A Short Story: A Message From My Texas Cowboy
8 Feb 2017. This story happened this afternoon in my office and was inspired from a message I received from my Texas Cowboy friend just before lunch.

The story I tell my Texas Cowboy that I was picturing while I fucked my self in my office this afternoon actually happened in the early 80s with a lover Hubbie shared me with.

He was Colonel D, a B-52 pilot and vice commander of a SAC Bomber Wing on the same West Texas Air Force base Hubbie was stationed on. Col D was in his mid 40s and had lost his wife to cancer several months before I became his 22 year old FWB. He was a regular, almost daily, customer in the restaurant / donut shop I was a waitress at.

One morning Col D over heard me and another waitress talking about going to the BX after work to buy bikinis to go sun bathing at the lake. He offered to buy mine if I would just model then for him.

A long story short, which I may post later, we met at the BX about a week or so later and he bought me three bikinis. He was disappointed because I did not come out to model them for him at the BX. I told him I thought it would be better to model them at his house. That day we had only oral sex pleasuring each other a couple times.

Col D lived in a subdivision of mini ranches. Behind his Spanish styled ranch house was a barn where he kept his two quarter horses. After we started fucking, the scene I describe in the message happened one afternoon in his barn. He is also mentioned in my story "The Sluttiest Thing I Ever Did". He bought me the romper I was wearing the evening the event happened.

Now for today's event which starts with the message I received from my Texas Cowboy this morning:

From David; 8 Feb 2017 @ 11:58AM
Good morning Sweetheart. Tell me what you're wearing for me today! Make my cock swell and throb so l can Fuck you and make you cum!!!

Dear David; I think of you every morning when I'm getting dressed. Today I'm wearing a matching skirt and blouse, both button up the front. The blouse has short sleeves with a scoop neck with just a hint of cleavage with all the buttons buttoned. The skirt is mid calf length with a few buttons left unbuttoned to the one just above my knee. This is as sexy as I will dress to be in my office. It is mostly yellow with some brown, orange, white, and darker yellow in a random pattern.

Underneath is a brown low cut lace bra with the matching garter belt and dark suntan sheer stockings. I'm wearing a brown alligator pump with about a 3 1/2 inch heel. The matching thong stayed in my underwear drawer. The skirt and blouse is very springy looking for these 70+ degrees we are having.

We hope it is like this for Mardi Gras. A lot more skin showing in the French Quarter. I'm wearing a brown lace chocker around my neck and medium length gold ear rings with 3 dangling leafs on a chain, each different lengths. I also have on my belly chain with both ends hanging over my totally shaved and tattooed cunt.

Hubbie watched me get dressed while telling me how much of a whore I was. I was facing him while putting on my stockings. He said your fucking pussy is all shinny already with your juices flowing out. After I finished getting dressed Hubbie leaned me over the foot board holding on with both hands.

He flipped my skirt up and just shoved his rock hard cock in my cunt and fucked my wet cunt hard and fast. He was calling me his fucking slut and ask me who I was getting dressed for. I told him my cowboy David. He wants to fuck your slut whoring wife ever day.

Hubbie fucked me harder and started slapping my ass. I had a strong wave of orgasms getting light headed to the point of almost passing out, while he was telling me how much of a whore slut I was for flirting with all the guys in OKC. Then he took my ass forcefully and fucked me hard to another even stronger wave of orgasms. He started shooting ropes of cum deep into my ass filling it with his hot thick ropes of cum.

When he pulled out he told me not to move. He went to our toy box and took out a black 8 X 2 inch butt plug with 3 bulbs on it. The first one is tapered but the other two are round like a ball. The base is shaped to fit inside my ass cheeks. I'm still wearing it. He told me to wear it all day, to remind me what a fucking whore I am. At lunch I locked my door after telling my office manager to hold my calls as I was going to take a 45 min nap.

I put on some soft jazz and stood in front of the long mirror. I was fantasizing I was stripping for you in the barn where you keep your horses. I slowly stripped off my skirt and blouse dropping them to the floor. I unhooked my hook in front bra and let it fall into the pile of clothes on the dirt floor. I pinched and rolled my nipples thinking it was your hands and fingers working my nipples while my juices flowed out of my cunt. Then I put my nipple clips on with the steel alligator teeth biting into my hard nipples.

I leaned on my desk thinking about it being the gate to the stall with your horse in it. I took a vibrating dildo set to high vibrate and shoved it up my wet cunt like it was your cock. With my eyes closed I could see you fucking me from behind while I held on to the stalls gate. I had a very strong orgasm. Then I laid across my couch with 2 towels under my ass. I know it will be juicy wet.

Closing my eyes again I can see you take two horse blankets and laid them over a few bails of hay in between the two stalls with your horses watching. You put my legs over your shoulders and grabbed them with both hands and easily shoved your hard cock deep into my cunt and fucked your whore hard and fast. Like the fucking slut I am.

With all those erotic thoughts going through my head I came again with a wave of 4 orgasms. My orgasms bring you over the top and you pump ropes of your hot cum into my cunt as you try to shove your cock clean through my body. Your body jerks with your back muscles going into orgasmic spasms. Then you collapse over my body with your hard cock still deep in my cunt.

I can feel our combined juices flowing out of my cunt over my ass and on to my butt cheeks. Both horses began to bray as if it was their applause for our performance. You tell me to look at both of them as our fucking has gotten them both excited. I tell you I like them big but not that big.

At that moment my phone rings. I get up and answer it, "Hello."

"Mrs Brandie it's been 45 minutes."

"Thank you, I will be out in a minute."

Hope you enjoy.


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