A Scene For A Movie
A Scene From A Movie
By MissAnonna

I had been called back from a recent audition to play the lead role in a film that was being shot over the next few months and this particular weekend I met the crew of actors, lighting technicians and camera folk in a downtown hotel. We all greeted each other, ate and then discussed the shots to be filmed. It was all very exciting.

My part for this particular scene was the female secret agent that was swooned by a younger man previously that evening and we were having a nightcap in my hotel room. All went very well until we started stripping off our clothes. My fellow supporting actor was to slow dance me around the room, then we would stop and I was to start unbuttoning my blouse.

The first cut went without a hitch as he began to remove my blouse from my shoulder but then the camera stopped, changed angles and he was supposed to kiss my shoulder, then neck and then pull me close. I was to run my hand down his side and then over the top of his leg.

With the cameras rolling we started the scene and as I ran my hand down his leg I felt his hard cock through his jeans but tried not to let it shake me. The director called the shot and then the team began to talk to him about his obvious erection. The director mentioned something about how this film was not a porn flick and there was some laughter in the room.

Brian, my esteemed supporting actor eventually fell to laughter with everyone else and relaxed after I had mentioned to the director that I was flattered, Apparently my neck, shoulder and half exposed breast got him a little excited. We repeated the scene several times and I couldn't get the feel of his stiff manhood out my own head but moved on to the next scene which took place in the bed and under the covers.

Brian and I had to strip down to our under garments and pull the covers up. The crew got him a pair of tight black shorts to wear under his boxers so there were no accidents but after he put them on he told everyone he was uncomfortable with them. He had decided he would wear only the boxers and he was comfortable with that. I wasn't sure that I was comfortable with it, though.

We did the first part with no problem, removed our clothes and got under the covers where we had our hands all over each other and I was to climb on top of him. Four times we played out that scene and each time I could feel his hard cock slide along my undercarriage. I never mentioned how steamy it was making me but I tried to put it aside, so to speak.

The last scene was much more difficult as I was to sink under the covers and pretend to be giving him oral sex. Apparently the first and second take he was not making it believable. Each time I slid under the covers I was left to stare at his bulging boxers and move my head up and down, forging the sheets in a way that reflected a sexual act. Each time I did his cock was getting harder and harder until the head of his dick was sticking out through the hole.

The director cut the scene for the fourth time and had the lighting crew change a few things.

"Are you OK?" I asked Brian folding the sheet over my head.

"Yes." He said reluctantly. "It would have been much easier if I were working with an ugly actress, though." He half chuckled.

"Awww," I said pushing out my lower lip. "Was that a compliment? That's so nice." I smiled at him and he smiled back in a sarcastic way. "Look, we'll get this on the next take."

"I somehow doubt that." He said frustrated and let out a breath that bounced his lips open and shut.

"Just picture my lips around your..." I said licking my lips and running my fingers along them. "You know. Just think how that would feel." I smiled and felt my panties get a little wet. Brian's eyes widened. "That's it. You'll do just fine." The director spoke up.

"Places!" He shouted. "OK, guys we're gonna get this one this time, right? Everyone ready?"

Everyone agreed and the cameras began to roll. The directed spoke, the clap board snapped and I began to duck under the covers, slowly and seductively, scraping my nails along his chest and I submerged. My other hand slid down his abdomen and apparently made its way under his throbbing cock. He jumped slightly but held it together and as I was in position to make up and down movements. My thumb was wrapped around the base of his tool causing it to point straight up in the air.

I was left with no room for movement except to lean to the side and did not want to compromise the shot again so I opened my mouth really wide and let him enter my mouth without touching him at all, pretending to be blowing him. I think he could feel my breath because I could feel the pulsing through him with my thumb. I heard him speak as I felt him lay his head back.

"Oh, my God!" He exclaimed and then made some noises. I fully expected to hear the director cut the scene but Brian must have been doing a good job because all I heard was silence in the room and then I felt his hands on the back of my shoulders and he began to jerk a little like he was really enjoying this but I wasn't even touching him.

He jerked again and the head of his cock slid along the roof of my mouth. I figured that would be the end of the scene and we would have to do it again but not a word came from the mouths of the crew. I kept going and Brian began to move and jerk a lot and I felt his hands pushing my shoulders down. His cock again slid along the roof of my mouth and I tried to move up I felt his hands resisting my movement.

I don't know what came over me at the time, maybe I was just tired of holding my mouth open or subconsciously I wanted to experience his thick tool between my lips but I gave in to whatever temptation it was snapped my lips around his cock and pushed it further into my mouth.

Brian jerked then pushed harder on my shoulders and made a sound like he was in pain. I tried to move but he was holding me down and jerking feverishly. I was thinking to myself that if this is what it took to get the scene right then so be it. He was doing such a good job, it sounded and the fact that his cock was deep within my mouth didn't seem to bother me much.

Then I felt it like a squirt of water on the back of my throat. It took me no time at all to realize that my supporting actor was ejaculating in my mouth and it was my own fault. Instinctively I pulled back but then relaxed and smiled, letting my tongue wander across his pulsing staff. I could feel the liquid fill my mouth with each jerk of his body until he finally became still.

Brian laid back and took a deep breath. I had to swallow what was in my mouth or everyone would have known what had just happened. I quickly licked my lips and pulled his shorts to cover his softening cock.

"Cut!" The director shouted and everyone started clapping. "That looked awesome!" He said and everyone began to agree with him. I came out from under the covers, smiling.

"Was that a good take?" I asked with a sheepish grin. I slapped Brian on the chest a few times while he looked completely perplexed. "Good job, Buddy! Let's move on." I climbed out of the bed and wiped the sweat from my brow. "It's a good thing, too. I really gotta pee." Heading for the bathroom, I grabbed my clothes and smiled at all the crew giving me kudos.
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