A Mother Lends a Helping Hand
When it comes to sexual matters, I am normally non-judgemental and I try to see the best in people. The story I am about to relate to you is not one that I condone, but a story of empathy with mitigating circumstances.

At high school, my best friend was Mary, who was also my neighbour in the township of Yallourn and later Yallourn North. Mary was a year older than me and finished high school the year before me. Mary (and Michael her boyfriend) were with me the night I lost my virginity at Lake Narracan after watching "The Last Picture Show" at the drive-in theatre. We were very close and always confided with each other if we had any problems. In times of need and trouble, we were always there for each other.

On going to university in Melbourne the following year in 1981, I did not see Mary very much. We kept in close contact either by letter or by telephone, letting each other know when we moved from our current living addresses. It was only during semester vacations, including Easter and Christmas, when I got to visit her and spend prime time with her.

In 1982, Mary married her long-time boyfriend Michael, in the small Methodist Church in Yallourn North. I was honoured to be her Maid of Honour. The following year, Mary and Michael had a baby son who was christened Thomas. I also attended his christening some months later and was made Thomas' godmother.

Meanwhile, I completed my BA in Journalism at university and won a job with the Australian Army at the end of 1983. I married Shaun, an army officer, in August 1984. Our first child, Harrison, was born in May the following year. I stayed in the army until 1991 when Harry was due to start school.

While living with my husband in the Hunter Valley, in New South Wales, Mary was still living in Yallourn North with Michael and Thomas. On one fateful day in late August of 1991, I received a distressed telephone call from Mary that Michael had just been killed at work. Working as an electrician at Yallourn "W" Power Station, Michael was killed instantly when he accidentally touched a 66Kv transformer. I attended Michael's funeral before returning back home, leaving Mary and Thomas (then aged 8) to fend for themselves.

Although making regular contact over the next eight years, there were never any urgencies or major problems in Mary's life to report. Mary had never remarried or even had a meaningful relationship in that time, dedicating her life to Thomas who was now sixteen years old. Thomas was heavily into mountain bike racing with a couple of friends and raced in regional tournaments. He even made the Victorian state championships and competed in the junior section. Thomas' training was done on the natural bush tracks found at the back of Yallourn North.

In March 2001, I received a telephone call late one morning, while alone at home. Shaun my husband was at work, while my son Harrison was attending high school. On answering the phone, I had a pleasant surprise, finding Mary on the other end. Happiness soon turned to concern as Mary was distraught, upset and crying.

"What's the matter Mary? Is there anything wrong?"

"Tracey, I have done something terribly wrong. I just don't know what to do."

"Calm down Mary and tell me what has happened?"

"I can't tell anyone Tracey, you wouldn't understand."

"You can tell me Mary, we have no secrets from one another. You are my best and closest friend and nothing will ever be repeated from my lips, trust me."

After a long pause, Mary stammered out the words, "I have been having sex with Thomas and I am pregnant to him."

"What? Say that again Mary!"

"I have been having sex with Thomas for over a year, I am pregnant and I can't stop. I know it is wrong and I need your help and advice."

"What sort of sex? Were you masturbating him, giving him a blowjob, performing vaginal intercourse, or what?"

"All of those Tracey. It started off with a hand job before progressing to a blowjob, and finally culminating in fucking him."

"Tell me the whole story, bit by bit, how it started and how it progressed?"

Over the course of the next two hours, Mary poured out her heart to me. Her remarkable story left me with tears in my eyes as I tried to comprehend the chain of events that snowballed her situation. I could barely get a word in as Mary went through every graphic detail of her sordid affair with her son. The following story is an accurate account of what Mary told me what happened, over fourteen years ago...

On the first Sunday in October 1999, Tom and two of his mates were riding their mountain bikes on some nearby bush tracks. After a lot of heavy rain through winter, some corrugations had deepened along parts of one of the tracks. Thomas was leading the group as they raced down a fairly steep incline at quite a fast pace. Hitting a deep corrugation, the front wheel jammed in it, catapulting Tom over the handlebars of his mountain bike.

Tom landed on some hard gravel with his arms outstretched, resulting in abrasions all down the front of his body. Unfortunately, the weight of his body and the momentum at which he hit the gravel track, resulted in two broken arms and a broken right shoulder. One of the boys stayed with Tom while the other rode home and told his parents. About thirty minutes after the accident, an ambulance arrived to take Thomas to the Latrobe Regional Hospital between Morwell and Traralgon. Luckily, there were no head injuries or any damage to his vital organs.

Being notified of the accident by one of the boy's parents, a very concerned Mary drove up to the hospital to see how badly hurt Tom was. By the time Mary arrived at Casualty in the hospital, Tom had been cleaned up somewhat, and both broken arms set in a cast. The doctors had taken x-rays of his arms which showed that both ulna bones in his forearms had been broken, while the radius bone in his left arm was also broken. They were also awaiting results from x-rays to the shoulder, to confirm a break in the right shoulder. The result of the x-rays showed a fracture to the clavicle (collarbone) in his right shoulder.

The prognosis of Tom's injuries was that no anticipated surgery was needed. Tom would spend at least a week in hospital wearing a special brace-sling to completely immobilize his right shoulder. Both of his forearms needed a plaster cast to set his broken ulnae. While in hospital, Tom would be on Hydrocodone (a synthetic opioid narcotic) medication to ease the pain; with a quick tapering off to avoid any dependency from the drug. The estimated time for the bones to heal would be between six to eight weeks, due to his age. X-rays were to be taken every two weeks to check on the healing bones, and ongoing physiotherapy needed once the plaster casts and bracing were removed.

Mary visited Tom in hospital for nine days before he was allowed to come home. Being unable to sleep normally in a bed, it was suggested that Tom sleep upright in a recliner propped up with pillows and blankets to keep warm. Tom also had to drink eight glasses of water every day so his body would not dehydrate due to his medication and condition. His plaster casts were not allowed to get wet, meaning that he could not shower. Once Tom was able to sit down properly, he was allowed to bathe in a shallow bath. His right shoulder brace-sling must be strapped tight at all times to ensure complete immobilization of the shoulder.

Tom was released from hospital and driven home by his mother Mary. He was very stiff and sore and had very limited body movement. On the positive side, his cuts and abrasions were healing very well, with the size of the scabs diminishing rapidly. Being in such a condition meant that Tom could not attend school in the meantime and would miss his final year exams in five weeks' time. Thomas was unable to do anything for himself, so Mary had to spoon feed Tom for lunch and all future meals.

Soon after lunch, Mary had to face her first dilemma, something that was initially uncomfortable for her. Tom needed to go to the toilet to pee. Mary helped Tom to the toilet and pulled down his boxer shorts. Not having seen Tom naked for many a year, Mary was taken by surprise when she saw how well he had developed. His uncut cock was nearly five-and-a-half inches in length with a half hard-on. His scrotum and pubic region were covered in a thickening mat of pubic hair that encircled his penis.

Tom was left uncut at birth, and in its flaccid state, the head of his cock was covered by a neat fitting foreskin. For hygienic reasons and to avoid making a mess everywhere when he had to pee, Tom had to retract the foreskin to expose the head of his cock. Whilst peeing, Tom would normally hold back the foreskin back to pee into the bowl. Mary now had the embarrassing task of pulling back Tom's foreskin and holding it in position while he took a pee. Mind you, Tom was equally embarrassed about having his mother seeing him semi naked and having her unavoidably touching his genitals. Another dirty but necessary job Mary had to do was wipe, clean and dry Tom's backside whenever he defecated or pooped.

Mary spoon fed Tom again for dinner before sitting beside him in the recliner and watching some television that first evening. The recliner in the lounge also doubled for his bed as he was unable to sleep lying down. Before retiring for the night, Mary needed to bathe Tom for necessary hygienic reasons. Unable to shower Tom as his strapping and plaster casts would get wet, and still too sore to be able to sit in a bath, Mary had to hand wash Tom with a soapy sponge before drying him off.

To make removal of clothing easier from Tom, Mary improvised by making a makeshift type poncho that lifted over his head and was tied at the sides with Velcro strips. With mid-autumn and summer rapidly approaching, all Tom needed to wear below was a pair of boxers. After leading Tom to the bathroom, Mary removed Tom's poncho and boxers; leaving him standing stark naked beside the bath tub.

Mary washed Tom's face, and then sponged down his back, stomach and legs. The awkward bit was washing and cleaning Tom's penis and scrotum. As any guy would know, for hygiene reasons, a man's uncircumcised penis must be washed, cleaned and dried. This helps to avoid any infections or foul odours arising from entrapped urine or other body secretions. Mary methodically pulled back the foreskin that enveloped the head of Tom's cock, then holding the foreskin in position while sponging the now exposed bulbous head. Mary finished off by washing and drying the shaft and scrotum. While working in the genital area, physical contact could not be avoided. The friction from Mary's hand, fingers, the sponge and the drying towel, all resulted in Tom getting a very hard erection.

All Tom could do was to look away with a deeply reddening face. His cock was standing well above the horizontal with the head of his cock fully exposed. His rigid cock also had a slight bend to the right. After finishing bathing and drying Tom's body, Mary put his boxers and poncho back on. Mary helped sit Tom down on the recliner, and then covered him with a blanket before turning the lights out and going to bed.

Mary lay awake in the dark for a while, contemplating what had just happened. She could not get the sight of Tom's erection out of her mind. Mary also wondered if Tom had discovered the pleasure of masturbation by now. Surely he would have by now at his age Mary concluded. Lost in thought and without realizing what she was doing to herself, Mary was approaching orgasm as she was subconsciously masturbating. Gasping as her awareness became a reality, electric sparks shot through her body for the first time in years. As the anal and vaginal contractions abated, Mary fell asleep.

During that night, what might have been a pleasure to some, turned out a nightmare to Mary. She dreamed of having sex with her late husband, Michael. Facing the head of the bed with her head buried in a pillow, Michael was fucking her doggie style. After cumming and filling her pussy with hot sticky cum, Michael was withdrawing his still erect penis. Mary turned around to give Michael a loving kiss and to her horror, saw Tom's face instead. Mary gave a scream, loud enough to wake herself up, and sweating in fear.

The next few days saw Mary apply the same format to Tom in aiding his rehabilitation. Mary would hand or spoon feed Tom at meal times, take him to the toilet, give him his medication, bathe and dry him, and put him to bed of a night. On each of those nights, Mary had the same recurring dreams that she experienced on Tom's first night home from hospital.

While Mary was bathing Tom in the bathroom the following night, she felt compelled to ask Tom a sensitive question. The conversation went something like this....

"Tom, I have to ask you something private?"

"What is it mum? Tell me!"

"Sorry for having to ask you this, but do you masturbate at all?"

"I do, or at least I did, until I broke my arms and collarbone. Because of the plaster casts and the shoulder strapping, I can't do anything by myself," Tom embarrassingly stammered out.

"Can I ask how often you used to masturbate?"

"Usually every night. It helps me relax and sleep better after going to school all day and studying at night."

"So you haven't been able to do it for the last two weeks since the accident?"

"No mum. If I don't do it very often, it sometimes happens when I am asleep."

"Has that happened since your accident? I mean, have you cum while sleeping? Oh! You poor boy, it must be so frustrating for you."

"I just wish there was some way I could cum, it would make me feel a lot better and get my mind off this constant pain and itch."

"Would you like me to help you? Can I rub you so you can cum?"

"Mum, would you really do that for me?"

"For you son, I would do anything to make you happy again."

While Tom was still standing naked and facing the bath tub, Mary turned around and went to the medicine cabinet to fetch some hand lotion. The head of his cock in the meantime had started to creep back inside his foreskin and wanted to hide. Applying a little lotion and rubbing the shaft of his cock soon got his cock hard again, revealing the head in its full glory. Mary knelt down beside Tom on his right hand side. While gently rubbing his cock with her right hand, she transferred some lotion onto her left hand. Mary slid her left hand between Tom's legs from behind and started rubbing his scrotum; all while still rubbing his cock with her right hand.

After about two minutes Mary could feel his testicles start to move upwards and tighten considerably. Tell-tale twitches indicated that Tom was about to cum, so Mary massaged his cock harder and faster.

"Mum! Mum! It's happening. I'm going to cum," shouted Tom as his breathing quickened and deepened.

Seconds later, a wad of sperm flew across the bath and splattered the other side. Mary could feel his violent contractions while still rubbing his scrotum. After five or six more ever subsiding ejaculations, his spent cum was lying on the bottom of the bath. Tom, weak in the legs, needed help getting back to the recliner in the lounge. Going back to the bathroom to get a towel, Mary scooped some cum from the bath with her fingers. Raising her fingers to her mouth, she licked Tom's cum off and swallowed the lot. It had been eight long years since Mary had seen cum, never mind tasting it.

"Gee mum, that was fantastic. I've never cum like that before. Can you do it again tomorrow night?"

"We will see son, let's wait until then and see what happens."

For the next ten nights Mary and Tom went through the same routine. The only difference being that the masturbation occurred in the lounge on the recliner. After nearly falling over from weak legs on the first night, Mary could not risk Tom falling over while having his orgasm.

The following day was Tuesday October 12, two weeks after his release from hospital. Mary had to take Tom back to the radiologist for x-rays to see if the bones were starting to knit properly. The results were excellent with the bones starting to set properly. There was no reason to re-break any bones to begin the process again. The doctor also told Mary to start decreasing the medication from then in order to wean Tom off the powerful narcotics which can be addictive if taken for too long.

On that night, Mary sponged, bathed and dried Tom like every other night. Mary walked Tom back to the recliner to start her special brand of therapy when Tom said something unexpectedly...

"Do you know something mum? I have really appreciated you looking after me like this and taking care of my needs. You see me naked every night but it would be great if I could see you without any clothes on as well. It would only be fair; besides, I have never seen a lady or girl without clothes on before."

To Mary, it was more of an observation rather than a request. What Tom had said to his mother did have some logic about it, and young boys growing up are curious. Mary thought about it momentarily and then proceeded to disrobe in front of a wide-eyed Tom. Mary first took off her top and bra, revealing two reasonably firm b-cup breasts with dark areolae and hard perky nipples. Tom just sat back and stared at his mother's breasts as she remained topless. His cock started to stand to attention again without any physical stimulus needed. Mary then unzipped her shorts, letting them fall to the floor. Tom's eyes were now owl like, wide open and focused on his prey. Finally, Mary slipped of her cotton hipster briefs, revealing a dark brown matt of pubic hair.

In a trance like state, Tom stammered out the words, "You look beautiful mum." His eyes still fixed on his mother's naked body.

"You don't need any help in getting an erection son," said Mary as she walked in front of her son.

Tom was lying back on the recliner with his legs apart; his hard cock resting back against his tummy, with the head just below his navel. The glistening head was fully visible and retracted from its protective foreskin. Mary knelt on the floor between Tom's legs. Instead of applying lotion to her son's cock, Mary leant forward and flicked her tongue over the head of his cock. Tom looked in disbelief, mute, and unable to mutter a word. Holding the base of his cock, Mary opened her mouth and slowly went down on her clueless son. Inch by inch his cock was engulfed until the shaft was no longer visible. Closing her lips tight, Mary formed a vacuum between her lips and Tom's cock, and then proceeded to deep throat her bewildered son. It didn't take too long before his cock hardened and started to twitch, signifying the onset of another orgasm.

"Stop! Stop mum! I'm cumming."

Mary took no notice and she held her firm pressure on Tom's hermetically sealed cock, fighting Tom's wriggling efforts to break the grip. Like a volcano, Tom's white hot sperm erupted like larva into Mary's mouth and down her throat. Mary took the lot, swallowing every last drop before easing the pressure and withdrawing her lips from Tom's cock. Flicking her tongue over her son's penis tip, she licked up any remaining dribble from Tom's now super-sensitive head. Mary got up and kissed her son on the forehead and lips before getting a towel from the bathroom to clean up any leftovers.

Not a word was spoken about what had happened. Mary dressed Tom and put him to bed for the night in the recliner. She kissed Tom goodnight and headed for her own bedroom, leaving a perplexed and bewildered Tom wondering what had just happened to him. As Mary lay naked in her bed, she masturbated for some time and achieved several orgasms. Mary knew she had gone too far this time, but after eight years of frustration and celibacy, Mary realized she was still a normal horny woman.

Another week quickly passed as Tom's recovery was progressing well. Although still constricted by plaster casts and shoulder straps, Tom's pain was subsiding somewhat. Maybe the distraction of Mary's interaction with Tom helped somewhat, but Tom's well-being was foremost in the Mary's mind. Soon, Tom may be able to sleep in his own bed, instead of having to sleep sitting up.

Early in November when Tom was given his nightly wash by his mother, his active and curious mind came up with another thought provoking question for Mary.

"Mum! Can I ask you another question?"

"Certainly Tom, what is it?"

"You know how guys like to masturbate, but can girls and ladies masturbate too?"

"Of course they do Tom; everyone does it at some time or another."

"How do they do it if they haven't got a dick to play with?"

"They don't need a dick Tom; they just rub around their pussy until they shake like you do when you are about to cum."

"Does anything shoot out like cum from my dick?"

"Some women do, but not in my case. When I orgasm, a small trickle of near clear fluid flows out my pussy. My body shakes and twitches just like yours."

"Can you show me mum? I would love to see that happen. You have seen my cum squirt out, so I would like to see you cum too."

Mary, who was naked while talking to and bathing Tom, finished the job. After drying him off, instead of taking Tom back to the recliner in the lounge and giving him a blow job, Mary led him to the kitchen table. She went back to her bedroom and gathered two pillows, her comforter, as well as two towels. After laying her comforter on the kitchen table with the towels on top, Mary placed the pillows on top of the comforter at one end and then climbed onto the towels on the table.

Opening her legs and then bending them upwards, Mary exposed her slightly protruding inner pussy lips to the ogling eyes of her son. Opening her dark, clam like in appearance, inner pussy lips; Mary revealed her moist pink and inviting vagina. Mary began masturbating in front of Tom with a slow rhythmic circling of her fingers at the top of her inner lips. Her clitoris was now being stimulated and was emerging from behind its hood. Direct stimulation on her clitoris soon had Mary moaning and becoming oblivious to Tom looking on. Tom stared at his mother's open vagina, the tunnel of love, the place where guys shove their cock in and deposit their cum.

The more Mary rubbed her clitoris, the redder her inner lips became; engorging with the increased flow of blood. Her swollen lips began to cover the vaginal opening and the uterus somewhat, as Mary rubbed faster and faster. Her once pink lips were now a dark red. With closed eyes and a racing pulse, Mary started her orgasm. Tom could visually see the muscles in his mother's outer vaginal wall contract about ever second. He could also see her uterus spasm and also her butt hole moving like it was sucking water through a straw.

After about 25 seconds of continued contractions, Mary was spent. Tom was worried if she was okay and went over to hold her hand. Looking down at her pussy, Tom noticed a slightly viscous but translucent fluid ooze out of her pussy down past her butt and onto the towel. Mary opened her eyes, looked at Tom, and smiled. She noticed that his cock was standing upright and badly in need of attention.

Still recovering from her orgasm, Mary wiggled her body to the edge of the kitchen table so that it was just hanging over the edge. Her legs were still spread and knees still raised.

"Tom, stand here right in front of my pussy," his mother beckoned.

Standing where his mother indicated, Mary leant forward and took Tom's cock in her had. She then guided it into her still very wet pussy.

"Push your cock all the way in as far as you can go, and then pull it out until you can see the start of the head of your cock. Keep going in and out as much as you like."

Without the use of his hands or arms, Tom quickly learnt what to do. He built up a rhythm by rocking to and fro. After about two or three minutes Tom called out to his mother, "Mum, my legs are going funny again, I think I am going to cum."

Mary then wrapped her legs behind Tom's back so he couldn't escape; he was unable to pull his cock out as he spewed copious amounts of hot seed inside his mother. Mary got up from the table and wiped herself with a towel. She gave Tom a big but careful hug before planting a big kiss flush on his lips.

"You're a man now son," were her words to Tom.

Mary cleaned up and put Tom to bed on the recliner before retiring herself to bed. Mary and Tom continued to screw for the next four and a half weeks into mid-December. At that time, his final x-rays showed that his broken bones were now fully mended, but Tom had to be careful to avoid any heavy bumps for a while. Once the plaster casts and shoulder strapping were removed, Tom then shared his mother's bed each night.

The year 2000 saw Tom get his HSC at school which was excellent. Although hoping to go to university, he missed out as his marks were not high enough to gain entry there. Tom did get a job at a construction site as a surveyor's assistant. In March 2001, Mary learned that she was pregnant. It was this mind blowing and game-changing event that caused Mary to phone me and confess her poignant story, and asking me for advice.

While many of the events were instigated by Thomas' naivety in asking innocent questions, it was still Mary that went through with her actions. I felt sorry for Thomas as he was so incapacitated and restricted due to his injuries. Mary had the unenviable task of bathing and washing Thomas every night and being uncircumcised made that task so much more difficult. While I cannot condone what Mary did, I did feel pity for her. Not having had a man in her life for eight years would be very hard for any horny woman, putting her in a more vulnerable position that she ever expected.

My advice to her was that people would soon notice that she was pregnant and tongues would soon start to wag. Living in a small country town, everyone notices everything. Nobody can keep a secret, and scandal soon develops. I told her to pack up and leave the area, go interstate and start a new life. When the baby is born, to state the name of the father as unknown; that he was a stranger, a guy she met for a one night stand after attending a party.

Mary took my advice and initially moved to Alice Springs, dead in the middle of Australia. She stayed there for two years before moving to Darwin where Thomas got a job and provided for his mother and baby daughter. I still keep in regular touch with Mary and one day hope to go to Darwin for a holiday and meet them both.
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