A Wedding Slow Dance
It had been so long since I held you that I was unsure when you asked me to dance. Had it been two years?? The ache was immediately back in my heart. "Come on Jimmy, just one dance," you cooed. Torn between a need to say something mean and the desire to hold you close, just one more time, I followed you out onto the crowded dance floor. I was not the only one who noticed you had worn your come-fuck-me heels and that short little black dress that was oh, so inappropriate for a wedding, and yet oh so appropriate for a wedding reception.

As you turned to melt back into my arms it felt just like yesterday. That was how it had all started before, except that time it was me urging you to come for "Just one slow dance." Pulling you against me, I immediately felt again the welling desire ignited by the feel of your firm breasts and those hardened nipples pressing into my chest. As you shook your hair free of the clip you wore, the sexy picture was complete. My arousal was immediate, driven by the memory of you close and naked pressing your kitty to my lips. The memories exploding in my brain were accented by the smell of Poison on your neck and hair and your soft lips next to my ear. "MMMMMmmm," you breathed warmly "I've missed you so."

Any thoughts of asking how you liked being back with your hubby were quickly quelled by the burning desire to hold you for as long as I could. The lingering question was why you decided to run crying out that first and last night, with my swollen cock, busting from the teasing you gave me, hitting cold air as you suddenly jumped up and ran away. I could still feel the pain you had left deep in my nut sack. No, no mean words could pass my lips as every fiber in my body cried out to hold you close once again. My brain was in overdrive trying to find some way for my thick and swollen member to once again be surrounded by your velvet pussy, slick with the juices of your own desire and my pre-cum.

"Did you miss me?" you asked, so coy, while rubbing your flat tummy against my now engorged cock.

"Don't you care who is looking at us?" I asked, my hands now sliding down your sweet firm ass, as I was now fully engaged in playing your little game.

"It is just one dance, so don't get too excited," you teased. Then sliding your hand between us, I was treated to that sultry smile as you then lifted up on your toes to kiss me, all the while giving my swollen cock a squeeze. Bending down to kiss you I lost all awareness of the music that was playing. My universe was centered on catching that sexy little tongue twirling around mine. The fire flowing between us sent memories flooding back into my head and groin of how you had done that to my engorged cock head the first and only night we slept together.

"I only came because I wanted to see if you would cum," and with that you twirled around to place your backside firmly against my now fully erect shaft. The music had changed to a Latin beat, so to the world we were just changing our dance to meet the music. But we both knew we were now fully locked in a mating ritual that could only end when you were sitting once again fully impaled by the cock that had scared you so much the first time. As you shook your ass like a wanton slut, your skirt rode up over your thigh high stockings. It was clear that nothing was thin enough to be hidden from my view; you were bare-ass naked under that silk dress. Standing up you leaned back to kiss me while grinding harder. "I want you to cum in your pants baby, so you can take your time with me later."

My desire was again at a boil and though you only smiled as you kissed me, I heard that repeated in my head, "I want you to cum in your pants baby, so you can take your time with me later..." One second I think I'm getting back onto control, then you hit me with this wild idea of a dry hump, in clear public view, just like some horny teenagers. I grabbed your hips and surrendered to the passion you have ignited within me. I pressed my cock, now straining for release, firmly against your hot ass and grind back against you with the lust and intensity that made you almost fall off your heels. As you stood up and leaned back once again to kiss me, you breathed, "Fuck me" into my open mouth. I took that opportunity to rub my hand across your breast. Hidden by your long hair and the dim light, it found your swollen nipple just under the edge of the lace trim of your dress, your firm breast covered in a fine sheen of sweat that ignited a fire in my senses with the release of your perfume.

As the song ended you pulled away, making me groan, knowing we had no excuse to stay out on the dance floor. I could feel my pre-cum coating the inside of my shorts and trickling down to my balls. I had been oh, so close and I was sure you would leave me once again in agony. Then you smiled a wicked, lustful smile at me and said "Come on." Leading off the dance floor you kept me aroused by placing my hand firmly onto your ass and then holding it there with yours. I could feel the softness of your ass and your tight cheeks ripple under my finger tips as you walked briskly back to the table.

By the time we crossed the room to a table currently unoccupied I had positive confirmation that you had on neither panties or thong. I smiled as I realized that the squish sound I was hearing was from your slick and swollen nether lips rubbing together as we walked. When we sat down you kissed me deeply and then just as I was getting into sucking your tongue you again pulled away. "Want some cake?" you asked, and before I could answer you darted away.

My mind was occupied with thoughts of how hard your nipples had been with my fingers just barely brushing them. I thought back to our one time together and how hot you became when I licked and teased your clitty while massaging your nipples. Just as I was pulling up the taste of you from the deep recess of my favorite erotic memories, you were back with a plate and a small piece of cake. "Hey, where is the frosting?" I asked, taking notice that the cake had been scraped clean.

"See for yourself," you replied, and with that you turned towards me, spread you legs wide under the table and handed me a spoon. "I would much rather use my tongue," I teased as I bent forward, my hand going under the table cloth and reaching for the object of my burning desire. Scraping the spoon up inside your legs I could feel your soft skin burning with heat as I neared your shaved pussy.

Suddenly, as you once again pressed your tongue deep into my mouth, my fingers were surrounded with a wet slick goo that could not be all you. Using the spoon I scraped what I thought would be a good helping and as the white frosting, coated in your ample juices, came into to view, you again firmly took my swollen cock into your hand and said "Eat me now, baby, NOW!" I could hardly contain myself as our eyes locked and the first taste of you touched my lips. That was it. I could contain myself no more, and as I licked the spoon with my extended tongue, teasing you with a promise of pleasure to come, your vibrating hand pulling on my cock sent me into a tremendous explosion. Almost blacking out I could feel wave upon wave of eruption, with each spasm answered with your encouragement "Yes baby, cum for me."

I could see two ladies across the room watching us pretty intently. Part of me wondered if they knew what we were doing; a part of me could care less and hoped they took some pleasure in our heat, so openly exposed if one cared to look. My pants were soaked as if I had been holding a leaky bucket, but my cock was still hard. Looking into your eyes I could see your eyelids flutter half closed. A soft squishing sound immediately caught my attention, as did the rhythmic movement of your arm under the table.

"Almost there," you breathed, and I could tell that you were rubbing yourself. It teased me even more to feel your leg shaking, pressed hard against mine, and spread wide to give full access to the sweet object of my lustful desire. "Damn, damn, kiss me, please!" came out of your throat with an almost urgent plea. Pulling you close I kissed you deeply, my tongue entwined with yours, my hand firmly clamped over your fingers, urging them deep inside as my palm massaged your throbbing clit. As I plunged two fingers deep inside I could feel your climax begin, now clutching my fingers as I stroked your g-spot and quickly stimulating your mons. Looking down I could now see one nipple clearly in view as you squirmed to avoid further contact while at the same time thrusting your hips against my hand, driving my fingers deeper inside.

One of your shoes came off and made a noticeable noise as it slid out from under our table. I know the ladies watching us saw it; one of them smiled and nodded, the other slid closer to her friend. Deep in the throes of your orgasm, you could not care and would not care, even if you were aware of it. Instead, your left hand, still gripping my swollen cock, continued to milk my cum as if just the contact alone imparted the full sensation deep into your wanting womb. Pressing my mouth full on your yours I continued to enjoy how you sucked on my tongue and rode each wave of your climax.

Reaching around I placed my hand firmly on your ass, knowing that only this thin silk material, now rising up as I curled my fingers, stood between me and the sweet ass I nightly dreamed about as I stroked myself asleep. "Where to?" I asked, desperate to hold you and unsure how far you was really willing to commit.

"Honeymoon suite," you laughed, and produced an electronic key you had hidden in your garter.

As we walked out of the reception hall towards the elevators, the two young ladies flashed us a smile, the blond extending her hand with a big thumbs up. Even from a distance you could tell it was covered in some sort of liquid. "I think they would have liked to come watch," you laughed, waving back at the girls as they passed out of sight.

"Probably," I said, my hand lightly caressing your bum, "But I really want to concentrate all my attention on you. Besides," I said dropping my voice low and making a serious face, "It would just be my luck that you discovered you liked pussy more than my cock." Turning, you reached up to kiss me deep and hard.

"The only pussy I want to taste is my own, and then only on your fingers, your swollen cock and on your soft lips." With that you pushed me back into what was now an open elevator. Quickly you swiped the card, allowing us access to the top floor suites and as fast as the door could close you pressed yourself firmly against my again swollen member. I could feel your pointed nipples through my thin cotton shirt. Kissing me even more urgently than before, you whispered between thrusts of your tongue, "There are NO stops along the way baby, so lets not waste fourteen floors." Pushing me back against the half glass wall I could barely sense the elevator move as you cupped my now aching balls and then unzipped my still cum-soaked slacks. "They are still wet baby," you laughed, "Maybe I should blow them dry." With that you fell to your knees and blew hot breath through my still wet slacks. Assuming you were hidden from the view below you began to lick my pants and were amazed at how much cum had seeped through.

My attention was split between watching the floors rush by, the cold glass against my back and the feel of your hands pulling my cock head free. Looking up at me you smiled with the prize now firmly in your hand. "Damn baby, how the hell am I ever going to get this fat cock into my mouth?" Then as if to answer your own challenge, I felt the first hot wave of pleasure as you sucked my purple head in between your lips. Nine. Ten. "Mmmmm," you purred. Eleven, and then STOP. A little disoriented, I noticed that you had reached up and expertly stopped the elevator. "Are you close baby? Could you cum? I don't want to waste your first explosion, ok?" I could only look down at my pulsating cock and nod how close I was to covering her face and hair with my now boiling climax.

Jumping up you took a hold of the hand rail and bent down like a hot mare in heat begging to be impaled. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me right now and fill me with your hot sticky cum. I wore these come-fuck-me heels just for you, so you better get behind me because I'm wet, my panties are gone, and I will NOT leave this elevator till you make me cum." Without a word and ignoring the bell clamoring for attention I got behind you, yanked your skirt up over your ass and just leaned forward. Never had I felt a pussy so hot and ready. Slipping my cock head inside I immediately felt the resistance I know my thick member would generate. "What the hell are you waiting for?" Your voice could be clearly heard by anyone nearby shouting, "Get that DAMN cock inside of me, NOW!" Grabbing first your hips and then your hair for leverage, I lifted up on my toes, driving my cock hard up and forward, lifting you out of your heels.

With you rammed stiff I could thrust hard with each thrust gaining more depth and lifting you inches higher. Each plunge into your depths was answered with a louder "Oh my gawd, oh my GAWD, Jesus baby" and each partial withdrawal was met with "Fuck me, yes fuck me, push that cock back inside of me."

You could not control what was happening to you, could only brace yourself for the next thrust and clutch at my cock with your pulsating pussy. I could see that you had pulled your blouse open so your tiny tits were now free to swing in the air, your swollen nipples erect and clearly inviting. That was all I needed to send us both over the edge. "Hold on," I groaned, and with one last thrust plunged completely inside, my eruption splashing back from your cervix to cover my cock in thick hot cum. Your reaction was to begin your own climax, clamping down on my pulsating member like a vice grip and milking machine. Squealing "I'm cumming, BBBBABBBY I'm cumming," you shook your head side to side to keep from fainting from the blood rushing to your head, your hand now between your legs grabbing my balls, making my climax even stronger. Leaning forward I could feel your orgasm ripple through your pussy as the walls contracted to milk me dry. Your feet were just inches out of your shoes, and you looked so penetrated, bound between my swollen and impaling cock and the railing of the elevator.

As I bent my knees, you lowered back down into your shoes. Besides our breathing and the alarm, a noticeable "plop" was heard as I slipped out from inside of you. Pressing the RUN button you turned and pulled me close, my semi-hard member trapped against your skirt, but hidden from view if anyone was waiting for the elevator. "I did cum for you, baby, and that One Slow Dance."

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