A Night On The Town Part 5
Rachel was standing by the largely ignored buffet table next to the stage.
She was still dressed only in her tailed tuxedo jacket and heels. And a pair of dark rimmed rectangular glasses. In her one hand, she was twirling what appeared to be a glass baton.
She explained what was on the menu for those interested in the food, although of these, most seemed to go for the desserts - strawberries and cream seemed most popular!
She still had a tray of drinks and chemicals on the table beside her which she proffered to anyone walking past. Most took a drink or a hit but incredibly, few were engaging her in any meaningful way. As a past attendee of one of these soirees I knew that the staff were, as far as sex was concerned, like any other guest. If you liked someone and they you, and you wanted to fuck - well then have at it. So either she was quite choosy or no-one considered her available, either way I was going to try. She had seemed very receptive earlier and by the way she was partaking of her own intoxicants, I doubted that she had changed her mind.

What had attracted me from across the room was the sight of her bending over to snort a line from her tray. Her tight, shapely ass arced pertly upwards, her breasts threatening to spill out of the jacket.
At that moment, in my drug-fuelled haze she was the most desirable person on Earth.
I strode towards her, wearing only my dishevelled shirt, my cock a dowsing rod throbbing in her direction.
As I neared her, my attention almost solely focused on her shapely form, I noticed that what I had thought was a baton was in fact a quite long, sturdy dildo that she was toying with to keep herself occupied. She spun it around her in hand in slow circles and occasionally rubbed it along her legs. As she moved, her pussy lips parted slightly in the most unbelievably erotic way. Christ, how I wanted her!

I was almost at her station when my path was blocked by a statuesque brunette grabbing at my dick. She had huge breasts and a nice juicy ass.
"Well hello big boy," she said, "Where are you off to in such a hurry? Don't you have time to stop and say hello to your friends?" She began shaking my cock as if it were my hand.
I had been so focused on Rachel that it had slipped my mind that there was an orgy going on!
I tried desperately to remember the girl's name, we had met (and fucked) as a previous party but for the life of me I couldn't.
"Of course not sexy," I bluffed leaning forward to peck her on her cheek- a strangely casual greeting considering she was still jerking me off vigorously, "how are you?"
"Well a lot better now I've seen your big cock, let me say hello properly."
With that she was on her knees and blowing me.
Her tongue washing over my balls and shaft produced another drug induced rush that caused me to shudder pleasantly. I throbbed in her mouth and she moaned appreciatively.
A well built guy I recognised as her partner was standing behind her fucking a much older woman in the ass.
I glanced around to where Rachel had been to make sure she was still there and was most pleased to see her staring right at me. She smiled at ne and waved by wiggling her fingers at me. She then held her hands before her groin, palms facing her and thrust her hips violently a few times, her pussy glistening as she did so.
I grinned and then mimicking her, I grabbed the brunettes head and stating thrusting my penis into her warm mouth. She gagged slightly but did not sucking. I looked over to Rachel again to see her reaction.
She clearly liked what she saw as she know had the glass dildo between her legs in a horizontal position and was slowing grinding her pussy along its length while staring at me. Then seeing I was watching her, she slid it up along her body, between her tits and licked it, her tongue lapping up her own sweet juice.
Lust raced through me again as I watched this and I started increased by tempo of my thrusts into the brunettes mouth. At this, she grabbed my cock and looked up at me.
"Jesus Chris Jay, save some of that pounding for my pussy."
She kissed the tip, swivelled my hips so I was facing away from Rachel, stood up, kissed me hard on the mouth , turned away from me, bent over a table and with legs spread, thrust her gaping pussy towards me.

In a daze, I thrust my cock into it and began fucking her as hard as I could.
"Fuck me, fuck me hard," she moaned, the table shifting with each thrust.
I turned around to see if Rachel was still enjoying the show but to my dismay she was no longer there.
Making the best of a still pretty great situation, I grabbed the brunette by her hips and thrust hard and deep into her, slowing the pace but increasing the force at which my cock penetrated her cunt..
I was peaking now, the drugs taking full effect, my entire body felt like it was tingling, my cock like an iron bar, my emotions a mixture of excitement, horniness and happiness.
"Oh fuck me, I'm gonna cum on your cock, "the brunette moaned, her fingers between her legs rubbing her clit as we fucked. I felt her shudder beneath me and carried on screwing her as she orgasmed. She fell forward onto the table causing my cock popped out still hard and covered in her love nectar.
For the hell of it, I rubbed it in the furrow between her ass cheeks, just to see how it would look. Pretty damn sexy as it turned out, that pill I took was a wonderful aphrodisiac and my cock was as massive as I'd ever seen it.
If she minded, she certainly didn't show it. I was contemplating if I should proceed with full on anal when I felt a fingernail lightly grazing my ass.

"Towel sir? Ma'am?" A voice asked as a towel was held before me. I turned to see who was interrupting and was delighted to see it was Rachel.
The brunette flipped over and took the towel and began to clean herself up.
I did the same, enjoying the tingle of the cotton on my skin.
"Can I offer you guys any refreshments?" Rachel asked producing her tray as if by magic.
I immediately grabbed one of the wonderful pills and took it with a shot.
"Good choice," she grinned and did the same," how did you find it?"
"Fucking amazing," I said, running my hands through my hair to feel the tingle.
"Told ya! It's a new batch but I think it's a hit. It definitely had an effect on you." She was looking at my cock as it throbbed between us, proud and purple from the blood rushing to it..Precum was leaking profusely from the tip by now.
"Damn right, it did," the brunette exclaimed as she stood up. She took a shot too and kissed me on the cheek, "Great fuck hun, that's quite a cock you have there."
She looked at Rachel with a mischievous glint in her eye.
"We should do a line off it!"
"Now that's great idea," Rachel agreed. "Although he might be a bit too..." she touched the tip of my cock (which twitched in excitement) and pushed it down so that it was horizontal only for it to spring upright again when she let it go
"A stiff cock is never a problem sweetie," the brunette laughed. "Tell you what, I'll hold it down first and then you."
With that she grabbed my cock and pushed it down on the table so that it lay flat. The pressure felt really good and a playfully gave it a throb in her hand. The head lifted of the table and she gasped.
"Holy shit, that's a monster you have there, now stop fucking around and let us snort drugs off it."
Rachel put the tray down on the table and using a spoon and metal straw she fashioned a crude white line of powder down the length of my shaft. It tingled very pleasantly as she did so and I wondered if I could absorb anything through it.
She turned to look up at me, threw me one of her sexy winks and proceeded to snort the line up a nostril in one fluid movement. With the overall tingling and pressure from the brunette I couldn't be sure but I could swear she ran her tongue along my cock as she did so. Regardless, the debauched nature of what we were doing was such a huge turn.
"Aaah," she said sniffing as she lifted her head up, "that's so cool. If you could carry on holding him down ma'am, I ll sort you out."
"No problem, that looked like fun." She stroked my cockhead as she said this, lathering it up in precum.
Rachel proceeded to fashion another line and then placed a cool hand firmly on my tingling prick to press it down so the brunette could let go. It sill threatened to shoot up so she had to apply a bit more wonderful pressure.
"Now this is hot," the brunette said. She definitely gave my dick a lick before snorted up the line.
"Don't let go to waste," Rachel said, indicating the remnants of powder that was still on my dick due to all the fluids coating it. She lifted her hand and my cock sprang up gleefully.
"Never," was the reply from the brunette, taking my cock into my mouth and sucking it vigorously. Her tongue swirling all over to get every last grain of powder..
Rachel was looking at me as this happened and I marvelled again at how attractive she was. She was still wearing her tuxedo jacket but it had fallen over one breast to expose a pink, very erect nipple that I really, really wanted to suckle.
Before I could get further with this thought, the brunette grabbed my cock, gave it one more sensuous lick from balls to tip, then pushed me back and lay down on the table before me.
"Now it's your turn," she said," off my cunt." She lay her head back and parted her pussy lips to expose the deep pink interior. She was dripping with lust.
"I dunno, it's not really my thing, the coke I mean,." I said somewhat feebly.
"Go on, trust me, it goes really well with the pills, " Rachel urged, already preparing a line that run from just below her navel all the way down to her pussy,
"Oooh, it tickles," the brunette giggled as Rachel placed the last bit on.
"Come on we'll share." Rachel said as she snorted about half the line (Jeez how much had she had, she must have been lit) and then stood up and looked at me.
I bent over and tried to snort the line into my nostril. It burnt my nose and throat and I had to hold back a cough as I moved my nose down into her pussy. I stuck my tongue out to lick it rather than try snort any further as between the moisture and my ineptness, it would have been fruitless. Luckily the touch of my tongue on her vaginal walls was not unwelcome and I found myself really eating her out as the coke prickled pleasantly on my tongue and (less pleasantly) the back of my throat and nasal passages. However as I continued to lap her pussy, I felt a surge of heat run through my body, clearing out some of the dizziness and cobwebs I had been experiencing to replace it with clarity, power and (yep) lust. It felt fucking great!
The brunette squirmed a bit more on my eager tongue, her fingers playing with her clit and when I stuck an exploratory finger into her, she shuddered and a pulse of her cunt juices flooded my mouth as she came.
"Uuuuh, that's so kinky," she said as she got off the table.
"Thanks, sweetie that was great," she said to Rachel..
"Ok you," she said to me," let's go; there's some people I want to introduce you and your cock to."
Rachel smiled and turned to go with what l thought was a hint of disappointment.
"Actually," I said grabbing her lightly by the elbow so as not to spill her tray, "I was thinking of getting something to eat actually, maybe you can assist me?"
She smiled, "I'd be happy to sir, if you'd like to come this way."
"Thanks babe, "I kissed the brunette whose name still escaped me, "catch you later."
"You better believe it sexy; guess I'd better go see what that man of mine is up to." She did not seemed to be terribly devastated that I wouldn't be staying with her

I walked next to Rachel towards the buffet.
"I have a confession to make," I said, "I'm not really that hungry, I just wanted to spend a bit more time with you."
"Cool," she said,"'cos I really want to spend some time with you."
"I am so glad you thought we needed refreshments and towel earlier."
"I only came over because I wanted to fuck you, silly and was worried you were gonna wander off"
"But I was on my way over to fuck you! Well to talk you but really...."
She giggled, "well then I guess we're both gonna get what we wanted. But first....."

To be continued
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