A Three Way Love
We had known each other for some time the three of us, Chad, Sloan and Me I'm Annabella, to my friends Anna, to my boys Baby. Like I said we had been friends for some time, the guys had been more than friends over the years and once they got to college all boundaries vanished. They became lovers after being at college for two months. Chad and Sloan were careful about their business, so only a few close friends knew. In my case, I had figured it out after being around them a few times. Being bi myself it didn't bother me about others sexual preference unless it concerned me, it never crossed my mind that my two best friends were a bit more than interested in the same sex...the were interested in me.

It was the third month at college and thing has settled into a madding pace, and since this was my freshmen year, it was fast becoming the worse year of my life school wise. I just didn't have enough time for all that I needed to do, and I really need some downtime, but none appear to arrive shortly. Soon I trudged like my fellow freshmen, bitching and complaining my woes to Chad and Sloan. Chad had BS in Biology and Chemistry a double major and was now working on his Master with the idea that a Ph.D. wasn't far off. God how I hated him for his drive, I got over it when I needed help with college math. His partner in crime and other things was working on his last year in college Sloan was majoring in theater with his main focus on acting. He was excellent and already landed the main leads in all of the college plays and a few off-campus plays as well. That let me know what I wanted to do but not sure of my skills, then there were the money issues. Well, I wanted to be a singer on stage and maybe screen. People had told me for years along with every chorus that I had been on teacher had said the same thing. I just wasn't sure I was good enough to put my future on it, so I went with what I knew, teaching. Most of my family members are teachers in the public schools, private schools or at colleges. I knew that I had to declare my major by the end of the year and teaching as looking more like the choice. I was ready to put first and let my dreams of sing professionally stay that. I had informed my roommate about my decision what night during our late night bullshit and bitch sessions. At that time I was feeling pretty down, and I had stayed away from the guys. In spite of the constant texting and calling, I claimed work and keeping up with my class as the reasons I was MIA in our friendship. It got so bad that they started texting my roommate Tegan to find out what was going on. She ratted me out, but it was not to my knowledge. It seemed they had decided to help me make my mind up.
One night a week later, Tegan talked me into going out with her to a karaoke night down at the Student Union Hall. I got dress then had to redress as she didn't like what I had on, a pair of jeans and tee shirt. I was in the process of losing weight and well most of my clothes didn't fit me anymore, and I hadn't taken the time to buy more. Tegan took charge and raided her considerable clothes hoard and came out with a form-fitting royal blue dress just above the knee length tank top dress with the price tag still attached. She quickly ripped it off before giving it to me and once I put it on. It was like wow the color made my pale skin glow and the red of my hair richer and darker saying nothing for what it did for my figure. I was hour glassing it all the way! I kept everything simple from my shoes to my jewelry as the dress with me in was showy enough. I put on my black jacket to cover-up some knowing that I would be taking it off as the place got warmer. We arrived at the Student Hall to side glances and just downright stares of a few. I know Tegan looked amazing as she was wearing her fitted black jeans and a man's white shirt with three-inch strappy booties. What makeup she wore on her flawless cocoa brown skin only made her featured model picture ready. My girl Tegan was beautiful, now as to me I know my good points and I am proud of my curves even though I am reigning them in for good reasons all healthy ones.

My style is the 50's pin-up girl from head to toe and the dress Tegan loaned me tonight was within that theme. My hair had grown out to just below my shoulders, so I had given it curls, but heavy on the waves combed to the side like the 50's starlets. Red lips and large doe eyes well I guess it hit all the right spots because I realized that some of their glance and stares were for me.
We took a seat near the stage and got ready to enjoy the show. As the Mc, a guy from my history class whose name I couldn't remember at the moment started announcing who was going to sing or play in the first hour. Looking around to see who I knew when I found myself like the clinches looking across a crowded room into a pair of startling green eyes. When I pull back a bit, I took in the rest of him. Sloan had gone for I call his English college guy casual of nice dark pants and forest green pullover that made his already amazing eyes even greener. With his nearly black hair that he wore high and tight and athletic body that made many a girl and guy weep for their own reasons, Sloan was handsome beyond reason, and it didn't hurt that he had the sexiest English accent. I watched as his kissable lips went into a smile that travels right to his eyes. Blushing I smiled back, and then I looked to his right and again fell into the "Yummy Zone" Chad had the All American male look, from his blond long wavy hair to his blue eyes set in an angular face that spoke of his Norse ancestry. He was all angles and like Sloan an athletic muscular but slender with it like a swimmer. He was staring at me too with a smile on his handsome face that filled his eyes and made my heart sing. God why were they here and why were they looking at me like that? Then I heard my name called, not Anna but Annabella Reed. I forgot the guys and turned back to the stage and look at MC, Mark yeah that was his name like he had two heads. He just ignored me as he was about his MC business.
"I think you should sing that Teena Maria song that I like to hear you sing," Teagan said look across the table trying to appear innocent but failing badly.

"Yes, Indeed I respond back in a confused as I tried to figure how I had gotten to where I was, and then it hit me, and I narrowed my eyes as Teagan.

"Tegan I love you like a sister from another mother but bitch if you set me if you THREE set me up I am going to make you sorry," I said between being nervous and excited all at the same time.
Teagan just laughed and said nothing.
No one here other than Tegan knew that I could sing, but she didn't know that I could play the piano as well. So tonight there were going to surprises all the way around.

When it came to be my turn, my nervousness had vanished leaving only the sense of excitement behind. Leaving my jacket on the chair, I walked to the stage amid whistles and catcalls of baby you are sure looking fine. I was blushing like mad when I spoke to the Mark and told him what I was going to sing and that I was going to accompany myself on the piano.

Taking a seat at the piano, I started running through the keys to warm up and familiarize myself with them as I introduced myself to the audience, the guys, and Tegan. I could already see Tegan sitting here with her mouth open in shock and her black eyes wide and sparkling. I started in on the song and lost myself amid the words and the feelings that the song was trying to express as well as my own. It seemed like it was a roller coaster ride with its highs and lows then over in a flash. When the last note was the song, it echoed in the Hall carried by the silence, I opened my eyes and looked out at the guys as the notes words drifted back to me... Yes indeed. The Hall broke into applauses and screams for more and other things that I couldn't hear. I was looking at their faces glowing and mouthing the words amazing and...Well, they were clapping like mad as well. I stood up from the piano, and the applauses were still going on when I walk back to the table.

"Damn girl! I knew you could sing, but you never told me that you could play piano like that, "Tegan said as she hugged me. What else can you do that you haven't told me about she demanded her hands on her hips?

What I just laughed was about ready to take my seat when my jacket and clutch were taken from my hands.
"Come with us," Sloan said as Chad hugged Tegan and whispered something in her ear that made her laugh.
She winked at me and smiled before she turned back to take her seat at the table as my place was taken her current boyfriend, Mac. She had told he had gone home and that why I had to come with her! As I was led by Sloan following in Chad's wake, I reminded myself to add them to the list of those I was going to be having not so friendly conversation with later for setting me up.

As we reached the door to exit of Student Hall, Sloan helped me put my jacket back on me but didn't give me back clutch. This time he took one hand and Chad the other, and they walked me to Chad's car. Refusing to answer any of my questions other than to tell me how beautiful I looked and to ask why in the hell hadn't they heard me sing before?
I was ushered into the front seat of the car, and Sloan took the back, but not before laying a kiss on me that was more than friendly. The damn thing curled my toes! I came away panting and barely able to think when I got in the car. As I tried to fasten the seatbelt Chad took over and did it for then he too laid a kiss on me that took up where Sloan's left off. I was silenced for the ride to their apartment involved in trying to remember how to breathe normally much less think. By the time we got there, I could breathe without panting. If that what kissing them is like, I was done for, and they would find out my secret...I was a virgin. I was waiting for the right guy and time to do the deed, but way things were going it might be tonight, and instead of one guy, it would be two.

I was escorted into the apartment that they shared. It was a two bedroom, with the second used as an office. I remembered when I had come to help them move in, thinking that one of them would take the other room but it was until started moving things in that I realized there was only one bed. Willing to admit that I was a bit jealous for reasons that don't make sense, ok I knew that they were gay...just gay, and it made me a little sad as well. It wasn't until later that I find out the truth. It came up one night in conversation when they had me over for dinner during Exam week assuming that I hadn't taken the time to have a decent meal much less real food. It seems they think Ramon noodles are not a food group, and I beg to differ.

Now as I stood in the middle of their living room looking around like I was seeing the place for the first time and not looking at either one of them I felt like everything that I had gone through with Sloan and Chad had led me to this night.

"Anna, what are you thinking?" Sloan's distinctive British accent genteelly sliced through my thoughts.

Saying the first thing that came to me, "I don't know... I mean I think that I...I'm supposed to be here...."The rest of what I was going to say never got out as I felt the warmth of a body and two strong arms wrapped themselves around me from behind. They hugged me tightly pressing my body against the one that was behind me. I closed my eyes and leaned into the embrace that I knew all too well. Sloan held me to him molding his front to my back, his hard cock pressing into the space between my back and hips. Bending his head, Sloan started kissing the side of my face and whispering words that I was so afraid of hearing, like the ones they both had said at the Student Hall earlier. I couldn't hear them then, and I wasn't sure if I was ready to hear them now.

"Anna baby, open your eyes," I heard a voice say from in front of me.

Even with my eyes closed, I could feel Chad's presence. He moved in slowly first with words and then with his hands, stroking my face the side that Sloan wasn't kissing surrounding me with their attention. If only I knew what their intentions were, as to whether this was going to be a one-time thing or something more, if not I couldn't, as I had been in love with them for too long. Now hoping that I was being offered my dream...

"Open your eyes love," Sloan said in my ear as Chad softly kissed my forward head and moved in to sandwich me between them.

I took courage from knowing that at least they care for me on some level and hoping that was enough, I opened my eyes and looked up.

As Sloan gathered my hair out of my face, I looked into Chad's handsome face and held my breath.
"I love you..."

I blinked along so blink as my mind and body ran around in chaos.

"I love you too," came from Sloan who circled me keeping me still secured in his arm to look me in the face as he spoke.

Again with the long blink... as I looked up at both of them trying to do what I don't know...Other than keep breathing?

"We have been in love with you since the day we met you, and we were hoping that in time you would feel the same way about us...,"

"Feel the same way! Wait first you two didn't tell me you were friends, then I find that out, and then you tell me you gay! What was I supposed to do and think? I sputtered out in a frantic voice so afraid of saying doing or feeling anything other than friendship..."

"Oh, baby! "

"O love, we are sorry, Chad and I didn't think that we were giving you mixed messages." We thought that once we told you that we were gay, you would understand as we never hid our mutual interest for you."

"Understand what?" I asked wanting to hear the words come from them and know that what I had been hoping for was coming true.

Now they both move to face me but still keep me in their arms. I could tell by the look on their faces the next words out their mouths would change my life as much as graduating and going off to college had. Whether it was practice or not or maybe they were just on the same wavelength but what came out of their mouths arrived in my ears at the same time.

"Love us, be with us, Annabella."

My hearing cleared with a crash as the air from my lung rushed out, and I took in a breath.

"Please say that again I said, this time slowly so my heart can hear it.

"Love us, be with us, Annabella."

My yes, filled the small space between us and me fell into them and held on tight. After that it became a blur of kisses and hands moving touch caressing and even undressing.

When I could think again and breathe air that was my own, for it seemed as if they were breathing for me, I found myself naked between two naked men.
"Ahh I am hmm," was all that I could say as I looked up from one to the other feeling my face go red with embarrassment not sure if I should tell them now or let them find out.

"Love don't worry about a thing, leave it to us we will take care of you," Sloan whispered as his lips took control of mine.

I felt my eyes open wide in wonder, did they know my secret? I was given time to think about as the heat of his kiss vanished the last bit of doubt that I had about what was going to happen. The touch of Chad's hands on my body lead me to their bedroom, where I was laid across the king size bed. Where each of them took a spot, Chad at my feet and Sloan at my head, I'm guessing that they were going to meet in the middle of my body and go from there.
"Do you know how beautiful you are? " Chad said as he stroked lightly with a single finger up my right leg from toe to the kneecap.
I couldn't answer as waves of desire ripped through me stealing my breath, but what Sloan next didn't help either. What he had crawled on to the bed was kneeling face down above me kissing and nibbling at my mouth than running the tip of his tongue over his handiwork. Then I felt Chad's lips were where his fingers had wandered and then he was on the bed. Between the two of them, they kissed, sucked and licked their all of my body, turning me this way and that as to not miss a spot. When they stepped back, I was shaking and panting so hard that I thought the bed was moving, but it could have just been me.
They were rocking my world having only caress the surface. I moaned my pleasure as I begged for more. Sloan and Chad only smiled the smiled of the thoroughly pleased after all they had me where I guess they had wanted me for some time. Then each from his direction latched on to nipple with his mouth and started to suck. Singular it is amazing, but in unison, it was blowing. My clit which had been at low throb ebb had now developed a heartbeat of its own. I was flowing freely as my pussy sought something to hold on to make it all worthwhile, but so far I had only been offered mouth teeth and tongue, but not there. As if he was reading my mind, Chad slid a finger into among the curls of my mound then dived between the folds of my pussy finding my clit then stopping. I would have protested, but Sloan had slid his sexy body down my and presenting for the first real time tonight a chance at play with one of their cocks. Both of them were more than average at rest, active well this would be the first time that I have had the pleasure up close and so personal. I reached out for Sloan with the hand nearest to him and had it knocked away before I could even touch it.
"I see that we are going to have to take serious measures here," laughed Sloan
He vanished off the bed and came back second later from his side of the bed grabbing my hands and putting my wrist together with some kind of soft rope. Then he pulled pulling my arms up over my head and out of the way.
"Sloan...What the fuck!!," I said trying to pull my arms back down to my side but losing the battle.
"Now, I think Chad we will not be interrupted again, but if we are I'm sure we have something in our toy box to fix the problem," Sloan said as he continued his way down my body in a slow teasing array of kisses, bites, and licks.
By the time Chad made his way to my lips my pussy had been invading by his fingers joined by Sloan's tongue. Don't know how they did it without getting in each other's way, but one sucked my clit while the other finger fucked me. They would take me to the age and now let me come, and they did this repeatedly until I was screaming for them to fuck me, forgetting the fact that I was a virgin. It doesn't mean that I have never played around before, doing oral and such I just never had a cock inside of me fake or otherwise, so in that way I was a virgin. I had been holding off but now seemed like the right time, and I just couldn't seem to get them to cooperate with me. That turned out to be the last clear thought I had before the boys went into a 69 with me in the middle.
Somehow my hands came loose, and I grabbed the cock that was almost in my face and sucked the head of it into my mouth as someone was massaging my tits from behind and sucking on my neck. Then there was this tongue between my legs and fingers. I got lost in the sensual controlled chaos sucking on the cock that was in my mouth rolling my tongue over and around the mushroom head and tasting the salty sweetness of the precum. I fought with my mouth to take in more cock in then it could comfortably handle. Then it hit me, no more going to the edge and not go over. I pop the cock out of my mouth as the orgasm hit my body started to shake so hard that could only moan my pleasure escaped from between my lips as I saw stars. I was floating on the rise of my orgasm when I started to come down only to feel something between my legs that send me screaming into another with a brief, sharp pain echoing through it. I grabbed on to something and held on for dear life as sensation between my legs increased. I fought with myself to open my eyes not realizing I had closed them to see what happens. I looked up into a pair of lust filled eyes that smile back at me, and I knew that my secret out and over, the deed was done.
He moved his body slowly in and out of me in spite of my urging to go faster after the pain and disappeared. It was then that I realized that I was up against another body and I could feel the cock hard and demanding against the small of my back as he held me against him.

The orgasm hit me so hard I was seeing stars as my body jerked and shook so hard that I was unaware of the change until I felt another cock between my legs. This one was just as thick, long and demanding and kicked my orgasm which was being played like a game of volleyball. I came so hard that I cried out my release and fainted away.
Sometime later I woke to the warmth of other naked bodies both side of me. For a minute I laid there trying to get my bearing to understand what had happened, but then my stiff joints and tender pussy told the whole story. I pushed my hair out of my face to see Chad's quiet eyes staring back at me questioning. As gingerly rolled on to my stomach I looked over to find Sloan looking at me through a curtain of his black hair. His eyes to were quiet, and I knew why.
"I regret nothing," I said in a voice that was hoarse and dry from screaming and moaning. Slowly moving to sitting up on my knees in the bed pulling the covers with me I looked at the two of them, my boys lying there looking up at me waiting.
"Yes, you two, I love both"
That seemed to free them from their thoughts as they reached for me pulling down into their nest of arms, legs bodies, and kisses. Much later that morning I closed my eyes smiling as they wrapped themselves around me...I was home.

Music that I listened to while writing this:

Gourdan Banks: CAN I KEEP YOU IN MIND.

After 7: I WANT YOU

Noel Pointer: NIGHT SONG


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