A Night On The Town Part 1
She looked absolutely stunning in a figure hugging black evening gown showing off her hourglass figure.
Her thick, black hair done up and held together by an intricate array of pins, products and clips.
Around her neck the diamond pendant I had given her for our anniversary last month. Sparkling and glistening, it nestled in the enticing cleavage displayed by the plunging neckline of her dress.

"My, don't you look dapper?" She purred, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind as I adjusted my bowtie in the mirror. The fragrant aroma of her perfume washed over me as she did so.

"Thanks hon," I replied, "You look ravishing as always. Love the dress, very sexy."

She smiled at me in the mirror.
"Well I'm assuming then that it was worth the wait?"
This was in reference to a mock argument we had previously when I had chided her about the length of time I would have to wait for to get ready.
"Definitely worth the wait."
She leant forward to nuzzle my neck.
"Mmmmm," she sighed, "you're wearing my favorite cologne. Very sneaky, you know how much that scent turns me."
"That's why I'm wearing it."
"Well then, I've got a surprise for you," I could feel her hot breath on my ear as she whispered; "Since I didn't want to ruin the appearance of my dress, I'm not wearing any underwear tonight."

I felt a familiar twitch in my crotch at this revelation. Her fingers moved downwards to give my hardening cock a friendly squeeze.
"Well," she murmured in my ear, "looks like I'm not the only one getting turned on."

Just then the intercom buzzed, interrupting our flirtations.
"Shit, that must be the limo. Come milady, our carriage awaits.

The limo was luxurious and spacious. I gave the driver our destination and we helped ourselves to the champagne from the mini bar.
"Here's to a stunning evening with my stunning wife,' I toasted.
"My, my, someone is certainly going all out this evening. No ulterior motives I hope."
"Well, no more than usual anyways," I grinned and leant over to kiss her.

Our lips met and tongues entwined.
I cupped her face in my hands but as our embrace grew more passionate, I slid my hands down, grazing her breasts before moving to her hips.
She threw her arms around my neck, playing with my hair, her tongue warm and thrusting against my own.

Our brief teasing earlier had obviously aroused us both. My hand was now sliding under her dress, up her leg to verify her claim of not wearing panties.
She cupped the side of my face in one hand while the other went to my lap to gently stroke my eager dick.
I pulled her roughly towards me.
"Yes," she sighed against my cheek, her legs parting to allow me access to her pussy. I rubbed her clit with my forefinger.

The grip on my cock tightened as I slipped the finger along her moist slit. I was now rock hard and throbbing, thrusting into her hand.

Just then a cough interrupted us. We froze, her eyes widened in horror. We had forgotten about the driver! The partition was only partly shut so he could no doubt see and hear everything we were doing.

"Fuck it," she said, "let him watch if he wants to." She moved her hips against my hand, urging me to carry on fingering her. Unzipping my pants she released my penis so that it stood to attention.
"Bet his cock isn't as big as yours." This was said quite loudly so as to attract his attention.

She began jerking me off, matching my pace with hers. I was rubbing her clit with my thumb as I slid in and out of her sopping cunt.
She moved her hand to her chest to expose a breast and guide my head to suck her nipple. I grasped the erect nub between my teeth, nibbling and sucking it as she squirmed on my hand and jerked me off.

I glanced up briefly to check what the driver was up to. Unsurprisingly, his attention was not totally focused on the road. I hoped he was enjoying the show.

She stiffened against me, her hand releasing my dick to grip the hand masturbating her. She shuddered as her orgasm rippled through her.
"Oooh," she moaned, lips parting.
Her eyes snapped open, sparkling and wide. A naughty, satisfied grin spread across her face. "Your turn," she said seductively
"Well we're nearly there so I don't think there's enough time to-" I was cut off as she suddenly shifted backwards along the seat and slid my dick into her mouth.

God, she looked so sexy looking up at me, my dick in her mouth, her one breast still exposed. This elegant, beautiful brunette blowing like the slut I k new she could be. Her mouth moved rapidly along my shaft, her tongue toying with the head. Hands still busy jerking me off and playing with my balls. I didn't care who was watching at this point.
Cock in her mouth, she winked at me, closed her eyes, moaned and sucked heartily.
"o0oo God, I'm gonna cum," I groaned unable and unwilling to hold back any longer. Normally I like to cum on her face and tits after a blowjob but this wouldn't have gone down to well seeing as we still had the event to attend to.

So instead I held her face gently in my hands as I blasted my load into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged slightly but managed to contain all of it within her mouth.
"Aaaah," she said smiling as she took me from her mouth. She gave me a quick lick to clean up any remaining cum and tugged me away.

We kissed again as we began to put ourselves together again. I caught her glancing wickedly at the driver in the rearview mirror as we did so. I'm guessing he had enjoyed what he had seen by the way he was staring back at her.

We were still straightening and tidying ourselves up as the limo pulled into the parking lot of the banquet hall.
This was shaping up to be an excellent night out.

to be continued..............
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