A Walk In The Park
I've struggled with insomnia since my breakup from a dull relationship. Reading helps, but tonight is hot, humid and I needed to walk. Off a few blocks I walk slowly. My white t-shirt and shorts are wet from the fountain I'm next to in the park. A few couples are here, deep in conversation, New love.

There are a couple of men leaving the basketball court, lingering, looking. I meet their gaze and close my eyes, enjoying the mist from the fountain.

When I open them I'm surprised to see one has come up very close. He asks if I'm cold. No, I'm not. His buddy joins him. They are both fit, good looking and asking if I'd mind sharing the bench.

I sit up to make room and realize my white shirt is see thru thanks to the mist and my nipples are hard. I try to hide them but I only manage to make it worse by pushing my tits thru the fabric, fighting to get out. By now both men are oblivious to anything else. I decline the offer of their towel and get up to leave.

Before I know it, one has me by my wrist, don't go've been waiting for us....we know. Why don't you give me a better look at those jugs? I wait too long, he rips my shirt off. He's staring at me and they are both rubbing their cocks. I'm starting to get wet.

I'm squeezing my tits when he grabs both wrists and holds them together tight. I want you to beg me to suck those he says, gripping tighter. Please I say, suck my tits please. Each man sucks one and I'm dripping wet. Moaning in pleasure they release me realizing the couples around are looking.

I take it as my cue to leave as I know it is a public park. Walking thru the tunnel, my scrappy shirt barely covering me.

Near the end of the darkness I notice a figure. It's basketball guy. Turning back I see his friend at the entrance. Both start to move in closer. Without a word I'm forced to my knees and a hard cock is thrust into my mouth. I lick and take it deep in my mouth licking precum from the tip.

Behind me my hands are held together and I feel 3 fingers enter my wet pussy. I grind and buck with my mouth full of cock. I'm pushed onto my back and soon they switch positions. I'm writhing and pulling for my like it rough they ask? My hair is being pulled and the fingers stop. My mouth is full of cock but my pussy is begging for tongue...he makes me beg. Please eat my pussy please please fuck me hard. I'm granted the tongue and I'm moaning and begging for more.....

On all fours I finally get a hard cock filling my dripping wet pussy and I'm in ecstasy screaming harder, faster deeper all the while my jugs swinging heaving near the others mouth, he is teasing me.

Faster and deeper, slapping my ass until we both cum....collapsing to the floor they are grinning....then I notice their teammate.....
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