A Tale Of Loss And Lust
A Tale Of Loss And Lust

Author's Note:
This is the first part of "Vulvalica", a bipartite narrative. It focuses on the amorous disposition, carnal desire, and a sense of belonging that women feel for one another.


Cast of Characters:

Major Characters:
Selena Jolie Beaumont: Protagonist
Dagmar Eydis: The chieftain of Gynecians
Yamila: A Dark-skinned beauty, Dagmar's first handmaiden
Nuala: An attractive Irish woman, Dagmar's second handmaiden
Mika: An eye-catching Chinese girl, Dagmar's third handmaiden
Inga: Young Gynecian having fair skin, Dagmar's fourth handmaiden

Minor Characters:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beaumont: Selena's parents
Nora Andrews: Selena's sister
Baron Andrews: Nora's husband
Pomona: Gynecian watchwoman, Nita and Zola's wife
Nita: Gynecian watchwoman, Pomona and Zola's wife
Zola: Gynecian watchwoman, Pomona and Nita's wife
Gilda: A beautiful spirit with fair hair
Shima: A shrewd Gynecian healer
Lilura: Gynecian thaumaturge, mistress of the occult
Rhona: Keeper of the Temple and Altar, Lora's wife
Lora: Keeper of the Temple and Altar, Rhona's wife
Tsasa Runa: First thaumaturge and chieftain in the history of Vulvalica
Zuria Agnes: Tsasa Runa's lover, first bride of the goddess
Sebina Renati: Portuguese beauty whose survival made history



The wind howled shrill sounds in the darkness of night. Lightning flashed and thunder crashed recurrently from the ominous black clouds. The ocean raged as mountainous waves that broke over the listing bow of Anne Celeste; it drove her southward. Her captain clutched the wheel and swiftly turned it to starboard. He barked orders to the crew who promptly manipulated the rigging and cordage. As the ship changed her direction, he laughed triumphantly. It wasn't his first voyage from the Kingdom of Great Britain to New France. His expertise in navigating the passenger ship and keeping her safe from colliding with the icebergs or ledges had earned him a reputation.

The weary passengers had retired to their cabins shortly before midnight. Selena Beaumont took off her corsets, bodice, petticoats, and evening shoes. Without removing her beige chemise, she sat on the berth and turned her head to look through the porthole. Nothing was perceivable except the repetitive flashes of lightning. The frigid storminess of North Atlantic had chilled Cabin NINE. She stretched out and pulled the wool blanket up, covering herself. The warmth engulfed her all over and she felt better. Her lips curved into a smile as she recalled captain's words; he had assured all the passengers that they would safely reach their destination in five days.

Selena hugged herself as the coziness of blanket reminded her of Nora Andrews' warm embrace. She was not only her older sister, but also a confidante. They resembled each other for having fair complexion, proportioned brown eyes, Greek noses, full rosy lips, heart-shaped faces, and long raven hair. Nora was slimmer and a bit taller; on the contrary, Selena had voluptuous curves and enviable looks. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beaumont thought their daughters cared for each other merely as siblings. Unbeknownst to them, the girls were incesbians!

Closing her eyes, Selena playfully fondled her boobs under the blanket; her nipples were hardened already. Though a musing, Nora's nudity aroused her in no time. They always loved sucking each other's tits and doing sixty-nine. She licked her lips, recalling the tasty juices oozing from Nora's quivering snatch and the desirable feel of wet tongue salaciously flicking her pussy lips.

A sigh escaped her mouth. She reached down, removed the hem of chemise from her thighs, and touched herself. Splaying her legs, she parted her wet pussy lips with a couple of fingers and pushed them into the slippery warm passage.

Selena shuddered and bit her lip as the receptive walls of her cunt pulsated. She flexed her fingers and moved her hand, touching the G-spot. Reflecting on Nora's nipples and curves, she continued fucking herself.

Selena's chest heaved in the heat that generated from her loins. She shifted the blanket aside and cast a glance at her hand that worked feverishly between her thighs. Her stomach muscles contracted and she moaned, releasing her juices copiously. A slimy thread issued from her cunt as she withdrew her hand slowly. Raising it to her mouth, she sucked her soaked fingers; the cum tasted delicious.

Lying spread-eagled, she laughed to herself. The moments she spent making love with Nora were her only source of inspiration to live. Every night was the night of gratifying pleasure for them. Though Nora married a rich marine trader and settled with him in Savannah, they never quit communicating each other. Selena longed to see her sister and she was elated to receive a letter from her three weeks ago. Nora had asked her to journey the seas and be with her at home. The shadow that shrouded Selena's hope had been lifted.

Selena smiled and rolled on her left side. Remembering what Nora had written in the letter, she closed her eyes. Baron Andrews, who was Nora's husband, often traversed Atlantic Ocean to go for the trading ventures. As he left his family behind for weeks, the pending solitude was more than Nora could bear. Hence, she yearned to be unified with Selena to resolve her loneliness and gratify the incestuous desire they shared.

Selena curled up in her berth and fell asleep before she could cover herself under the blanket. Like her, all the passengers were completely oblivious to the raging storm that soon shook Anne Celeste to timbers. On deck, the violent hurricane dealt fatal blows to the frail ship. The wind shredded the canvas sails, inflicted pounding waves that swept the crew to Davy Jones' locker, and propelled Anne Celeste to an iceberg.

That very instant, from an undisclosed island, an entity rose in the sky and swiftly flew northward to meet someone.


Selena lay nude and alone on her bed. Looking around the bedroom that seemed more like the interior of a hut, she frowned and said, 'Where am I?' She could not hear her own voice but turned her head to left, and found Nora entering easily through the solid wall.

'Let me take you, my love,' Nora said. A wicked smile curved her lips and she transformed into an apparition. The ghost had an unfamiliar face. Rendering Selena speechless, she raised her arms.

Selena felt a restraining pressure on her legs that pervaded up to her shoulders. Consequently, her body stiffened; it rose higher and turned upright, facing the ghost. The walls changed into the black and cloudy sky. Her eyes flew open as she felt herself being hung in the midair. The cold, stormy wind caressed her skin like a lover and she heard a faint whisper, '...are mine.'

The ghost transformed into a woman she never met before. Wearing a feathered crown and a tanned hide dress that completely covered her body, the woman stood with an air of authority. Her eyes sparkled that instantly captivated Selena. She lowered her arms and spoke in a different yet firm voice, 'Yes, you belong to me.'

The dark clouds immediately turned into a thicket and someone spoke in a crisp voice, 'You can't break the bond and leave us.' The speaker was neither the crowned woman nor Selena's beloved sister.

Hearing this, the woman laughed and a couple of her clones appeared unexpectedly. "You belong to us, Lena! You belong to us," they chanted in unison.

Each time the sentence was repeated, the clones burgeoned around Selena. Their voices, mingled and growing louder, utterly terrified her. She could not scream or run away as they stepped forward and clung to her. They left no part of her body untouched, unkissed, and unlicked. With Pleasure replacing the dread, Selena spoke, 'Yes, yes, I belong to you...'

And she woke up sweaty in spite of the coldness that chilled her cabin. Blinking in the semidarkness, she lay still and soon came to her senses. Nora, the ghost, crowned woman, and her clones seemed real because she just heard herself saying the last sentence.

Selena frowned and rolled on her back. There was no sign of the thicket or anybody around. She was still in her cabin. Running a hand over the silk material that covered her torso and thighs, she understood everything. The shapeshifter and her clones never existed; she had a dream about them!

Selena shuddered as her pussy twitched; lifting the hem of her chemise, she softly touched her wet labia that quivered at the tickling sensation. Even though it was eerie, the dream had stirred her desires. 'Maybe I'm too impatient to wait any longer but I can't help it,' she thought and rolled on her right side.

That instant, Anne Celeste collided with the iceberg. Selena heard a sharp cracking sound as the impetus hurled her off the safe haven. Flung face down, she slid over the polished flooring but was struck by the trunk that contained her possessions. Pain shot through her torso and limbs. She screamed in agony.

A scorching sensation rose in her legs and chest as she tried to inhale deeply. Shrill cries, confused voices, and rapid thudding of feet could be heard outside her cabin. Selena knew something bad had happened to the ship that utterly terrorized people; they were running for their lives. This fed her inspiration to flail an arm and fix her hand on the flooring. Attempting to rise, she groaned and flexed one leg under her stomach. The pain was too much for her but she had resolved to get out of the cabin. She struggled, braced herself against the flooring, and ultimately got on her feet. Making a turn, she swayed and flung at the door to keep her balance. It was locked! She moved her trembling hands, fumbled with the latch, pushed the door open, and fled.

Selena hurried into the companionway. Hearing a commotion, she approached the staircase and stopped in her tracks as her eyes fell on the source of noisy disturbance. Gaping, she stared at the passengers who scuffled and frantically pushed one another. Every person wanted to be first to get out; no one showed compliance and regard for others. Hence, they had blocked the only way out! There was no sign of the crew who could control the situation and help them to abandon the ship.

Suddenly, she heard the cacophony of panic and an old man came rushing behind her. "Get away," he said gruffly, hitting her left arm with the back of his hand. She gasped and managed to keep herself from falling. A woman and some kids followed him; they paid no heed to her.

Making a face, Selena raised her right hand and stroked her arm to alleviate the burning sensation. She had no choice but to wait until some space would be left for her to proceed. On the top steps, however, two men began quarreling for being pushed continually. Some passengers intervened immediately, keeping each man from fighting. Selena sighed with relief as people pushed them out on the deck and resumed trudging up the stairs.

"Yeah, they are nuts," a sweet voice echoed from behind, giving her a start. Before she could turn around, the speaker came forward and stood next to her. "Here, you won't see anybody who'd think a bit to save others because they don't want to kick the bucket!"

Selena looked at her. She was a beautiful girl, dressed in the shimmering white gown. The lustrous blonde locks buttressed the celestial glow of her fair skin and alluring face. Her full mouth lacked a friendly smile. The only thing that gave Selena the creeps was her eyes; they were vacant, void of discernible color, and distant.

Selena's mouth hung open. The girl did not look at her but through her eyes and into her soul. Pain and premonition that nagged her a while ago, were now forgotten and replaced by the constant humming.

"You're going to join them, ma cherie," the girl spoke, shaking Selena back to reality but the latter said nothing and merely blinked at her white face.

"Ah! I thought you won't dawdle around here but alas, I was wrong," the girl said, turning her head as she began moving toward the staircase. "If something is foreordained, you can't ward it off and nothing changes but the destination where you have to go."

For a brief moment, Selena thought the girl was floating rather than walking her way. She looked up. Some passengers stood on the deck, urging people to climb the stairs one after the other.

"Come on sweetie," the girl addressed her. "Don't just stand there and let yourself be drowned for good. It's so distressing to die young and utterly lost, you know!"

Selena gave her a nod. She approached the staircase and climbed some steps excitedly.

"Keep moving, love! She'll be certainly satisfied with you," the girl said.

Selena frowned. Casting a glance in her direction, she spoke, "What do you..."

And she paused; there was no sign of the blonde girl on staircase. Perplexed, she gazed around the area but failed to find her strange companion. She trembled as the idea of seeing a real ghost frightened her instantly. Uttering a shrill cry, she clutched the railing and rushed up to the top steps.

"Hurry up wench! We don't have much time," a man upbraided as he grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her out.

As she stepped on the deck, strong currents of wind hit her all over. It whipped her raven hair and mercilessly fluttered the chemise off her legs. Realizing that her crotch was revealed, she grabbed the hem and held it in place.

"Off to the jolly boats, wench," the man croaked. "Women and children will go first!"

Selena could not go in the direction he specified because a huge foaming wave caught her attention. It rose and splashed over the entire deck, soaking everybody from head to toe. Anne Celeste gave a big lurch, horrifying all the passengers. They made noises of distress as a man was hurled off the ship; he met his fate, screaming and falling into the pitiless ocean.

Selena shrieked and recoiled as the deadly scene frightened her. A bucket and holystone cluttered past, hitting her feet right away. She yelped, faltered, and lost her balance. Another wave rose higher and lashed down, driving her to the deck railing. Receiving a severe blow on her head, she passed out.

Anne Celeste went nose down as the water escaped into her compartments. More passengers were washed aboard and the ocean devoured them ferociously. The mournful groaning of her timbers harmonized with the horrendous gurgling sounds and crashing thunder.

Selena, lying unconscious and oblivious to the final calamity, slid over the slanting deck like a corpse. A big wave hit the sinking ship but it failed to claim Selena's life as the entity landed near the foremast and approached her in a tick.

"You are too beautiful to be perished," the entity spoke before hugging Selena protectively and rising swiftly in the dark cloudy sky.


Author's Note:
In order to make Gynecian words decipherable in English, a glossary is placed at the end of this story.

The night was not stormy in Vulvalica. Clam ruled the rocky shores and Mist of Tsasa hovered in the atmosphere, shielding the island from Mother Nature and unwelcome mariners. The inhabitants enjoyed the passing hours in serene peace. Good sex rejuvenated the Vulvalican women amid the lavishness of passion and heat. They uttered sounds of love that echoed in concert with the shrill chirping of wild crickets.

Three women patrolled the dark grounds, giggling to moans and shrieks that emitted from the huts. With pasties affixed on their nipples and soiled breechcloths covering their loins, they traversed in half-naked state.

"I think tiggera won't show up tonight," said the hefty guard. She was holding a torch to illuminate their path.

"You are right, Pomona! She won't attack us after we drove her away using this," Zola said, brandishing her spear ostentatiously.

"Gilda is worse," Nita said. "Last night, she broke into Rhona's hut when Lora was eating her out. Good for them, I heard their screams and..."

"We know the story, laz," Pomona cut in on her. "You rushed into the hut and put some rugs on fire to scare her off. Your meddlesomeness enraged her and she threatened to mess things up in our home."

"Don't forget! Nita received a prize for her bravery," Zola quipped, grinning broadly.

Nita sighed. "What a great prize it was! With Lora's juices draining down my throat and Rhona's mouth closing on my nub, the pleasure was too much for me to forget," she said.

"I was ready to teach that despicable peri a lesson but Shima saw her flying and disappearing behind the Mist an hour ago," Pomona said.

"Brilliant," Zola said. "I hope she is gone for good."

"Forget her! We have been patrolling the entire island for hours and now I am thirsty," Nita said.

"Me too," Zola added. "Pity we can't drink the pussy juices here."

Pomona laughed. "You two are talking like whores," she joined in.

Nita reacted by slapping Pomona on her firm rump.

"Ouch! That smarts," Pomona said, making a face. In a flash, she gave Nita a retaliatory jolt.

"Ah oh, we aren't home yet lazes," Zola spoke up as she watched Nita falter and landing on her butt.

Pomona chuckled. "Get down and ride her face! I'll be back in a while," she exclaimed joyfully and turned around.

"You aren't going home," Zola said as she knelt beside Nita.

"You are wrong, sweetie. I'm going there to check something."

"Get lost," Nita said laughingly.

Pomona grinned slyly and resumed walking. As she disappeared behind a hut, Zola looked down and said, "She's a bad laz but I love her."

Nita grabbed her by the wrist and said, "Come on, baby! Quench my thirst and pleasure me in return. I am dripping wet, you know."

Zola gasped as Nita pulled her down and caught her in a tight embrace. They lay on the ground, kissing each other and letting some naughty tongue flicking transpire in their mouths.

"I wonder why she has gone there alone," Zola said, breaking the kiss.

"Perhaps she wants to make sure that Gilda is not haunting our hut," Nita said.

Zola smiled, rose on her knees, and untied her breechcloth. "Caution always keeps the trouble at bay," she said before shifting her position and turning around. Then she squatted above Nita's face, lowered herself, and bent down.

Nita clutched Zola by her hips, pulled her down, and began sucking her engorged clit. Zola removed the flap of Nita's breechcloth, opened her supple thighs, playfully licked her gaping cunt, and took her nub orally.

Soon, each girl led her lover to the edge. Sucking and licking the cunts ravenously, they pleasured each other. Pussy juices coated their mouths, noses, and chins as they continued squaring away.

Pomona returned and stopped beside them. Her wives were too engrossed in lovemaking to perceive her presence. Grinning, she kicked Zola in the ribs and gave her a start.

Zola looked up, scowling at her.

"I can see you two long for having a good sex alfresco and let your vitalities be drained overnight," Pomona said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah," Zola spoke up. "Haven't you told us to stay here and eat each other out?"

"Are you censuring me for an encouragement, my love?"

"NO, but a kick in the ribs can never be appreciated."

Pomona burst into laughter.

Nita gave Zola's clit a smooch. "Gilda hasn't messed our home I presume," she said.

"Yeah," Pomona affirmed. "Making my way back here, I went to Shima's hut and she agreed to lend me this." She raised her left hand, showing them a vial that glistened in the flickering torchlight.

Zola frowned as she discerned the dark brown contents of the vial. "It is herbido, the very potion she gave you last week," she said.


"Shima is a voracious crone," Nita said. "When Pomona met her and asked for some concoction, that lewd healer told our connu to expose her teats because she desired to suck them."

"Well I must admit that herbido is a great potion. To lift the sexual drive for an overnight mating, just take five drops on your tongue and there you go," Zola said, raising one leg and making a turn to kneel beside Nita who sat up instantly.

"Get on your feet and let's go home, lazes! I don't want to fool away the whole night, answering your petty questions about the price I paid her for a weekly dose," Pomona told them.

Nita pursed her lips and Zola grinned. They rose without uttering a word.

The trio walked a winding path until their hut came into view. Pomona entered before her wives. She fixed the torch into a sconce and gave Zola the vial. "Take your pasties off while I remove her breechcloth," she said, rolling her eyes in Nita's direction.

"Sure," Zola said, "and Nita will return you the favor." She walked toward a corner, put the vial into an engraved wall shelf, and carefully detached the pasties from her nipples.

As she turned around, her eyes fell on Pomona and Nita. Necking, they fumbled with each other's belts and unfastened the breechcloths that glided down their toned legs. She licked her lips, ogling them all over. Touching her quivering pussy lips, she felt the wetness that oozed and trickled down her thighs.

Pomona reached up, removed Nita's pasties, and sucked her engorged nipples. In return, Nita caressed her hair and looked at Zola. "Baby, I don't think you should stand there alone," she spoke, giving her a wink.

Zola smiled and approached them. Pomona swung an arm, hugging her. They laughed and kissed each other while Nita fondled their rumps.

A current of cold air swept into their hut as Nita and Zola took Pomona's pasties off. Squeezing her huge tits, each girl clamped her lips around one nipple and sucked it ravenously. Pomona sighed and bit her lip for the desirable sensation that caused her nipples to throb. She laughed dreamily, holding their heads against her bust and letting their tongues flick on her sensitive areolae.

With their eyes closed and pussies twitching in the lust that escalated, they continued making out. Suddenly, a gowned woman sneaked into their hut. Carrying an unconscious nude girl in her arms, she moved at a deliberate pace and eventually stopped beside them.

A whistling sound attracted Pomona's attention and she opened her eyes. Her jaw dropped as she gazed the gowned woman who spoke tartly, "I am back, ma cherie."

"G-Gilda," Pomona stammered.

Zola and Nita jumped, hearing the name. They stared Gilda in her creepy, vacant eyes.

"Yes, I am back," said the peri. She shrieked and rushed onward, knocking them down.

Nita braced herself on elbows in a while. She turned her head, saw Gilda near the straw mat, and glowered. "Stop harassing us and get out," she rebuked her.

"Your hut isn't cozy tonight but she'll be safe now," Gilda said, apparently ignoring her insolent utterance. She laid the unconscious girl on mat, then stretched her arms wide, and swiftly rose higher. They looked up, frozen with terror as her frame dissolved into a smoky essence that instantly drifted down upon them.

Pomona and her wives coughed. Feeling suffocated, they clutched their throats as the cloud shrouded them all over. They scrambled on their feet, rushed out of the hut, and eventually stopped under a pudendine to regain their breaths.

Following the trio, Gilda changed back to her real form and snapped her fingers. A horde of waxbees flew out of the foliage and attacked the nude guards who waved their hands helplessly. They screamed and ran away to save themselves as the angry swarm buzzed around them.

"Now I have revenged myself upon Nita," Gilda spoke behind their backs. She turned around and floated her way back to the hut.



"Yes, O Great Chief!"

"You are distracting me."

"Ah! I beg your forgiveness for the disturbance that I have caused you."

"You'll be punished for doing that again!"

"I am yours, O Great Chief! Obeying and pleasing you is my honor."


Once more, Inga raised her legs until they compressed her full tits. For a brief moment, she looked at the flower garlands that hung from the ceiling. The oil lamp cast dim yellow light around the cohabirem, enlightening them romantically.

Contented with her response, Dagmar resumed licking her pussy. She ran her tongue up along the clefts of Inga's open twat and flicked it on the engorged clit. Closing her mouth on the pink and smooth glans, she sucked it noisily.

The pleasure rose in Inga's loins and she convulsed, biting her lip. In order to abstain herself from moving, she held her legs firmly. Letting any part of her body be touched, kissed, and licked by Dagmar was crucial to her; the Vulvalican chief would eventually choose her as connu for her absolute servitude.

After releasing Inga's clit, Dagmar sucked it again before gluing her mouth to the inflamed pussy. Inhaling her feminine essence, she swallowed the juice that oozed and licked it off the delicious twat.

"I love tasting your pussy," Dagmar said. She slid atop her, grabbed her knockers, and added, "Raise your arms, close your eyes, and show me that dreamy look on your face."

Inga obeyed her willingly. Lying enticingly vulnerable, she let Dagmar squeeze her tits. A desirable sensation instantly electrified the nerves in her nipples and clit. She sighed, perceiving Dagmar's wet mouth on her areolae.

Dagmar glided her lips over Inga's left tit. She drew her cheeks in, keeping the resilient flesh in her mouth. Sucking it hard, she released the pink nipple slowly. Her tongue flicked over the erogenous nub, teasing it. Moving her head, she licked Inga's cleavage and grabbed her juicy tits to kiss under them.

Inga laughed when Dagmar took a mouthful of her right boob and continued sucking it fervently. She clutched the fern bedding and trembled lustfully. "Yes, yes O Great Chief! Keep sucking my teats. Love me like this! Let me forget everything tonight," she murmured.

Dagmar, too preoccupied to listen to Inga's incessant prattle, stopped sucking her tits. She licked them from nipple to nipple, nuzzled up her chest, and pecked on her neck. Their lips met in a French kiss. Inga moaned into her mistress' mouth, relishing the passion they shared.

They went on with necking each other, completely oblivious of the hide drapery being raised at the entryway. A dark-skinned woman with a swarthy face and brown hair stepped inside the cohabirem. Like all the tribeswomen, she had a pair of pasties affixed on her nipples and a breechcloth that covered her loins. Her full lips curved into a smile as she stared at the duo making love.

The chief settled comfortably between Inga's splayed legs before kissing her down to the belly button. The dark-skinned woman stood and pensively watched, licking her lips. �Inga, my dear, I will teach you to be a good screamer,' she determined. 'Our chief prefers the lazes who pipe up in bed. Well, you still aren't her favie as I am.'

Turning her head, Dagmar placed her cheek on Inga's stomach and spoke up, "Yamila!"

"Yes O Great Chief," Yamila replied softly. Swaying her hips, she walked toward them and stopped near the vast bed.

"What brings you here, puss? Haven't I told you to have fun with Nuala and Mika tonight?"

Yamila, Nuala, Mika, and Inga were Dagmar's handmaidens. They had beautiful faces, smooth skins, lustrous locks, supple bodies, and voluptuous curves. Since Dagmar had chosen Inga as her hommie that night, the three girls slept with one another in the handierem.

"We never defy your commands, O Great Chief," Yamila said. "We are here to serve you."

"Then be a good laz and don't let them wait too long for you," Dagmar said, winking.

"I will surely do what pleases you O Great Chief, but Gilda showed up at Pomona's hut."

Dagmar laughed. "What's so special about her? She is just a peri who habitually roams around the island from hut to hut and pesters the tribdas for her own amusement," she said.

"It's true, O Great Chief! Gilda has never been that special until she brought a laz from the deep."

"What? She brought a laz!"

Yamila nodded.

Dagmar frowned. "Hum... all right! Take Nuala and Mika with you. Head them straight to Pomona's hut. Make sure she and her connues must not coquet with the laz," she ordered.

"The laz is already unconscious and benumbed, O Great Chief! Gilda laid her on the straw mat before driving Pomona and her connues out of their abode. They were too harassed to put something on."

"Very funny," Dagmar quipped. She moved down, kissed Inga on her pussy, and added, "Off you go!"

Yamila bowed, turned around, and smoothly walked out of the cohabirem.


Dagmar hiked on the path that curved amid the scores of huts. Inga followed her, carrying a torch. They walked past the pudendine and found a couple of hefty girls who stood attentively, holding their spears crossed.

"Yamila is smart," Dagmar said. "She must have told them to stand on their guard."

"Yes O Great Chief," Inga replied. "I see no one else from the tribd here."

"True," Dagmar affirmed. "Gilda is still in the hut but she won't dare pestering my handies."

The guards uncrossed their spears and bowed as the duo stopped before them.

"Our gracious chief, Dagmar Eydis, demands to know the current outcome of security measures," Inga declared.

"We forbade all the tribdas from loitering around here, O Great Chief," said one of the guards.

"Shima used her petrifyo on Gilda. Now the peri is as stiff as a log," added her ally.

"Excellent," Dagmar exclaimed.

"Keep on watching until you are ordered to leave," Inga told them as Dagmar resumed walking onward.

They approached the hut, hearing voices that emitted from within. Dagmar cast a glance at Inga and made a hush gesture. She raised the hide drapery and peered through the entryway.

The hut was unusually well lit. In addition to the light of torch that was already fixed into the sconce, a greenish glow emanated from Gilda's gown. With a shocked look on her face and stiff upright posture, she was spinning smoothly in the midair.

They stepped inside the hut. Looking up, Inga gaped at the petrified peri. On the contrary, Dagmar stayed calm. She eyed the stunner who lay unconscious and vulnerably spread-eagled on the straw mat. An old woman, clad in a tinged breechcloth, was holding her thighs apart and licking her pussy.

Inga gasped as Dagmar nudged her in the ribs. She looked down and exclaimed, "Vah!"

Nuala and Mika were sucking Yamila's tits in a corner. They took their mouths off her nipples, turned their heads, and found Dagmar standing next to Inga at the entryway.

"The Chief is here," Mika said; her beautiful Chinese face flushed.

Nuala's green eyes sparkled in contrast to her tanned skin. "True and Shima can't get enough of a pussy feast," she quipped.

"Then let's pull the crone to her feet," Yamila said, grinning broadly. She fixed the pasties back on her nipples.

The trio approached Shima. Yamila grabbed her left arm while Nuala clutched its counterpart. Together, they pulled her up on her feet. Mika held back an urge to laugh as the healer opened her fleshy mouth and babbled with a trill; she bore a great likeness to a rosy-lipped batfish taken out of the water.

Scowling at Shima, Dagmar waved a hand. Yamila and Nuala let her arms go.

"What nonsense was that? No Gynecian dares behaving rude to her chief," Dagmar spoke angrily.

"F-forgive me O Great Chief," Shima stammered. "I d-didn't want to but ..."

"Don't tell me you took some foul potion to lift your sexual drive!"

"It is here-in the shelf," Shima quivered.

Dagmar raised her eyebrows. "I see! The guards and you were into a potion-bartering of which I knew nothing," she said.

Shima could utter no reply; she was trembling from head to toe as her breath came in shallow gulps.

"Show me," Dagmar said.

"Come on," Mika spoke to the old woman, clutching her arm and lead her to the shelf. In the mean time, Inga turned and fixed her torch into the free sconce.

Shima plodded back with Mika. Still trembling out of fear, she stopped before Dagmar and passed the vial on to her.

Dagmar took it and frowned as she scrutinized the thick contents, which looked crimson in bright light. She looked up and asked, "What do you call it?"

"Herbido," Shima replied.

Dagmar smiled broadly. "I like it and..." she paused, turning her head. The peri still spun like a dummy in the midair. "I can forgive you on one condition."

Shima stared at her in disbelief.

"For petrifying Gilda and saving all the tribdas from her maleficence, you can have fun with the substies," Dagmar declared.

Shima breathed a sigh of relief.

"However," Dagmar continued, rolling her eyes to the unconscious girl, "do you have any potion that may resuscitate her?"

For an answer, Shima nodded and bowed.


The sky was ominously dark. Lightning flashed repeatedly from the black clouds. The ferocious storm and turbulent waves swept a frail ship astray. Screams issued from her deck and bodies fell into the deep. On the contrary, Selena neither screamed nor moved her body. She felt safe and calm as the lingering warmth assuaged the chill around her. The mist enshrouded her all over and she heard a sweet yet indiscernible voice. Some fragrant wafts that hit her nostrils swiftly filled her lungs and then...

Selena opened her eyes but with bright light around, she had to close them instantly. Smelling and inhaling the same essence, she coughed. A groan escaped her mouth for the ache that pervaded her head.

"Well done Shima," a woman spoke. Selena heard a giggle, and then something fluid hit her face that made her start. She gasped, flipped her eyes open, and blinked mindlessly. Coming to her senses, she saw an ugly old woman who showed her a toothy grin. Selena opened her mouth to scream but a dulcet voice caught her attention, "Here, let's help her."

The speaker was a beautiful and half-naked Chinese girl who walked closer to them. She knelt down at Selena's left side and grabbed her arm. The old woman giggled nervously; her coarse hands trembled as she touched Selena's right arm.

The duo gently helped Selena to sit up. A tanned girl, as beautiful and half-naked as the Chinese girl was, stepped forward; she also knelt down at Selena's left side. Holding a pink sponge in her hand, she raised it. Selena recoiled feebly but the tanned girl wiped her face dry. Then she cupped it, smiled, and remarked, "Lovely!"

Selena let her move closer and instantly received a kiss on her lips.

"Nuala," the woman who had praised Shima a while ago, spoke once again.

The tanned girl quickly broke the kiss, rose, and turned around. "Yes O great Chief," she said.

Selena noticed three other women standing before her. One in the middle was clothed in a tanned hide dress down to her feet. A feathered crown, haughty mien, and the impassive oval face suggested an air of authority about her. A dark-skinned beauty and an alluring girl with fair complexion stood at her left and right sides respectively. Just like the Chinese and tanned girls, they looked very seductive in their half-naked state.

"Don't be so unduly quick," the crowned woman said coldly.

"I beg your forgiveness O Great Chief," Nuala apologized.

The chief appraised Selena lasciviously. Curbing an urge to lick her thin lips, she thought, 'Well, I can't condemn Nuala anymore for kissing this laz. She's so damned bonny and fetching.'

Selena felt uneasy as the six strange women kept gazing her meaningfully. Averting her eyes bashfully, she looked down. Then she stared at her uncovered crotch and naked body in disbelief. That instant, pain shot through her head. She grabbed it and cried out.

"Shima," the chief addressed the old woman.

Shima nodded in return and motioned Nuala to hand the sponge over to her. After receiving it, she looked at the six vials already kept on the ground and picked one that contained a green concoction. She removed the cork, quickly put the sponge on its mouth, and inverted it four times. Then she raised the soaked sponge and squeezed it. The concoction seeped between her fingers and dropped into the wound on Selena's head.

Selena screamed and writhed as the concoction excruciated her. The Chinese girl hugged her instantly and Nuala clasped her legs.

"Don't let go of her," Shima spoke up. She bunged the vial, put the sponge down, and watched closely.

The wound healed in a couple of minutes. Tears rolled down Selena's cheeks and her screams abated into moans. Resting her head on Chinese girl's shoulder, she closed her eyes and fell silent.

"Poor laz" the chief said compassionately. "Is she all right?"

"Yes O Great Chief! My salvido has healed her enjur and rendered her asleep. She won't be up before dawn," Shima replied.

"Impressive," the chief exclaimed. When Nuala and the Chinese girl carefully laid Selena on the mat, she turned her eyes to Gilda and added, "I want to ask her some questions. Can you lock her up now?"

"Doing that will be my pleasure O Great Chief," Shima said. She picked the largest vial, rose to her feet, approached the petrified peri, and sprinkled a silvery substance on her. The chief and her handmaidens watched in awe as some thick grayish essence issued from Gilda's gown. Like a huge python, it instantly engulfed her from head to toe and faded away.

"Very well done," the chief remarked briskly. "You must have dispatched her somewhere, haven't you?"

Shima quickly bunged the vial and raised it. "Here, O Great Chief! She will remain locked up until you give me an order to set her free," she said.

"Make sure she stays with you until then," the chief said, gazing at the grey essence that eddied in the vial. "Off you go!"

Shima bowed, turned around, walked over to Selena's right, picked all the vials up, and withdrew from the hut.

Nuala and the Chinese girl cast a glance at the two handmaidens who stood impassive. Meanwhile the chief frowned, gazing at Selena and said, "I wonder who she is and why Gilda has brought her from the deep. Well, nobody but she herself will answer all the questions. Since Gilda is locked up and the peace is restored, we'll go back and sleep well."

She paused, turned her gaze to Nuala, and resumed, "You can stay with her and have fun tonight."

Nuala's face brightened up. She got on her feet and bowed.

The chief gave her a wink and addressed the Chinese girl, "Come Mika!"

Mika stood up and swiftly followed the three women. As they departed, Nuala turned her head and looked down. Her eyes lewdly roamed over Selena's supple body and voluptuous curves. She knelt down between her creamy legs, fondled them tenderly, and lay atop her.

"You are so irresistible," she spoke affectionately and kissed her on the cheek. Placing Selena's arms up around her head, she grabbed her big boobs and squeezed them playfully. "Yes! I cannot ignore such beautiful teats," she said before taking the light brown nipples into her mouth.

Nuala continued sucking Selena's tits until her nipples hardened. Showering a trail of kisses down to her crotch, she splayed her full thighs and looked up. "Shima was forced to take her mouth off your pussy but I'll make love to you and no one is going to disturb us," she said and glued her mouth to Selena's twat.


The north wind wafted across the dewy meadows and trees, still carrying the last remnants of cold night air. The sun broke over the eastern horizon, like a mother chasing an errant child. The faint buzzing of insects and the melodious chirping of birds proclaimed the rise of a breezy day.

Selena awoke as the salvido wore off. Her throat felt parched. She blinked at the straw ceiling, lined with bamboo props. Then she sniffed the aroma of hair oil, and instantly realized she wasn't alone. Turning her head to right, she saw a tanned girl who lay asleep with her.

Selena sat up, eying the naked beauty. That girl had a look of familiarity but she could vaguely remember seeing her last night. Nuala, as the chief called her name, was the one who had wiped her wet face with a sponge.

She gazed around the hut and observed an open entryway, extinguished torches, engraved wall shelf, scattered earthenware, and a pile of dirty breechcloths. Hopelessly, she looked for a pitcher or bottle that might contain water. Her search went unrewarded. She reached over and tapped Nuala on her arm. The latter fluttered her eyes open, blinked inanely, and then looked at her rouser. She smiled, reminiscing of the previous night's amorous dalliance and said pleasantly, "Guddawn love! I hope you feel better now."

"Erm... Can you bring me some water? I am thirsty."

"Sure," Nuala said. She sat up, got on her feet, and approached the wall shelf. Taking a clay bowl, she turned and walked back to Selena. "Here, drink it! You'll feel better," she told her.

Selena took the bowl, examined the creamy syrup that it contained, and looked up quizzically.

Nuala smiled and said, "This is ruice. It rejuvenates us when we feel utterly exhausted or thirsty for ANY reason."

Selena placed the bowl to her lips and cautiously took a sip. The ruice tasted sweet.

Nuala watched pensively as Selena emptied the bowl in three draughts. "You know we drink it every morning because it gives our day a good start. Just let me know if you want more," she said.

"No, thank you," Selena replied, handing the bowl back to her. "I feel better."

Nuala knelt beside her. "I am happy," she said, put the bowl on the ground, and reached up. Fingering some curls off Selena's face, she caressed her cheek. "You're very beautiful," she spoke tenderly, leaned closer, and kissed her on the mouth.

Selena neither pushed her away nor kissed her back. Instead, she remained neutral and let Nuala's tongue penetrate her mouth.

Nuala had to break the kiss. Perceiving the frigid look on Selena's face, she said. "Have I upset you? Please, forgive me! I was just..."

"Who are you?"

Nuala felt a stab of disappointment at the coldness in her tone. "My nyme is Nuala," she replied.

"I know what your nyme is," Selena declared. "Just tell me more about you."

"Ok. I am a handie to Dagmar Eydis who is the chieftain of our clan. We are a Gynecian tribd, and have been living in the Great Isle of Vulvalica for centuries."

"Vulvalica! Gynecian?"

"Yes. THIS is Vulvalica," Nuala gesticulated as she spoke. "We are lazgynas and speak the Gynecian language."

"Oh! That means..."

"Vulvalica is an isle where lazes live as a big clan, have fun together, and connubiated one another."

"Vah," Selena exclaimed.

"Our chief is very considerate. Cause you would sleep alone last night, she let me stay with you."

"What do you mean?"

"Gilda brought you here from the deep. You were unconscious then. Shima resuscitated you and used her salvido to heal the enjur in your head."

Selena frowned, trying to recall the woman named Shima. Nuala read her thoughts and said, "Shima was the old ugly healer you saw last night."

"Ah, ok. I see no one here but you. Is this your home?"

"No. This hut belongs to Pomona and her connues."

"Who are they?"

"The guards," Nuala explained. "Now they are confined in the captirem, awaiting their trial that will be held tomorrow."

"Why are they confined in the captirem?"

"Our gracious chief had ordered them to patrol the grounds. On the contrary, they returned home for having fun last night and thereby left the entire island unguarded. Moreover, they were into the potion-bartering with Shima of which our chief knew nothing."

Selena thought of asking her about Gilda but she had to turn her gaze to the entryway. Some women approached the hut, talking and giggling.

"Aha! Let's welcome the pussies," Nuala said excitedly.

A couple of girls entered the hut. Selena recognized them at once.

"Guddawn lazes," Yamila said. "Glad to see both of you are up already."

"Looks like Nuala couldn't sleep last night," Mika said, grinning broadly.

Nuala laughed. "On the contrary, I slept well and happy," she said.

"Cause this laz will stay here fegud and you can get laid anytime you want," Mika bantered.

Selena looked quizzically at her.

Yamila noticed Selena's reaction. "Now hear this," she spoke to Mika. "Our gracious chief is the ONLY authority. She has ordered us to look after the laz and do nothing else," She pulled a clean breechcloth that was tucked into her belt.

"Yeah," Mika affirmed.

The duo approached them. While Yamila handed the breechcloth over to Selena, Mika bent forward and showed Nuala four pasties in her hand.

"I have these already," Nuala said.

"I know but don't forget! Your pasties are stales and you can't use them today," Mika said.

"Erm... yes," Nuala said blushingly. She picked a couple of pasties and fixed them on her nipples.

Selena took a gander at the breechcloth. She turned it over, looked up, and said, "I don't know how to put this on."

Mika gasped. "Did you hear Yamila? The laz speaks our language," she exclaimed.

"Of course, she can speak Gynecian," Nuala said. "Don't you remember the day we landed on this island and began talking to tribdas?"

"Yes I do, and then Yamila led us to the cohabirem. The chief held us in high regard for our looks and now we live here as her handies."

"Don't frivol away your time, lazes. This will surely displease our chief! Let's help her right away," Yamila told them.

"Sure," Mika said instantly.

Nuala rose and quickly donned her breechcloth. Meanwhile the two handmaidens pulled Selena up on her feet, deftly tied the clean breechcloth around her loins, and fixed the pasties on her nipples.

"Let's go to the cohabirem," Nuala said, holding Selena's hand.

Yamila nodded, turned, and approached the entryway. Mika and Nuala followed, leading Selena out of the hut.

The cold morning breeze kissed their bodies as they walked onward. Selena looked around. There were short trees with curly foliage and huts similar to the one they just left. Half-naked women and naked little girls gazed in awe; their tongues and fingers waged surreptitiously. Feeling embarrassed for being an object of their attention, she blushed and averted her eyes.

The handmaidens quietly escorted her along the winding path until they walked into a clearing. Selena could see a large hut, one bigger than all the rest. It rose from a knoll of earth that took on the appearance of a woman's mons veneris, radiating a feeling of sensuality. A couple of half-naked girls stood at the entryway, holding their spears crossed to prevent trespassers. The sight was majestic as the morning sun rose behind the immense structure.

"The substies," Nuala said. "Looks like Pomona and her connues will be dismissed fegud."

Yamila waved a hand as they approached the hut. The guards uncrossed their spears and Selena entered, following her guides. She gazed around the spacious, well-lit, and elaborately designed interior. Four huge logs stood upright and fixed, supporting the vast bamboo roof; flower garlands hung decoratively from the ceiling. A big bed of moss and fern laid flat like a thick green carpet on the ground. Moreover, there were two engraved wall shelves and four torches secured in the sconces.

"They aren't here," Mika said.

"That's strange," Nuala said. "Did she or Inga tell you to wait for them until they return?"

"No, they didn't," Yamila said, shaking her head.

"True," Mika affirmed. "They'd probably show up before we go to the handierem."

"We can't until she orders us to leave," Yamila said.

"Then a little frotering will keep the ennui at bay," Nuala said, rolling her eyes in Selena's direction. She touched her thigh and stroked it lightly. Selena shuddered and flinched as Nuala titillated her butt crack under the breechcloth.

"We won't do that, unless she picks out Mika as her hommie," Yamila said, grinning broadly.

"Correct," a crisp voice echoed from the entryway. They turned and saw two women who entered the cohabirem. One was clothed in a clean hide dress and she had a feathered crown securely placed on her head; the other was a half-naked girl in her early twenties.

The handmaidens bowed promptly but Selena stood, gazing at the duo. As she recalled seeing them last night, Nuala gave her a spank.

Selena gasped and looked quizzically at her.

"The chief," Nuala snapped. "Bow to her!"

Blushing at her own abstractedness, Selena bowed.

"So! You've returned earlier, taking this laz along," Dagmar said, approaching them.

"Yes O Great Chief! We are here to follow your orders," Yamila replied.

Dagmar raised something to her lips and sucked it as she would a juicy tit. "Mmm, delicious! Nothing tastes better than a ripe clittor," she said pleasantly.

The handmaidens smiled in response. Selena frowned, pondering the word she just heard.

Dagmar stared into Selena's eyes and commanded, "Inga, share the clittors you have!"

"Yes O Great Chief," her companion replied. She lifted her clenched hand and opened it to reveal five glossy fruits, resting in her palm. The three handmaidens oohed and aahed; each took one clittor. Conversely, Selena just gazed at the pink wishbone-shaped fruits unsure of what to do next.

"Come on, babe! Take one," Inga enticed her.

Selena moved her right hand and gingerly picked a clittor. As she took the first bite, a sweet and thick juice oozed on her tongue. She swallowed it and devoured the remaining fruit with elation.

"Yes, they are very succulent and tasty," Dagmar added, grinning broadly.

Selena smiled back. Inga proffered her the last clittor and she took it without hesitation.

"We have plenty of these," Dagmar said. "Do you want to eat more?"

Selena nodded unceremoniously.

Dagmar laughed, turned her head in Inga's direction, and said, "Puss, bring more clittors for her!"

Inga bowed, turned, and left the cohabirem.

When Selena finished eating the clittor, Dagmar asked, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," Selena answered.

"Excellent! What is your nyme?"

Selena rolled her eyes down and frowned. She bit her lip, reached up, fingered a raven curl behind her ear, and murmured, "My nyme... what's my nyme?"

Dagmar discerned the puzzled look on her face and instantly put another question, "Is something troubling you?"

"My nyme," Selena spoke up. "I don't know what my nyme is!"

"What," Dagmar and her handmaidens exclaimed in unison.

"Please, I... I just can't remember my nyme," Selena quavered helplessly.

"But that's impossible! I mean, no laz can forget her nyme," Mika said.

Dagmar thought over Selena's befuddled response. "Try recalling it," she told her.

Selena racked her brains anew but she remembered nothing except the dark silhouette of a frail ship, horrible crash of thunder, and bodies falling into the ocean. "NO, no I can't... I can't," she cried, burying her face in her hands.

"Memeleth," Dagmar made a casual comment. Turning her gaze to Yamila, she said, "Head for Shima's hut and tell her to come over to magirem."

As Yamila bowed and turned to go, Dagmar spoke to Nuala and Mika. "Take this laz with you and follow me!"


Dagmar and her handmaidens soulfully observed Selena who lay on her back and permitted Shima to examine every part of her body. The air in the magirem was laden with the aroma of burnt incense. Lilura, the old thaumaturge, squatted behind them. She murmured some incantations and drew ancient ritualistic symbols on the ground, using a twig.

Shima rolled Selena over and continued examining her entire backside. Nuala frowned and said, "What is she trying to find? The laz doesn't remember her nyme and that's all!"

"I think she is examining her thoroughly for some clue." Yamila said. "As far as I know, a laz may forget her nyme if some hagbug bites her."

"Oh! I've never seen a hagbug," Mika said.

"Then you're very lucky," Yamila quipped.

Mika held back an urge to giggle.

As Shima rolled Selena on her back and rose, Dagmar asked her, "What are your findings?"

"You were right, O Great Chief! This laz is a memeleth. First, I thought some hagbug had bitten her. Quite the opposite, I found bruises on her left arm and above her waist. There are abrades on her chest, right wrist, back, and legs as well," Shima explained.

"Hum... what made her a memeleth?"

"I think it is the reaz that enjured her head."

"Can you revive her mem?"

"Yes O Great Chief, but I cannot assure a quick recovery."


"She saw something... TERRIBLE," Lilura broke in.

Dagmar, the handmaidens, and Shima turned around. Selena sat up as Lilura's eerie tone alarmed her.

"What terrible thing she saw? Tell us," Dagmar spoke somberly.

Lilura closed her eyes. "The spirits have spoken to me," her voice sounded aloud and distant as if she were talking in her sleep. "It is the HORRIBLE stormy night, an ocean not far from here, and a lost vessel without sails. Big angry waves are shaking her to pieces. I see this laz, dashing up the wooden steps. She looks aghast and collapses as the vessel sways. Two peris meet in the dark and one of them flies up, taking this laz with her... through the Mist!"

Selena stared wide-eyed at the thaumaturge who bent her head and fell silent.

"The spirits have told you something significant yet their message is shrouded within a veil of mystery," Dagmar said. "Ask them to lift that veil so we may clearly fathom the fate of the vessel and two peris who met in the dark. We also wish to know who this laz is and which isle she belongs to."

Lilura opened her eyes and turned her head in Dagmar's direction. "The spirits do not reveal what they speak of, O Great Chief," she said. "They also do not approve of knocking her head to revive her mem, or else she will perish like dust in the wind."

"What," Selena exclaimed, inadvertently attracting every woman's attention.

"The laz survived a head enjur when Gilda brought her from the deep," Dagmar said, looking back at Lilura. "I see no grave consequences of another infliction except the prolonged unconsciousness."

"In addition to that, a deliberate hit on her head can possibly bring about the permanent loss of her mem or it may even kill this laz on the spot," Shima said.

Dagmar nodded her head in understanding and said, "Just a while ago, you averred of reviving her mem. I believe there must be an alterus."

"Yes O Great Chief," Shima consented. "Mimnesiyo is the only remedy for her."

"Excellent! Will you concoct the potion by tomorrow?"

"That is not possible, O Great Chief! The concoction of mimnesiyo is a very meticulous process. I have to mix seventeen temperadas with fourteen nuts."

"How long will it take to concoct mimnesiyo?"

"It will be done until the next full moon."

"Very well, then. Find all the requirements as soon as you can and make sure to accomplish your task in thirty nights. You may go!"

Shima bowed and departed from the magirem.

Dagmar turned her gaze to Lilura and said, "You are truly the mistress of the occult."

Lilura stood up and bowed gratefully.

"I have no doubt that Gilda was the peri who flew up, taking this laz with her," Dagmar said. "Shima saw her flying and disappearing beyond the Mist because the moon was full last night. On the other hand, she would roam around the island and keep pestering the tribdas. Since the spirits won't reveal much about her and the peri she met in the dark, I think we should inquire into the mystery some time later. At the moment, your talents are required to mark this laz as Gynecian."

"I'm ready to follow your order, O Great Chief," Lilura replied.

Dagmar spoke to Yamila and Inga, "Go to Rhona's hut right away! Tell her and Lora to decorate Ara Veneris with garlands, and also announce that all the tribdas must gather there after sunset."

The duo bowed and walked out of the magirem.

"I am really amazed," Inga spoke up as they traversed the path leading to Rhona's hut.

Yamila cast a curious glance at her and asked, "Why?"

"To bond the laz with our tribd, Lilura must speak her nyme," Inga said. "Is it possible for her to mark a memeleth as Gynecian?"

"A thaumaturge knows the secrets far more than we do," Yamila said. "Vulvalica is an isle of mysteries. For centuries, the Mist has been shielding it from the intrusion of gykes but a laz can locate it or even land on its shores. You've heard her speaking our language even though she never lived here before. I am sure Lilura will successfully connect her with us."

"Plausible," Inga said. "After that she will stay with us fegud."

"Yes. The Mist won't permit her to leave the isle until she turns into a peri."


Soon they approached Rhona's hut and stopped at the entryway. A woman's moans emitted from within; her voice trilled sexually as she urged someone to keep pleasuring her.

"That's Lora! Rhona is giving face to her," Inga remarked.

Yamila responded by winking at her.

They walked in and paused as their eyes fell on the nude couple. Lora stood, reclining against the wall and keeping her legs open. Her unkempt brown hair waved down in layers, partially covering her supple tits. She clutched her partner's black hair, writhing and moaning in lust. On the other hand, Rhona's head bobbed between her thighs as she licked her twat in preoccupation.

Yamila cleared her throat, giving them a start. Inga sniggered at the astounded look on Lora's face. Rhona gazed her peevishly, picked two breechcloths that lay scattered on the ground, and handed one to Lora. She rose, tied it around her loins, and said, "Why have you infringed on our privacy? You can be prosecuted for committing a trespass."

"We beg your pardon, lazes," Yamila replied. "The chief has ordered us to convey you a message."

Rhona and Lora gazed her quizzically.

"You must decorate Ara Veneris with garlands before sunset," Yamila added.

"Oh," Lora said. "Has she chosen one of you to connubiate with?"

"No, it's for the bond ritual," Inga said. "The laz from the deep will be marked as Gynecian."

Both Rhona and Lora smiled.

"You got the answer," Yamila said coldly. "Now don't waste a moment, rush to the temple, and finish the task in time."

"We'll do that for sure," Rhona said.

"Come Inga! We have to announce the ritual," Yamila said, holding her companion's hand.


The Temple of Aphrodite Migontis was located near the southern shore, usually standing isolated in the serene ambiance of pussyri grove. That evening, however, the tribeswomen thronged its cold and spacious interior just before the nightfall. They sat on the ground and chatted, waiting anxiously for the commencement of cunvulgybond. Little girls gathered in groups and played the pebble games; the winners clapped merrily but the losers pouted their lips peevishly. The life-size marble statue of the naked goddess shone elegantly, reflecting the light of twenty torches. Sitting on a round pedestal with her legs splayed behind the pepita-shaped stone altar, she had her right hand placed over her crotch and the other cupping one boob. Rhona and Lora fixed the last festoon around her neck. They stepped back and gazed up at her faintly smiling face.

"We're done finally," Rhona said, clasping her hands together with glee.

"Yes! We've pleased the goddess," Lora averred contentedly. "No laz went through the ritual after Nuala and Mika but that happened three years ago."

"True! With the sun having set, it is time to sit down and wait. The chief and her handies may show up any moment."

"I can't wait to see her in person."


"The laz from the deep," Lora said. "Rumors of her astounding beauty flow like water from a bowl."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. It is whispered that your breath will be stolen once you gaze at her loveliness."

"Hum... Lilura won't let us stay away from her," Rhona said. "Each tribda must touch, kiss, or lick her for a while."

"The ritual is the ritual and I do so love it," Lora said, grinning broadly.

Rhona opened her mouth to say something but a faint drumbeat caught her attention. Lora rolled her eyes and turned her head to look at the entryway. A hush fell over the temple. All the tribeswomen listened attentively to the rataplan that grew louder. One of them rose and declared, "The chief is coming!"

The crowd followed her example. Some women groaned as they stood up; others just nodded or whispered to one another. Every one waited until a couple of dark-skinned women entered the temple. With ebony drumsticks, they beat the drums hung from their right shoulders. Little girls retreated, clutching their mothers' legs as the booming music frightened them. The guards entered, then Dagmar, followed by the four handmaidens and Lilura escorting Selena. Each drummer turned and stood at either side of the entryway. They continued beating their drums until Dagmar, her handmaidens, and guards led Selena to the stone altar.

Lilura walked past them, stopped beside the goddess, turned around, pulled a wand from her belt, and spoke, "O Gracious Chief of Gynecians and all the tribdas! As a descendant of Tsasa Runa the Great and a custodian of Vulvalican rituals, I am pleased to declare that we are going to offer the four hundred and fiftieth cunvulgybond in the history of Vulvalica. We believe that it is a ritual, offered to bond a nonate laz with us and mark her as Gynecian. A laz who steps on this isle must be cunvulgybonded so that the goddess may sanctify her entirely. This ritual not only protects a laz from the evil that haunts the seeds of a gyke but also legitimates her connubiation with the tribdas. Tonight, the laz from the deep will be honored as breida av-goddess. Since she does not remember her true nyme, the spirits have chosen a new nyme for her. From now on and for eternity, she shall take her Gynecian nyme-Lena!"

All the tribeswomen gazed at one another in amazement. The name set their tongues a wagging. Dagmar looked quizzically at Lilura who smiled and bowed her head.

Yamila and Mika raised their hands. As they silenced the crowd, Lilura resumed, "Now, I ask Rhona and Lora to bring me the cunnuice so that we may begin offering the ritual."

The duo rapidly pivoted and went behind the statue of the goddess.

"O Great Chief! I beg your leave before asking Nuala and Inga for escorting Lena closer to me," Lilura chanted.

"Yes. They have my permission," Dagmar replied solemnly.

Selena felt uneasy as the handmaidens restrained her arms. Nuala cast a glance at her and smiled in understanding. "Don't worry, love! You'll miss the ritual as much as I do," she assured her.

Selena uttered no reply. The handmaidens escorted her until they stopped before Lilura who raised the wand and spoke softly, "Close your eyes Lena and repeat the incantations that you hear."

Nuala and Inga stepped back. Selena closed her eyes as Rhona and Lora plodded from behind the statue, holding a cunnuice-filled cauldron. Placing it on the ground, they withdrew to a corner.

Lilura touched the tip of her wand to Selena's right tit and intoned, "Removo dextropastie!"

"Removo dextropastie!"

No sooner had Selena enunciated the words than her pastie vanished.

Lilura touched the tip of her wand to Selena's left tit and said, "Removo levopastie!"

"Removo levopastie!"

Likewise, the other pastie vanished instantaneously.

Lilura then touched the tip of her wand to Selena's breechcloth. She looked up at her unperturbed face and said, "Removo longeclad!"

"Removo longeclad!"

The breechcloth also vanished in a flash and Selena stood stark naked before the tribeswomen who ogled at her, licking their lips salaciously.

Lilura's pussy twitched as she eyed Selena's exposed crotch and erect nipples. Curbing an urge to ravish the vulnerable beauty and gratify the carnal desire that shook her body, she pointed her wand at the cauldron and quavered, "Cunnuice wetalaz!"

"Cunnuice wetalaz!"

The cunnuice surged up from the cauldron, nearly hit the ceiling, and undulated down to the spot where Selena stood. It did not flow over her, but froze into countless ice crystals suspended in the midair.

"Now open your eyes and stretch your arms as they stream down your body," Lilura said.

Selena obeyed her and looked up. The crystals transformed to water drops, which fell on her face and hair first. Then she laughed with elation as the drops began raining and trickling over every part of her body.

Lilura waved her wand and a red glow emanated from its tip. Selena's mouth fell open as the magic levitated her. She spun smoothly in the midair and floated toward the goddess until her feet touched the stone altar. Still flabbergasted by the magical feat, she gazed around the temple and failed to find an indication of the drops that rained on her just a while ago.

"Preis bziu goddess! Preis bziu Migontis," all Gynecians chanted, praising the goddess in unison.

Lilura raised her wand, quieting them and spoke to Dagmar, "O Great Chief! I beg you to climb up Ara Veneris and be her first aramate."

Dagmar climbed the narrow stairs, engraved in the foot of the altar. She walked with determined steps, exhibiting an aura of assurance. Her deep brown eyes roamed lustfully over Selena's curvaceous figure.

Selena, feeling self-conscious, looked bashfully at the altar. The thought of being an object of every woman's attention gave her an adrenaline rush. Her heart beat faster as she stood still, letting the Vulvalican chief approach her.

Dagmar stopped in front of her, raised a hand, touched her chin, and lifted her face. She smiled as their eyes met. "You are very beautiful, Lena! Let me kiss your lips," she spoke tenderly.

Selena closed her eyes as Dagmar kissed her lips and embraced her warmly. They stood close, letting the heat effuse from their bodies. Dagmar's hide dress felt coarse against her erect nipples and smooth skin. She forgot the crowd, the thaumaturge, and the temple. In her preoccupation, she just felt a couple of hands that fondled her back and soft thin lips glued to her mouth.

Dagmar teased her plump ass cheeks. She inserted her tongue into Selena's welcoming mouth, then sucked her lips, and released them. Selena laughed dreamily, hugging Dagmar as she received a shower of kisses on her neck.

"Breida av-goddess unu-chiefe," Lilura said.

Dagmar lifted her head and cast an affectionate look at Selena. She kissed her once again, patted her cheek, turned around, and walked over to the foot of the altar. As she descended the stairs, Lilura spoke, "O beautiful handies to our Gracious Chief! I ask you to climb up Ara Veneris and be her aramates."

The four handmaidens climbed the narrow stairs and approached Selena. Yamila stood at her right, stooped, and kissed on her nipple. Inga followed, sucking her left nipple and squeezing her tit playfully. Nuala went down on her knees, held Selena by her hips, and smooched on her pussy. Mika knelt behind Selena, patted her ass cheeks, and began licking her ass crack.

Selena moaned blissfully, raising her arms above her head. The handmaidens continued kissing, sucking, and licking the erogenous zones of her body. They pleasured her lustfully and electrified every nerve in her cunt.

"Breida av-goddess unu-handiese," Lilura said.

Yamila and Inga kissed Selena on her cheeks. Mika rose after pecking her on the rump. Nuala licked her belly button, stood up, gave her a wink, and turned to get down the altar.

The ritual continued for an hour. Lilura called the names of tribeswomen who climbed up the altar in duos, trios, or quartets. While some women preferred licking Selena's pussy and sucking her nipples, the majority fondled her curvaceous body. They kissed her passionately on the lips, stomach, back, or limbs. Finally, Lilura declared herself as the last aramate. She walked closer to Selena, passed the wand on to her, and instructed, "Don't let go of it and repeat the words after me."

Selena held the wand firmly. She closed her eyes as Lilura kissed her on the mouth, neck, tits, and stomach. After licking her engorged pussy lips desirously, the thaumaturge looked up and spoke aloud, "Breida av-goddess unu-magie!"

"Breida av-goddess unu-magie," Selena articulated the words in a tremulous yet clear voice.

"Preis bziu goddess! Preis bziu Migontis," the crowd intoned exultantly; their voices echoed throughout the temple.

"The ritual is over, Lena! Now you belong to us," Lilura said, clasping her arms around Selena's thighs and buried her face between them.


The moon shone brilliantly in the clear sky, illuminating the entire island. Sapphingales trilled out their joyous notes as they perched high in the pussyries. The melody of their night songs uplifted all the tribeswomen. Returning to their abodes, they conversed with one another about Selena and her stunning beauty.

Dagmar and Mika walked hand-in-hand behind the two guards. They silently traversed the path that led to the cohabirem. Having pasties affixed on her nipples and breechcloth tied around her loins, Selena followed along with the three handmaidens. The cold land breeze assuaged her nagging sense of lost identity. Despite their indigenous mode of living in a secluded island, Gynecians were caring and friendly. They touched her gently, kissed her lovingly, and pleasured her amorously. She felt elated in the company of women, to whom she had been unrelated before the bond ritual.

Stopping before the pudendine that stood at a fork in the path, Dagmar said, "We've reached the mark, lazes!"

"Yes O Great Chief," Yamila replied.

"Since the ritual is over, you must escort Lena to the handierem."

"With pleasure, O Great Chief," Nuala said, eagerly bowing her head.

"I have a question O Great Chief," Inga said.

Yamila, Nuala, and Selena looked at her.

"I know what your question is," Dagmar said. "Although I haven't chosen Lena as a handie, she will be your fremate until her connubiation is settled."

Inga smiled meaningfully.

"We are grateful for your beneficence O Great Chief," Nuala said.

Dagmar gave her a nod and said, "Now don't stand here a moment and make a tres-an-nulaz of it!"

Selena and the three handmaidens bowed to Dagmar who resumed treading the right path. Mika and the guards followed, without looking back at them.

"Let's go lazes," Yamila addressed Nuala, Inga, and Selena. She turned and walked on the left path, leading them.

"I hope you aren't weary, love," Nuala spoke to Selena, holding her right hand.

"No I am good," Selena replied pleasantly.

"We can see that," Inga said, taking her left hand. "Breida av-goddess won't sleep until she cums thrice for her fremates."

Nuala laughed heartily.

"True," Yamila affirmed. "Whenever you ask Lilura to explain this, she tells you about zurisa ergon."

"Zurisa ergon," Selena spoke, looking at her quizzically.

"Yes. The vitality of cunvulgybond," Yamila said. "Breida av-goddess must be pleasured by three fremates after the ritual, or else she will live the rest of her life tossing and turning."

"What do you mean?"

"You heard what Lilura declared about the cunvulgybond. It is not only the ritual of sanctity, but also an occult reaz to seal the pussies and protect them from evil. After giving you a cunnuice bath, she cast a spell that levitated you and concurrently filled up your pussy with zurisa ergon. You must release it completely by cumming thrice during tres-an-nulaz, a unique activity that saves your pussy from permanent closure and intolerable pain."


"Tsasa was the originator of all the magical feats and Gynecian rituals," Inga said. "One legend states that she fell for Zuria whom we know as the first breida av-goddess. When she was cunvulgybonded, Tsasa chose her as fremate and they made love. Unfortunately, Zuria fell asleep immediately after cumming twice for her. The retained vitality sealed her pussy lips and severe pain shot through her loins. Tsasa tried her best to alleviate Zuria's agonized state, but her efforts were to no avail. As a result, Zuria turned into a peri. Deeply aggrieved, Tsasa went into seclusion. One night, however, she came out of her hut and made a solemn declaration to all the tribdas that a breida av-goddess can be protected from the terrible consequence if three fremates pleasure her in unison, and so make her cum thrice!"

"What happened then?"

"The majority believed on her declaration but some tribdas asked her to eliminate the ritual. Tsasa plainly refused to do so. Five years later, a beautiful laz from the deep stepped on this isle. Tsasa cunvulgybonded her on the seventh full moon and then instructed three tribdas to be her fremates. The laz survived that night, completely ridding herself of the zurisa ergon. Therefore we celebrate sebinviva to commemorate the historic event."

"Is it some kind of a festivity?"

"Yes," Nuala said. "It is reputed after Sebina, the breida av-goddess who survived making the first tres-an-nulaz with her fremates. On the seventh full moon every year, we go to the temple and continue praising the goddess. To observe sebinviva, the chief and the thaumaturge associate lazes in quartets. Then they are allowed to have an orgy for one night."


"Now you know why our gracious chief has entrusted us to pleasure you," Yamila said.

"Luck will favor me tonight-I hope," Selena said apprehensively.

"Yes it will," Nuala said, squeezing her hand.

Selena looked at her. Nuala responded by smiling and nodding assuredly.

Soon they approached a circular hut that stood amid the pudendine thicket. It wasn't as huge as the cohabirem was. Yellow light emanated from its entryway, illuminating a patch of earth and the vegetative surroundings.

"The torches are lit," Nuala said. "Have you asked some laz to stay in the handierem?"

"No," Yamila replied. "I forgot to put them out."

"Ah, they will snuff out for sure! We can't roam around the island and ask the tribdas to lend us some burlap sacks," Inga remarked.

"Don't bother! We have oil lamps already," Yamila said.

"Now I can't say that Yamila is forgetful," Nuala gibed.

Inga gave her a peevish look.

Selena beamed with delight. As they entered the hut, her eyes fell on the bed of moss and fern; it was bigger than the one she had seen in the cohabirem. There was no sign of the bamboo pillars and the ceiling looked unadorned. Above the bed, a shelf was engraved in the wall. It contained a neat pile of folded breechcloths, clean bowls, a pitcher, an oil lamp, some flints, and a steel rod. At either side of the entryway, a lit torch was fixed in the sconce.

"Nuala," Yamila said. "Will you light the lamp for us before I put them out?"

Nuala nodded and walked over to the shelf. She took a flint and struck it with the steel rod a few times, creating sparks and lighting the lamp instantly.

"Inga! Take Lena to our bed," Yamila said, winking at her.

Inga grinned and hugged Selena around her waist before approaching the bed. Yamila picked a snuffer that lay on the ground and extinguished the torches. The flame of the lamp flickered as she and Nuala resumed walking toward their partners.

"We do not make love before snuffing out the torches," Inga said, fondling Selena's waist and hip. They stopped near the bed.

"Except the chief or Mika, no tribda will come here now," Yamila said, standing behind Selena. She reached up, brushed her raven hair aside, and gently kissed her on the right shoulder.

Selena closed her eyes as Yamila showered her neck with kisses.

"I hope you won't feel uneasy in the dim light," Nuala said, cupping her face.

Selena could not utter a reply as Nuala's lips met with hers, locking them in a French kiss.

Inga fondled Selena's left arm and clutched her wrist. Capitulating to an urge, she knelt down and gently kissed on her waist. She darted her tongue out, licking up the supple skin and showering a trail of kisses down to the hip.

Selena lifted her right hand and moved it in Yamila's hair. While Nuala licked her neck, Inga's tongue flicked on her fleshy thigh.

Yamila turned Selena's face in her direction, and kissed her on the mouth. Nuala removed her pasties and zeroed in on her left nipple. She puckered her own lips, gliding them over the tit and sucked a mouthful of the resilient flesh.

Yamila released Selena's lips and grabbed her right tit. She licked the nipple, circumscribing it with her tongue. Clasping her lips over the throbbing nub, she sucked it hard and opened her mouth further to devour the supple boob.

Inga moved behind Selena and untied her breechcloth in a tick. She squeezed her massive ass cheeks, kissed them all over, and continued licking her ass crack.

Selena laughed, letting them suck her tits and lick her derriere. She lifted her arms, held Yamila and Nuala's heads against her bust, and fingered their hair affectionately. A shiver ran up her spine as she sensed Inga's hand moving between her thighs and titillating her vaganus.

Inga kissed Selena's ass cheeks and spoke, "I want her to ride my face, lazes! Keep sucking her teats while I taste her pussy."

Nuala let Selena's nipple slip out of her mouth and asked, "Is she wet now?"

"Yes," Inga affirmed and rose.

Releasing Selena's other nipple, Yamila said, "Very well! Nuala and I will swap places."

Inga removed her pasties, clasped Selena's arm, and made her spin. As their eyes met, she cupped her own boobs and spoke lewdly, "O breida av-goddess! Suck my teats before I lie down and serve you orally."

Selena's eyes fell on her full tits. She reached up and caressed them tenderly. Her clit throbbed as she felt Inga's hardened nipples and rough areolae under her palms.

"Come on, love! Suck them," Nuala enticed her.

Selena licked her lips, bent forward, and opened her mouth to take Inga's right tit. She closed her eyes as the soft flesh filled her mouth. Drawing her cheeks in, she sucked and released it slowly. Then she clasped her lips on its counterpart and continued sucking it.

Nuala and Yamila fondled every nook and cranny of Selena's body as she repeatedly sucked Inga's tits. Her pussy quivered for their juiciness, the nipples throbbing against her tongue, and four hands caressing her body. Giving pleasure and receiving amative attention was a euphorically delightful venture for her. She loved every moment of it and every sensation that caused ripples through her love canal.

Inga cupped Selena's face, smiled, and kissed her. "You are good, very good! I want to taste your pussy. Let my appetite be satiated, baby! Let that sweet juice trickle down your thighs and soak my face," she said affectionately.

"She can't do that until you stretch out here," Yamila quipped.

Grinning, Inga knelt down and lay flat on her back.

"Let's help her Yamila," Nuala said and held Selena's right arm.

"Sure," Yamila replied before clasping her other arm.

Selena's ears turned red as they helped her to squat above Inga's face until her knees rested on the ground. Kneeling at her either side, each handmaiden playfully touched and sucked her tit.

Inga held Selena by her hips and lifted her own head. The feminine aroma wafted from the open twat that hovered above her nose and mouth. Running her tongue, she traced a wet line between the swollen pussy lips.

Selena hissed and closed her eyes once again. Three tongues flicked on the most irritable parts of her body, escalating the pleasurable sensation she relished. Her clit and nipples throbbed into their mouths. She convulsed all over as they sucked her passionately, causing the clonic spasm in her cunt.

Inga clawed Selena's ass cheeks, sucking her clit voraciously. The wetness oozed out, soaking her chin and neck but she kept her lips glued to the pink morsel. Nuala and Inga squeezed Selena's tits, letting them glide against their tongues and palates.

Selena laughed ecstatically. Her chest heaved in the heat that permeated her vitals. Love juice gushed forth, filling her cunt. She moaned and strained her torso, reaching a swift plateau. Pleasure soared up her spine and hit her senses. She screamed, clutching at the fern bedding. Her pussy quivered and she squirted, emitting her juices profusely.

Yamila and Nuala released Selena's nipples and hugged her firmly. They kissed her on the mouth and cheeks, and licked the perspiration down her neck.

Inga gave Selena's clit a deep kiss and said, "My pussy needs attention."

"Why don't you ride her face then? She will return you the favor, I am sure," Nuala said.

"I'll eat Lena's clittor before you do," Yamila told her.

Nuala looked at her, frowning peevishly.

"Well, I am as good as you at giving face," Yamila added, grinning broadly.

"Are you telling me to suck her teats overnight?"

"You will surely do that until she cums."

"What a witty answer," Nuala jeered. "So you knew I won't protest to grab a bonte!"

They clutched Selena by her arms, pulled her up on her feet, waited until Inga rose, and then helped her to lie on the bed.

Inga wiped Selena's cum off her neck and chin with the back of her hand. "Pity I can't taste it now," she said and untied her breechcloth.

Yamila knelt between Selena's legs, touched her wet pussy lips, and declared, "So can't I. She's still ready!"

Selena gasped. She fixed a dreamy gaze on Inga who stood, towering over her, and touching her own twat.

Nuala ogled at Selena's hardened nipples. 'Very true,' she thought, biting her lip.

Yamila roamed her hands over Selena's thighs, splayed them, bent forward, and kissed on her hood.

Nuala touched Selena's stomach, tracing up a line and patted under her bust. "What are you waiting for, Inga? I can't suck her teats as long as you keep standing over her with your legs open!"

Inga laughed, squatted above Selena's face, and lowered herself. "My pussy is yours, baby! Lick me there and make me cum for you," she spoke salaciously.

Selena looked up at her ripe snatch that quivered, sending forth an aroma of arousal. As Yamila licked her pussy, she trembled and grabbed Inga by her ass cheeks. Opening her mouth, she poked her tongue between the engorged pussy lips and flicked it up to the glans clitordis.

Nuala tweaked Selena's one nipple while she kept her mouth glued to the other. She hummed, fervently holding the juicy boob in her mouth. Pressing her lips together, she let it slip out and promptly took its counterpart. She sucked it avidly and twirled her tongue on the erect nipple.

Yamila licked Selena's pussy, went down licking her vaganus, and pocked her tongue into the asshole. Firmly holding her thighs open and zestfully rimming her, she enjoyed the salty taste.

Selena shuddered, once again, perceiving Nuala's mouth on her tits and Yamila's tongue flicking up her vaganus. She closed her lips on Inga's clit and sucked it as she would a puffy nipple.

Inga moaned and bent forward, placing her hands on the ground. Selena was hitting the high spot; she sucked her clit, licking the glans along and resolutely bringing her to the edge.

Nuala showered Selena's stomach with a trail of kisses. She smooched her belly button and licked the linea alba back to her tits. Squeezing them playfully, she resumed sucking her nipples.

Yamila removed her pasties and breechcloth, without taking her mouth off Selena's pussy. Then she located her pussy hole, teased it with a finger, and instantly penetrated her.

Selena raked Inga's globes with her fingernails. Tasting the wetness that oozed, she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into the receptive cunt.

Inga moaned and laughed. Closing her eyes, she chanted, "Yes Lena... yes... right there... mmm... right there..."

Selena bucked, pushing her twat against Yamila's mouth and hand. Inga's love juice stimulated her taste buds, giving rise to a transient spasm in her cunt. She ate her out, letting Nuala suck her tits incessantly.

Yamila withdrew her finger from Selena's cunt but kept on sucking her clit. She curbed an urge to lick the creamy juice that seeped, wetting her chin and the fern bedding.

Selena flexed her toes, reaching another climax that shook her all over. She pressed her mouth against Inga's pussy, sucked her cum, and swallowed it to the last drop.

Yamila let go of Selena's clit, rose, and said, "She's got off, lazes!"

Inga's chest heaved for the drained vitality. "Me too," she muttered, catching her breath.

Nuala kissed Selena's tits and said, "I'll taste her pussy now."

"And I'll let her taste mine," Yamila added, wiping Selena's cum off her mouth and chin.

"Will you ride her face like Inga?"

"No! Lena and I will swap places."

"Ah! I have to stretch out and bury my face under her pussy."

"Yes," Yamila affirmed.

Inga raised a leg, turned, and sat down. She smiled, inwardly craving to receive Selena's tongue in her cunt.

"Inga, my dear," Yamila said. "Are you ready to join us, and arouse Lena to cum for the third time?"

Inga licked her lips as though she were a hungry feline.

Nuala turned her gaze to Selena and winked at her. Clutching her right arm, she helped her to sit up. They kissed each other while Yamila stretched out on the bed.

Nuala removed her pasties and said, "I've been aching to feel your lips on my teats, love. Suck them now... please!"

Selena responded by laughing. She shifted her position in seiza, touched and lifted Nuala's knockers, and closed her lips on a nipple.

Yamila sighed and motioned Inga to come. Like a quadruped, Inga crept toward her and promptly kissed her on the mouth.

"Well, I love that," Yamila said. "Better suck my teats and show the laze how good you are!"

Inga kissed her neck and chest, fondled her big boobs, and began sucking them one after the other.

Nuala rolled her eyes in their direction, feeling Selena's wet mouth on her tits. She bit her lip, watching the erotic demo.

Inga moved her head, eagerly sucking Yamila's nipples. Her tongue twirled, arousing them to an apparent hardness.

Nuala stroked Selena's hair, enticing her wordlessly to keep up the good work.

Yamila moved her own legs apart while she gazed into Nuala's eyes. Moving a hand, she touched herself and lewdly parted her chocolate pussy lips.

Nuala cupped Selena's face and spoke to her, "Now you must eat Yamila out while I taste your pussy. Cum for us, love! Don't let us down. Release the vitality fegud. I... we care for you because we don't want to lose you."

Selena smiled, kissed her on the mouth, and said, "I know."

Turning her head, she fixed her eyes on Yamila's pussy. It was clearly wet. Deliberately creeping between her full thighs, she bent down and inhaled the pungent aroma that wafted from the flushed crevice. The odor stirred her up and she kissed the vulnerable snatch.

Nuala lay on her back and crawled backward until her head rested under Selena's pussy. Grabbing her full rump and pulling her down, she teased her clit with a feathery kiss.

Inga shifted her position to hover above Selena's ass cheeks. Parting and licking them, she traced a wet line to her asshole.

Selena pressed her lips against Yamila's pussy. Never in her life had she received that much attention. Nuala and Inga were pleasuring her in unison. Lust escalated, causing her pussy and o ring to contract in frenzy.

Yamila bucked her hips, letting Selena's mouth and nose sink into her dripping cunt. She reached her head and clutched it against her own pussy.

Nuala flicked her tongue into Selena's open twat. Capturing the engorged clit, she sucked it with relish.

Inga licked along the insides of Selena's ass cheeks, slobbered her ass crack, and pushed a finger into her asshole. She rotated her wrist, teasing the receptive rectum and continued fucking her.

Yamila uttered a guttural moan, pulling Selena's hair. The raven-haired beauty was bringing her to the edge.

Nuala spanked Selena a few times and continued sucking her clit. Soon the creamy juice trickled from the inflamed cunt, streaming down her chin and neck.

Inga clenched her teeth, frantically moving her hand and ceaselessly ravishing Selena's rear.

Selena closed her eyes and shook her head, sucking Yamila's clit. She released it and devoured the pussy that quivered against her mouth.

Yamila convulsed, screaming and straining her torso. She reached a mind-blowing climax.

Selena trembled, swallowing Yamila's cum. Her stomach muscles contracted as she pressed her pussy against Nuala's chin. For an instant, she perceived coldness around her and an outburst of heat from her loins. Copious amount of her love juice spurted out, drenching Nuala's face.

Nuala did not lick Selena's pussy and cum. Instead, she kept sucking her clit.

Inga withdrew her finger from Selena's asshole and shifted her position to kneel between Nuala's legs. She removed the flap of her breechcloth, splayed her shapely thighs, and went down on her.

Nuala moaned, perceiving Inga's tongue and mouth on her pussy. As Selena slid off her face and lay beside her, she inhaled the aroma of sex that still hung in the air. Reaching over, she touched her leg and smiled; Breida av-goddess had cummed thrice, ridding herself of the zurisa ergon.

Yamila sat up, bent over Selena, and kissed her. "You've made it, Lena! The vitality of cunvulgybond is gone fegud," she said.

Selena laughed, rolled on her back, and said, "Yes I am lucky, very lucky to have you all as my fremates!"

"You are protected, love! No evil can ever hit you," Nuala spoke.

"Yes. Like her and Mika," Inga added.

"And we are happy for that," Yamila said. Once again, she kissed Selena on her mouth.

"We are," Nuala said.

Inga smiled and murmured, "Lucky lazes."

Nuala sighed as Inga resumed eating her cunt.


Gynecian Glossary For "A Tale Of Loss And Lust":

Alterus. Alternate line of action, an alternative
Ara Veneris. Altar of Venus
Aramate. Partner of Breida av-goddess, Partner on Ara Veneris
Bonte. Due reward for an extended service
Breida av-goddess. Bride of the goddess
Captirem. A big hut to keep the tribeswomen charged with some allegation and/or conviction
Cohabirem. Vulvalican chief's bedchamber
Connu. Wife
Connubiation. The ceremonial marriage of two or more women
Clittor. A glossy, pink, and wishbone-shaped juicy fruit
Cunnuice. The water of union, a mixture of pussyri juice and water taken from the Tsasa pond
Cunvulgybond. A ritual carried out to connect the nonnative girls with native lesbians and mark them permanently as Gynecians
Enjur. Injury, wound
Favie. Favorite
Fegud. For good
Fremate. A woman who lives with one or more Gynecians as their sexual partner even though she is not connubiated to them
Frotering. Masturbation
Guddawn. Good Morning
Gyke. Man
Hagbug. An arachnid that inhabits the oceans, bites mariners or larger animals to suck their blood, and thereby causes the loss of their memory
Handie. Handmaiden
Handierem. Handmaidens' bedchamber
Herbido. An aphrodisiac potion
Hommie. Concubine
Laz. Nubile girl
Lazgyna. Lesbian
Magirem. The abode of Gynecian thaumaturge
Mem. Memory
Memeleth. A woman who suffers from the complete or partial loss of memory
Mimnesiyo. A Potion used to restore the lost memory
Nonate. Nonnative
Nyme. Name
Peri. A beautiful but impish female spirit
Petrifyo. A potion used to petrify any human or even a spirit
Pudendine. A clittor-bearing tree that features the short trunk with numerous clefts and curly foliage
Pussyri. A tree that features the long trunk, palmate leaves, and pink flowers with twin petals
Reaz. Reason, cause
Ruice. A refreshing concoction of rose nectar, milk, and honey
Salvido. A curative potion used to alleviate pain and heal wounds
Sapphingale. The female songbird that mates with another sapphingale on the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth nights of every month
Stale. The breechcloth that is soiled and/or the pastie that has lost its stickiness after being used for three consecutive days
Substy. Substitute guard
Temperada. A mixed extract obtained from herbs and animal secretions
Tiggera. Female tiger
Tres-an-nulaz. The quartet of lesbians engaged in three-on-one sexual activity, an all-woman foursome
Tribd. A women-only tribe
Tribda. Tribeswoman
Vah. Wow
Vulvalica. An island located in the undisclosed zones of North Atlantic, shaped geographically like a woman's vulva, and inhabited by Gynecians AKA lesbian tribe
Waxbee. A hymenopterous insect having segmented pink bodies, four wings, and eight legs

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