A Night On The Town Part 6
Rachel led us back to where I had spotted her earlier beside the buffet table. The glass dildo she had been toying with earlier was still laying there. She picked it up and placed her tray of towels and chemicals down. She did this with an exaggerated stoop so that the tails of her jacket parted to reveal the delicious peach of her naked ass for my perusal. Then, knowing I was watching, she began wiggling it, her thighs parting slightly to reveal her pussy lips. To top off her teasing, she turned her head so she was in profile and with eyes closed began sucking the dildo.
I stood there, my brain reeling with narcotics and alcohol and felt my cock pulsing as I watched. I realised I was slowly stroking myself.
She opened her eyes, and smiled when she saw what I was doing.

"Don't waste it baby."

"Can't help it," I replied," You're gorgeous!"

"Aw thanks, c'mon let go sit down somewhere so we"

She gathered up a few things from her tray, downed a drink and offered one to me.
I took it without hesitation, feeling the alcohol burning as I swallowed and clearing my head a bit.

"Don't you have to stay here?" I asked.

"Oh I think people can help themselves, besides I'm allowed to take breaks anyway to entertain guests who strike my fancy."

As she said this, her hand dropped to my dick and gave it a few strokes.

"Now come, let get really high and fuck our brains out."

Still holding my engorged cock, she pulled me towards one of the few unoccupied items of furniture in the room, a couch against one wall.

As we walked, my head started spinning again and I found myself grinning. My heart raced and I felt incredibly happy. My attraction and desire for Rachel was blossoming into something a lot stronger and I felt an empathy and closeness to her that almost matched my feeling for my wife. Part of me realised that it was just the drugs talking but I really didn't care, embracing the feeling and the giddy sensation it caused.

Once we were close to the couch, Rachel released my cock and spinning around sexily, purred, "Ok, why don't you make yourself comfortable?"

She placed a hand on my chest, guided me towards the couch and gently pushed me down. The leather was cool on my naked ass, my cock stood up proud and erect as I watched her, the grin still plastered on my face.

She really was spectacular, of medium height, short blond hair, her cheekbones high and set off by those sexy glasses.

"I love your glasses," I said.

"Oh god, really, I was about to take them off for you, most guys don't like them."

"Are you kidding, they're so sexy. Please leave them on."

"Well don't you know just what to say? What else do you like about me?"

She was swaying before me, there was a hint of wobbliness betraying her narcotic intake but she still moved with the self assurance and confidence of someone comfortable with their body. Her shaven pussy waved before, a hint of delicate moisture on its lips.

"You've got a great ass," I answered.

She spun around to show it to me, still swaying. She let me get a good look at it and then bent over, legs apart. Her hand appeared between her thighs to gently open her pussy lips for me. I moaned in appreciation, my cock pulsating to release a few sticky drop of precum. I was trying to resist touching myself.

"God, you're gorgeous," I moaned, my lust causing my head to rush again.

She turned around again, she still had the jacket on but her hands were cupping her breasts and a nipple was peeking above a lapel.

"You wanna see them?

I nodded.
Slowly, still gyrating, she undid the buttons of the jacket but held it over her breasts. Teasingly she opened it to reveal her amazing breasts. They weren't too large but were perky and round with hard, pink nipples with small aureola.
Unable to stop myself I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it slowly.

"Oooh, it likes what it sees," she said," and so do I"

She knelt then before me, between my legs, and grabbing my cock out of my hands, began sucking the tip. She stared at him though her glasses as she did this. It was the most erotic sight. My head spun again and for a second I thought I was going to cum.
As if sensing this, she took my dick from her mouth, gave it a quick peck on the tip and sat down on the couch next to me. She flung a shapely leg over mine, where our skin touched, it felt tingly and electric. I stared into her eyes for a bit, lost for words.

"How you feeling," she asked.

"Great, really, really great. You?"

"Oh, I'm doing super honey, but I've had some experience with this stuff. Although this batch.. Wow."

She closed her eyes, running her hands through her hair and licked her lips. A soft moan escaped her. Her jacket parted to reveal her breasts as she did so. I was utterly mesmerized. Her eyes snapped open suddenly and I could see the lust blazing from them. Without taking her gaze from me, she produced from next to her, the glass dildo.

Her breathing was heavy as she began to rub it between her pussy lips. Her eyes were still staring at me. My eyes were darting between hers and her cunt, my hand was back on my cock again.
Ever so slowly, she slid the glass shaft into her pussy, watching me watching her. She slowly slid it in and out of her. I could see drops of her secret nectar lubricating it as she did so. I moved my hand up and down my own shaft in time with her.

"So," she said as we masturbated together, "here's what I reckon we should do. That last pill we did with your friend is going to kick in hard real soon. So before that happens, let's take another one. That way we can get really fucked up. It's really cool to fuck like that - it's super intense and really, really nice. Then when we're ready, we do a line and we fuck like animals. What you think?"

"Sounds good," I was watching that dildo sliding into her cunt as she explained, absently flicking her clit. I wondered if she was even aware she was doing it.

"Hmmm," she murmured, "it really does."

She let go of the dildo, although it remained inserted into her vagina, to root through the jacket pocket from which she produced two of the pills.

"Should we just swallow them I asked," looking around for a drink.

"Naah, got a better idea, let me just...." she wriggled around and with her free hand,
pulled the dildo out of her pussy with an audible 'plop'. She looked down as she did this and was momentarily distracted by my cock. I had stopped jerking myself off but it was still rock hard and pulsating.

"Why, hello Mr. Penis," she said in a girly voice," I will be with you soon; we just need to conduct our business here."

She tapped my cock with the dildo and it immediately throbbed and jerked in response.

She giggled, "My, my but he's eager, he must like my pussy juice."

She began to rub the tip of the dildo along the sensitive underside of my penis. I breathed in sharply at the sensation, my head exploding in lights and color as I did so.
"Hmmm, he really does like it, look how hard he is, I can still taste him you know? So nice. Look how it curves here...." She was now rolling the dildo on its side along my cock, tracing its shape." And a nice big head, and those heavy balls. Ooh, we're going to have some fun."

She caught herself, "Fuck I am so high...."

She placed the dildo down next to me and focused on the pills she still held in other hand.
"Right let's do this," she said, digging into her jacket again. She produced two credit card sized pieces of black plastic, one of the metal straws that had been on her tray and a small plastic bag.

"Ok, that's for later," putting the bag back. "Hold this a second babe."

She handed me the one of the cards. I took it, noticing that my hands were trembling.

"Ok, hold it flat out on your palm like that so I can..." she put the two pills on the card and began crushing them with the metal tube. They were small and brittle and crumbled quite easily into powder.

"They really taste like shit," she explained, "besides which, if we snort it, it will hit faster and harder. Trust me."

"Can you overdose on those things?" I asked.

"Dunno, "she replied," but can you imagine the orgasm if you did?"

We both began chuckling at this. She took the other plastic card and fashioned the residue into two lines, one slightly larger than the other.

"I'm pretty fucked as it babe, so you can have a bit more. I want us to be on the same level for this."

She put the tube in her nose and sniffed up the powder, a bit in each nostril. She lifted her head up, snorted again and handed me the tube.

"Uggh, it's a bit rough but it will be worth it."

I took the tube and snorted up the line, alternating nostrils as she had done. It wasn't quite as fine as I'd imagined and it felt like grains of really bitter salt were stuck in my nose. I sniffed hard to try remove the sensation. Rachel took the straw from me and slipped all the paraphernalia back into her pocket.

"You OK?" She asked.

"Yeah, burns a bit."

"That should go away. How you feeling?" She held my hand looking into my hands, a slightly concerned look on in her eyes.

"No, I'm cool, just a bit, I dunno, overwhelmed. My heads feels really..."


"Yes, that sounds right, plus I feel, this is so weird but I feel really close to you. Like I've known you for ages."

"I know what you mean, it feels nice right?"

"It feels great."

"You do realize I still don't know your name?" she said.

I introduced myself.

"Where's your partner?" She was well versed in the rules - no single guests permitted and since I wasn't on the staff, I had to be with someone.

"Ummm," I looked around the room to see if I could see Nicky anywhere. "You see that dude in the cowboy hat?"


"Well, he's fucking my wife."

Nicky was sitting on the lap of a muscular man close to the stage in the center of the room. He was indeed wearing a brown cowboy hat and, I noticed, matching boots. She was naked now except for the necklace I had given her as an anniversary gift. They were facing slightly away from us, so we were treated to a clear view of her body as she rode him. She was grinding her ass on his cock as she moved up and down. Her breasts bouncing in all their glory as she did so. He was holding her by her waist assisting her movements. Her one hand was fingering her clit and the other was playing with her nipples. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back and I swear I could hear her moans of passion even above the din of the room.

"Wow. She's beautiful," said Rachel

"I know."

"Amazing body."

"I know."

"I wanna do what she's doing, looks like fun."

She removed her jacket, laying it down alongside her and lifted herself from the couch. She shuffled in front of me, her tight ass in my face for a few brief, glorious seconds before I felt her grab my cock and guided it into her pussy as she lowered herself onto it.

"Aaaaaahhhh!!" we sighed in unison as her warm wetness enveloped my throbbing shaft.

My entire body shuddered in pleasure as electric tingles washed through me. I shifted forward so I could fondle her breasts and nuzzle her neck.
"Oooh baby, that feels so good," she moaned. She crooked an arm back around my neck and turned her head towards me. Our lips met, my tongue moving over her teeth and we kissed gently.

My fingers massaged her breasts, lightly playing with her nipples.
I felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my dick and it throbbed in response.

"Nice and slow," she whispered. "Let it build."

She turned to look out across the room so I rested my chin on her shoulder and took in the sights.

The room was a tumultuous sea of flesh. Everywhere there were people fucking and sucking.
Nicky was still fucking the cowboy but was now furiously sucking on some dude's cock. It looked like the performer who had been fucking on the stage way back at the beginning of the evening's festivities.
On the stage, Anna was indulging her anal fantasies as she was being pounded by a long, thin cock. Her husband, Peter, stood beside her, just watching and jerking off.
Six women were in a circle, licking and fingering each others pussies as an audience stood around watching. Amongst them I noticed both Tanya and the brunette I'd fucked earlier.
The screen from behind which I had earlier fucked Anna and been blown by Tanya was still up and shaking violently as the more discrete attendees indulged their sexual desires.
Bill was fucking the female performer. She was wrapped around him as he cradled her in his arms, holding her under her ass. He walked her around as they fucked, kissing roughly as she snarled and scratched his back.

"You see that chick being carried around?" Rachel asked, pointing at them.

"Of course."

"Yeah, she's a big name pornstar, Kitty Savage or something. I spoke to her earlier, she's really cool."

"I thought she might be in porn. She fucks like there's a camera on her at all times."

"Yeah, you're right. Hmmm yeah that feels good."

I had slowly pushed my cock deeper into her and then slightly out. She dropped a hand and I felt a nail graze my shaft before she began to lazily play with her clitoris.

"I think that last hit is kicking in," I said as a wave of pleasurable dizziness swept through me, my mind clouding over and I slumped back slowly into the couch, carrying Rachel with me.
She giggled as we tipped backwards and somehow managed to twist around so that she now lay facing me, her breasts against my chest, my cock still happily buried in the clutching folds of her cunt.

"Hello there," she smiled down on me.

"Hi sexy, how you feeling?"

"Fucking great, god this is intense. Can you feel this?"

I felt her pussy walls tighten around my cock like a velvet glove.

"Yeah, that feels good." I made my cock throb and bulge inside her.

"Oooh that feels fantastic feels like you're filling every space inside me."

She dropped her lips onto mine and we kissed passionately as the drugs kicked in.

And they kicked hard.

Our tongues entwined, her hands were around my neck and in my hair. Her nails leaving a trail of electric tingles causing me to shiver in ecstasy
I caressed her body, my hands trembling and seeming to act on their own accord as they moved across her back and ass. My hands on her body seemed to have the same effect on her as hers did on me. She moaned into my mouth, her body shuddering and her hips slowly rising and falling on my engorged tool.
My eyes were closed, hazy brightly colored shapes danced kaleidoscopically in the darkness behind them and I felt as if my entire body was focused in my penis and the sensations emanating from it.

I felt every fold in her pussy walls as they slid across me, felt her juices coating my shaft in their sticky glory, felt the blood pumping through me, felt my cockhead buried deep inside her, felt my balls tight against the base of my shaft filled with cum ready to be unleashed whenever I willed it.

"Oooh god!" She moaned, lifting her head," that feels amazing! Your cock feels so good inside my pussy! Oh shit it tingles. Can you feel it baby?"

"Yes, Christ, you feel so good on my cock!." I lifted my head slightly to grab one of her breasts and started sucking and licking her nipple. Her body went still and then she shuddered violently, her pussy clasping tightly around me.

"AAAAHHH YES! Oh shit that feels amazing, oh shit I'm gonna...uuuuugh!" She came with a vicious shudder, her nails raking down my chest. My head fell back on the couch, my fingers still tweaking her rock hard nipples, my hips thrusting slowly into her."Yes baby, fuck me like that, ooh don't stop, fuck me with your big cock."

Her warm, wet lips were on mine again, her hands pressing hard against my cheeks and, eyes closed once more, I succumbed to the hazy euphoria that was threatening to overtake me. Adrift on an ocean of pleasure, I was aware of my cock pulsating like a beacon enveloped by her tight pussy. Her teeth gently pulling at my lips now, were an elongated spark of light pain, her nails digging into my nipple were another. My body was trembling uncontrollably, sweet shivers of passion. My hands and fingers felt disconnected from me as they moved over her body, across her tits, along her back, into her ass and pussy. My tongue licked her neck, tasting her sweet salt. Her voice ebbed and flowed into my ear, a stream of moans, sighs and exhortations. I could hear myself replying to her, telling her how amazing she was, how good she felt, how much I enjoyed fucking her. I was aware of her cumming again and again, quivering atop me, her love juices running down my cock and coating my thighs.
Coupled with her, cock to cunt in an eternity of bliss
Then slowly, the intensity of the high started wearing off. My mind felt slightly more together, my body stopped its trembling and I opened my eyes. She was staring at me, still wearing those glasses, her eyes blazing with fuck-fueled joy.

"Holy shit, this is amazing," she beamed. "I feel like I'm made of sex. I've cum like three times already."

"I know," I replied. "I feel like I could fuck you all night. My dick feels like it's made of iron."

"You're telling me," she grinned. "I can't believe that you haven't cum yet."

"Me neither, although I feel I could if I wanted to, I really just don't want to stop fucking this..." I lifted my hips up to thrust the entire length of my prick into her.

"Uuuh," she groaned," I don't want you to stop either. Although it feels like he's ready for something a bit rougher."

She leaned backwards, sitting cowgirl style on me, hands on my chest balancing her body and began to slide up and down, in a faster rhythm than to what we had been accustomed to. Harder and faster, her tits jiggling as she moved, my aching cock alive with the new sensations.

"Yeah baby," I moaned, "ride that dick. Fuck you're beautiful, I could watch you all night. You, ah, make my cock so fucking hard."

This encouraged her ride me even harder, fingering her clit as she did so. I began thrust my dick into her as she moved, our pelvises crashing into each other with a sloppy thud, our juices pooling in my lap. I grabbed her by her hips and holding her tightly started fucking her as hard as I could muster. She began to tremble and moan in my arms, my vision swam as a halo of lights spun around me.

"Oh!OH!oooOOooH! FUCK! FUCK!fuckmefuckmefuckme," she moaned, "I'm cumminggggggggggggggggggggg!"

Another gush of her carnal wetness flowed over my cock and balls as she rolled off me to lie panting beside me.

"Holy shit," she sighed, "look at that monster, it's insatiable."

My cock was pointing proudly upright, stiff and twitching. The nerve endings in the tip were tingling sharply, causing the purple head to weave in the air as if sniffing out what it could fuck next.

"God," she continued," I think I need a pick me up before attempting anything else."

She retrieved her discarded jacket and began unpacking the pockets again. This time she opened up the little plastic bag. She poured most of the powder out onto one of the black cards, leaving a small bit in the bag which she placed on her stomach. Then quickly and professionally she made two large lines on the card. She looked up at me.


"Sure," I replied

"Ok, I'm going to do this line, "she snorted one of the trails. "Wow! Ok now you."

She handed me the card and I snorted the other line. Immediately I felt my nose go numb. Rachel was arranging herself on the couch next to me. She lay down on her back, flung one shapely leg over the back of the couch, the other she planted on the floor. Her pussy stared at me, wide and dripping. I licked the card to get the last bit of the drugs, my tongue now also going numb. My mind exploded into clarity, a wave of lust tore through me. Then, lifting the leg that was on the floor up with one hand, I turned on the couch, grabbing my cock, ready to plow into her.

"Easy tiger," she said placing a hand on my chest. "I want to try something."

She picked up the bag from off her stomach and before I could object, she poured the contents onto my cockhead.

"Ok," she said," fuck me baby!"

Without needing any further encouragement, I slammed my cock into her. Hard and fast, almost mindless in my desire, I fucked her with renewed vigor. The powder on my cock tingled and burned yet at the same time, numbed it slightly so I could really rail into her. I literally roared as I drove deep inside her, lifting her leg onto my shoulder so I could get full access. She thrust back onto me, fucking me back just as savagely. My balls were slapping against her, her nails were raking down my chest and we were looking directly into each others eyes, our lips pulled back into snarls as we fucked like wild animals.

Grabbing her ass, I lifted her up onto my lap so she was facing me, fucking feverishly all the while. She grabbed me by the hair, pulling me towards her and bit me on the lip. Another spark of pleasure-pain, her tongue lapping my lip as the warm salt of my blood ran into my mouth. My fingers dug hard into her flesh at this, my cock plunging even harder into her, pounding the breath out of her. My tongue thrashed in her mouth, guttural grunts and moans the only sounds I could make.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and then pressing down hard, started to ride my cock as hard as she could. I grabbed both her breasts in my hands and started to lick and bite them. She squealed and moaned when I did this, her ass moving in wild gyrations on my cock.

Eventually our frenzied actions and the sweat it was producing proved too much and we slipped from the couch onto the floor. We barely noticed. We were lying on our sides now, on a soft rug with my back against the couch so I grabbed her one leg behind her knee, lifted it as high as I could and fucked the living daylights out of her. Long, hard and rapid strokes, her pussy tight around my bulging manhood as it drove into her. I could feel the veins running down its length throbbing, purple and thick, swollen with blood, drugs and rampaging lust.

"Fuck me you fucking bastard, fuck me till you cum!"

"Take it bitch," I snarled, slamming myself hard into her.

"That's right, you nasty fuck, fuck me like the slut I am! Fuck my pussy like you own it!"

With a growl, I flipped us onto our knees so that we could fuck doggy-style. I grabbed her short hair and pulled her head back. I carried on pistoning into her, burying my hard cock deep into her.

"That's right, pull my hair, fuck me harder, fuck your cunt!"

I gave her a good tug, drawing a gasp from her. I let her hair go with a slight shove so as to knock her head forward. She remained like that; head bowed and started grinding her ass against me, rubbing it against my belly as it thudded against her.
I grabbed it and spreading her cheeks wide, spat into the winking rose bud of her butthole. I looked at it for a moment as we fucked. So pink and tempting and then, slowly inserted my thumb into it. Her sphincter tightened around the intruder, giving resistance as she went wild beneath me. Thrashing and screaming.

"OOOH YESS! Fuck my ass like that, oh jesus oh jesus, oh don't stop, oh shit I'm gonna cum again. Don't stop!"

I didn't, thumb and dick plunging into her holes I rode her to orgasm. She slumped forward as it overtook her, her ass slamming hard against me, awakening the nerves in my prick and suddenly I could feel my own climax approaching.

"I want to cum on your glasses," I voiced the desire that had announced itself the moment I had seen her.

"I want you to you dirty bastard," she panted beneath me, "I want your load on my face and in my mouth and down my throat."

"On your knees bitch!" I slapped her ass with my palm as she shuffled round to kneel before me.

Looking up at me, her glasses dropped slightly down the bridge of her nose; she smiled and opened her mouth wide to receive my tribute. I started jerking off furiously, feeling the cum building up, ready to burst forth.
Her hand came forward and she started ticking my balls with her nails. She cocked an eyebrow at me and winked as she had done when we had first met.

That was it.
With a howl, I aimed my cock at her and, in one of the most intense orgasms of my life, gushed forth arcs of white cum that landed on her forehead, in her hair, on her cheeks, lips tongue and most wonderfully, all over her glasses. She was smiling, her eyes wide open and the sight caused another orgasmic spasm to rush through me and I shot another load right into her mouth. I closed my eyes as the intensity of my climax tore through me; I felt another jet of spunk gush from my unwavering prick

As it did so, I felt her mouth close around my head and suck hard, her tongue washing up all my seed. My cock was so sensitive though that I tried to pull back out of her mouth but she grabbed it firmly. I whimpered in pleasure, my entire body shuddering.

"Oh my god, that was the most awesome load I've ever seen," I heard her say, which was strange as I could still feel her lips tight around my dick.

I opened my eyes to see a gorgeous brunette sucking my cock with a smile on her face. Beside her, Rachel was sitting on the floor, watching her through her cum-glazed glasses as semen ran down her face to pool on her breasts.. She was scooping my cum into her hands and swallowing it. Seeing this, the brunette let go of my turgid prick and turned to her.

"Let me help you there dear, she said, running her tongue over Rachel's face and lips, lapping up the remnants of my cumshot. This quickly led to them embracing and kissing passionately, my cum smearing over them as they shared it and each other.
As they kissed, I thought it best to make some introductions

"Hi honey, this is Rachel. I think we'll be seeing a bit more of her. Rach, this is my wife Nicky."

THE END (for now................)
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