A Stolen Moment
I can just imagine how good it would feel to walk into your office right now. Naked, as I would have taken off my clothes as I walk into your door. You, sitting there with your cock all hard and free from your button down Levi's your hand stoking up and down your impressive length.

I will put my hands on either side of your chair and start to kiss you passionately and during the kiss I will mount your lap. Opening my pussy and rubbing up against your shaft, making you wet with my juices.

Then when you are so slippery and wet from my sex I will slip my hand between us and slowly guide your cock to sink into me, millimetre by millimetre, never breaking our kiss.

Until I have all of you deep inside me. I would sit on top of you barely moving. Feeling my pussy's heat but not giving you much friction. Just sitting still and contracting my inner muscles around your cock.

Then I will reach down to my clit and start playing with it with you filling my pussy. I will tease my clit until I start moaning into your mouth. Taking my own pleasure, but not allowing you anything but the enjoyment of the heat of the inside of my pussy.

You feel my pussy clearly contacting around you as our kiss becomes more hungry and urgent. I move my hips just a bit, bit purely because that is what my body needs to push me over the edge into a delicious orgasm. I break our kiss as I orgasm around your cock. You feel the throbbing inside me as I scream your name in my release.

Then I get up abruptly and bend down on my knees in front of you. Slowly licking my wetness from every inch of your throbbing cock begging me for more. Slipping your smooth balls into my mouth and sucking them softly. You weave your hands into my long curly hair as to try and direct your cock into my mouth.

I make you stand to rip your jeans off your hips, pushing you back into your chair.

I let my hands and mouth wonder over your stunning legs covering them with licks and kisses
Leaving your cock twitching, I spread my legs and press my wet pussy against one of you outstretched calves feeling the fine hairs tickling my pussy.

I trail my way back to your cock that is begging for my attention. Making it moist with my mouth, and then suddenly I slip you deep into my mouth taking you by surprise and making you gasp for air. The taste of your delicious oozing pre-cum filling my mouth as I slowly glide up and down your shaft driving you almost desperate to explode but just not giving you enough to allow that to happen. You thrust up into my mouth and I withdraw your cock to explain breathlessly that you need to behave and sit still.

I gyrate my hips as my sopping wet pussy rubs against your leg. You close your eyes and you feel the hard nub of my clit through all the juices.

I tease you until you beg me to let you explode but I'm not ready to let you shoot yet. I am in control and I will decide where and then you get your release.

I get up and swivel your chair around so that the back of the chair is pressing against your desk. I carefully place one foot between your legs and the other on your desk behind the chair. I push your head back into your chair and lower my dripping pussy on your face. I tell you to lick me and make me cum NOW! You oblige by eating my pussy out so hungrily. Oh I like it that you are such a good listener and take my commands so well.

My juices all over your face and my wetness running over your chin. I hold your head firm and grind up and down over your hungry tongue. My breathing hard and fast as I can feel my body heat up with the divine feelings stirred up by our tongue in my pussy and licking my clit as your life depend on it.

I rest my knee on you strong chest and I arch my back to bend down and hold onto the arm rests of you chair as my body loses control. Electric waves wash over my body as I reach the release I needed and commanded from your tongue.

My body collapses, shaken from the intense pleasure radiating through me. You fold your arms around my back as I slowly come down from the high. I feel your cock under my bum pressing hard and twitching against me. Begging silently for release.

I lift my head from your shoulder and whisper in your ear that my body is yours to take your release. You stand up with me in your arm and softly put me down in your chair.

With one sweep you clear all the documents on your desk and they scatter aimlessly on the floor.
Leaving me in the chair you remove the rest of your clothes and leave the room, coming back with a big continental pillow that you place on your now empty desk surface. Your cock straining and swaying as you move around.

As you stand in front of me I get up and press my naked body against you and once again whisper in your ear "please fuck me".

Then I go to your desk and lay my body over the pillow spreading my legs as wide as the can go. Showing you the view of my shoulder thinning into my waist and then going out again at the curve of my hips and my round bum in the air, my dripping wet pink pussy open and on display for you.

You don't need to be invited twice as your body is so hungry for this. You go stand behind me resting your hands on the curve of my hips and your sink your rock hard straining erection into my pink swollen pussy. Unable to suppress you lust a moment longer you thrust into me in slow strokes. Pulling out all the way with every time you pull back and then entering and stretching me open with every time you push back it. Deliciously slow, teasing me all over again.

With all the self-control you possess you fight to prolong the pleasure but you can feel my insides tightening around you again as I wrap my legs around our waist and I look over my shoulder and into your eyes and ask you once more to "fuck me as hard as you can" with a soft wicked smile on my lips and a naughty glint in my eye.

That tips you over the edge of being gentle and you forcefully pound your erection deep into my pussy.
I welcome you force by pushing you in even deeper with my legs pulling you in deeper at you back. The fiction is just unbearably delicious and my body begins to explode around you once more. Your body doesn't allow you to control this anymore. And as I cum you shoot into me finding you long withheld release. I feel the hot jets of cum shoot into me as I clench and release around you milking every drop out of you and into me.

We hear a car pulling up in your driveway and your gate rolling open. FUCK!!! She is home early... You pull out your cum dripping from my pussy as we both rush to redress. You shove the scattered papers and pillow into you filing cabinet and try and compose yourself as I swiftly kiss your cheek and rush out the back door just as she opens the front door. She comes through to your office to greet you as you put your foot on the dam of cum that dripped from my pussy when I got up... Your heart beating fast. Hoping you got away with it...

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