A Powerful Need
Short but sweet. :-)

I walked through the bedroom on my way to shower and get ready for work and start my day. I pulled off my tee shirt as I walked. My panties soon followed.

I turned to flip them into the laundry basket when it caught my eye. It was my bag of toys that rested innocently on the dresser edge. My eyes glittered with a sudden desire, a sudden need. A need that I didn't want to ignore. I picked up the bag and moved to the bed. It didn't take me long to get comfortable. I delved my hand into my bag and felt around. What should I use today. Hmmmm. I glanced at the clock. Oh yes, the "eager beaver' would work perfectly today. No time to waste on a slow build up, sadly enough. I pulled the vibe out of the bag. I spread my legs and ran the tip of the vibe slowly down the length of my slit. I sighed as the toy slipped freely through my juices. I pressed the vibe at my opening and pushed inward. My head arched back as the vibrations coursed through my body. My hand slid to my nipples and pinched. My eyes closed and I envisioned your body hovering over, eliciting these delicious sensations. With your face in my thoughts, my hips started bucking wildly against the vibe. My moans of satisfaction echoed through the roam. I was merciless and kept the vibe pressed deep inside, they clitoral stimulator mashed tight against my clit. My moans continued. They turned into cries of passion and eventually screams as the long lasting orgasm ripped through my body.

Finally I could take it no longer and I gently extracted the vibe from within me. I fell back on the pillows and grinned. A quickie and NOW I was ready to start my day.
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