A New Year night to remember !
It was shivering night on and people were eagerly waiting for fireworks to start inviting New Year. I had very busy week before and wanted to relax and enjoy! So I was one of them in the crowd alone!

I had my few drinks and enjoying weather and the crowd and passing away of time and getting into new year. I had my jeans with tight top sweater and scarf with cap and over coat on me.

There were thousand of people pressing each other as we moved to watch the show. And the time just passed 11:59 and fire works start and continued for half an hour. It was spectacular sight and people were cheering and hugging and kissing their mates.

Suddenly I found a strong hand wrapped me in his arms and pressed me to his body and lips on mine. Before I could knew he continued for nearly 2 - 3 minutes and swayed me and pressed my butts against his body. I was amazed but like his touch and hug!

He said his name is Scott and he was watching me from distance and found I was alone and needed company. I was shocked and surprised but was Ok since I did not had any touch with men for quiet some time.

We went to have drink in nearby bar and had Martini and he with Vodka. We chat for some time and I could see his blood was becoming hot as time passed. he moved his had to my thigh and rubbing it taking one hand to hold me and kiss me often.

This was bringing energetic flow of blood in whole of my body. I could not hold myself and touch his manhood! I found it was resisting to come out from his trouser and short! I patted it and said in his ear - 'Dear wait for some time and i will help you making love.'

Then we decided to take a room in nearby hotel for a night. The receptionist was knowing him and he did not had any difficulty in getting one. We went inside and found nice bouncing bed with lots of pillow and nice temperature to take out our clothes. I took first and unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his wide hairy chest. Then through his pant and slowly released his cock from his short.

It sprang like rabbit and was straight pointing at me. I slowly rubbed and moved skin and took pink top into my mouth and liked and sucked deep inside my throat. He was so happy and spread his legs apart and moving his hips up every now and then.

I moved over him and rubbed his cock with my pussy and getting the touch he became so wild ! He took me with both hands and throw me on bed on my back. Spread my legs and start eating and licking my pussy as if he was hungry for that for a week!

It took no time and start rubbing its head over my pussy lips. I was thrilled and excited and took my tits in my both hand and start liking and squeezing. He made one good thrust and went into my womb. His was 8 1/2" and having good girth round and expanded inside me. My both pussy lips was so stretched but the pleasure I was getting from him, my pain was negligible.

I was moaning and lifting my hips and butts to meet every of his stroke. He was touching to my cervix and was giving me thrills and orgasm and chills passed through my spines. We did it in many position as we both were so hungry of sex. Missionary, doggy, cow girl and standing against wall and he lifting me in his hand and stroking.

We both were exhausted and tired after cumming with each other and it was dripping out of my pussy to my thighs and butts. Then we slept wrapping our arms with each other. Again in early morning he became ready for one more round and I was fresh and my pussy was wanting one more pounding from this man!

We went into shower and took joint bath and remained in hot water filled tub and he loved me in cow girl position and I milked his cock out of every drop of his milk!

We parted taking our contact number and kissing each other! What a loving night to start new year...!
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