A Real Man Part 1
I stood naked in the small white room, hands tethered to the ceiling, legs spread at a comfortable width tied to the bonds on the floor. Behind me A woman was pulling my long hair into a clip, making sure it would not get in the way of the following research. Two men in lab coats entered the room, one with the prototype toys, the other with a tape recorder and a clip board, both fairly attractive. "Good morning miss Summers, I trust you slept well, this morning we will be trying a new prototype, im sure you wont mind, the one in Jake's hand is a new clitoral stimulator that the lab recently finished putting together, and the other, which is in his pocket, is a new type of nipple stimulator, that will hopefully, feel like a real human mouth. Shall we proceed?:
I looked at both of the men without resentment. "Of course. Let's begin." I loved my job. As a female that loves sex, but is extremely hard to get off, i was the perfect test bunny for sex toys. The pay was good, the experience, usually satisfying except for the few prototypes gone bad. They provided me with a free plush apartment and an always full fridge, so who was i to complain. The only drawback, no sex. No sex as in no oral anal vaginal, kissing, hugging, caressing. My body was never to come in to contact with another human being so that they can read the best outcome of the new sex toys.
With chaste hands the lab boys placed the the first stimulator over my clitoris, placing a tab on each of my hips to monitor my blood flow, and arousal rate. Next Jake cupped his gloved hand around my left breast, gently but firmly placing the nipple stimulator where it needed to be before he switched to my right, to do the same thing, though when his hand left my right breast, i could feel his fingers give just the slightest squeeze, making me look up with alarm. He had never done that before, and i could see arousal apparent in his eyes. He stared intently into my eyes as he applied two more tabs on either side of each breast before he turned and left the room, taking the other man with him.
A voice came over the monitor, "Okay miss summers, the prototypes will start in a countdown of one both toys turned on, both powerful. With a soft moan i jerked my head up high, the deep vibration that was thrumming my clit was insane, one of the strongest theyve created yet, not only was it just vibrating, but it was also...lapping, like a tongue, just as soft but amazingly fast. The small whirring was the only sound, the nipple stimulators were completely silent, moving in a suckling movement, with...the feeling of wetness. Amazed i looked down to see the small cups around my nipples were filled with a type of clear liquid.
I was becoming wet, could feel it trickling down my leg as the new toy was doing exactly as it was designed to do. I Moaned deeply, gyrating my hips against an invisible body i wished was there. This was so different, the toys usually took me at least a half hour to cum, or even become aroused. But this...wonderful gadget had my head spinning within the first five minutes. I had never moaned this deeply or loudly. Had never wanted out the harnesses to collapse to the floor and just relish in the feeling. I trued to muster my voice, to ask them to remove the ties, but i had trouble speaking, instead it came out as a moan, a plea. "Please...the ties...remove...them." I opened my eyes slowly to look into the room where they were watching me, and i could see the other scientist. fiddling with buttons to have the electric staps let loose of my wrists and ankles.
I fell to the floor, writhing as my hands scratched into the tile and i bucked my hips wildly as my orgasm became ever closer.A sheen of sweat had taken over my body and my juices were practically pouring out of me now. As i reached my climax, i arched my back, bringing my upper body off the floor as i orgasmed like i had never before in my life and screamed as my entire body shook deliciously. Almost painfully the prototypes were shut down, and the two men came back in. Jake's faced was etchd in pain as if his apparent erection was going to kill him. The other man was oblivious to Jake's arousal as he knelt down beside me, excitement gleaming in his eyes.
"This is fabulous! Youve never climaxed more quickly! I think were on our way to a great break through! Jake why dont you help our little bunny out of her prototypes and see she gets to her room, she looks exhausted! Without waiting for Jake's reply, he turned and walked out of the room, taking heavy notes on the clip board. Jake's emerald eyes stared at my naked body boldy, not moving a muscle, trying to contain his composure. Meanwhile i was still breathing heavily, the impact of the orgasm still rocking my body. Slowly he lifted a hand, to remove the tabs that he had placed on my hips and the sides of my breasts, taking them off gingerly.
When his hand reached between my thighs to remove the clit toy, i could feel his hand brush my thigh and again i moaned deeply, i had never been this sensitive to touch before. With gentleness he removed it and then the nipple stimulators. "Can you stand?" he asked, his deep voice husky. I shook my head, almost positive that i couldnt. With ease, he lifted me in his arms, cradling me to his chest. A whole new arousal was taking over my body, and i could feel myself trembling. "I'll take you to your room, you need rest," he struggled to say as we left the room. was definately not what my body was yearning for....

To be continued...
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