A Magical Passion
The Day that I met Joe was the day that changed my life forever. My name is Krys and at the time I was 22 years of age. I was five foot ten inches tall average body, size 36 c breasts, with long dark hair that reached down to the middle of my back and honey brown eyes. Earlier that day I had received a phone call from my best friend Tracey letting me know that we would be taking our girls night out that night. I had an hour to get ready so I took a long shower and got dressed. Tracey said that she would be there at about eight and I was ready and waiting on the porch when she arrived.

"Hey Krys! You ready to get going?" she asked bouncing up the driveway from her car.

"Yea! Where are we going? Is it just going to be us?" I asked in reply

"Were going to a club right up from the river landing. Jenna and Renee are meeting us there." she replied.

"Oh ok. Well lets go then." I said as I slid into the car.

I hadn't been out to a club or anything with the girls since a bad break up a few months back so I was rather nervous. I had talked to a few guys online and on the phone but none of them had seemed right for me. None of them could understand some of the things I was into. We arrived at the club at about nine and as Tracey had said Jenna and Renee were waiting in the parking lot.

"Hiya!" I said putting on a smile as we walked to them.

"Oh My God Krys you came!" came a shriek of joy from Jenna.

"Yea! Tracey talked me into coming. Didn't really want to but I can't sit in the house moping all the time. Figured it was time to get out and have some fun for a change." I honestly replied.

"It's about time girl. We so totally missed you." Renee said laughing

"I.D's please." The bouncer said as we reached the door.

We all quickly got out our I.D's and showed them to the bouncer and one by one he nodded us on in. It looked like a rather decent place. The music was just what we all listened to. Mostly rap, you know the kind of music you dirty danced to and some country here and there. I didn't want to dance just yet so we got a table in the middle of the club and sat down. From our seats we had a pretty good view of all the people in the place. There were a lot of cute guys. I probably wouldn't have noticed but the girls had to point out every single one that looked my way the slightest bit.

"I want to dance." Tracey said after a little while.

"I really don't want to right now, but you guys can." I replied looking around the room. I had been asked by a few guys since we got there but none of them seemed like my type so I had told them all no.

"But that's not fun. Girl you need to get over that boy and find yourself a man. You could make them love you if you wanted to." Jenna said with a smirk on her face only because she along with Renee, and Tracey knew my secret.

"Yea, but that would be messing with free will and you all know Im not like that." I retorted.

Tracey just shrugged it off and got up heading for the dance floor. Renee gave me a pleading look and I nodded for her to go as well. Me and Jenna stayed at the table talking about nothing in particular guys and break ups mostly. We had been talking about fifteen twenty minuets when I all of a sudden got a chill and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. My eyes darted to the door. I noticed a man in his late twenties early thirties standing just inside the door talking with the bouncer as he nodded him in laughing. He was around six feet tall athletic build, blonde hair and some gorgeous ocean blue eyes. He looked at me our eyes meeting sending a warming heat through out me. I wanted to look away but for some reason I couldn't. Then it was he that broke the gaze with a puzzled look.

"Hey! Earth to Krys." I finally heard Jenna calling for my attention.

"Sorry what were you saying?" I asked as if I hadn't heard her.

"What where you looking at?" She asked curiously.

"That guy. The blonde one. Do you know who he is?" I asked watching him cautiously as he took a seat at the bar and started goofing around with the bartender.

"His name is Joseph but everyone calls him Joe." She answered and I could have sworn I saw him glance our way when Jenna said his name, but there was no way he could have heard. We were too far away.

"He don't look too bad. Is he a regular? " I said trying to pry some information on him out of her.

"Yea he's here just about every weekend, but I don't think you would want to try him. He has a bit of a reputation with women. Or should I say he has a reputation for being a hoe." She replied
noticing I hadn't taken my eyes off him since the moment he walked in the door.

He was watching us intently by that time. I noticed his eyes changed color slightly and he smiled as I turned back to the table just in time to see Jenna's cup knock over right into her lap making her jump up and scream. It couldn't be. It had to be an odd coincidence.

"You know its not a coincidence." I told myself shaking my head as I could still feel his eyes on me.

"What the hell just happened?" Jenna asked as she wiped the drink out of her lap.

"Not sure but I think I have a pretty good idea. I'll be back in just a minuet. I have to take care of something." I said as I got up.

"Your not fooling anyone you know that right?" I asked him as I took the empty seat at his side.

"Excuse me....Do I know you?" He replied as he turned around realizing who had asked the question.

"No. You don't but I know what you are. I saw what you did with my friends drink." I retorted a little annoyed that he apparently thought I was stupid.

"Oh what the drink falling off the table? How on earth do you think I was able to do that from all the way over here?" he said smirking a bit.

"The same way that I can." I stated as I looked at his drink grinning about the time it flung into his lap.

For about five minuets he just sat there looking at me in shock. Yes I had openly used my abilities in public but so had he. It wasn't necessarily against the rules because no one had seen it but the two of us. He moved towards me slightly brushing his hand against mine but quickly snatched it back as if he had been shocked, but I noticed that his eyes had instantly changed to a dark, dark blue.

"What are you?" He asked not in a fearful, but in a curious tone.

"The same thing that you are. I am a wiccan, a witch." I replied as quietly as I possibly could to be sure that no one heard me.

"Are you sure that is all you are? I have never felt so much power from one person. I cant quite put my finger on it, but I like it." He said still looking rather puzzled.

"Well I come from a very powerful blood line but it has never shown before to others of our kind. Maybe it's something else. I knew from the moment you walked in the door that there was something different about you from the rest of the people in the room. I felt things that I haven't felt in a long time." I was a little embarrassed to admit the last part.

"Would you like to dance with me ma lady?" He asked with a sheepish look about his face as if he were afraid I would so no.

"Sure." I replied.

We both rose from our seats at the same time. He put his arm around my shoulders and I felt as if I would melt. What was wrong with me. No man had made me feel this way just by touching me, and he wasn't even touching my skin. Was he casting a spell on me or was this something completely different? I honestly had no idea. In a way it scared me and then in a way it also intrigued me. When we reached the dance floor the music toned down to a slow one. He placed his hands at my waist and I placed mine around his neck. We danced for a few minuets before he spoke.

"May I know your name?" he asked

"Krys. And your Joe right?" I replied

"Yes my name is Joseph but most people call me Joe, but you already knew that detail. May I say something?"

"Yes you may." I replied not to worried about what he might say seeings how he already knew my deepest secret.

"There is something about you that I don't see in anyone. When you touch me its like lightning on my skin that shoots through my entire body." he said looking down at me as we danced.

"Are you for real or is this what you say to all the girls you try to take home." I retorted halfway looking up at him. The look in his eyes at my words was a look of hurt and confusion.

"No it's not what I say to all the girls. I know I have a reputation but it's not what everyone makes it out to be. I don't just sleep with every girl I meet. Most of the ones I leave with I am just taking them home because they are too drunk to drive themselves." He explained.

"Oh!" Was all that I could say. I really didn't know what to say. I felt bad that I had listened to Jenna when she said what she did. I of all people should have known that not everything you hear is true.

After dancing for a while longer and talking Renee eased up to my side with a rather worried look on her face and went to say something but it was too late. I saw what she was about to tell me walking toward us.

"Hello there Krys. So you were actually stupid enough to show yourself in public." Said my asshole of an ex Brett.

"I am not the one that should be ashamed Brett. I am not the one that left the good woman for a piece of trash slut." I retorted not the least bit worried he would get mad.

" I would much rather be with a slut than an ugly bitch like you. That dont put out." He replied.

"Whoa, Whoa wait a damn minuet. I don't care where you are from buddy but I know your parents taught you manners and its about time you learn to use them." Joe butted in as he positioned himself between me and Brett taking my hand as he did so.

"And just who do you think that you are telling me how to or not to talk to my ex?" Brett asked in a territorial tone.

"I just happen to be her boyfriend. And I think that she is the best woman that I have ever met. And as far as, how did you say it, putting out, I seem to have no problem in that area. You don't know what your missing, but I do think you better get the hell out of this club before I have you thrown out." He retorted about the time that all eyes in the club were on the three of us, and I noticed the astonished looks on my friends faces.

"You can't do shit. And you can have her I don't want her. Im done with the bitch." He replied and before he could say another word he was on the floor with one punch from Joe, nose and mouth pouring blood.

"Andre! Get this low life piece of shit out of here, and teach him some manners while your at it." Joe told the big bouncer that I remembered from the door.

The bouncer snatched Brett up by the collar of his shirt and drug him out the door. I wasn't too sure what happened to him after that and honestly didn't care. We decided to walk down to the river for a chance to talk away from all the loud music and prying eyes, and for a moment to cool down. I didn't know what to think he would be feeling after the altercation that had went on inside. I was actually scared to be alone with him honestly. No one had ever stood up for me like that before. I wanted this man in a way that I had never wanted anyone in my twenty two years of existence. Of course I had, had sex before but this was something all together different. I felt his every touch in the pit of my stomach. When we got down to the river we sat with our feet in the water in total silence for what seemed like an eternity. He was the first to break the silence.

"Krys, I know this is going to sound odd and a little forward, but may I kiss you." he asked

I didn't know what to say. I had just been thinking that I wished he would. Before I could answer he leaned in meeting his lips with mine our tongues entwining together and I could have sworn I saw sparks fly from our entwined lips. Once it started I could feel deep within me that there was no stopping it as my inner demon emerged through me and something changed in him as well. It was entirely different then. My demon had never came out with any man, Ever. My body felt as if it were on fire his every touch lighting the flames higher as I felt the ground underneath my back. I slowly reached down fumbling to find the hem of his shirt. Once I found my goal I tugged at it finally pulling it over his head with shaky hands. He followed with the same act pulling my shirt off to reveal I was not wearing a bra. He smiled evilly as he slowly kissed his way from my lips to my neck nipping lightly as he slowly made his way down taking one of my very sensitive nipples between his lips nibbling and licking it for several minuets before moving to its twin. A slow moan escaped from my throat and it seemed to drive him even wilder as he began trying to undo my pants. Once they were removed he wasted no time going down for the most erotic kiss of all. He took his time running his tongue over every inch of my pussy taking a nibble here and there. He gently slid a finger inside me and slowly fingered me as he continued his exploration with his mouth. Oh God it felt so good. Electrifying really. I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled him up to look at me.

"Fuck me Joe....I can't take anymore for fear I may explode." I said through hard breaths.

"No....I shall not just fuck you ma lady. But I will indeed make love to you." He stated calmly. I could tell his demon was the one speaking due to the change in speak patterns. I wandered if he felt everything his demon felt as I did mine.

I spoke no more for he slowly slid his pants off revealing his rather large erection. With extreme care he lowered himself slowly at first sliding in and out going deeper with each stroke until he was buried to the hilt within me. I heard a slight growl escape his throat as he fought for his demon to remain under control. He began to go faster until our bodies matched in speed creating an age-old rhythm and holding that rhythm until it brought us both to the brink of climax and held us there for what seemed like forever before finally tipping us over the edge. As we both came together our demons roared with pleasure as each staked their claim to the other.

"God that was...amazing." I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

"Yes it was." He replied pulling me closer into his arms.

We laid there in each others arms for I know a good hour or more, neither of us wanting to move. It felt like a dream that I was afraid I would wake up from. If it had been a dream it was one that I never wanted to wake up from. We finally decided we should get dressed when we heard voices coming toward us. I didn't want to move but I knew I had to. Once we had our clothes back on we laid back in each others arms looking up at the stars.

"Krys, I have to admit something to you. I have never in my life had my demon come through me like that." Joe said not taking his eyes away from the sky.

"Honestly, neither have I. I don't think their going to make this easy." I replied.

"Make what easy?" He asked as he turned his gaze to me

"You don't want this to be a relationship do you?" I asked

"Krys, I do. That's just it. I know that I have known you for a few amazing hours, but I think I am in love with you. I feel a pull on my heart with you that I have never felt with any woman. I don't want to lose this feeling." He replied as he looked into my eyes.

"Oh Joe! I feel the same way. I want to be with you." I said as I looked back into his eyes and kissed him.

"I love you Krys."

"I love you too Joe." be continued........

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