A Penny for Your Thoughts
Hi my name is Penny and I consider myself to be very open minded and accepting of others life style... I mean as long as no one is hurt or is get what mean. Well, my convictions were put to the test, when I was made an offer that I couldn't refuse. At the end of it all, I realized I would never want to.

It all started when my boyfriend at the time, a very nice straight handsome (missionary position only and very little foreplay) guy introduced me to his boss. This was done at a bbq that the company he worked for was having. We showed up at the socially correct time after Brad, my bf made me change clothes twice. He wanted me to be the picture of up to the minute style and sass...heels and all. The first outfit he chose was more for going to church. The second was just well to say all I would need was a sign over my head that said SLUT HERE. I told him were to get off at and ended up in a pair of deep blue skinny jeans and white v neck tee shirt. I put on my wedge heels slides to give me some height as I my slicked my just cut sun kissed blond hair back from my face and a bit to the side. This opened up my face and gave the viewer a look at what I would call my best feature, my eyes... large deep baby blues made even more so my summer tan. Finished off with jewelry, some mascara, and then a light pink lips stick, less than Brad liked but more than I wanted to put on, to me natural is best. He didn't like the finished product and I told Brad what he could do for me. I wasn't worrying he would ever do it, and then we left for the bbq.

Upon entering the venue were the bbq was being held I felt eyes on me. I looked around as Brad lead me up to a group of people and started introducing me around trying to see who had those eyes. Quickly letting that past as I was introduced to Brad co-workers and then his boss and the world stepped back about ten feet. I also almost forgot how to breathe. He was older, mature with a hint of sexiness that hung in the air surround him. Then Mr. Carlo Del Torre smiled at me with his lips and eyes and my nipples went wow! The rest of me soon followed. We were introduced and I hope I said something socially appropriate as my body drooled. His brown eyes into my blue ones and I am sure he knew the color of my thong. As he took my hand I became thankful for the dark jeans as my pussy drooled even more. By now my nipples were rubbing against the cloth of my tee shirt through my bra. I felt his eyes drop down to them after taking in my face and linger there. Mr. Torre licked his lips and then looked back at my face.

"I would like to introduce you to my partner... he is around here somewhere," he said as he looked around for him.

Brad who had been standing there taking in all in seemed to be in a trance. Then it came to me, this is the boss that he was so taken with ... I mean not like that, he admired his mind. Then I remembered that there was another one ... that Brad talked about. Ok I really didn't pay attention to his raving about his job, now I wish I had.

Like magic Sergio Barberi appeared, and this was too much for my poor body and mind. Poor me who had been in living in the desert of sexual starvation now found myself standing in the middle of sex walking on two legs times two. I went from starvation to full feast in less than five minutes.
Sergio who was as tall as Mr. Torre 6ft. with the same body built of a swimmer, but with a bit more muscle. His blue eyes smiled at me as his lips said all the correct things. As both men looked down at me, Carlos made introductions, lord I was starting to sweat! I knew they could smell my need as they viewed my present state. I just stood there breathing and thinking, I am fucked...I am soo fucked. Quickly excuse myself and but ran to the bathroom. I needed to clean up a warm wet mess now that was tickling my asshole as the material of my thong was rubbing against my clit that swollen to a state between pain and pleasure.

As I entered the ladies room I found myself alone. I quickly made for the last stall far away from the door. I knew that cleaning up was would be more than just that. Unfastening my jeans, pushing them down to my ankles and in the process was greeted what I knew to be there...a mess! My baby blue lace thong was now no more than a bunch of wet silk strings working its way into my pussy. As I pulled the thong out it rubbed against my clit and saw stars and my toes curled. The thong was forgotten as my fingers pushed it aside and took it place. I have always been turned on my intimate scent and even taste, which always led me into masturbation. This time was no different, with my jeans down to my ankle rubbed and teased my clit adding to the crotch soaking wetness that was already there. I closed my eyes and saw them, Sergio and Carlos. I imagine us doing all kinds of things together the three of us, then me and one of them and finally them together. That really turned up the heat. I had always wanted to see to guys do each other. Hoping that my imagination had nothing on the reality of it all and I held on to that vision in my head as I came. Fighting to keep from screaming and moaning I clenched my teeth as I came squirting all over my fingers as they moved in out of me as my wrist rubbed against my clit. My pussy fills itself with girl-cum that looks like a guy's, all thick and white. It's so fucking sexy when the orgasm is so strong that I am blind and deaf to the world around me. So I didn't hear the bathroom door when it open or know that I was being watched.

It was about thirty minutes later when I came out of the bathroom and found Brad. He was in deep conversation with a few of his co-workers and barely acknowledges my presence as he was making appoint of some kind to the group. I looked around the gathering and saw Sergio and Carlos stand together looking at me. I nodded back in greeting and they both smiled at me. Sucking in air softly I moved to stand next to Brad feeling that his presence at least me might steady me. Brad still making his point, wrapped arm around me casually again like it was a second thought. Working to fain an interest if only by facial expression, I tried to place myself into the group as the two walking sex, lust and carnal naughtiness walked toward
Hey guy no job today. This is supposed to be a Bbq/party so break it up Brad, Sergio said with just a hint of accent in his voice. The group laughed as well as Brad, I just stood there sipping my soda lost in thoughts.

"Penny for your thoughts," I heard a voice say and almost jumped out of my skin when I realized that it was Brad. I started to smile and say something back but it died on my lips. The look in his eyes was something that I had only glimpsed a long time ago...desire. I stood there staring up at him in shock and wonderment as he stared back. Part of me was screaming yippy like a mad woman the other part was like... sure right. Knowing that this would only end in the missionary position. So as my body fought with itself over hope and missionary position I answered him back.

"I think these days my thoughts are worth at least a quarter," I said in a voice that had gone all husky and suggestive. Ok the hope was still there!

"Brad come with me, I want to introduce you to someone...."

Yeah that ended that. Brad went back to business and my pussy had a cursing fit that came out of my mouth in mumbles.

"Oh so is it like that," a voice from behind me said with just a touch of an accent. I stood there with my back to him as I made a decision that was going to change things after today.

"Hi again Mr.?"

"No it's Sergio and Carlos, he said as he let me see his thoughts.
I decided to be as open as he had been at our introduction and let my eyes caress the vision that was he. The blue tee shirt that Sergio worn hugged his body in all the right ways, but nothing that couldn't be taken as direct statement. It was a suggestion much like the one his jeans were making at I drifted south of the waist band of his jeans. The mound that was quite pronounced...I felt my mouth water... I wonder... is Brad is gay? That knocked what I had been thinking right out of my head as I looked up at Sergio in confusion.

"Carlos and I would like to talk you ... alone. You pick the day, time and place".

"Why... wait aren't you two married to each other?" I said in a whisper not wanting for our conversation to be over heard. At this point I didn't know if I was coming or going. I was getting the freeze from one side and then a spark is and he slams the door. Then here comes the sex machines, leering at me in ways that make me want to fuck them both right here and now.

"Yes, but we aren't gay!"

Oh so you two do this often? Pick on some poor woman who you can see is starving for a simulating fuck. You two make suggestions with your eyes and body ... That was when I notice that everyone was looking my way because I had been screaming.

Sergio looked amused and Carlos was trying hard not to laugh. Brad look like if he could kill me with a look I would be dead. So I did the only think that I could do, I threw what soda had left in glass in Sergio face which caused Carlo to give up and he busted out laughing. I glanced back at Brad who was standing with his co-workers looking at me in shock as he crushed the beer can he was holding. Turning on my heels I walked out leaving in a rising tide of laughter in my wake. Thinking how glad I was that I drove today. Brad could get home the best way he could.

Two weeks had gone by and I hadn't heard from Brad, but I had heard threw the friends grapevine he had been offered a job three states over and he took it. I wish him the best. My dildo and I are now the best of friends with others to follow.

I hadn't forgotten Sergio and Carlos were the driving focused of many and I mean many of my masturbation fantasies. I had even found a dildo that allow for double penetration. After some prep, a lot of patience and practice I am now having double the pleasure, but it wasn't enough.

One day after a long day at work I came on and decided to pamper myself with a lovely bubble bath. I had candlelight, a glass of wine, and amber scented bubbles in a warm bath with Marion Meadows playing in the background. I had stacked the player for my two hour listening pleasure. As I walked passed my night stand I saw I had a call and it looked like the same number on my cell phone. I went through the list and saw that they had called quite a few times. Yes, I knew... but well...I just didn't know...if I could... if I should. So I pushed them back into the quiet recesses of my mind and went to enjoy my warm wet repass.

Gliding into the almost hot silky bubbles eased me right away. I submerged myself in the wet cocoon of scented water coming up for air only after my lungs forced me too. Leaning back against the bath pillow I ran my hands slowly over my body starting at my neck. Feeling the tenseness leaving with every caressing touch or stroke as I massaged my breasts from fullness to nipple and make again. Rolling my nipples between my fingers I felt a wonderful response from my pussy as my clit started to swell and tingle. I laughed and moaned to the air and it echoed off the walls of my bathroom. Then I reached for my waterproof double penetration vibrator. Putting my legs on each side of the tub I slid the vibrator into place slowly, letting my pussy and anus muscles adjust as I savored the fullness and the easing of the tightness. I pushed it in until the clit stimulator was in place and I leaned back, took a deep breath and turned it on. Immediately waves of pleasure radiated out from my pussy and ass to the rest of my body. I held on to the handle as the head of the vibrator rotated around inside of me hitting my g spots as the rabbit ears vibrated against my clit. Oh my lord and that was just level one with five more to go. I moved up to the next level... I think my eyes rolled back in my head as I scream and held on to the damn thing. My body felt like everything on it and in it was standing to attention and screaming for I gave it more. I now was howling fucking myself with that vibrator with them in mind...Sergio and Carlos. They had tried to make amends and to get me to meet with them, but I had refused then I just stop answering when they called. It hadn't stopped me from dreaming about them about us fucking three way in as many positions as three people could get into. My favor was one in my ass and one in my pussy with me sandwich between them fucking with total abandonment. And that is what did and the move up to level three. My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks of pleasure. I let loose a scream of orgasmic pleasure on a toe curling level before slipping beneath the bubbles and water that had not sloshed out of the tub. I did remember to hold my breath as my body jerk and twisted as I became lost in my dreams and imagination of the three of us. I even imagine hands reaching in and pulling back to the surface and out of the tub. Then carrying me to my bed where I opened my eyes as another wave of my orgasm hit me send me back down into pleasure. During this they removed the vibrator and inserted themselves. Sergio in my pussy that clamped down so hard he hissed through clenched teeth. Carlos, after applying something cold that turned warm really quick slid slowly into my ass. They sat there as I rode out my orgasm letting my body adjust, but not before sending me over the edge again. This time they joined me.
I closed my eyes and let myself feel them in every way. Their hands and mouth were on me as much as their positions would allow and they took full advantage of it. They whispered, saying things to me that answered my question and fed my desire for them.

In and out they went opposite and yet together to meet inside of me. I who hadn't stopped cumming was the first to cum. I was like a wild thing between them as my jerked, twisted and I screamed my release. Who came next I don't know, but in a brief moment of clarity I was aware of them cumming shoot their hot cumm into me. That sent me into another orgasmic wave and I lost conscience. When I came to I was in a pile of body parts and I could hear voices saying soothing things to me and telling me to lay still. I was too tired to fight and I didn't have control of my body anyway. So they withdrew themselves from me and arranged me in the bed between them. We had our talked, in whispers accented by touch and kisses among the three of us. They took pity on me as all that had happened pushed me into sleep. So with Sergio behind me stroking my back and Carlo in front of me stroking my face, and the room went silent. Then a thought came to me just as sleep did, but I was able to ask it and get an answer.

"Guys... A Penny for your thoughts?".... I asked with a sleepy smile kind of already knowing the answer.

"Yes," they both said and they held me as I drifted off to a very sated sleep.

Marion Meadows: Is That You

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