A Response To Stephieschoice posting Fantasy vs Reality
I don't see either Sex or Love as Fantasy, both are reality. How we think of them, that creates Fantasy. This product of the human mind which can both elevate, and depress them both. Fantasy can either give one the impression of flight, or trick the unwary into believing that flight is really possible! Close your eyes and dream, by all means, but don't jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, and expect to enjoy the landing!

If I could have had sex with whom so ever I chose, I wouldn't have had so many rejections, I can't always have sex with my wife when I want to! Loving another involves participating in their life. I must be granted access, just as in lovemaking. I can Love from afar, and/or imagine I am having Sex, these are both Fantasy and don't require involvement, or permission. Sex and Love are not dreams, they are needs, which we all share; and I do know Stephieschoice has needs and wants, I have seen her beautifully, passionate lists.

A whole person, if such a thing exists, is essentially monogamous, and as honest and faithful as any "four legged friend" I believe. It's a question of being able to spot the sheep, in among the goats. Of course some of us are incapable of seeing a whole flock of sheep, being inevitably drawn to the goat every time. Which takes precedence: the fact that our judgment is impaired by an ideal, a Fantasy; or the Fantasy that an ideal exists at all?

Would we be happier with a partner, who was less exciting, but more honest, less romantic but at least monogamous? We could then, with the help of our Velvet9 friends, dress them up in our minds. In, in fact a Fantasy! Would this give us the best of both worlds, or just the feeling, when reality strikes, that we could have done better?

I believe that Trust, Love, and Sex do exist in the real world. I have yet to find them together, but I will keep searching until the day I die! It is my dream, my fantasy, but not a Fantasy. It will be a reality when it happens. One more thing, dancing, and laughing in the rain is an absolute must, even if it isn't raining.
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