A New Toy
My wife and I had been talking for quite a while now about adding on to our house, adding a porch and a spot for a hot tub so that we could entertain out there and for our good friends/family, enjoy the use of a hot tub.

We'd finally saved enough money to accomplish this all and it is ending up being worth every penny and hard times we had in order to do so.

It started innocently enough, as all of the good stories do. We wanted to invite my wife's sister, Sara, over to break in the new tub. As in most of the other fantasies about my wife and her sister, we're all very comfortable with each other and love being around one another. We decided a cool spring Friday night would be a good time to break in our new toy. We had all had a long week and were looking forward to spending the time together with Sara. Our kids loved her, my wife and her were very close and I loved having her around because, well, let's be honest...she's hot as hell and her being around made the family forget about me, so I could tend to stuff I needed to get done.

We grilled out, played with the kids and had a wonderful evening together. When the evening came to an end, we put the kids to bed, poured a glass of wine for the girls and I grabbed a beer. We talked at the kitchen table and around the island and then decided we should head for the new hot tub.

I warmed it up and got things going and told the girls it was ready. They had already changed and came outside as I had made my way in. It was hot, almost to the point of making you sweat, but it felt amazing. The cool spring air hit my face and it awoken me. The girls got to the side of the hot tub and stood beside one another as they slipped off their tshirts and shorts, revealing their bikini clad bodies. It's a good fucking thing I was already in the water because my dick went from flacid to rock fucking hard in about 3 seconds.

I tried not to look at Sara, but both her and Shari noticed and just giggled. I looked in awe as they both got into the water, their bodies both having goosebumps from the chill in the air. Both girls nipples could have cut glass.

We continued on with our conversations and continued to drink more alcohol and as the night wore on, the usual flirtiness between all three of us started to pick up.

Shari and I always loved to hear about Sara's sex life and the stories she'd have about former lovers and basically what the "younger crowd" was up to when it came to sex.

Soon this turned into a game of Truth or Dare, which I may or may not have steered the conversation to. By now, we were all well enough lubed up that our inhibitions had been thrown out the window.

Things really seemed to take off and get really interesting when it was my turn and Sara asked "have you ever jerked off to me?" With my wife and her sister sitting right there next to me, I was taken back and immediately blushing and stammering over my words. Shari just giggled as I struggled to answer. I felt her hand slide up my leg and grab my dick which was as hard as ever. "Oooohhh..judging by his cock, I think we have our answer!" As they both giggled some more and playfully splashed me with water.

"OK, my turn" as I looked at Shari. She picked a dare. "I dare you two to flash me" The girls half heartedly and laughing said "no, come on, pick something reasonable" as they eyed one another, smiling from ear to ear. "No, come on you two, this is the dare" as I chided them and put the full court press on. I could tell they both wanted to but weren't sure how the other would react. Shari was game finally and I know Sara was, but she wasn't sure if her sister would let her. Shari calmed her nerves and said it'd be fine. So, they got next to one another and pulled their bikinis down, exposing their sisterly breasts together, side by side. Shari has big voluptuous tits that are natural and gorgeous, despite having three children. Sara's were smaller, tight and perky. The warm water slid off of both of their silky skin and made their chests glisten in the faint light.

After what seemed like a split second (it was probably more like 4-5 seconds) they covered back up. They both were giggling and the wine was really starting to hit and I could tell they were ready to do about anything. As my turn came up, Shari asked the question and I picked a dare. She said "we showed you ours, show us yours"...I knew where her head was at. I nervously glanced at her and she just smiled. I nervously looked at Sara who was trying to act "embarrassed" as she gasped her sister's name, but she also had that look in her eye that she was more than curious. I nervously played around buying some time acting like I was contemplating it, but what I was really doing was working up my massive hard on...I didn't want to let little sister in law down. I stood up out of the water and lowered my swim trunks. I had a hard on that was aching so bad that it was pulsating in the dim light as I showed that cock off. Shari just sat back and tickled her chest with her hands and smiled as Sara's eyes got big and all the giggling went away. It was silent for a second or two as I stared both women down....I broke the silence when I said "ok, enough of that, nothing to see here." You could see the disappointment in both their eyes as I sat back down.

The last dare of the night was for Sara and I tied Shari into it as I knew where her head was at. "Sara, I want you and Shari to streak around this hot tub, but do it while holding hands."

I could tell Shari was a little caught off gaurd and so was Sara, but I was sitting close to Shari and grabbed her hand and put it on my unit that was just aching. I slid my hand over and ran it up her thigh and rubbed the outside of her bikini, right between her legs. She jumped a little, surprised but a good surprise. She just turned her head and smile at me, and while looking me dead in the eye says "c'mon Sara, lets show him that we don't ever lose a game." I grinned back at her as I knew how competitive they both were, but also, my heart was about to pound out of my chest.

The girls got out of the hot tub and stood next to it. The cool air gave them a reason to take a deep breath as they sobered up just a touch, but I could tell they were both committed.

Sara decided that it was time for a little strip tease as she undressed. She walked up to Shari and pulled her into her by her hips, dancing and grinding on Shari. Shari reached behind Sara and untied her bikini string as it hit the floor, but she was pulled into Shari that I couldn't get a good look at her tits. Sara continued to rub her hands down Shari's back and hips and as she got to her hips she slid Shari's bikini bottoms down. She pushed them all the way down and as she did kissed Shari's hip and thigh, which seemed to catch her off guard.

They turned their back to me as Shari took off her own top and Sara slid her bottoms off, bending over as she did. Her tight, fat lips, completely visible from behind as she bent over, were almost enough to make me cum right there. They both stood there a second, letting me take the view from behind all in as I admired both their womanly figures. Their ass' were similar in their build. Plump thick asses that were curved in the perfect spots. I grabbed my dick when I watched them search around for one anothers hand as they locked their fingers together. They slowly began to prance around the hot tub, hand in hand. I took both of their bodies in from the front. Both of the sisters nipples were pointed out just a little, Shari's much larger breasts bounced as she walked about, Sara's tight little tits glistened in the light. Both sisters pussy's were shaved bald. Shari had smaller lips with her clit more exposed, Sara's fat lips were big and tight like a zipper. Their thick but muscular thighs were perfect. They went by me and I couldn't help but notice just the small amount of cellulite dimples they both had, but just enough like a woman should that their asses were incredibly sexy. The small dimples above their ass cheeks at the small of their back was enough to send me over the top.

I knew both of these two well enough to know that they were both quietly extremely horny women, but I never thought that something like this was ever on the table. I was amazed, lost, overjoyed, about anything you could describe was all amazing. I did everything I could to take in every inch of both of their bodies.

The girls made their way back to their starting point. As I was preparing for it all to be over, suddenly Shari grabbed Sara by her hips, pulled her into her while pulling her head to hers and in one big motion, leaned in and kisses her younger sister. And I mean KISSED her. Lips on lips as she drove her tongue into Sara's mouth, tits on tits, hips on hips. Sara was just as confused as I was as she first tried to pull back, but Shari pulled her in tighter and Sara began to relax and kiss back. I just sat there and I'm sure if there was a picture of me, my jaw was in the water. The girls kissed passionately as their hands began to roam. First Sara grabbing Shari's nipple and slightly twisting it as she began to squirm. Shari then grabbed Sara's little ass cheek, pulling her in tighter as they started to explore everywhere. Sara moved her hands down Shari's body, heading for her pussy. As she got there, Shari pulled back, looked at me and said "how do you like that baby?" I couldn't get any words out. She knew I loved it.

"Okayyy..." Sara nervously said. "I think it's time I call it a night." She said. She didn't bother to put her bikini back on and let me enjoy watching her perfect little ass swing back and forth as she walked inside.

Shari grinned at me as she climbed back over into the tub. I grinned back. I knew that look and she knew I was going to fuck her long and hard. She eagerly swam over to me and didn't even give me a chance to move. She climbed up on top of me and straddled me, sliding right down on to my dick. Even in the water, her pussy was opened and wet. There was absolutely no resistance. She bounced up and down on my pole as I tried to grab her tits with my mouth. She loves to have her ass grabbed during sex and I tried to grab as long as hard as I could on her ass cheeks. She was moaning, begging me to fuck her harder. Riding and bucking on me, the warm water spilling over the edge. Her moans echoed in the night as she screamed for it more and more. I pushed her over to the other wall so now I was on top of her, with her head in the head rest. I spread her legs wider, driving deeper into her with every thrust. The combination of the flirtation with her sister, seeing them both naked, having us all naked was so hot and erotic. Both of us were revved up. I lifted Shari onto the corner of the tub. I didn't even waste any time kissing her body. I just went straight to eating her pussy. She had already cum once and I needed to taste her. I drove my tongue over her clit and tongue fucked her. Back to her clit with my tongue as I inserted two fingers in her, finger fucking her as she bucked her hips against my fingers.

I came up and put my mouth on her tits as I was going to drive my dick back into her pussy. I was kissing her nipples, chest and shoulder. As I looked over her shoulder I saw the next thing that damn near made me cum on the spot. Sara was standing there against the wall. Still naked. Fingering her pussy with one hand as she pinched her nipples with the other. She was in the shadow, just out of the light. Shari had her back to her so she didn't know she was there. I made eye contact with Sara and we both just grinned at each other. I pulled Shari tight to me as I inserted my cock back into her. I was fucking her hard, deep and fast, exactly the way she loved it. But I never took my eyes off of Sara. We watched each other. I'm fucking her sister, making eye contact with her, while she's ferociously assaulting her clit and putting her own fingers in herself. I'm going to cum and I let those words out. Shari says "yes, baby, cum in me..fill me up...fuck babbby" and at the same time I can tell Sara is going to as well. I explode all in Shari, pulse after hot pulse is shooting into her. Sara cums at the same time, but as she does her one hand kind of slams against the house startling Shari.

Sara looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Even after all the night of fun, she still looks embarrassed. Shari also is a little caught off guard and out of habit "OMG, SARA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I was surprised they were both acting like this considering how everything had just transpired. I pulled out of Shari and slid back into the water. "Come over here" Shari said to Sara. I thought she was proceeding to chew her out and I think she was headed that direction. Sara obediently walked over to Shari, ready to take her verbal assault from her older sister. As she walked over though she quickly glanced over at me and with her head down shot me a naughty little grin. She made her way over and right as Shari was getting ready to yell, Sara lunged at Shari and drove her tongue deep into Shari's mouth, catching her off guard much like Shari had done to her earlier in the night. Shari tried to pull away but Sara pushed her up against the hot tub. She grabbed her ass, tits and hips. She put Shari's hands on her pussy. I watched as Shari's body went limp and quit resisting. She felt her little sister's bare pussy and began to explore it. Sara finally let go of Shari's head and kissed her way down to her tits. Shari slid up on the corner of the tub with her legs hanging on the outside. Sara didn't take long to find her tongue inside of Shari's pussy. I was still in the water, watching and enjoying as I stroked my cock.

As Sara is there naked, eating out my wife, her sister, I decided it was time to insert myself. In order to play it slow, I stood up and walked towards Shari. She was moaning in ecstasy as her little sister ate her pussy so good. I stood up on the bench, letting my cock getting closer to Shari's face. She knew what I wanted and devoured my dick. At this time I couldn't help by admire that I was fucking my wife with my sister in law. My dick in her mouth while her little sister lapped at her pussy.

I could tell my the half ass blow job I was getting that Sara was about to make Shari cum. I pulled my dick out and bent over and drove my tongue deep into Shari's mouth. Her body bucked and bounced as she came all over her sister's face. By now I was too revved up to even ask, so I told Shari "I'm GOING to FUCK YOUR LITTLE SISTER"...she looked at me and all she could do was shake her head yes, as she was still cumming.

I stepped out of the tub and pulled Sara up from Shari's sloppy cunt. I pulled her into me and kissed her long and hard, tasting Shari's cum all over her mouth. I dropped down and picked her up, her legs straddling me as I supported her ass with my hands. Her tight little tits rubbed against my chest as I slowly lowered her tight, bald pussy onto my cock. I sat her on the edge of the tub, next to Shari. Their hips were touching and I let one of Sara's legs hang over Shari's. I drove my dick deep into Sara, letting her take all of me. Shari grinned at me "oooh baby..fuck her good. Let her see what I get to enjoy" My gorgeous wife began to finger herself while she watched me fuck her sister. She leaned over and kissed Sara's shoulder and then took one of Sara's nipples in her mouth. Sara came immediately when this happened. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I let them both know. Simultaneously they both got off the edge of the tub and on their knees. In one of my biggest fantasies I asked them to both look up at me with their tongues out. I looked them both in the eye as I jerked my cock off with Sara's cum. Just as I was about to blow it, I grabbed Sara by the back of the head and slammed my dick into her mouth, making her taste herself off of me. She knew her way around a dick and made about three bobs up and down and I lost it in her mouth, her deep throating me and swallowing it like a fucking champ. She released my dick and lunged at Shari, knocking her down on the deck as they lay there making out. They kissed and explored one another's body's one last time. I sat against the tub, letting the whole scene play out. When they finally quit, I helped them both up and kissed them both long and hard. We walked inside together and Sara went to her room while Shari and I went to ours. We fell asleep in one anothers arms, both more than satisfied with our new toy.

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