A Trip to remember!
A trip to remember!

Michelle had been living in New York City for a few years now with her best friend sharing an apartment. Michelle's best friend was getting ready to move in with her fiance & Michelle didn't rent or stay any longer in New York, she was already financially struggling so she decided it was time to go back to Las Vegas and stay with her parents. She called up her parents and they were thrilled since they haven't seen her in three years since she graduated from high school.

She played her bills, gave notice to her job and landlord, then bought a bus ticket back home with most of her money. The day of her trip she missed her bus by 30 minutes, she pleaded with the bus depot but they couldn't give her a refund Michelle left the depot hopeless, till she came up with hitch hiking. She walked to a highway ramp and waited till he pulled over.

A black SUV pulled over with this tall blue eye stud driving. "Miss may I help you?" he asked with interest in his voice. "Yes please" Michelle replied with eagerness in her voice. "I bought a bus ticket to Las Vegas & I missed my bus, I have no money now." He was willing to help this gorgeous girl and told her to hop in. Michelle hops in with her 2 suit cases with the look of hopelessness draining away.

They started talking learning more about each other, James could hardly pay attention to the road looking at Michelle, she was so sexy with her long dark hair, tiny short figure and flawless looks. In her mind he was hot too tall, sexy, blond and nice muscles She could see by how his short clung to them.

Hours had gone by, James was getting these feeling and urges with this sexy stranger sitting by him, the urges were getting more strong and frustrating due to the fact she wasn't showing any interest in him. It was around 8:00 at night and James was exhausted from driving they exit the highway to the nearest town with a motel.

They find a motel not to shabby or run down, they grab something to eat, and then return to their motel room. James started getting those sexual/horny feelings

Michelle tells him she is going to take a shower. James can't take it anymore he walks over to the bathroom and waits for her to walk out; when the door opens Michelle comes out with only a towel. James grabs her and yanks the towel away. He pushes her on the bed; he climbs on top of her leans over kissing her all over.

He tells her repeatedly," Don't fight me don't fight it'll feel so good." He kisses her passionately on the lips till she calms down & stops fighting him. He gets off her and takes his clothes off, he climbs back on her kisses her more passionately all over her body. He starts biting on her nipples, first lightly then hard, sinking his teeth into one while he's pinching her other nipple then switches.

He kisses her down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy, kissing around it, but touching her clit with his finger. Looking at her pussy he looks up and ask," you're a virgin?"

She replies, "yes" nervously. He smiles & tells her he'll make it the best for her as he tells her he goes down licking her, sticking his tongue slowly inside, slowly sucking. She moans in pleasure as he eats her out, he pulls his tongue out, he slowly puts his one finger inside in and out slow to fast, then switches to two fingers opening her up for he has to offer. He stops climbs back on top kissing her lips passionately,

"Did you like?" he asked. "Yes, it felt okay" she said a little scared."Don't be scared Michelle, it'll hurt but I promise I'll make it good." He then slowly thrust in, she screams in pain & digs her fingers in his back, as he slowly thrusts all his 10 inch cock inside her. He slowly pulls in & out for an hour moaning in her ear in pleasure. He pulls out putting her legs on his shoulders then thrusting back in going a little faster than before thrusting all the way in fast then pulling out slow, James did that for another hour then pulled out.

He then places Michelle on her hands and knees doing her doggie style this time not slow but full on fast letting all his sexual need out, going faster making the bed shake violently as he grabs her breast then digging his fingers into her hips, tills he release his cum.

James kisses Michelle more and looks at the blood on the sheets from taking her virginity away; he asks her if it felt good. He then picks up her exhausted body placing her in the other twin bed where they sleep the rest of the night.
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