A Part Time Experience
A Part Time Experience
By Miss Anonna

Christmas was just around the corner and this particular year I had decided that I would get a part time job to rake in some extra cash. I had plenty of time on my hands so I went to the mall to see what I could find in the way of a possible part time job. As luck would have it I found a sales clerk position at Abercrombie and Fitch.

My first day was hectic as hell as it was right after Thanksgiving and stores were open practically all night. Lucky for me, a young tyke by the name of Tyler took a liking to me and helped me consistently learn the routines. He was cute but just a kid and slightly numb in the brain. I don't mean to pick on him but sometimes I don't think he was all there but he helped me get through the mad rush over the next couple of days.

I worked all weekend and then I was off until Wednesday night and when I got there the manager, Tom notified me that I would be closing the store with Tyler, who was restocking the shelves. Tom was a creepy, overweight guy that stood way too close to me while showing me how to "Z" out the cash drawer. I could feel his big tummy against my ass while he was showing me which buttons to press right after Tyler and I closed the gate.

"Doesn't Tyler know how to do this?" I asked, attempting to move to the side. A strange look came across his face and then he crinkled up one eye, which made me laugh.

"No, Anna." He said. "There are numbers involved and there's no way..." I stopped him with my hand and nodded as if I truly understood. "Now once you hit this button," he continued, "no more sales can be made. You got that, Annie?"

"It's actually Anna," I said and then I felt his hand on my side. "I got it." I said smiling and nodding.

"I am sorry," he said. "Anna." I felt his hand slide down to my lower back and was getting the creeps as I was wearing a very short, flowing skirt and skimpy thongs that would reveal all if he were inclined to attempt a peek but he moved away from me and headed into the back. I watched him go, then I zoned out for a moment as the creepies began to diminish. Twisting my upper body to the side, arching my back and pointing toward the mirror behind me, I put my hand on my butt cheek and pulled up my skirt. My cheeks reflected the light nicely in the mirror and when I bent over slightly, I could see my muffin was covered but my asshole only had a little string riding across it. I let my skirt ride down my ass cheek into its rightful position.

I turned back to the register and was quickly startled by a well dressed, handsome man standing at the counter. Instantly I blushed and asked if I could help him.

"Don't worry, Ma'am." He said softly. "I didn't see anything." He paused and I began to regain my composure. "That I didn't like." He said smiling from ear to ear. I immediately blushed again and playfully slapped his arm, which made him laugh. I started to smile, then lowered my head and lightly laughed.

"Can I help you?" I said noticing he had no shirts or pants to buy. "Is there something I can help you find?" I said, finally looking back up at him. He was older and ruggedly worn but he looked confident and manly, even with that boyish smile.

"I am looking for a shirt and a pair of sweat pants, but really I just wanted to stop in and say hello." He said very seriously. He pointed across the mall. "I go that coffee shop every day around this time and I've noticed you here for the past few days." He smiled again and offered me his hand. "Joe," he said. "My name is Joe."

"Hi, Joe." I said, getting embarrassed again. "I'm Anna and I'm just here for the Christmas season to make a little extra dough." I started to get a little flustered. "Not that I need it," I continued. "But it's nice to have." He nodded in agreement.

My attention was turned toward shuffling in the back and just then Tom appeared with his jacket on and briefcase in his hand. He stopped at the counter where Joe and I watched him explain that he was leaving to get some other things done and that Tyler and I were to close promptly at midnight and cash out. I waved as he left and then looked up at Joe.

"Well," Joe said. "I gotta run. It was nice to meet you, Anna." He put out his hand to shake mine and I put my hand in his. It was warm and inviting.

"Nice to meet you," I said and smiled as he turned and headed out. I watched him leave and noticed his nice physique and the way his pants fit him well. I rested my chin in my hands above the counter and watched Tyler folding and placing clothes where they belonged. It was obvious he was just trying to find something to do as there were no customers in the store and for the next hour the store was empty.

I had gotten so bored that I began to flirt with Tyler, sometimes bending over in front of him to see if I could get a rise out of him and several times he would excuse himself and head to the bathroom. Eventually I told Tyler to go home but he refused and finally decided to run off with his friends, promising me he would be back at closing time.

I read a Cosmo at the register for at least a half hour when Joe came strolling into the store, overacting as a stud. I laughed at him and he handed me a coffee.

"I didn't know what you liked in it so I left it black and brought provisions." He said smiling at me with that boyish grin again.

"Thank you!" I said surprised. "Thank you so much! I hope you brought a lot of cream because that's how I like it." I said and watched him pull a handful of creamers from his pants pocket and set them on the counter.

"I have more, if you need it." He said switching his coffee to his other hand and reaching into his other pocket. "Plenty of cream," he said. I put my hand out.

"This should be fine, thank you." I watched him pull more creamers out and set them on the counter. "That was really nice of you. Thank you." I said "I was getting really bored, too. Didn't you say you needed a shirt or sweat pants or something?"

"Yes, I did." He said with a pouting face. "But I don't need to get them now."

"You should." I said taking a sip of my coffee. "You're here and I'm bored. Mmm, that's good coffee." I walked around to the front of the counter and waved to him to follow me, which he did, like a little puppy dog. I showed him a few shirts that made his face wrinkle up but one he seemed to like so I handed it to him. I then coaxed him to follow me to another display and pulled out a pair of sweats that were really dark green and had the logo going up the sides of the legs. "Here," I said. "Try these on."

"Now?" He replied looking at the clothes draped on his arms. I pushed him toward the dressing rooms and he slowly, reluctantly moved to the back of the store and pointed. "Here?"

"Yes," I said and led him into the dressing room, unlocked the door and pushed him in.
"Go," I said sternly. "I'll be waiting out here." I headed to the counter and grabbed my coffee, took a sip and set it down. I felt a tingling sensation in my core and then looked at my breasts and noticed how taught my nipples were so I pulled my little jacket over them. Joe emerged from the dressing room in the shirt he had chosen and it really showed off his chest nicely. He had to be in his late 40s but damn he looked good.

I quickly covered my mouth in shock, though as the sweat pants were way too tight and didn't even reach his ankles. I laughed out loud and walked over to him, grabbed the bottom of his shirt on both sides and pulled downward.

"Oh my God," I said. "Why would you even put those on?" I laughed again and stared at the outline of his bulge, which was very impressive. "I don't think these fit." I said kneeling down and tugging at the bottom of the sweat pants around his left calf. I looked up and realized his wares were right in front of my face. I looked up at him. "You trying to be a ballet dancer?" I said giggling. "Let me get you the larger size." I said staring directly at his bulge which was beginning to grow. I put my hands on the tops of his legs and slowly lifted myself to an upright position, still staring into his crotch and biting my upper lip.

I patted his chest and headed over to the sweat pants display and thumbed through until I found a large, turned around and headed back to him but he was gone. When I arrived at the front of the dressing room I hollered at him.

"Where did you go?" I said and heard some shuffling in the dressing room. "Oh. Here." I said as I set the sweat pants on the top of the door. "Just leave the other ones there and I'll get them later." He flung the pants over the door and I took them, folded them and set them on the chair at the end of the hall. "Well?" I said and then I heard his voice from behind the door.

"Better." He replied. "Much better." The door opened and I cocked my head to look at him. They were a much better fit, although I could tell he had an erection as the front stuck out a bit too much and folds reached down the front of his thigh. I grabbed the elastic waist band and pulled it off of his waist making sure I got a good look inside because we women always want to know what kind of underwear a man wears.

"It's not too tight, is it?" I said robotically because my eyes caught a glimpse of Joe's manhood in a state of excitement and it was just registering in my brain. Apparently Joe has no boxers on at all and the image stuck in my mind as I looked up at him, attempting to hide my embarrassment.

"Not at all," he said smiling an evil grin. I was sure he knew what I had seen and he could tell I was churning up some smut in my mind as I have been told many times in my life that I can be read like an open book. "They feel fantastic!" He said throwing his legs up into the air, one at a time.

"Walk around in them a bit." I said motioning throughout the store and wandering back over to the counter to my coffee. I watched him strut around the store with his new sweats on, laughing every once in a while when he made a strange movement or face and then watched him head back to the counter where I was standing and sipping my coffee. I could tell his cock was bouncing freely within the pants and though I tried not to look, it was so obvious that I couldn't help it.

He stopped at the end of the counter and picked up his coffee, took a sip and set it down while I leaned into the counter facing the front of the store. I leaned back and looked around the corner at his new sweats on him and smiled.

"They look really good on you." I said.

"Really?" He asked. "As good as your skirt looks on you?" I smiled sarcastically at him while he eyeballed my ass. I turned my butt toward him and arched my back.

"Nothin looks that good." I said and laughed. His hands moved toward my ass and then he fluffed my skirt, causing my ass to be exposed. My jaw dropped in shock and I quickly swatted at his hands while he laughed. "I can't believe you!" I hollered at him and reached down and swatted at his obvious erection. "Pervert." I said. "How does it feel, huh?" I swatted again at him and felt his cock make contact with my hand as he instinctively backed away and laughed.

We heard some voices out in the mall and our attention was directed at the clamber. Joe stepped away from the counter and began to walk slowly out into the showroom. Soon two people walked in front of the store and I watched Joe watching them intently. I could feel the heat rising from my crotch and took the opportunity to feel my panties that just happened to be soaked with my own juices. I thought about how embarrassing that is and ducked behind the counter.

Bent over I yanked my panties down and stepped out of them, crumpled them up in my fist and stood up to quickly run to the bathroom but I realized that I was the only one in the store and could leave the counter with Joe just several feet away. The people passed the store and Joe turned around, heading back to the counter where I was quickly trying to figure out what to do.

I tossed the panties on top of some paper work under the counter and smiled when Joe returned to the end of the counter, wrapping his hands around his coffee. Slowly he moved closer to me and slightly behind the counter. I leaned into the counter again and arched my back, slightly pointing my ass at him.

"Where's the boy?" He said as if he had just realized we were the only ones in the store. "I haven't seen him stocking anything."

"He took off with his friends." I said taking another sip of coffee. "He said he'd be back by closing time." I nonchalantly looked down at Joe's crotch and could see his new sweats poking out towards me as he was leaning into the counter. "I should probably do my paperwork." I said, bending down merely to tease him but my panties rolled off of the paperwork and I quickly had to bend down further to catch them and toss them back up onto the paperwork.

As I up righted myself, I could see that Joe had moved in a little closer to me, in fact, he was so close to me that I could feel the tip of his erection against my leg but I wasn't sure so I swayed slightly into him just to make sure. I almost got a upset but it was turning me on so much that I moved my ass into him and began to rock side to side, playing with his protrusion. Finally, I had moved far enough to snap his cock to the inside of my thigh and then I arched my back a little more, forcing his boner between my thighs.

Shifting my weight, I pushed slightly into him and I could feel the sweat pants against my lips and then I felt him push towards me, causing me to jump slightly. Joe quickly backed away and I let out a sigh.

"It's really dead here, tonight." I said not even thinking about what was coming out of my mouth but apparently Joe wasn't too quick to think up anything worthwhile to say.

"Sure is." He said robotically and I soon settled back into position, toying with his hard cock with my leg until I maneuvered it between my legs and then I slightly opened them, took a sip of my coffee and let his cock get between my legs before I squeezed my thighs together and slowly moved back and forth. I turned my head toward him, bit my lower lip and gave him a seductive grin. His eyes were wide and I had no idea what his reaction would be at this point but I was certainly having fun with him.

He backed away, eyes still wide and I watched him retrieve his hard cock from the sweat pants. I turned away from him and stared at the register while noticeably arching my back and then I felt him coming closer to me as I picked up my coffee again and take a sip. I felt a warm touch against my thigh but it quickly chilled and then I felt another warm touch against my thigh and I moved back against him while the head of his cock slid between my wet lips. I felt him forge past my clitoris and then I moved forward and arched my back again.

My lips spread wide as I felt his manhood slowly enter me and then back out. He entered me again and this time I felt his cock slide further into my nest. I moved forward and his thick tool slid out of me so I reached under my skirt and held the head of his cock against my clitoris, shaking my ass vigorously. I nearly had an orgasm but he pulled back and forced his way back inside of me, grabbing my hips and forcefully pulling me onto him. He fucked me hard for the next few minutes and then slowed down, squeezing my ass and rubbing my cheeks.

Again I nearly had an orgasm but he stopped suddenly and I pulled myself off of him, again pushing the head of cock against my clitoris. He was breathing heavy and he wasn't' moving but I rocked my clitoris against him until I felt the wave of heat throughout my body and then I stopped but I was shaking. I felt him breathe very heavy against my ear and then a warm liquid flowing through my fingers.

I quickly attempted to push him back inside of me but his hard, pulsating steel popped through my hand again and I could feel the cream pulse through his cock as I squeezed it. As I pulled up my skirt in front to see what was going on, I watched a thick stream of pearly juice eject from the pole in my hand and land on the floor behind the register. Again I tried to push him back into me and as he lurched forward, I was successful. I felt his cock pulse a few more times while he was buried deep in my muffin and then he stopped, took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

He pulled himself out and backed away. I turned to him and watched him pull up the sweat pants that were half way down his thighs and giggled. He laughed slightly.

"I guess I bought these, huh?" He said pulling them up and tugging on the strings.

"Looks that way." I said, smiling. "You better hurry, too. We are about to close." The look on his face was priceless as he scurried into the dressing room and changed. I grabbed a roll of paper towels that were next to the register and tore off a few. Wiping myself down I heard some voices outside of the store.
Tyler walked in with a few of his buddies and headed toward the counter. I quickly wiped the semen off of the floor and stood up in front of the register. Tyler's face changed from surprise to relief when he saw me.

"Everything alright?" He said as he smacked the counter.

"All is good." I replied. "I got one more customer and I'm outta here." Tyler looked around the store but saw no one. Joe emerged from the changing room with his sweats and shirt and walked toward the counter. Tyler stepped aside and watched him closely as they both nodded to each other.

"I'll take these." Joe said as if he was pretending to be a customer and then he handed me his credit card. I smiled at him, completed the sale and then closed out the register. Joe began to head out toward the door.

"Joe?" I begged. He turned around quickly and I held up his credit card. "Will you wait for me?" His eyes widened and he nodded.

"Of course." He said. Tyler and I locked up the store and he took off with his friends. Joe and I stopped at the bar in the mall and had a drink or two and laughed about our ordeal.
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