuls of the soft down filled bed cover in her hands. She sought to give herself some leverage with her feet and arms to thrust her hips back into his face and self impale her throbbing pussy upon the teasing toy.

"It's alright Jean" James spoke between kisses to her clit and slightly deeper thrust of her toy. "You once said you never made it past the third nub. Well, here you are" he announced with a bit harder stoke "you are now accepting nub five".

Jean lifted her legs up high with her hands underneath her hips so that the soles of her feet pressed towards the ceiling. The sweat matted the hair on her brow and ears but she did not care. She loved how her fresh red pedicure framed his silver hair. Rocking her hips back and forth she danced with the toy deep inside of her. The additional penetration and pressure made her moan with new found pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" James hummed into her hot wet box as he sucked her sensitive clit between his tight hot, wet lips.

"Gawd, what are you doing to me" Jean cried out as she neared her climax.

Looking for respite, OR that final push over the cliff, she lifted her head slightly up off the bed to stare down between her outstretched legs. As James continued to suck and hum she looked down across her heaving breasts and swollen pink nipples. The sweat dripping in her eyes made her blink to see her legs shaking as the pre-climax fireworks were being set off deep inside her womb .

"JAMES? Are you going to FUCK me, or tease me to death?" With that her head fell back down flat and she wrapped her legs tight around his head.

James pinched her left nipple. The electric shock that flashed through her tummy, confirmed the connection between her clit and nipples was still there. He continued with his alternating licks to her slit and the stroking of her slick channel with the thickening glass toy.

Each time he pressed it inside he made sure to raise the head towards the g-spot inside of her and then he would twist the knobbed jewel as he slowly retracted it. Spreading some of her juices on his palm he reached up between her shaking legs and began again to tease her swollen nipples.

Jean drank in the hot aroma of her own juices now freely flowing and was in sensory overload. Each time James moved to a new angle she could feel the hot pre-cum, oozing from his solid dick, as it smeared across her leg. Her mind tried to focus on the feel of that cock flowing across her lips into her mouth but the sensations of the tease from the toy, and the building pressure from the stretching, made her head race back down to her womanhood. She wondered how she could feel so teased and not cum, yet.

Between slow long licks down her slit and back up around her clit James whispered "We are half way there". His voice was deep and seductive all focused on not breaking her heightened concentration.

Jean was on fire and she was drenched in sweat. She ran her hands under her own breasts forcing her nipples up and back towards her parched mouth. Taking one in her mouth she caught James watching her, which teased her even more. She faintly could feel the trickles of her own moisture flowing between her legs onto the bed covers.

"We are two thirds there" James announced. As he lifted his face from her pussy he deftly introduced his small digit into her puckered ass that was now slick with her juices and his teasing.

"Shit" squealed Jean as she quickly accepted the new pleasure penetrating her up to his palm.

Thinking back to husbands clumsy, and painful attempts at anal sex in the past, she smiled and then slightly grimaced as she squirmed to accommodate this new and powerful sensation.

Now slowly stoking her pussy and her ass James confidently announced "Babe, this section, where your toy begins to bend. Here it is nearly 5" in circumference."

Jean knew the magic number was 5.5 inches in order to accept James tick cock. She lifted her head and could see her juices across his chin and the full mustache that framed his wide smile. He was beaming with pride and joy while staring down at her undulations, now working in auto around her fully impaled toy and his penetrating middle finger.

Jean felt like she was on the Superman roller coaster as she suddenly fell over the cliff.

"I'm,,, going ... to CUM, ... oh FUCK, oh Fuck ME!.. Jimmy.. I'm Cumming" screamed Jean as that final thrust of her toy hit the back of her cervix.

As wave upon wave of heat and pleasure washed over her she made several attempts to sit up only to fall back flat as her legs took on a life of their own, shaking in the air.
James tried as best he could to continue the pleasure by licking the soft shaven area around her clit, lightly darting his tongue into the quivering hood. He used the finger in her ass to press the toy back up towards her G-spot while he continued twisting the nubs back and forth to tease the area of her clit.

The moaning and shaking was eventually replaced by heavy breathing that turned into sobs of joy. As Jean lowered her legs to the bed James extracted his finger and the wonderful toy that had finally been used to its full measure.

Sliding up beside his lover James left a thick pre-cum trail along her leg. He slowly and softly began to caress her tummy, her breasts and her face.

"You are awesome" he spoke with his most enduring tone.

"Me??" Jean questioned in a cracking voice, her eyes still not focusing well.

"That was the most awesome climax I will EVER have."

"Really?, The Best EVER?" James feigned his hurt as he placed her hand upon his swollen thick cock.

"No possible room for improvement?" He joked as his cocked throbbed and swelled with the touch of her soft warm hands.

"Well maybe" Jean cooed back as she turned away from him, trapping the hot, thick and dripping member in her ass cheeks.

She add, "BUT only if it FITS".

Taking his love into his arms for a rest he placed his palm across her breast and replied "I'm sure we will see that IT FITS!"

be continued

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