A Neighbor's Friend

Sandy was 18 and a good friend of my neighbor's family. She stayed with them for several months one year and we got to be good friends. She came over for visits a lot and we chatted about her school, her friends... we were comfortable and close together.

She was 18, slender and worked hard at her dancing. She liked to wear skin tight chemises and slinky work out pants... her small breasts and firm nipples were always arousing.
We casually touched a lot, gave each other hugs and quick kisses hello and goodbye, things like that. I thrilled at the closeness, felt her soft warmth and smooth teenager skin.
She sat on my lap playfully one day as I sat by the table. I rubbed her back, her thin lacy top almost not there. She found the backrub extra nice and shifted herself to sit on my lap facing away so she could lean a little onto the kitchen table. She sighed a lovely "yes" and relaxed as I ran my hands along her sides up towards her shoulders and neck, then drew them down firmly and slowly along her ribs and waist and hips. She was slender but strong and the firm muscles of her back and sides were wonderful under my hands. I slowly caressed the swelling of her hips, then drifted my hands back up to massage her shoulders and neck. My rod stiffened and grew but she sat a little toward my knees and didn't feel it ....yet.

We talked of her boyfriend, how he'd dumped her. She was open about not missing him, said he was a mediocre lover anyway. I stroked my hands along her torso, close to her armpits, my fingers brushing along the swell of her sweet breasts, then slid down and pulled her hips against me. Her body responded, moving with me, like she was molding herself to me. I told her she had an exquisite body and how could her boyfriend be so stupid as to not please her. I got bold and asked Sandy if he was a good lover with his mouth... could he excite her and make her come while he kissed her sweet pussy? Sandy giggled on my lap, wiggled her slender hips against my legs and said, no, he hardly ever went down on her, though he did really like her to suck him off .

Her wiggling made her little ass nestle tight against my swollen cock and as I held her hips both of us were starting to do a slow grind against each other. My erection was right in the groove of her buttocks and as she leaned forward I could feel her angle her hips to press her pussy against my hard member.

We were silent for awhile, our breathing the only sound as she slowly moved and surged against me. I reached around her, palmed her little breasts, played with her nipples and her sharp intake of breath told me it was the right move. Oh God, she whispered, and I held her nipples, rolling them and pinching the soft warm flesh, and her hips made slow sensuous motions against my swollen rod.

I slid my hands down along her torso, held her hip bones and pushed firmly against her. Her thighs were open and her tight ass was pressed tightly against my lap so my rod was pressed right into her butt, held between her sweet sweet cheeks. As she rocked her hips and slid her ass up and down along my rod I let out a big sigh and said, Oh Christ, you feel so incredibly good. And then this sweet girl laughed, leaned back against me and nestled her back against my chest as I surrounded her with my arms. Now she sort of lay on me, leaning back against me, her buns and legs and body molded against my front. I placed my hands on her thighs and stroked her legs while I continued to press my erection into her firm buttocks. I brought my hands up to the top of her legs, held my hands along her soft inner thighs, let the edge of my fingers rest right against the soft heat and puffy fullness of this sweet girl's privates. Oh yes, I said, I would so love to explore your body, to see you, touch you, taste you....and as I talked I moved one hand between her legs, slid my hand over that wonderful mound and then curled down between her legs to cup her vulva and gently hold that full soft sex and caress her heavenly young body.

Sandy just lay there, spread eagled across my body and let me caress her. I kept one hand molded to her pussy and explored her tummy and breasts with the other, stroking and toying with her young swelling breasts and those exquisite nipples. Her soft little moans and slight undulating motion on my lap guided me as I slowly excited this wonderful girl's body. I untied the ribbon drawstring on her warm up pants and loosened the waist band and pushed my hand down along her silky warm smooth tummy. I felt along the edge of her little panties, traced the panties along her tummy, then lower where her warm thighs began. My fingers followed the panties between her legs so I could feel the incredible puffy fullness of her labia and the heat of her body between her legs. I drew my hand up a little and probed beneath her panties, sliding my fingers along the smooth skin of her lower belly and sliding through the light fuzz of her pube and sliding down between her legs and pressing firmly against her bare pussy lips. Her slit was so warm and moist ; my touch reveled in the soft heat and warm arousal of her young bod. Her pussy felt so warm and open, as if spread open and waiting for my fingers to explore. I gently stroked my fingers up and down that moist slit, circling the hot little opening to her vagina and the wonderful full feel of her whole cunt. Her body responded so immediately to my touch as I continued to fondle her breasts, rolling and tweaking her nipples gently and massaging her swollen breasts. Her body responded even more as I gently probed the top of her genital cleft and softly massaged her little bud under its hood. The darling girl seemed to softly dance on my lap as I stroked her, her body slowly moving and writhing as she became more and more aroused. Her tight buns were like heaven against my erection and I found I could bring myself to an orgasm with her if I timed my thrusting right. And so we came together in the chair like that, my cock spurting streams of cum into my own pants while Sandy moaned and twitched and cried out as her own climax took over and flooded her young body with powerful tides of sexual release. As we panted our way back to consciousness I held her sweet pussy in one hand and gently caressed her tits and nipples with the other.

Sweet Jesus, she sighed, as we lay there panting and recovering. I held her little hips, let her butt rest gently against my tender cock and gently caressed her sweet young body. When she finally moved to slide off me and stand up I showed her the big wet spot on my pants where my own sperm had soaked through. See what you made me do? I scolded. She laughed and said Oh, you poor thing! I said she'd have to pay for this by letting me use her as my sexual plaything however I wanted. She stood before me, her eyes suddenly demure and downcast, and she murmured "Yes, sir." Aha, I said to I can have some real fun with this hot little lady!

I cleaned up, put on a soft bathrobe and came back to find Sandy sprawling across the sofa in the tv room. She smiled at me with a seductive gleam in her eyes. I noticed she had one hand inside her pants and I could see the outline of her hand as she slowly stroked her own pussy. "I'm ready for you, master. I am at your service for whatever you want to do. " We both laughed and giggled at that. I sat on the cushions beside her and asked her to lick her fingers, now wet with her own pussy juice. She stared at me, brought her fingers out of her warm up pants and slowly slid her fingers between her lips and licked them clean one by one. Nice, yes, that's nice, I said. I knelt on the floor in front of her and pushed the tight chemise fabric up along her torso to expose her fabulous tight perky breasts. I drew my hands down along her sides, her waist, to the swell of her hips. I caressed her legs along the outside of her thighs all the way down along her knees and lower legs, then reached back up to slide my hands along her inner thighs and right up into her hot crotch. I cupped her sex in one hand and watched her body stiffen slightly and press back into my touch. I slid both hands firmly under her buns to hold her buttocks in my hands and almost lift her right off the cushions. I fondled her buttocks, probing and squeezing her flesh, feeling her incredible curves and warmth, my arm deep between her legs. She pressed her covered pussy against my fore arm and slowly masturbated against me as I caressed her ass and upper legs.

Now I pulled my arms and hands free from between her thighs and slowly worked off her work-out pants. She wore beige colored bikini style panties. As I set aside her pants I slid my hands up along her legs and held her legs apart while I kneeled on the floor in front of her. Her panties were incredibly arousing, the swell of her pube so erotic and full. The tight panty fabric clung to the shape of her vulva so I could see the slope of her body down between her thighs and the wonderful swelling of her ass cheeks on the cushions. I kissed her belly, caressed my hands along her sides to her breasts and drew my mouth along her smooth soft skin to lick along the edge of her panties. She moaned and softly thrust her hips upwards to press her cunt against my lips, my mouth. I kissed along the top edge of the fabric, teasing her, then licked up the inside of her crotch along the girl's leg openings, my tongue wet and slick, feeling the hot moist arousal of her sex so close. I lifted one leg to expose her buns and kissed as far as I could reach, nestling my tongue against her still covered anus and feeling her squirm with anticipation and delight.

I lowered her leg but kept her knee bent out so I could kiss her fabulous wide mons, the swelling of her mound so inviting. I probed my tongue along the top of her sex, worked into the very first cleft of her groove, then massaged my tongue against her nub, her little swelling of a clit. The poor girl started gasping and pulling my head into her and lifting her hips to get better contact. I opened my mouth wide and breathed against her pussy; I licked down and then up along her labia, feeling the flesh spread and part under the panties. I licked along her inner thighs, her bare skin so incredibly exciting; and I held her delicious ass cheeks in my hands, kneading and pressing them.

I gripped the edge of her panties and slowly worked them down over her hips and legs. She raised her knees and helped slide them off her feet, then lowered her legs again right in front of me. I leaned between her thighs and held my hands along the crease of her groin and lowered my mouth over this exquisite open moist cunt. Her body shuddered as I gently held my tongue against her swollen lips. I held still like that, the warmth and soft heat of my mouth saturating her pussy, and then I started licking up her groove, swirling around the edge of her vagina and massaging her clit and letting my tongue explore every little fold and crevasse of her sweet tight body. I sucked on her til she moaned and sighed and I felt her body moving through an incredible long series of shudders and shivers as she came. I sat still between her legs and massaged my own swollen and dripping cock. With my free hand I started fingering her, sliding one, then two fingers into her hole and watching up close how my finger disappeared into her body, her pussy lips clinging to my fingers as I drew out a little but then folding in again as I pushed into her young body. I kept up a nice slow pace until I could feel her body responding again. I kept my fingers deep in her cunt and again licked and sucked on her clit. The I ran my fingers along the crease between her legs and buttocks. I used my saliva to help lubricate my fingers and started massaging her ass hole and probing into her while I continued to suck her sweet clit. The poor girl started twitching and shuddering again and moaned as I brought her body back to another series of orgasms.

With one finger deep in her ass I let my thumb slide into that hot wet pussy so I could fuck her with one hand deep into both her back hole and her cunt. I leaned over little body and kissed and sucked her hot nipples so she could come over and over. My aching cock was ready for release so I rose up to adjust her. I turned her over facing away from me and raised one leg to allow full access to her from the back. I had her hips near the edge of the cushions so I partly kneeled on the floor and on the cushions. I lowered my hips and worked the head of my hard member against the soft pussy lips before me. I slid the head of my rod up and down her slit, and spread my own clear pre-cum around my knob, then slowly pushed against her vagina and felt my cock slip into her hot body. She cried out and clutched onto me with one hand as I felt her legs spread farther apart and her hips angle up and back to force me into her . I watched as my shaft slowly penetrated her lithe body, her vagina spread wide open and impaled now by my long thick shaft. I gradually was all the away into her and we fucked in long surging strokes as I fondled her breasts and pussy. When I came I could feel long thick spurts of cum stream into her womb as I pushed deep and hard to get as deep as possible. Ah what an incredible high! And there was so much to look forward to with this delicious friend....

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