A Taboo Mother And Son Christmas Story
"A Woman and Her Son Exchange Sexual Gifts on Christmas Eve."

Prelude: A beautiful forty year old woman with a petite slender body gives her son for Christmas the gift that he always enjoys. Having sex with her. She wants to exchange gifts though, so she asks her son to give her the gift that she has been wanting. Anal sex. Her son doesn't hesitate and gives it to her.

Note: Additional bonus Taboo Christmas story included after this one.

[Her story starts now]

It is late Christmas eve and my eighteen year old son Michael and I are sitting on the living room couch watching the evening news together. Our family had been over at my parent's house earlier and my husband and daughter have gone upstairs to bed.

I give my son another long tongue kiss then get up from the couch and ask him, "Michael, do you want to have a glass of sparkling wine with me?"

He replies, "Sure, then can I have the special Christmas present you promised me?"

I tell him, "Maybe in a few minutes after I am sure your father and sister are sleeping and won't come downstairs and discover us."

After about an hour and a whole bottle of wine, Michael begins pleading with me, "Please Mom, can I have my special present now? Please Mom, can I? Please!"

I casually unzip his pants then pull out his cock. It's already fairly hard because of his anticipation of having sex with me, but I want it really hard so it will go deep inside me.

I take the last sip of my wine then stand up in front of him and slowly unbutton my sexy little red dress. It slides off my shoulders onto the soft living room carpet and say to him, "Well, get up from the couch and get undressed. You can't receive your special gift with your clothes on."

Michael immediately gets up from the couch and strips naked while I remove my bra and panties. I am still wearing my black high heel shoes and when he embraces me his cock slides between my thighs. Oh my God, why have I never thought about having sex with him while standing up? My high heels make me a little taller than him and his cock is now at the perfect height!

Anyway, I reach down between my legs and guide his cock inside me then he starts slowly fucking me. I always get an extremely pleasurable incestuous sensation that makes by whole body tingle and I am feeling it now.

After a few minutes, Michael is really giving it to me fast and hard. Every few thrusts he bends his knees slightly then slowly straightens them until my feet leave the living room carpet and dangle around in the air. My son really knows how to give me a good fucking!

About a minute later he urgently says, "Mom, I'm going to cum soon! Mom, can I do it inside you? Please Mom, let me cum inside you. You always make me pull out, but I want to feel what it is like to cum inside you. It would mean a lot to me and would be the best Christmas gift ever. Please Mom, let me cum inside you."

I reply to him, "Well, I guess you are right. It's Christmas and the time for giving. Go ahead and cum in me, but don't tell your friends at College that you did. I don't want them to think I'm a cheap slut that lets you do anything you want to her."

Michael immediately grabs my naked ass cheeks with both of his hands and begins frantically fucking me! My tits are flopping around wildly on my chest and he his thrusting his cock upwards inside me so hard that my high heel shoes fly off my feet!

Suddenly, he stops and I can feel his cock jerking as it pumps warm sperm inside me.

After a few moments Michael gives me a quick kiss then pulls his cock out of me and sits down on the couch. I take our empty drinking glasses to the kitchen and refill them with sparkling wine and ice then return to the living room and sit down next to Michael.

I get a pack of cigarettes from my purse and light one up then take my brush and run it through my hair while Michael sips his wine and intently stares at my beautiful naked body.

After a while I ask him, "Michael, do you really think I am just as pretty as the girls you meet at College?"

Michael replies, "There is no doubt about it and all my friends agree after seeing the hundreds of pictures that I have taken of you naked. Your body is slender and toned and your tits are awesome. They are big and firm, and I love their brown nipples. They are always hard and remind me of two big pencil erasers. You were definitely blessed with beauty and sex appeal."

As Michael and I continue our conversation I notice his cock has become hard again and he is slowly masturbating.

I snuff out my second cigarette then stand up and step between his legs. I turn around so my ass is almost in his face then bend over and say, "Michael, you didn't mention anything about my ass. Do you think it's too big?"

He stops playing with himself and begins gently squeezing my firm little white ass cheeks.

Suddenly, he pushes my ass cheeks apart and begins licking my asshole! Oh my God does that feel good! After a few moments I stand up straight and take a few steps to the middle of the living room floor.

I turn around to face him then put my hands on my hips and say, "Michael, I gave you a very special present earlier tonight, now you are going to give me mine and I don't want to hear any complaints. I want to be fucked in the ass for the first time and you are going to do it for me. Wait here while I run upstairs and get some lubricating body oil."

Moments later I am on my hands and knees in the middle of the living room floor and Michael is behind me squirting a generous amount of oil on his hard cock. He guides his cock up against my asshole then grasps my hips and starts slowly forcing himself inside me. The muscles in my ass try to keep out the intruder so I have to make a mental effort to convince them to let him inside.

After a few attempts Michael is slowly fucking my ass and I am in heaven! Oh my God, anal sex is absolutely awesome and is giving me wonderful incestuous erotic anal pleasure.

After two or three minutes Michael starts speeding up and is really giving me a really good fucking! My tits are flopping around wildly below me as I toss my hair from side to side and quietly moan.

Suddenly, Michael stops and I can feel his cock ejaculating inside me. Oh my God, that was one of the best fucks of my entire life!

Michael waits a few moments then pulls his cock out of me and stands up. He helps me up to my feet then gives me a big hug and says, "Mom, I really liked fucking you in the ass! That was fun! Can we do it again sometime?"

I reply to him, "Well, let me think about it. It is getting late, now get upstairs young man and go to bed."

As Michael picks up his clothes then starts walking away, he looks over his shoulder at me and says, "I love you Mom."

I reply to him, "I love you too honey. Goodnight."

[End of first story]

"A Woman Spends Christmas Morning Having Sex With Her Son and Daughter."

Prelude: A beautiful forty year old woman gets up early in the morning to prepare Christmas dinner for the family. Her horny son is also up early and he meets her in the kitchen. The son takes off his clothes and begins masturbating while suggesting to his mother that she give him a handjob for a Christmas present.

[Her story starts now]

I just finished taking a shower and have to get downstairs to prepare the turkey for our family Christmas dinner, so I have only a few minutes to admire my slender toned naked body in the mirror. I brush my hair and turn from side to side admiring my flat stomach and big firm breasts.

Anyway, I will get properly dressed later, but right now I don't feel like wearing a bra or panties. I just slip on one of my men's flannel shirts and go downstairs.

A few minutes later I am busy in the kitchen when I notice my son Michael coming down the stairs wearing just a bath towel around his waist. I look over my shoulder at him and say, "Honey, this is Christmas morning. Go upstairs and put on something nice."

He replies, "Okay Mom, I will in a few minutes, but I want a glass of orange juice first."

I am busy washing vegetables in the sink, and he walks up behind me and slides his hands underneath the bottom my shirt. His hands travel up my thighs, across my flat stomach, then he cups my breasts and begins gently squeezing them. I tell him, "Michael, stop what you are doing right now. You father and sister come downstairs at any moment and see you playing with my tits. Get yourself some orange juice then go upstairs and put on some clothes."

He begins kissing me on the neck and it's very enjoyable, so I let him fondle me for a little while longer. A minute or so later he gets a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator then sits the kitchen table watching me. When I bend over to pull out a big turkey roasting pan from the bottom shelf, he says, "Mom, you sure have got a fine little ass. It makes my cock hard by just looking at it."

I immediately scold him by saying, "Michael, this is Christmas morning. Is all you ever think about is having sex with me? Now, stop talking like a pervert and be a good boy."

A few more minutes pass and I am about finished, so I turn around and look over at Michael. Oh my God, he has pulled the bath towel away from him and is slowly masturbating!

I immediately tell him, "Michael, wrap the towel around your waist and get upstairs right now! Jesus Christ, this is Christmas morning. You should be ashamed of yourself."

He just ignores what I just said and replies, "Mom, please give me a quick handjob. I promise that I wont take very long. It's still early yet nobody will be coming downstairs for at least another half hour. It would be the best Christmas gift ever if you did that for me. Please Mom, give me a handjob."

Michael is such a good boy and is charming and sweet, so I walk over to the kitchen table and start jacking his cock up down. After a couple of minutes, he stands up and begins unbuttoning my shirt. I look him in the eye and say, "What do you think you are doing young man?"

He just smiles at me then pulls apart my shirt and I let it slide down my arms to the kitchen floor. Michael then puts his arms around me and we begin tongue kissing while he runs his hands all over my beautiful naked body. After a few moments the looks me directly in the eyes and says, "Mom, what I really would like for Christmas is a blowjob. I am almost ready to cum and it won't take long. Please get down on your knees and let me put my cock in your mouth."

I pause to think about what he said for a few moments then make my decision. If my husband walked into the kitchen right now, there is not much difference between him seeing me jacking off Michael or giving him a blowjob.

I give Michael a quick kiss then get down on my knees. Michael pushes his cock into my open mouth then grabs the back of my head with both his hands and begins feverishly fucking my face. A minute or two later he suddenly stops and ejaculates in my mouth. He waits for a few moments then pulls his cock out and I swallow several times.

He helps me to stand up then embraces me and says, "Mom that was the best Christmas present you have ever given me. I love you."

I tell him, "I love you too honey. Now, get upstairs young man and put some clothes on."

It can't be more than five minutes later when my daughter Britney comes walking into the kitchen wearing her bathrobe. When she is about six feet away from me, she stops and says, "Mom, look what I got you for Christmas!"

She pulls her robe open and lets it slide down her arms to the floor.

Oh my God, she is completely naked except for wearing a strap-on dildo
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