A Very Helpful Assistant
It was a long hot day at the office with meeting after meeting after meeting and the air conditioner was broken. I could feel the beads of sweat dripping down my cleavage. I could not unbutton my blouse any more without popping right out of it. I could already see most of the eyes in the room were watching them rise and fall with each breath.

I was at least smart enough to remove my pantyhose on our lunch break and put my panties in my purse so my pussy could breath and when sitting at the meeting table I could spread my legs enough to get some fresh air. I pulled my skirt up just above my knees so that I could try and keep cool but it was just so uncomfortable I could not wait to get out of there.

When we finally broke at 2 pm I bolted back to my office grabbed my messages from my assistant Jesse darted into my office and shut the door. "Fuuuuuckkkkk what a waste of a day" as I slammed down my notes on my desk and flopped into my chair.

I spun around facing the bookshelf hiked up my skirt and was fanning my pussy trying to cool down. The middle button on my blouse finally gave way and may tits just popped out and I swear I could almost hear them sigh.

What a sight that must have been when poor Jesse walked in to hand me some files. As he shut the door I startled and I could hear a faint gasp escape his lips.

"Ahhh Ms. Hill areeee you ok?"

"Yes Jesse just hot from sitting in that meeting room all day."

I tried to pull myself together pushing my skirt down to cover me and button my blouse. I slowly spun my chair around to face him.

Jesse walked over to my desk laid the files on top bent over and then re-buttoned my blouse.

"You did not get them quite right Ms."

When he finished he gently ran the palm of his hand over my breasts and the nipples reacted immediately and started to become hard.... my pussy twitched and I could feel a hunger rise in me that sometimes I can not control... and I was beginning to think this might be one of those times.

I slowly got up from my chair and my skirt was still up around my hips just barley covering my pussy and looked right at him...

"What else needs to be fixed Jesse?"

He hesitated for a moment and put both hands on my hips and gently dragged them down my thighs as he straightened my skirt. I could hear and feel the pace of his breath quicken and the tell tails sign in his pants that we were about to pass the point of no return.

Without words being spoken he unbuttoned the blouse he just fixed and he tried to cup both of my ample breasts and then slowly licked a bead of sweat that was trickling down my cleavage. When he reached my neck he nibbled his way up then with force squeezed them hard and covered my mouth with his.

He pushed his tongue down my throat and pinched my nipples and I swear I heard a growl grow in his throat as I felt his dick harden against me and as it grew I knew I was going to be sore by the time we were done.

His hands pulled my skirt up again and then he pushed me back into my chair drooped to his knees and pushed my legs as far apart as they would go. He looked up at me and said only one thing...

"You will not cum until I tell you to or there will be consequences"

I was confused by this and did not understand what he meant but did I ever find out.

He dove into my pussy pulling the lips apart with his fingers licking from front to back nibbling on my clit. My hands were gripping the arms of my chair for all that they were worth. I was trying to stifle my moans as he teased every part of my pussy and when he nipped my clit I let out a slight yelp. I was so wet just dripping he dipped two fingers deep in my pussy getting them covered with my juice he slid them out and lubricated my back door. In my pussy then dragging the sopping pussy juice to my ass and then pop one finger was in.

I yelped when this happened as i have never had anyone do that to me before and this is when Jesse knew he had me. He just kept eating me and licking and fingering me I could not figure out which nerve was more on fire or alive. I was writhing in my chair and then I came... so hard like never before his face was covered in my pussy cum.

As I fell apart in my chair with aftershocks from the orgasm Jessy stood up and looked down at me.

"I told you not to cum till I told you to..... now you will be a good girl and do what you are told." This was not a question it was a very firm statement.

He pulled me up out of the chair harshly and bent me over my desk pushed my legs apart with his knees and I could hear the zipper on his pants go down. I did not even get to see how big his cock was but when the hard member fell onto my ass I could feel how fucking big, round and hard it was. In my head I am trying to figure out how I am going to get it all to fit but apperently that was not my worry.

I could feel his cock at the entrance of my throbbing dripping wet pussy he slowly let the head pop into my opening and it took a few moments for my vagina to relax and make room for it all and then with one push he was in me. I had never felt so full in my life. I yelped a bit more in surprise than pain and he smacked my ass.

"Now be a good girl Ms. Hill and be quiet we would not want anyone to walk in on us would we?"

He just started to push in and out while pulling my hips to him so he could hit me hard with his cock. He just kept fucking me harder and hard and every once in a while I would let out a moan or yelp and he would smack my ass.

As I was distracted by this very large cock wildly fucking me I failed to notice that he had slipped a finger back in my ass but when he added the second one I noticed and cried out... "Jesse please"

"Please what... more..." as he put in a third..... and I caught myself by surprise as I moaned. "Now thats a good girl take it all."

He fucked me hard his fingers in my ass and my pussy full of his cock and my tits rubbing on my desks to the point my nipples were hyper sensitive and I was reaching a whole new level in orgasm.

I took my own hand to cover my mouth as I let out a scream of pleasure, followed by groans and moans. I could feel the liquid escaping my pussy and dripping down my leg. I was quivering as every nerve released at once and I had not strength in me.

"Ms Hill that is the second time you have cum without permission. You were warned."

I had no strength to move I was collapsed on my desk with this huge cock just sitting in my pussy. Jessy took pussy drippings and filled my ass crack and massaged it into my hole using his fingers to spread the opening even wider than I ever thought it could go.

Then Jesse slowly removed his cock from my dripping vagina and put the head of it on my virgin entry.

"I am not going to lie to you Ms Hill this will hurt a lot"

He pushed the head of his cock past my entry way and it was like fire I cried out a little and a tear formed in my eye.

"Relax and in a moment you will experience something like not other."

I took a few deep breaths and tried to relax as he pushed the rest of his cock into my ass. It felt like he was going to rip me to pieces it was so huge and Jesse was pulling my ass checks apart to try and give him more room to enter.

Once all of him was in he rested for a moment to let me recover and allow for my rear to expand and accommodate him all. I took a few more deep breaths then it began a pounding like I have never had before.

I kept my hand over my mouth as he began to slowly retract and then pound into me. It was excruciating and wildly exhilarating at the same time the cross between pleasure and pain was unbelievable. He was showing no mercy at all he was lost in the thrill of ass fucking his boss on her desk during business hours.

He was pounding into me, slapping my ass and my pussy started to leak even more juice. My clit was rubbing against something on my desk, my nipples were as hard as rocks and over sensitive against the fabric of my bra and I still had my had over my mouth bitting into it to prevent from screaming.

"Now Ms. Hill.... you may cum."

I exploded for the third time and a river was running down my leg as I could feel him fill my ass with is cum. I could feel his balls resting on my ass and his cock contracting against my entrance which was even more exciting. He slowly slid out of me and rested his cock on my ass crack as the last of his cum dripped out onto me. He then slowly backed up pulled up his pants and came around to the front of the desk.

"Ms Hill there is a memo in the top file that needs your immediate action and let me know if there is anything else you need."

As I lay on the desk completely spent he bent down and kissed me on the cheek and walked out of my office. I am not sure how long I lay on my desk before I tried to pull myself together.

I spent at least three hours finishing up some paperwork and Jesse checked in before he left at the end of the day. I waited until he office was empty before I limped out to my car and drove home to take a very long hot bath.

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