A Spanking For Coming Home Late From A Date
Everyone keeps asking how I grew to love spankings so much. It all started with my father spanking my bare ass at the age of 18. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I came home late from a date one night when I was 18 and my father was waiting up for me. I knew this was bad news as he never waited up, however he had warned me numerous times about meeting my curfew of midnight. My mother was out of town visiting relatives or she would have helped me out of my situation.

He told me he was going to teach me a lesson and told me to strip from the waist down. I was horrified as my father had never seen me naked and protested to no avail. He was furious and I could tell that he meant business. I went ahead and complied as I sensed it could be worse if I didn't.

He went nuts when he saw my shaved pussy and demanded an answer as to why I shaved there. I really had no good reason to offer other than it looked cleaner. He called me a whore and had me face the wall standing as far as I could and still be able to lean over and touch the wall with my hands. Needless to say my bare ass was sticking straight out with my back arched obscenely. He slowly removed his belt and asked if I would be coming home late anymore. I told him, "no sir" and that's when he started strapping my bare ass. He repeatedly asked if it was going to happen again and I finally told him I really didn't care that he wasn't hurting me anyway. The belt did sting, however I have always had a meaty ass that gave me natural padding.

He really got mad then and told me that he would fix that and to strip for a naked spanking over his knee. Now I was trembling. You see my dad is an ex Marine drill instructor. I stripped completely nude and as I was crawling over his lap, his hand lightly grazed the tips of my swollen nipples. He grabbed around my body with one arm touching the side of my right breast.

Then it started. He started giving me a "good old fashion" over the knee hand spanking. I was thrashing about his lap like a wild animal as he smacked one ass cheek and then the other with no mercy. No counting, no prescribed number of licks. The pain so was intense, I thought I was going to pass out, however my bare ass became hungry for the attention and I noticed that my pussy was really getting wet. Suddenly it did not hurt as much and it became more lovingly like a dad

At first I thought it was his belt buckle, but then I realized he had his belt off. My left hip was rubbing up and down against his hard dick and I was grinding my wet pussy against his knee. My nipples were so swollen as he lightly touched the tip of the nipple of my left breast and my wet pussy was all puffed up and swollen as well. He was driving us both towards the light at the end of the tunnel. The spanking had become more rhythmic as I was pumping up and down greeting each new smack of his hand with my burning greedy bare ass.

Then it happened. I heard him let out a soft moan and I could feel the wet stickiness on his pants. Then suddenly I exploded in a climax like never before. Since I was already screaming, I let out a really loud scream of intense pleasure instead of pain. The orgasm just rippled through my body causing me to jerk uncontrollably on his lap with my soaking wet pussy still grinding away.

We both collapsed with me lying limp over his knee soaking in the pleasure. He jumped up and ran out of the room embarrassed and I could see the wet stickiness on the front of his pants and the large wet spot I had left on his knee.

Neither one of us ever mentioned this to my mother or brought the session up in conversation, however it was repeated on several occasions afterwards. We both knew and whenever my mother was out of town I would come in late. My father bought me a short pajama shirt to wear for my spankings that was cut so that it just covered below my nipples and a polished wooden paddle that I had to keep in my room.

Whenever I was late, I had to go to room and change into the special pajama shirt and procure the paddle for presentation. He had me lean over the kitchen table on my stomach with my legs spread wide and toes barely touching the floor. I felt so proud. He would stand behind me sizing up my ass for what he called "the warm up paddling." I knew he was actually looking at my young shaved pussy which was spread open in this position. I would receive 10 licks as the warm-up which was firm but stinging.

I was then led into the living room for the actual spanking. I always draped myself across his lap and I would offer my bare ass as high as I could. His finger tips would always graze my swollen, puffy pink nipples lightly as well. He would switch from the paddle to his bare hand.

The last time it happened my pussy was creaming up and pouring. My ass was actually wet. With the last swat, I lifted my bare ass and two of his fingers "accidently" slid right up me inside and I pushed my wet pussy up burying his fingers deep as we both reached the pinnacle of desire with me shuddering on his lap. I exploded all over his big hand. This would be our last time
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