A Tree Huggin Hippie

I guess she was what you'd think of as a "Tree Huggin Hippie".

She was camped out over on the Mimbres river doing some kind of wildlife survey. I first met Maggie when I was fixing a water gap on a fence up on Taylor Creek.

I was up to my knees in the creek stringing wire from a rock to hold the fence in place across the creek when she just "appeared" on the creek bank. My horse Buck didn't even snort and let me know she was there, some watch dog huh? Anyway, she watched for a while and then asked a few questions. I explained to her what I was doing and why. I thought she'd find all kinds of objections to cattle in the mountains and the impact on the environment and such as that, but she didn't.

I asked what she was doing up here and she explained that she was working on a riparian area study and the impact that cattle and wildlife had on creek banks and fish populations.

Something about her made me trust her. I didn't think she was there to undermine the things I was doing but that she had a genuine concern for preserving things up here where I called home.

I'd been here long enough to know what abuse could do to the land and I figured that If I became proactive, I could restore some of the damage and help the land keep me employed. I was lucky enough to have a boss that understood both sides of the environmental issue.

Susan, the ranch owner, was wealthy enough to be able to afford to take it slow, Concerned enough to take care of the ranch, and smart enough to not blindly follow any popular agenda.

Susan knew that the ranch had to pay for itself one way or another and she gave me the leeway to do it how I saw fit.

Back to Maggie. After we talked for a bit, she wandered off to look at Taylor Creek up to the falls. I finished up what I had to do, and broke for lunch. She came back after about an hour and a half.

"Join me for lunch?" I asked. "She smiled and said "I'd love to" She took off her backpack and we opened up what we'd brought.

We sat in the shade and listened to the creek chuckle over the rocks. My horse stamped in the dust and shook his head to shoo away the flies as I enjoyed Maggie's company.

This time of year I usually spent weeks working out of the cabin and rarely saw anyone unless I made it to town for some reason or another. I was retired from a couple of careers, and decided that while I could, I'd work at doing something fun. It was hard work, but I liked it and being alone didn't really bother me. I'd gotten used to it since wife and I were separated and she'd decided to stay in the city.

Maggie was a breath of fresh air. Smart and pretty, I found that she could carry on a conversation on just about anything. The pretty part wasn't lost on me either. she had long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, gorgeous blue eyes, she was wearing khaki shorts and hiking boots which showed off her legs nicely. She wore a blue short sleeved shirt with a white tee shirt under it which didn't show off anything.

She wasn't very tan which surprised me until I saw a white dab of sunscreen under her ear. I thought to myself "She must bathe in the stuff." I was in my usual "uniform" of faded wranglers and a denim shirt, boots and what was supposed to be a black hat.

I guess I was a little more lonesome than I thought, because I talked away most of the afternoon. Maggie seemed to enjoy the conversation or at least she was being polite.

I needed to get back to the cabin in time to do chores but where she said she was camped wasn't too far out of the way so I offered her a ride. She thought it would be too hard on my horse but I assured her that Buck was up to it. I saddled him back up and gathered up my tools. I gathered my reins, stepped in the stirrup and climbed aboard. I circled around to where she was and kicked my foot out of the stirrup and held out my hand for her.

Maggie took my hand and stepped up. She straddled Buck behind me and got situated. "Ready?" I asked. She replied "Uh huh!" She wrapped her arms around my waist and her breasts pressed into my back. "Careful boy!" I told myself. I'd been up here long enough for the feel of her against me to have a profound effect on me and I had to shift a little to "adjust" myself in my jeans. I was smiling as we started off down the trail.

Buck twitched his ears as we both listened to Maggies voice. She liked to talk and I liked to listen to her. We talked about living in the mountains without the comforts of town like electricity or running water. I told her about the shower I'd built at the cabin using springwater and a solar water heater. She laughed when I told her that I was too old to be taking cold water creek baths. I came to realize that Maggie was a sensitive woman, kind and considerate too. It wasn't an act.

The trail followed the creek down to the Mimbres and wound through pine trees and cottonwoods. The few times Buck had to jump over a fallen tree caused Maggie to hold on tighter. I didn't mind that at all. All too soon we came upon her camp which was set back in a clearing under some cottonwoods. "You picked a great place to camp." I said. "It's high enough in case it rains." I pulled Buck's reins up and we stopped in front of her tent. "Door to door service." I said. She laughed and thanked both of us for the ride. Maggie slid off the saddle, rubbing her soft breasts aganst me in the process. She held my hand for a second then let go. I tipped my hat and said "Any time ma'am." I told her that my cabin was only a couple miles west of her in the next canyon over and that if she needed anything, to feel free to stop by.

It was a long ride back to the cabin. I'd really enjoyed Maggie's company. I finished the chores and fixed my supper. Afterwards, I couldn't shake the feel of Maggies breasts in my back. I kept wondering if she was wearing a bra or if she was doing it accidentally or on purpose. I finally gave up decided to take a shower while the water was still warm and before it got completely dark. I soaped off under the hot water and thinking of Maggies smile, her legs, her hair and her eyes and jerked off, hoping that I could relax afterward. It didn't help much.

The next few nights I slept restlessly. I worked longer hours to occupy my mind. I think it was Thursday when I decided to shoe horses and came back to the cabin early. I'd just turned the horses into the corral and took off my chaps and spurs. When I heard a cheerful "Hi stranger."

I smiled. "Well hello there yourself! and welcome." I replied. "You're just in time for lunch and some coffee."

She smiled back and said "Thanks!"

We went up to the cabin. I kept it pretty neat and I was glad that I'd just swept and mopped the floors the night before and that my dishes were done. I built a fire in the woodstove and put on water for coffee. When it was ready, I poured each of us a cup. Maggie had been working up the canyon from the cabin and decided to stop by.

"I've been curious about your shower ever since you told me about it." she said. "I wonder if I could try it out."

I almost choked. "Uhh, you're sure welcome to, but there's just one little problem. See that flat rock over there with the pipe hanging over it? THAT'S it. There's no walls or curtains or anything."

She looked at me for a minute and said "Well it's not like there's a crowd out here and I'm SURE you wouldn't stare." and then she smiled. "Besides, I think you're a gentleman."

"It's totally up to you." I replied, "but Buck might get an eyefull" We laughed.

I fixed lunch and we ate. When we finished, I told Maggie that I had to get at least one horse shod before the day was done but she was welcome to do whatever she wanted to do and stay as long as she'd like.

She went over to her backpack and got out some things and began to put her hair up. "I was serious about the shower." she said.

"Help yourself. I replied, "The warm water should last about 30 minutes in case you want to wash your hair."

She took some soap and shampoo out of her backpack and said "Perfect!" I stood there dumbfounded as she walked out to the shower "rock". I swear I tried but it's not like I could keep from looking.

I went out to the corral and caught up Mouse, the horse that needed shoeing the most. I led him over to the hitching rail and stood there mesmerized as Maggie took off her blouse and tee shirt and tossed them onto a nearby bush. She looked over at me.

Then she reached behind her and unhooked her bra and took it off. Her breasts were gorgeous even from 20 yards away. She took off her boots and socks and set them aside then she unbuckled her belt and shrugged out of her shorts. I picked up Mouse's hoof as she started the water and stepped under the stream. I filed off the old nails and pulled the shoe. I kept glancing over at Maggie who was standing beneath the water letting it run over her face and hair and smoothing her hair back.

"Who am I kidding?" I muttered. I quickly pulled the other shoe. and then leaned against Mouse as I watched Maggie take her shower. She began to soap herself off, running her hands across her arms and breasts. She glanced up at me and smiled as she ran her soapy hands down her stomach. "Fuck it." I said then led Mouse back to the corral.

I walked back over to the shower just about the time she soaped off her legs. Maggie was clearly not embarrassed standing naked in front of me.

"Wash your back?" I asked. She smiled and nodded.

I pulled off my boots, then my jeans and lastly my shirt and hat. She looked at my rigid cock and said "Well, we know that you're not THAT old!" She handed me the soap and I washed her back as she stood under the water. I ran my hands over her back, hips and her bottom.

"Mmmmmmm that feels nice" she murmured.

I washed between her cheeks and then her thighs. "I picked up her shampoo and put it on my hands I began to wash her long blonde hair, gently massaging her scalp. I kept rubbing against her bottom and when she bent over to rinse out her hair, I rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy. She reached up to wring the soap out of her wet hair and then then stood up to rinse it out once more. She gave my cock a playful squeeze then bent over again. She wrung her hair out one more timme and then leaned over toward the tree trunk. I held her hips and slipped inside her.

She felt incredible. Silky smooth, hot, and tight. it was all I could do to keep from cumming right then. Each thrust took me deeper and deeper. She met me with each movement. Maggie clenched her muscles tightly around me and I exploded inside her. I pulled her to me and gripped her hips as I pushed against her as hard as I could. I could feel her pussy twitching and her shaking body told me she'd cum too. We both slowly relaxed. I slipped out of her and we both stood under the water for a moment Maggie leaned back against me and I wrapped my arms around her.

The horses in the corral were looking at us. "Looks like we had an audience." I growled

"I'm pretty sure they won't say much." She murmured as she caught her breath.

Maggie turned around and squatted in front of me. She took the soap and lathered up her hands then took my cock in her left hand and began to wash it. Her fingers felt wonderful as she soaped off my balls and ran her fingertip behind them. She pushed me under the water to rinse off and then gently explored the veins and head. She kissed the tip and said "Thanks!" I said "No, thank YOU! It's been a while."

She stood under the water as it began to cool and washed off her pussy. I said "We'd better get out from under this because it'll be cold really soon." She laughed and said "Thanks for the warning!"

I turned the water off and she reached over and slipped on her boots. I put mine on too and then my hat. We gathered up our clothes and walked naked back to the cabin. "It's too late to go back to your camp this afternoon. Why don't you stay here?" I said as I walked behind her. "Do I have to get dressed? she asked.

"Not unless you just want to" I said chuckling.

We walked into the cabin and dropped our clothes on the chair by my bed. I took her hand and led her back outside.

She looked at me a little surprised as I said. "I'll show you around the place."

The sun felt great as we walked past the corral and into the old apple orchard. The shadows of the trees formed dappled patterns on her smooth white skin. Her nipples were pink. We walked through the orchard and turned back through an old hay meadow. Her hand felt soft and delicate in mine but I could also feel a strength in her grip.

Maggie let go of my hand and walked over to some wildflowers. Her hair was drying and shone in the sunlight. We were both totally at ease with each other. She smiled at me as I watched her. I couldn't remember feeling so free. Maggie looked at me and laughed. "You look funny wearing nothing but your hat!"

I laughed back and said "Hey! I'm wearing boots too!" We walked for a bit more and the sun started to get closer to the mountain tops. I suggested that we get back to the cabin so we walked in that direction. When we got back, I set out a couple of canvas camp chairs facing west. I asked Maggie if she drank and she said that she did sometimes. I went in and poured a couple glasses of whiskey and brought them out as the sun crept downward toward the horizon. We sat and sipped our drinks as everything began to turn orange. She stood up in front of me. My eyes travelled slowly from her face to her breasts, down her tummy to her dark blonde tuft. She moved over to where I was sitting and sat on my lap. It was a quiet time, she leaned back and we took in the sunset. She reached over and toyed with the hairs on my chest and I ran my hand up her smooth thigh and over her hip. She tickled my nipple with her fingernail which made it stand out. I leaned down and kissed her. Nothing rushed, just a slow kind of kiss that matched the peaceful moment. I moved my hand back down to her thigh and between her legs. She was warm and wet.

She broke off the kiss and leaned down to suck on my nipple and playfully bit it. I slid a finger inside her and said "Fair is fair Darlin" I took my finger out, moved my arm behind her knees and stood up carrying her with me.

Maggie held on to my neck as I walked inside the darkening cabin. I layed her gently on the bed and lit one of the lamps on the table. We both pulled back the sheets. She lay back and I knelt over her. Leaning down I took one of her nipples in my mouth and bit down just enough to elicit a squeal and a laugh. I kissed her ear, her neck and sucked on her shoulder. I slipped a second finger inside her and she started moving her hips with my hand. her blonde hair was spread out on the pillow, glistening in the flickering lamplight.

I kissed both her breasts, circling her nipples with my tongue and sucking on both of them. She moaned as I slipped farther down her belly and she held my head in her hands as I found her pussy. I moved to kneel between her lifted knees and went back down on her, her hips lifting to meet my tongue. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth, circled it with my tongue then plunged it inside her, moving it back and forth over her swollen clit. Her nails bit into my scalp and her movements became frenzied and only excited me more. Maggies breathing was ragged and her moans turned into screams. Her back suddenly arched and her hand became like iron as they pulled me closer. She soaked my face as she came over and over again.

I kissed my way back up to her breasts and her neck and pushed my cock between her soaked lips. Maggie wrapped her legs around me and her hips began to move once again. I quickly slid all the way into her and both our movements got faster and harder. She came again, wrapping my body in a vise-like grip. I came too which felt like it lasted forever. I collapsed on top of her gasping for air and covering her ears and neck with kisses. She framed my face with her hands and kissed my lips. Our tongues swirling around each other.

I rolled off her and we lay together, chests heaving and totally spent. Maggie rolled over and draped one leg over me and nestled in under my arm. "Do you show all the girls who come here this good a time?"

I laughed and said "I try!" She reached down and played with my softening cock. "Sorry, it's tired for now." I said.

That's OK, I like it this way too." she leaned down over it and whispered "I know you'll be back." she licked it and then taking the head into her mouth gave it a quick lick, adding "I have ways of reviving him."
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