A Stupid White Girl Makes One Mistake After Another
A Stupid White Girl Makes One Mistake After Another

My name is Julie, and this story is all about me, I was a naive oversexed girl barely 18 right out of hi school. Several things happened that summer that changed my life forever. One was with my father who like to drink gamble and chase pussy, this is where I think my kinky and perverted sex drive came from. I went with him several times to my uncles in the mostly all black area of Los Angles where my father played cards with him and several older black men, I would do anything my father and trying to be helpful served them beer during these games! My uncle owned a TV and Appliance sales and repair business there, it was back in the early 60s. I had heard some nasty off color family rumors about my aunt, and her being naked bound and fucked by black men!

With this in my stupid oversexed young mind and these older black men really looking me over during the game, it was quite arousing for a girl that had thoughts about such things that left me with feelings I never knew existed? I had always been a skinny flat chested girl, quite plain looking and one who had little in the way of a boyfriend, I thought I would never have much in the way of breasts!. So to have these older black men look at me in such an obvious lewd and lustful way, was scary, and quite sexually exciting! Especially for a girl that masturbated regularly and had what I thought were dirty and perverted sexual fantasy's! What I had not realized that summer, I was a late bloomer, and was changing from a girl to a young woman and over a several month period, had gone from flat chested to a very nice set of 34" boobs, my nipples had always been large, but now on top these breasts curved up and out most sinfully!

During these card games my father made no effort at all to slow these men down. He was always trying to marry me off or give me away as a bride to any man that showed an interest even patting my bottom several times during the game inferring I would make a good little wife in bed! He probably never would have done so had he not been drunk. I loved my father and was flush with embarrassment but meekly let him say what ever he wanted about me. I was the oldest of six, and he never worked much and he did not want the responsibility of so many children?

I thought these older black men might be ones that fucked my aunt this and being lusted over, and what I thought happened to her was something I masturbated to, thinking the same thing should happening to me. Later while helping in my uncles store I actually found 8x10 glossy black and white pictures of my aunt stark ass naked blindfolded, helplessly bound with her hands up over her head being fucked by these very men!
At first it was not just that these men were black, as I considered them all just dirty old men but the fact they were black subconsciously made a subtle impression. Later in the mid to late 60s after I was married several other things happened that made the interracial aspect ever more appealing, and what happened to me with these older black men at the time as a young girl left quite an impression on me and my future and most perverted sex life!

My mom and dad were always fighting and arguing as apparently he could not help himself when it came to other women, so one day he just left, and mom filed for divorce. Not long after this we moved into a rundown old tract home where other single parent families lived, and became what people called white trash! It was not far from my uncles TV and Appliance store, and him knowing my mom was working two jobs with my dad gone and barely making it . Asked if I would come over again and serve beer for another of their card games offering me $20.00 bucks! As back then that was a lot of money, besides I loved the attention and the way these men looked at me especially the older ones.
The clothes I had worn before were big loose fitting faded hand me downs mostly for older women or from the good will store. These clothes had not shown my shapely young body that had been maturing. My breasts legs and thighs were now much fuller and in all the right places and my bottom was no longer boney more like a ripe sinful Georgia peach ready to be poked bitten and devoured!
I had found a skirt and matching blouse that would have been just fine a yr ago, but with my blossoming from a skinny flat chested girl to a more full figured young woman, the skirt and blouse, without me fully realizing made me look a bit older and had enhanced my female form substantially, this and a little of my moms lipstick and make up, I had always been attracted to red shoes, and in my moms stuff found a pair of almost new modest heels We had no full length mirrors at home so I had no idea how shapely and appealing I looked, compared to several weeks before when I had served them beer?
When I showed up at my uncles store he gave me a very strange look? Then pointed me towards the back of the store telling me to ice the beer down. I had not noticed much about the place when taken there with my father. It was partitioned off with a sliding door and difficult for customers to see unless you knew where to look? It was between the sales area and the back storage warehouse. Besides icing down the beer he told me to clean the place up a little arrange the chairs and make sure the decks of cards and the poker chips were all stacked and ready.
Their were two round poker tables covered with green felt that could seat about six players, before he left said, after I was done serving them beer I had to be out of their by 9:00 o'clock sharp as he had a special meeting after, and was quite adamant that I be gone by then! I had most everything done by 6:00. When sweeping, and my mind wandering I realized, then noticed this room was the same place where the naked pictures of my aunt, that I had seen weeks ago that had been taken, and looking up saw the eye bolts in the ceiling that she had been helplessly hung from, while these black men fucked her. It now occurred to me as I realized the same thing was probably going to happen again later that evening, and that was the reason my uncle wanted me gone and outta there by 9:00 that evening.
This surprising revelation had me instantly wet and aroused, as I wanted so much to watch and see just what all of these black men did to her? I knew there was a big back door to the warehouse that opened out into the alley where deliveries were made, and a smaller one next to it. Also a small rest room was in the back corner for the players.

Wanting badly to watch I had moved several boxes around and had made what I thought was a good hiding place right behind one of the cracks in the partition then made sure the smaller back alley door was unlocked, so I could come back, sneak in later and watch them do nasty things to my aunt! I was scared with guilt I might get caught and had barely gotten all of this done, but was sure my uncle had no idea what I had done, when the first group of men started showing up. My heart was pounding as kinky thoughts flipped through my naive over sexed young mind! They were all older black men, my uncle was the only white male in the place, and of course I was the only female.
Several were the ones I had served beer to only weeks ago and at first had not recognized it was me, and that I was the same girl? As the games got going the cards shuffled and dealt, the cry for beer started and as I brought them beer, began to notice the admiring looks I was getting!

These looks seemed to be much different that those of several weeks ago when the two men that had been gambling with my dad finally realized it was me things really started to pick up! As one said come over here girl let me have a good look at you, turn around wow! Have you ever grown, don't think your daddy will have any trouble getting rid of you now! Since my dad was not there, and he had patted my bottom these men took turns boldly doing the same and then said with a smirk when I pat a white girls on her ass it brings me luck!
Pretty soon several others were doing the same every time I brought them beer, and as they drank more, their hands lingered until my bottom was getting squeezed groped and pinched it was quite playful at first and got more arousing and aggressive than I ever imagined as the evening went on! I had worn no slip, and the panties I had were well worn quite thin and now soaking wet around my pussy!

The attention I was getting had me feeling older, pretty, and very sexy, something I had never experienced before! But one of these men really gave me a look that scared the pee jeez-es right out of me, I did not know how to respond as.... OMG! My ass cheeks and pubic muscles tightened with the thought of him having me naked bound and helplessly in his nasty perverted hands! He was an older mean looking man with gray hair a salt and pepper beard with his shirt unbuttoned that revealed more gray hair and a muscular chest, and he was not interested in patting or squeezing my bottom as I brought him beer his callous black hand went under my skirt and straight for my pussy!

Because I was so wet and the panties were loose fitting to begin with his fingers easily found my sweet pink little slit at wet pussy folds, one of his long black fingers followed by another went right up into me, but trying could not get another in! But his thumb did find my swollen throbbing pea shaped clit! I had two beers that were clinched in my hands and my eyes were wide in wonder as he mashed my clit harshly against my pubic bone and his firm abusive grip almost raised me off the floor! Trying his best to finger fuck and abuse my clit from this harsh hold of my privates, this brought the orgasm that had been building in me to a surprised squealing climax!

The chatter stopped and every one was looking at me, I had dropped both beers on the card table! Without realizing what I was doing ended up flailing around holding on to his forearm with both hands and squeezing my thighs together trying my best to hump his hand and prolong this most wonderful feeling of sexual release, when he said with a knowing smile!.... Was that as good for you as it was for me? All I could do was just nod my head yes, as I bit my lip!
After this every time I brought these men beer, their hands were under my skirt and were grabbing at my ass or pussy! It was the best time I ever had to that point in my naive young life and as 9:00 pm neared this arousing kinky fun seemed to end much quicker than I had hoped!

I didn't want to leave, and some of the men were grumbling as my uncle took my hand, almost dragging me as several said let her stay, and for a minute as he looked at me still in wonder, thought he might? But apparently worried my mother would find out I was serving beer and being grouped by nasty black men thought better of it and forcefully pulled me through the sliding door then gave me $ 20.00 bucks and said get the hell out of here, and don't come back tonight! After which, and with my plan in place had to stop at the stores customers rest room on my way. My panties were so wet from all that had happened I stuffed tissue down there to dry me and my panties! I had to be careful to work around my over sensitive clit as an other orgasm was so close in the offing.

Once dried I pulled my panties up into my slit. As I turned around, on the back of the rest room door was a full length mirror, and what I saw stunned me! OMG! I could not believe what I was seeing the young woman in the mirror looking back, was me? Still not believing I first turned one way and then the other making sure, then with my back side to the mirror I raised my skirt and was presented with the image of a most shapely Lilly white beautiful round panty clad bottom, and full thighs, trembling I slightly turned back and as I did the profile of my breasts with no bra it the tight thin blouse was even more amazing! Now facing the mirror I moved closer, and almost afraid to raise my skirt and see?

As I raised it, could see my damp loose fitting panties were clinging to my puffy pubic mound and camel toe slit presenting a most erotic picture of an over sexed wet young woman and her most sinful tender treasures! Still in denial and not fully realizing my fingers were in the waistband of these panties and like the skirt, were slowly pulled the opposite way,...down then free leaving my thin reddish brown mound growth and pink pussy lips vividly and sinfully exposed!

What was, of surprised and most perverse interest to me? My formerly little pea shaped clit was now swollen to a dark purple and twice its size! Slightly trembling I fully realized my body had changed, and was responding to what my eyes were seeing! I could feel it throbbing with every beat of my pounding heart! Now, I knew why not only my uncle in disbelief, but also these black men in attendance, and why they had been looking at me in such a lewd and lustful way!

It took several minutes for all of my new found sex appeal to finally sink in. But the thought of seeing my aunt used hard fucked and sexually abused by these black men brought me back to my sinful sense's..

I pulled my soiled panties up and made a hasty exit out the front of the store around the block and into the dark alley. Walking down this alley at night with thoughts of sex and a moist pussy only added to my already oversexed young mind. I had given little thought that others, gang banger's or perverts might be lurking in the dark alley, the excitement and arousal of not knowing but thinking someone might jump out and grab me any time only added to my aroused wishful thinking! In the few minutes since I had left the card game my pussy was again wetter than ever, still holding my breath I finally made it to the warehouse. Then as careful as I could opened the door and once inside quietly closed it.

It was darker than before and took my eyes a moment to adjust as I walked slowly through and around the stacked boxes in the warehouse to my hiding place. The reason it was darker than before, the lights had been turned down and a movie was playing, back in those days there were no videos or DVDs only 8mm home made movies. As I peered through the crack in the partition the movie was poor quality, black and white with no sound and on the screen were a bunch of clips spliced together of naked white women, some led around on leashes by their collars and others bound and gagged most being helplessly fucked some way or other by black men with huge cock's! I think they were underground porn from the late 40s and 50s and although the quality left a lot to be desired they were certainly good enough for me.
Several were of young girls like me and older black men, what impressed and tightened my pubic muscles the most was not only the size of the black men's cocks but the looks on their young face's they really did look scared and helpless! Movies like this were not like the porn videos of today, where so much is scripted and choreographed in detail, it appeared to me as very real This was exactly what my fantasy's were all about, now incredibly aroused and leaning forward with one hand against the partition and the other in my panties, had easily found its way into my pussy folds, and I began to pleasure myself!

I was trying hard to go slow and be quiet, but the movie was quite arousing for a stupid young girl like me. I watched intently as the movie ran to the end. When the lights came on another sliding door opened and out came my aunt with my uncle leading her along on a leash! She was naked blindfolded and her hands were helplessly cuffed behind her back with leather restraint's, she was wearing only stockings a garter belt and the tallest spiked red heels I had ever seen! My aunt at the time was in her 40's and a real red head she was an attractive full figured woman with big 40" DDs tits, a big ass and full thighs. Of interest to me was her pussy what pubic hair she had was also red and her mature labia lips were some of the most pronounced meaty folds that hung down well over three inches on either side and appeared to have been well used and horribly abused!

What really drew my attention though was her clit! OMG! I had no idea that a woman's clitoris could be that big? Apparently it had been harshly abused , for me at that age having no idea tender intimate flesh could be whipped pumped, and beaten to enhance the sex acts that followed, I learned later it could also be enhanced, by using a syringe an injecting some sort of arousing stimulant!

Both the movie and the sight of her grotesque looking sexually tortured clit brought me to the very edge of climax, I was having a difficult time keeping quiet and from it from rushing out!
The size of it poking out between her upper slit opening and scant red pubic hair left me so fucking aroused, and in "Awe"! My uncle had given the leash to the older nasty black man, who earlier had grabbed my pussy and brought me off! Then he started leading her around roughly calling her a slut a bitch and a black cock whore, and up to each of the round green covered gambling tables! Thus letting these men sample her naked full figured soft helpless and very naked charms! They took dreadful liberties with her big breasts nipples pussy lips and clit! Her gigantic clitoris for these men, was like me of fascinating interest to each of these men!

She was squealing moaning and groaning, as they pinched poked and pulled, most were sadistic perverts that hurtfully pulled and twisted with harsh and brutal lust! Trying their best to get some sort of pleading and begging response from her for them to stop? But my aunt was a pain slut! Something I myself was predisposed for, and the more harshly she was treated and abused the more she seemed to want it and like it! Tears of pain were in her eyes, but she also had the look of a woman in preorgasmic bliss! The look on her face as she willingly thrusted her pubic mound out, allowed these perverts an easier and better way to twist and abuse, this and the fact she said nothing or made no attempt to alter or pull away her exposed naked pubes, easily left the impression at least to me she only wanted more!

This nasty black bastard then forced her down on her knees and with several men now lined up was going to make her suck their cocks! "Big Black Cock's "! It started with them first dick slapping her the forcing their cocks down her throat! He had given the leash to another and was now helping them face fuck her by holding her head and pushing her forward until she was gagging and choking, and I knew instantly this was what I wanted! She sucked at least 8 men off in a row, until each had ejaculated large amounts of cum!
Although with her hands bound behind her back, she did her best to suck swallow lick and clean up as much cum as possible, and seemed to only want more! The sight had me well over the top, and still doing my best to hold off cumming! Something after seeing this only burned into my naive young oversexed brain, the zeal for the exact same kind of treatment!

Once this had run its course, she was turned back to my uncle and with the help of others was un cuffed and hung up by her wrists from the eye bolts in the ceiling and her ankles also pulled wide apart and attached to rings in the floor. Now was in the same familiar position as the black and white pictures I had seen weeks before!
My uncle again with the help encouraged several of these black male perverts to clamp close pins to her nipples and about four each to her meaty hanging down pussy/labia lips?

I watched mesmerized and aroused as he laced cords through these pins and through the garter belt straps at the inside of her naked thighs and attached them to several large chunks of heavy weights, this lacing of the cords would hold the weights apart! He had one of the men hold them up several feet or so off the floor and tied them tight! Then said to the pervert holding them,... to let go! I could not she my aunts face, but could hear her yelp and grunt as the weights hit the end of the cord, and started swinging around wildly this really pulled her cunt lips down ever farther, and wider apart!

OMG! Wow this must have been very painful and one of several ways her pussy/labia lips had been so stretched and horribly abused, I cringed pointing my toes in subconsciously imagining the same sort of sadistic abuse being done to my pink dainty little virgin pussy lips! Just when I thought this most perverted naked sexual abuse of my aunt could not get anymore cruel or unrelenting? My uncle being the first had removed his leather belt and had given her big bare bottom several sharp stinging whacks and was encouraging these black perverts to do the same! In only moments several had taken over, taking turns placing zebra stripes on first one and then the other full figured buttock!

Several were around her front, and had started doing the same to her big breasts, then all of a sudden one belt followed by another had found its way up and in between her pulled apart cunt lips, not only inflecting such a nasty sting on this tender unprotected flesh but also on her huge clitoris! With the lead weights now swinging around wildly they were also pulling her cunt lips even wider apart Again I cringed imagining that these leather belts were doing the same to me!

What amazed me the most was how she accepted this nasty bottom breast and genital abuse, and, ...I could not believe what she did next? Actually straightening her legs out, then arching her bottom back, and up pleading,...harder I want you to whip my ass and pussy harder! I almost fainted away from this visual abuse and her vocal plea for more, as the nasty belt found its mark up again in between her lips striking her cilt with tremendous force! After several more whimpering groans from the belts! A number of these men totally naked were lining up with their big hard black cocks sticking straight up more than ready. And my uncle again encouraging them to give her a hard brutal fucking the likes of which she would not soon forget!

I did not know it at the time, but all this had done was imprint in my naive over sexed young mind all of the flowering, and fertile seeds for the same kind of sex as well as most any other kind of cruel violent or perverse sexual abuse! As I watched peering intently the first of these men giving her little in the way of respite, and her being poked like a ripe oversexed full figured sexed up woman literally gushed and squirted making animal like sounds of being roughly mated!

I was watching totally immersed with the thought, like everything that had happened that evening, thinking how exciting and incredible it would be if it was me instead of her?

Still peering intently between the partition's with my panties around my knees and my fingers on my aroused clit fingering and fantasizing about the same thing, a voice next to my ear said? "You really like that don't you"? With out thinking, subconsciously and in a low whisper said omg yes! Not realizing I had said so out loud? All this happened as a black hand closed tightly over my mouth, and other fingers as well as a hand found their way under my bare bottom and into my ripe oversexed and very wet pussy folds! The results were in a muffled squeal as I orgasm-ed and bucked so hard was afraid I would knock over the boxes I had been hiding between!
The strong black hand in my pussy lifted me up helplessly,.. turned me around and easily carried me, with his other still over my mouth through the maze of stacked appliance boxes to the rear of the warehouse, and out the back door? Once in the alley with me still bucking and squirming around on his hand in orgasmic bliss, and his head next to mine, was not able to see his face, holding me from behind said, shut the fuck up and I wont hurt you!

Hurt me? He had not hurt me at all, if anything I should have thanked him, as the incredible feeling of this orgasm I had been nurturing, along with being grabbed in my most intimate place, and with his hand still in me seemed not to slow down at all!

Once I nodded my head I would be quiet he took his hand from my mouth and loosened his grip, on my pubes then pulled his fingers from my pussy! I really didn't want him to, so subconsciously was squeezing my thighs and tightening my pubic muscles as I said no!. He was able to pull his hand free then turned me around to face him. Putting his hand and finger up to his lips in order to shush me, and again said be quiet! It was the same older gray haired black man that had earlier grabbed my pussy during the card game, the look on his face was priceless as the wet smell of me on his finger's now under his nose brought the comment"You are one hot tight little piece of ass" All I could think of was not getting caught and blurted out.

"Please don't tell my uncle"then said with out thinking I'll do anything! The look on his face changed again to a more lewd and knowing one, and said "Anything"? I nodded yes...He said not to worry that he would tell no one, but said you will have to do something for me? Still scared wet horny and afraid of being caught, watching black men fuck and abuse my aunt, I said in my most grown up voice, I will do what ever you want?

He said he had another gambling party planned for the coming weekend and wanted me to come and serve beer during that game, like I had done for my uncle's . Then said I should come to his place during the week so we could talk and make sure I would do what it was he wanted, handed me a card with a phone number and address ?

Adding one more detail that he would give me $100.00 bucks, but I would have to be very nice to all of those that attended , and that they would all be black men, and and a few women.
Of course I agreed thinking it would be no different than earlier in the evening, and that I would do the same at his card game, but subconsciously knew there would be more?

Back in those days a $100.00 bucks was a fortune and besides I could help my mom who was struggling to make ends meet. I did not fully understanding his meaning that I should be nice, but what would be required was not all that different than mine?

Once around facing him still wet with my panties down his hand found its way under my skirt and easily found my clitty! And was now lovingly pinching pulling and playing with me! Looking down at me this big old black man had brought to my young mind, incredible images of bondage and sexual abuse I did not know existed? He said you better get out of here and go home, but I expect to see you at my place next Thursday after noon. . . I loved having this older black man finger and play with me, and tell me what to do. As it was what started my sexual fantasy's and perverted thoughts of being a young naked white girl on a leash like my aunt in the hands of men like him.

The thoughts over the next several days of meeting him during the week and then serving beer again to these older nasty black men who would be drinking and playing cards, only added to my sexual fantasy's ardent masturbation and arousal about what they would do to me? As a naive sex charged girl I subconsciously knew that serving beer was not the only thing I would be required to do next Saturday night during the drinking and gambling that would go on! Once home I had to masturbate in order to satisfy these thoughts and my incessant cravings for a satisfying release!

As Thursday rolled around I became a little scared and even more sexually excited at meeting this older black man alone at his place. Then after finding out where he lived, and that it was some distance away, requiring a bus ride followed by long walk up a dirt road into the hills off hwy 90 to his place. My young mind raced as more thoughts of what he would do or might happen to me, as I remembered the feeling's he had incurred, with his hand and fingers in my pussy!

I was dressed in old clothes and had worn no make up for the bus ride and looked more like an innocent girl that a young woman of 18, I needed no bra nor did I have one large enough to fit, had worn an old pair of panties that were again very moist, and as I walked up the road with thoughts of sex the wetness increased along with ever more perverse wishful thinking, as to what he would do?

It seemed like the longer I walked the more remote and out of the way my trek had become, when I was finally able to see the place through the trees my heart skipped a beat! It was an old pink trailer with white trim and the sparse setting in amongst the trees was of interest? Where it was located were much like the fantasy's I had about being kidnapped, then stripped naked and taken to a place like this!

Out behind it was an old pole barn that I would later find out was converted into gambling bar, and play room for sex!

This would be the place where drinking gambling and these sex orgy's with white women and the numerous black men, along with stupid young girls like me, who would be helplessly used in bondage abuse and submitting to the most perverted sexual gang bangs imaginable?

Once there, no one seemed to be around? But the number on the trailer was the same as the address he had given me. Timid unsure and holding my breath I knocked on the door, a voice said "Just A Minute"! When the door opened out stepped this older black man, bare chested muscular with a gray, almost white circle style beard, and was semi bald. I stepped back intimidated by his size and the look in his eyes of what I knew was of a deviate sexual pervert!

He said well, well, well, wasn't sure you would show up? Then unzipped his pants that let them down slightly, he was wearing nothing under, that allowed his relaxed 9" black manhood to be fully exposed! Then folded his arms and said with these forceful piercing eyes looking down, and directly at me, this is what you came for isn't it? I was wetter than I had ever been in my life, as my pubic muscles tightened and my clit quickly perked up like the little bitch I was!
i don't mind older men using me

But what really intrigued me and something I had never seen anything like before? Was a big silver "U" shaped ring that was pierced through the lip of his cock head and out the huge opening?

Stuttering with a dry mouth I swallowed several times trying to make the words come forth but could only say in a whisper words, I would repeat many times in the future.. "OMG! Yes!"

You know why your here? A question I had finally figured out what he meant when he said "Be nice to the men that came to drink and gamble". Then like a demanding school teacher asking questions of a student, said tell me? I want to make sure you know what you are getting into?

Again in a more grown up voice and demeanor, said yes. I knew, was to serve beer and let these men make what ever sexual advances and take whatever they wished of my young female charms during the game! Not knowing and without thinking, letting my over sexed aroused thoughts slip out,... said! "I hoped they would do to me what they did to my aunt"! Well he said that can certainly be arranged, besides I am sure you have already done the same things with your boyfriends?

Again stupidly and without thinking blurted out, I had no boyfriends!

Now he was looking at me quite differently, like my uncle had done as if he had seen me for the first time? Wearing no make up, and this plain looking worn dress that hid most of my now full grown female charms, apparently I looked much younger than I had before with make up and the tight skirt and blouse? His look and voice changed again in wonder to a more caring and fatherly way?...

What! You mean you nave never been with a boy? No one has ever sucked your pussy, or face fucked you? And you've never been fucked! Just how old are you? Now with some doubt I was indeed 18? "Tell me right now Dammit!" "I don't want some stupid under age girl crying Rape!" after we are done with you? What have you really experienced sexually, certainly had me fooled?....

His question now was that of a stern school master, and I was afraid to say anything but the truth. That I had sexually perverted fantasy's and masturbated all the time especially about being my aunt and having rough sex with numerous black men and that older black men were my favorite ones I fantasized about that would treat me like her or worse!

Then he said I knew you were a tight little piece when I could only get two fingers in your pussy, but never thought you were a virgin?

"I said boldly that I really wasn't!" And had stuck things up in me when I would masturbate, first trying weenies, carrots then, corn cobs, and cucumbers! Going onto say the corn cobs and cucumbers were the best! I once got a cucumber stuck in me, and was scared to death when I couldn't get it out? Terrified, my mom would find out! It was in me for some time I tried everything and was almost resigned to fessing up, and going to the emergency room, but in one last desperate attempt squeezed my thighs and pubic mound and pussy muscles as tight as I could, and the thing just popped out, and with a most satisfying feeling mind you! I was so relived but the feeling was so good I stuck it back in and after several times trying could easily squeeze it back and forth or out! I loved doing it with a cucumber especially big ones when masturbating!

Well he said that is hardly intercourse, I guess that's a start, and a girl has to start somewhere?"Right" Again still in a fatherly way said. Your first time should be with a young boy kissing and playing stinky finger, learning in a loving way, not like some dumb ass young cunt whore or slut!

Again without thinking I said fuck that! Rough hard brutal and sadistic sex, is the way I want it! And with at least a dozen nasty black men just like you, and those that did my aunt only rougher? Going on to say, it is what I have wanted ever sense I can remember having kinky and perverted thoughts of sex! Almost in tears I begged him to let me do it and that I could be exactly what he and these other nasty black men, especially older ones like him would what!

Then almost pleading don't you understand ? I thought you more than anyone would? Once this most honest and perverted statement from me, a stupid young oversexed white girl fully convinced him, his attitude abruptly changed again to that of a lewd and lust filled sexual predator, the very kind I suspected he truly was?

Then said you stupid little cunt we will just see if this is really what you want? OMG! He grabbed my wrist tight with one strong black hand, and with the other grabbed a fist full of the dress I was wearing and with little effort instantly ripped the old thin fabric free, leaving me almost totally naked , wearing only my aroused and thoroughly soaked and well worn panties!

Holding me up by one arm my flats were quickly gone leaving me bare footed and them barely touching the ground walked me around to the back of the trailer! On the back side was a patio? There were no lawn chairs or barbecue only a metal framework above with several chains hanging down,a roll around stool, and a number of sinful devices, one, I would soon discover how and what it would be used for?

It was an old gynecology table!
Antique Gynecological Table From the 1930s

It was late in the day not quite dark as he sat me down on the hard wooden gynecology table, and forced a hard black rubber ball gag into my mouth and buckled it tight behind my head, then said lean back, I was scared to death and sitting in a reclined position? But as a true submissive predisposed for kinky and abusive sex, did exactly what I was told! Once leaned back he pulled my panties off that left my legs danging over the edge, then cuffed my wrists and chained them up helplessly above my head and out to either side! Then did this most horrid nasty thing to me?

Took my panties, and the wettest sinful part and placed them upside down over my head and pulled that part up against my nose mouth and gagged lips tying them tight behind my head! It was hard to breath and harder yet to swallow, I had never been gagged before?

OMG! The sweet sicking smell of my wet sexual being was quite nauseating, but for a true sex slut to be,.. ever so more arousing? Then placed my ankles in these old "U" shaped cast iron supports and tightened the leather straps tight around my ankles, and if this was not enough I could hear first, and then feel my knees being bent with a positive clicking sound my legs were raised up and spread, wide apart with a click, click, click! And last a wide leather belt was tightened firmly around my middle that left me naked gagged totally exposed and my pussy helplessly vulnerable to what ever he would choose to do to me or it?

OMG! My young naive over sexed mind was going crazy with thoughts of sexual torture, and not being able to see what he was going to do, only added to these now terrified thoughts?

For a young girl that had perverse fantasy's about such things the sinful reality had raised my sex charged level to a fever pitch! But, nothing happened for several minutes, and the wait made it all the more frighting as I could hear nothing? Then another thought really sank in, how stupid I was to meet this man I had met only once, out in such a secluded place like this? And, now totally naked helplessly gagged and bound was in this old black perverts hands, no one knew where I had gone? I had told no one only mentioned to my mom I might stay over at a girlfriend's house, and nothing more.......

With him standing next to me reached down in between my open legs and gave me several loving pats on my exposed pussy? After which the door on the trailer opened and several more minutes passed with me wondering? The door closed and in moments hot water was soaped on to my pubic mound slit, clit and onto my thin virgin reddish brown pubic hair that was then squeezed and kneaded quite firmly!

The feeling was quite wonderful, I heard a noise of fine steel whipped back and forth on a leather strap being used to sharpen it, had I been able to see would have even more terrified as it was a shiny and very sharp old fashion straight razor, then tested making sure it was indeed razor sharp and ready! I felt it start shaving my most intimate tender treasure! Apparently he was an expert at doing so and I was not the first to experience his expertise in removing all of a young woman's protective growth! The intimate touch of being shaved bare by this nasty old black bastard, and I mean bare, cold razor sharp steel next to my naked privates was something I would never forget!

Being helpless totally naked and have this most sensitive place shaved squeaky clean for me was a sinful erotic and a very stimulating experience. Back in those days almost no women did it, a few that had thick pubic hair and wanted to hide it when wearing swim suits of the day would shave or trim the exposed area, but no one did away with all of their entire bush!

He had taken his time making sure every bit my thin pubic hair especially around my clit was gone! After this, more, and even hotter clean water with a wash rag followed by a warm dry towel finished this most intimate sinful ordeal!

Now that he had me bare, and I mean bare, this old black fucker sitting on the roll around stool, started lovingly kissing and licking my slit then lingered on my clit, sucking and sucking on it more, and more aggressively! OMG! The feeling was even more arousing! Unknown to me unable to see,.. he took a large rubber band tied it into a knot in the middle, then doubled the one loop several times until he had it stretched tight between his fingers and using his thumbs spread it open and placed it around the base of my clitoral membrane?

Now with my clit already perked up to full attention did his best to suck the tender clitoral flesh up into his mouth as far as he possibly could, and holding it there for several long seconds, let the doubled rubber band snap free! This instantly allowed it to firmly tighten around the base of my clit trapping the aroused blood gorged flesh that had turned from a mild pink, and making my clit into a very pronounced lassoed and rosebud like tingling dark bluish red sinful flower that was about ready to bloom!
815 / 375

The feeling at first was so different but as the blood trapped in my clit was unable to circulate my normally small pea shaped clit started to swell and swell it did! I was so wet from all of this, unable to see, he had gotten up and was standing next to me slapped my pussy several times, then whacked it harder and harder at least a dozen more times! The sound of wet female flesh and a firm black hand smacking and spanking naked flesh was so erotic and perversely stimulating!

I had not realized the kind of helpless squealing and gasping noise's this whacking abuse had produced? It was like a child's squeeze toy wheezing and squeaking, coupled with a continuous Ah! Ha! Aw Ahweeee, and gasping groans! That of a helpless naked young woman gasping for air while having her pussy abused! But the most horrible abuse was yet to come?

This old black bastard knew exactly what I wanted and needed! He started with his leather belt first at my upper thighs, whacking them really hard and after dozen or so stinging whacks moved to my tender virgin like pussy! As if it could not get anymore sadistic or perverted he placed a clothes pin on my nose, that forced me to breathe through my ball gagged throat and wet panty covered lips this limited my ability to get much air at all in, and was an early form of breath play, but also a very effective one! As the leather became wet the singing pussy whipping was sexual torture beyond belief! But was the perfect kind of arousing torture for a stupid young over sexed female pain slut! And when I thought I could take no more his aim and attention was directed to my swollen banded and unprotected clit!

OMG! The feeling of sadistic sexual torture on my well shaven mound and pussy was bad enough, but not being able to see, or breathe well and now the direct sadistic abuse to my over ripe and horribly abused clitoris had me over the top and on the very edge! I could say nothing or do anything to stop this perverted sexual torture and was close to passing out from the extreme pain arousal and lack of air that my oversexed young body craved, and mind was unable to comprehend the difference? I did not know nor did I want to, as I kept on squealing shuddering and trembling thinking it would never end, and then it did?

It was all quiet except for my labored breathing as I sat there in this reclined naked helpless and over aroused position with my pussy throbbing wondering what he would do next?

My thighs and pubic mound were dark red and the warm glow of my well tanned privates still naked and exposed,... again nothing happened? When one cannot see or tell the amount of time passed the mind does strange things, especially for a naive oversexed young girl that had numerous fantasy's of being whipped and sexually tortured that were now quickly flipping through my sex charged mind. Time seemed to stand still and the wait became longer and longer even unbearable? I wanted him to do something, I was so stimulated and ready, I tried my best to make some sort of noise that would let him know! But could only moan and grown nothing more!

Continued in Chapter Two
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