On a rainy afternoon she waited to meet her secret true love she's been dying to see for several days. As he parked his vehicle next to hers, a smile came across both their

faces as their eyes met. He got out opened her car door so she could get into his

car. They were heading to their secret location that they like to go to. A nice park that

that until it gets warmer not that many people will be around.

They park the truck and get out and go under the picnic awning listening to the rain

hit the roof. It's like listening music. But calming and soothing. And within a few minutes

they are holding and caressing & kissing each other. The passion between them is like nothing neither one as ever felt. It's been too long of a wait since their last time they

been there.

Soon he opens the back of the truck and they both climb in closing it behind them. He

slowing starts caressing her hair and body. Taking his hands he takes her top off and massages,kisses and sucks on her boobs. His touch just wakens her whole body. It

sends tingles thru out her body. She loves being in his arms.

As he kisses his way down her stomach, he's undoing her jeans and slowly takes them off. He than has her roll on to her back where he wants to massage he back and he loves to massage her ass. He plants soft kisses all over and licks her ass while he plays with her boobs and her clit. She is getting so wet wanting him to suck on her pussy. Her clit is just aching and throbbing for his mouth to be sucking her. Finally she rolls over he sucks on her boobs and than slowly kissing and licking his way to her pussy.

His warm mouth and tongue is such a delight for her pussy. It sends shivers up her body. And she know before long that with his touch and the licking of his tongue on

her clit,and that as her legs begin to shake she has the most intense orgasm that soaks

his mouth. And he gladly licks every last drop off her pussy.

Now it's her turn to make sure his every pleasure is meant . She kisses him deeply and passionately. She sucks on his earlobes which sends tingles thru his body. Than

she take his shirt off and plants soft kisses on his chest and licks and sucks on his nipples.

As shes helps him take his jeans off, she's massaging his muscular body. She so enjoys every inch of him. She kisses her way to his ever growing cock. That she has

been rubbing and massaging ever since they left. She plays with his balls as she's

licking the tip of his cock. She licks and sucks her way down shaft of his big cock so she can suck and lick on both his balls as she places them both in her mouth.

As she continues to play with them she works her way back up his cock. She strokes his cock as she licks her way up than she teases the tip of his cock before she devours

of inch of him. she is licking and sucking his cock where she intermittenly sucks on his balls. She can taste the pre-cum that is starting to drop fromt he tip of his cock.

As she strokes,licks, and sucks faster and harder. He cums with pure delight as she

swallows every last drop. They lay there in each other arms for a few moments. So we could rest up a little. Before he was on top of her, with his cock ever so erect again, he

places his cock in her wet pussy which she tightens up so she can feels every inch

of him.

She loves the way his cock feels in her. As he starts to pump his cock harder and faster in her pussy she can feels herself ready to cum on his cock. She holds back cause she

wants to come together with him. And withn a few moments they both have a awesome orgasm. They have their cum juices running out of her pussy.

They lay in each other arms before they clean themselves up. He opens the back of the truck up and helps her to get out. They sit outside on the picnic table and hold each other while listening to the rain.

I love rainy afternoon. You can always make the best of it!!!!!!
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