A Room For Rent

Claire and Zane were looking for another roommate to share the cost of an old Victorian that they were renting. I had just moved into the area after ending a marriage from hell. Broken and starting over I needed a place to stay and the price they quoted was well with in my budget. Pleased,Claire and Zane invited me by to see the place and to meet with them to discuss the particulars.

The house was old fashion and elegant, I fell in love with it on sight as I stood outside the house taking in its beauty. I also fell in lust with one of the occupant of the home when she opened the door to welcome me. Claire was short maybe 5' to my 5'10", with skin the color of creamy peanut butter and a mad mop of jet black hair. Her face was a very attractive arrangement of her collective ethicist. Large, slanted, brown eyes set in and oval face with full kissable lips. The rest of Claire was curvy and filled out in all the right places. Is it bad to want to fuck someone on sight? As she showed me round the house pausing here and there to let me look around and at her. She was dress in pair of black capris that hugged her round ass topped with a pink tank top. Claire was sporting at least a 38-ddd chest that was lovely highlighted by her top. Lord I did not know where to look!

"So what do you think of the place... would you like to move in?," Claire asked, as she looked up at me smiling with those lips after having showed me the bedroom that I would be renting.

"Sure,"I said as I realized that I remember very little of what she had shown me or said other than the bedroom with the incredible huge four-poster bed. I remember Clair saying that it was their bedroom her and Zanes.

"Well I glad to hear that,"a voice said from behind me.

I turned to find a man about my height, skin the color of old ivory with a very attractive Asian face. His straight black hair was loose hanging down his back. He was bare chested wearing just a pair of gray sweat pants that hung low on his hips, his body was athletic but with slenderness sculptured with muscles.
I know I was standing there with my mouth open and possibly drooling but hell I did not care. To be in the presence of two desirable people at one time was overwhelming after going through my personal hell of the past year. I watched as he walked toward us taking in the graceful muscular movement of his body. My body was screaming at me to do something, but then Claire came up behind me and touched my arm. I swear I almost jumped out of my skin. She did not say anything at first. Claire just stood there next to me touching no stroking up my arm to where my hair laid loose around my shoulders. Lightly touching it, she began to stroke the curls going up on tiptoes to do so. I could now smell the soft scent of flower and warmth that radiated off her, I had forgotten about Zane. She was soo close that I moved to kiss her when I felt the heat from Zane bare chest against me. I turned quickly to look at him and ended up lips to lips. The kiss was soft, searching for acceptance then there was the flick of his tongue against my lips opening my mouth. I believe I moaned. Claire, not to be forgotten, had moved closer to me and her hands had moved from stroking my arm to my nipples. I was so lost in what Zane was doing that I had forgotten what Claire was doing. My t-shirt was up and she was kissing my chest and fingering my nipples.

By now Zane had wrapped himself around me in doing so had pulled Clare into the circle of his embrace. I was soo beyond it all that I just did not care. Those two could have me and I would do nothing to stop them. About then someone,hands found their way down my jeans and Claire's kisses turned into flesh sucking bites that shifted between pain and pleasure. After that the rest of was a blur,we somehow got to the front door and I went thru it. I remember stumbling down the steps to my car before turning around to look back up at the two of them. They were standing together looking at me,Zane right arm was over Claire's shoulder with his hand resting just above her left breast. I stood there watching as he slid into the neck of her top to palm her right breast. So focused on what he was doing to her that I just stood there until the closed the door. I guess I still would have been if my phone had not rung. I quickly answered it to find that it was Zane. He told me that I could move in tomorrow if I liked after the renter's paper work was signed. I said that I would and ended the call.

I was now shaking all over with thoughts of going back into the house and letting whatever happen. I could still feel their hands on me, their wet warm mouths as warm sticky release pooling in my jeans and running down my leg.

I signed the papers the next day and went over to the house to move my meager belongings in. No one was home when I arrived but there had been a key left for me. I went in and put my things in my bedroom that came with its own bath allowing me to have a suite to myself. I later wandered down to the kitchen and found the note they had left me.

"Welcome, there is food in the frig,please help yourself. We will be home around 2pm. See you then."
Claire and Zane.

I made myself a sandwich then went upstairs and took shower. The day was warm but not hot so I put on sweat pant and a tee shirt. I went down to the family room and turn on the TV. In no time, I went from watching the TV to it watching me. I woke up when I felt soft kisses against the right side of my face. I turned toward those lips and embraced them with my own. My hands followed placing her short curvy frame on top of me, chest-to-chest, groin to groin and it was then that I realized she was naked.

"I hope you do not mind but I am a nudist," Claire said against my lips.

No I did not mind,as I was one as well but I did not say anything,I just held her closer and letting my hands acknowledge her naked state. Lord!

"Please do not encourage her. Claire is naughty enough as it is."

I stopped kissing and my hands frozen in place as I looked up from where I laid under Claire to see Zane standing there.

"Dinner is ready," he said with a look of humor on his handsome face.

Claire and I untangled ourselves amid giggles and kisses. When she stood up, I got the full view of her nudity. Wow! The view made me reach out to touch those breasts that had been the focus of my desire since we met. She let me touch them with gentle caresses,first the large dark nipple that lay like chocolate drops against golden brown orbs. That hung down like rich ripe fruit waiting to be picked. So intense in my touching that it shocked me when I heard her moan. I looked up into her smiling face with lust fill eyes and released her, but held her with my eyes as she walked away from me. I got up and followed her swaying bare ass out to the patio with Zane following close behind. The table was generously set under the glow of the night sky and candle light. The night was warm and after playing with Claire, it was downright hot. As I took the seat between the two of them, I felt like taking off my clothes and joining Claire.

We spend the rest of the evening talking and laughing until late into the night. Also by then we were all naked and very relaxed with each other. I could now look at their naked bodies in admiration without hiding the effect that they were having on me to some degree thanks to the table where we were still sitting.

"So what do you think of us?," Zane asked looking at me with those dark mysterious eyes of his.

The question whiles serious was delivered with a soft smile lingering round Zane lips. I found myself wondering about those lips then I blushed with embarrassment. My skin being a compliment to my blond hair and blue eyes let anyone with eyes make not of my "discomfort." While the rest of my body was wet and hot and had me fighting with myself, to not let my hands wander in search of release. I decided the best thing to do was to answer Zane's question the best I could even though I had only been under their roof less than 24 hours.

Well, asked me that question in a week or so." I said with a smile as I continued to look into his eyes.

Claire, who was sitting to my left, laughed softly and moved her chair close to me. Well can I say that I do not think you find us repulsive she said as she leaned against her chair with her heavy large breasts touching my lower arm. I found myself leaning toward her only to having move out of reach and the chair. Claire with a wicked smile on her face headed for the pool leaving Zane and I to watch her tantalizing exodus.

"When she is naughty, she is ..."

The rest Zane never said. He just continued to watch her until Clair slid into the pool and started swimming around. We both watched as the water slid off her body in glistening sheets of wet caresses. Her black hair now plastered to her head made Claire eyes look haunting and inviting as she stopped swimming to look at us. I found myself as well as Zane walking over to the pool to look closely at her. Claire lay on her back and swam never taking her eyes off us. Her breasts were like large dark nipple balloons floating off her body. Her sex was shaven and smooth like that of the very young, except her mound was plump like ripened fruit. I wondered how it tasted.

"Come and join me you two, I mean you are already naked,"Clair said with a giggle as she flipped over and swam to the other side of the pool near the hot tub.

I watched Zane as the shadows played off the muscular curves and planes of his naked body as he walked in that direction leaving me stand there coming to terms with my desires. The desires won out.

I found wrapped between the two of them with mouths, hands and other body parts seeking and giving pleasure. I felt as if I was going to cum completely out of my skin as they searched and found my most intimate of spots then lavishing them with their attention. Claire was between my legs doing something with her tongue and mouth that had me half in and out the hot tub. Zane was doing his amazing best to kiss, lick, and suck the rest of me into my next life. Then they switched places as one sucked a mouth full of my left ass cheek into a hot demanding mouth slightly caressing it with teeth. My nipples received the same treatment along with some serious hair pulling. I was reduced form a willing participate to little more than pleasure carving sex slave as Zane and Claire fucked me in every way possible. They gave me pleasure beyond anything that I could have possible imaged and I screamed it loudly as Zane fucked me deep in my ass and Claire massage my cock with those amazing pussy muscle of hers. I came shooting hot cum to her as Zane came doing the same to me with my hair tight fist. He reached a cross me to swallow Claire loud moaning screaming release with his mouth as I lay withering uncontrollable between them lost in my own orgasm. Their release into their own orgasms seemed to height mine making it more intense that I came riding and being ridden between pain and pleasure.

Sometime later as we laid in the after-glow, still wrapped around and into each other, talking in whispers until our bodies released us. Then we climbed out of the hot tub, and went up to the king size bed that Zane and Clair shared. There we spent the rest of day in continued exploration of each other. I never slept in the room that I rented. Maybe because it was "not that bedroom" I had been renting in the first place...

A nice motivating song..

Brian Culbertson: I want to love you (featuring Ray Parker Jr.)

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