A Pretty Costume
A Pretty Costume
by MissAnonna

I saw an ad for a costume on the internet and it intrigued me. The ad was for a belly dancer's costume and I thought it would be fun to send a quick email and get some pictures of it. It was a very nice costume and the seller seemed to be close by so I asked if I could come take a look. We agreed on a time and I showed up with hopes that it would be a good fit.

A man answered the door and asked me to come in and he led me into the living room where he had the full costume laid out on the couch. He pointed to it and then watched me checking it out. I smiled because it was very pleasing. I touched it and seemed top quality and then I had to ask.

"Why are you getting rid of it?" I asked.
"It was a gift for my girlfriend." He said as his head dropped slightly and he shook it slowly. "She didn't like it and never wore it. In fact, we broke up over it but that's another story." He looked back up and smiled somewhat sarcastically.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said. "Some girls just don't like to look hot." I laughed and he cracked a smile. "Would you mind if I tried it on?" I said frankly. "I can't buy it if it doesn't fit, ya know." He brightened up and held his hand out toward the hallway.
"The bathroom is right there." He said. "Feel free. I'll just be in the kitchen."

"Thanks!" I said and before I could finish he was gone. I only needed to see if everything fit ok so I removed my little jacket and set it on the couch, trading it out for the see through scarf. I soon realized there was mirror over the mantle and looked at myself in it. I couldn't tell what it would look like with my cami on so I peeked around the corner and saw he had gone into the kitchen. I gathered up the costume and then ducked across the hallway and into the bathroom where I carefully and meticulously put the costume together on my naked body. "Wow!" I barked into the mirror. I was looking good and the costume fit perfectly.

I opened the bathroom door and put one foot out into the hallway, peeked around the corner and spoke to the house. "Could I ask your opinion?" I said loudly and waited for a moment. Soon I heard the screech of a chair across the floor and a couple of footsteps.
"Sure!" I heard him say excitedly as I heard him come toward me and then saw him in the doorway of the kitchen. He paused and looked me over, slowing his pace toward me. His eyes were lit up, his smile was big and I watched him bite his lower lip. He was handsome and stood tall with a slim physique, wide shoulders and an attractive smile.

"You look great!" He said excitedly. "It looks like it fits perfectly, too." His smile widened and his eyes seemed to grow as they darted all over my body. I would have normally felt reserved about showing myself off but this guy was practically drooling and my self-esteem hit the roof. I looked down and saw my nipples as hard as I had seen them in a long time so I ran my hands quickly over top of them pretending to adjust the brazier but they seemed to refuse to budge. My salesman was wearing a pair of cotton sweats that hugged his muscular legs well and by the looks of things in his crotch area I was obviously looking good to him.

My arms went up toward the ceiling, my fingers began to snap and I gyrated my body around in form for him to get a good look. I felt on display and I liked it, however I knew nothing about belly dancing. I did know how to pole dance, though and soon I was dancing like a stripper and giggling like a little girl as I watched him watching me with bright eyes and a big smile.

"Wow!" He exclaimed. "That was pure art!" I started to get the feeling he knew nothing about belly dancing, either and he headed over to the living room. Oddly, I followed him and watched him sit down on his marble coffee table. "It definitely fits you!" he added as he leaned back on his wrists and darted his eyes all over my body. "Oh yeah, it definitely fits you."

"You think?" I asked while twirling around and popping my hips up and down. I moved towards him and put my belly button right in front of his face and shook my hips. I then realized that the whole outfit was see through and instead of putting on the panties that came with the outfit I would use a pair of matching thongs that I had...... at home. I didn't stop dancing, though as I didn't want to make it obvious but when I glanced down into his lap, I could tell he had already noticed. My bald beaver was staring him right in the face and had him mesmerized. His mouth hung open like he had seen a ghost.

I straddled his outstretched legs and danced so close he could almost stick his nose in my belly button and then I squatted slightly while wrapping my arms around him but never touching him. His face was right at my cleavage and I felt him bump my undercarriage but I knew I was not touching his lap so I shimmied back up and looked into his lap.

His sweats were pitching a tent so big that it pulled the elastic off of his belly. I flipped my leg to the other side and then flipped the opposite leg over putting my back to him. I swung my hips side to side and around and shook my ass in front of him. I set my hands upon his thighs, just above his knees and pushed my ass up towards his face. At this point I knew he could see everything but I was having a blast. I arched my back down like a cat and put my face practically in his crotch, his glorious erection right next to my face but covered by his sweat pants. I pushed my ass towards him while he attempted to avoid burying his nose in my slit.

"Oh my God you are good!" He cried as I felt his sweats sliding down his legs "Wow!" He said and as he did I could feel his hot breath on my moistened lips and I wanted to just push myself into his face but he continued to lean back until he leaned so far back on the table my ass could no longer reach him. I sat on his chest and lay my breasts upon his tummy and right before my eyes was a beautiful cock begging me to come and play but I don't think he knew how exposed he was or so I thought. I felt his arms come across my legs and his hands upon the front of my thighs pulling me backwards into him and then I felt his warm tongue against my lips through the thin veil of material that was my costume.

I gasped as I felt his tongue slapping against me. Arching my back I felt him leaning forward, driving his tongue harder against me and pushing me towards his exposed erection. I put my lips against his abdomen and watched closely as I was being pushed down his treasure trail and then I opened my mouth and his thick head entered me, spreading my jaw to its maximum open capacity. My hands moved up on his thighs until I grasp his testicles in one hand and wrap the other around the base of his shaft. It felt so good in the back of my mouth and I felt my belt unbuckle and fall to the back of my thighs. The stubble on his face was stinging but soon his tongue was darting in and out of me like a striking snake. I gasped and pulled my mouth off of his throbbing cock and squeezed it, sliding it through my hand and fingers. I was on completely on the edge.

I threw my hand back and it landed upon his chest. Pushing him back I directed his body down to the table and sat on chest. I stood up and pulled my legs, one at a time, out of the costume and tossed it aside and again straddled him while he lay on the table. Slowly I slid my dripping lips down his chest and tummy until the head of his cock bumped into my little honey button. Bouncing his throbbing head against my hood and clitoris I squeezed and played with his cock and then I slid further down until my lips were at the base of his cock. I stroked him as if his cock was mine.

Leaning back I kicked one leg up into the air and pushed up slightly setting the head of his throbbing tool between my lips and then let gravity take its course. His cock slid deep inside of me and I took a deep breath then felt him do the same. I slowly gyrated my pelvis to feel every bit of his member up into my inner soul. Oh, it felt so good that I began to push up and down while swinging my hips side to side and then I put my hands on his knees and swung my ass up and down, forcefully but gracefully burying his cock over and over in my pussy.

It wasn't long before my body went ballistic and as I sat back on his stomach, I leaned into him and let out a deep moan. His hands engulfed my breast as I pushed myself into his cock, put my hand over my lips and felt his rock solid cock throbbing inside me. He moaned and groaned and I felt the streams of man seed pulse through the base of his gun. I pulled him out of me and tightly held the head of his cock in my hand and watched and felt the warm flow of semen spread out from under my hand and flow between my lips.

We sat there momentarily in awe of what had become of ourselves and then we laughed together. I did take the costume as he suggested it was probably ruined by our excursion and couldn't be washed but I assured him I could probably revive it and if I did, I would come and show him a real belly dance when I learned how to do just that. I never did see him again, though.
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