A New Experience
The room was dim, lit only by the flickering screen on the muted television. The couch sat in the shadows of the darkened room and held Adam and Maria. Maria lay on her back on the couch, her head pillowed by Adam's muscular jean clad thighs. His hands brushed through the silky tresses that fanned across his lap. Their low conversation was punctuated by the clock that ticked its steady beat as it merrily kept track of the time. The communication was relaxed as the two felt totally comfortable and safe in each others company.

As Adam caressed Maria's head his thoughts turned to prior conversations that they had held. He smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead as he thought about their numerous conversations about various sexual experiences that had not been attempted as of yet. His eyes glowed with anticipation as he leaned further to touch his lips to Maria's full lush lips. His tongue darted out to trace her full lips and to breathe in the sigh that escaped her as his hands slipped down her shoulders and settled upon her breasts. Her body immediately responded to his touch, rewarding him with the hard pebbly nipples pressed against his hands through the soft fabric. Adam deftly pulled the soft cotton of her white tee shirt aside to reveal her golden breasts. His fingers began to tease and pinch her distended nipples.

Maria's head began thrashing against Adam's thighs, bumping rhythmically against his cock. With each casual glance of her head against his manhood, he could feel himself swelling and pressing against the zipper of his jeans. He groaned as pleasure rippled through his body. Adam allowed his fingers to move more freely upon her body. Maria involuntarily arched her back, putting more pressure upon his throbbing member. The ticking of the clock intruded into Adam's senses. He glanced at the clock and grinned. Immediately he groaned as Maria's fingers moved upward to undo his jeans. His cock sprang free. Turning her head to the side, she opened her mouth to capture his newly freed cock into her mouth. Her tongue touched him first, circling and pressing against the ridge of his manhood. Adam's eyes closed as a languid peace infused his body. His eyes didn't stay closed long as he was drawn to the sight of her red lips parting and his cock disappearing between those lips into the warm depths of her mouth. His sighs were audible and totally filled the room as her mouth continued to suck his body deeper inside.

Adam was the only one to hear the light knock at the door or to notice the knob turn to slowly open revealing a leggy read headed female to enter. Adam watched as the newcomer strode across the room. As she moved, she purposefully slipped her loose pants down her thighs and allowed them to fall to the floor. Instantaneously her hands grasped the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head before quickly dropping it to the floor. Her breasts rose and bounced with each movement and each step that she took. Adam breathed in deeply as his desire flamed hotter. His eyes flickered across the body of the woman walking toward him. Her lush breasts rose above her tapered waist. Her smoothly shaved mound glistened with her readily evident arousal as she finally reached the sofa. Silently, she fell to her knees. She licked her lips in anticipation and looked to Adam for his final acquiescence. Adam glanced down to the oblivious Maria as she continued to drive his senses wild with her mouth. Looking back at the kneeling woman, Adam gave his approval.

Letting out her held in breath with a quiet sigh of relief she leaned forward and lightly pressed her tongue against Maria's tightly puckered nipple. Her tongue swirled and danced.

Adam groaned even as Maria's eyes flew open in shock. She gazed upon Adam's face as her mouth hung slack allowing his cock to slip free. Her head turned and her eyes grew wider as she watched the stranger sucking upon her breasts. Her back arched involuntarily at the sensations that the red head were creating within her.

Maria gasped in shock. Her mouth opened to protest. Adam stilled her voice with one finger pressed against her lips. "Give it a try my love," he encouraged.

Maria looked deeply into Adam's eyes. His eyes were ablaze with unrestrained passion and excitement over the unfolding circumstances. Maria silently nodded and closed her eyes and allowed the sensations to wash over her unrestricted as the mouth on her breast became more aggressive. She welcomed Adam's lips against hers as the tendrils of passion spiraled from her sensitive nipples.

The breathing of all three participants increased and grew choppy as they sexual desires increased exponentially. Maria began to writhe upon the couch, once again inciting Adam's already throbbing cock with her thrashing. The redhead allowed her hands to slip down the smooth tanned planes of Maria's stomach and slip inside her loose fitted shorts. Maria sighed with a needy desire to be touched in that most warm moist place. She quickly lifted her hips in an attempt to help dislodge her shorts. The red head quickly pulled the shorts past Maria's thighs allowing her to kick free from the restraint. Wantonly, Maria allowed her legs to fall open in invitation. Taking her cue, the redhead moved lower on Maria. Her tongue lightly touched and probed. Adam watched the action with his jaw slack with absolute awe at the raw sexuality on display before him. His cock jerked and oozed precum on Maria's cheek. Without any thought, she turned and once again took him deeply into her mouth. Her tongue danced against him as her mouth pulled and sucked. Adam drew a deep shuddering breath as her mouth worked upon him, his eyes glued to the tongue that was probing and licking Maria's wet pussy. Maria moaned and the vibrations in her throat rumbled against his cock. His cock grew even larger in her mouth, nearly choking her.

Marias body finally gave into the sensations that were causing her body to burn. She gasped against Adam's cock as her body convulsed as great waves of pleasure poured over her body. Feeling her head and her sexually charged body spasm in his arms, Adam began to spurt his seed deep into Maria's. Maria swallowed and kept swallowing as Adam cam harder than he had ever cum before. Exhausted from the maelstrom of expected and new sensations Maria relaxed against Adam.

Leaning over and kissing her lips Adam whispered "That was beautiful. I knew you would enjoy it if you gave it a chance. "

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