A Wife's Mistake!
A Wife's Mistake!

My wife made the mistake of telling two of her girlfriends on separate occasions that we did naughty things and had a wonderful kinky sex life, followed by the comment that I took her out in the woods naked bound and blindfolded for sex! You guessed it, they both hit on me.

Early on she, my wife was naively fearless as it was always a big turn on while out in the woods if someone might see her/ us naked and in the throws of sexual intercourse or other kinky sex play. So some of my first experiences was to get someone, that was interested in this kind of sex play to watch. It started with my friend Bruce he would park several houses away and stand in between our house and garage and watch through the kitchen window as I would take Polaroid pictures and play with or do my girl, she would usually be naked and blindfolded, but not always! Many times I would take her from the house out into the back yard at night leading her around naked before taking her into the garage where I could tie her up and play all sorts of games with toys, a homemade fucking machine that used some creative dildos and clothes pins on her nipples cunt lips and clit this would easily allow him to watch through the open door or sit in the garage as a voyeur and whack off!

The house we lived in at the time had three rentals not far out behind it and for a time a young couple like us lived in one. The gal was a dancer at several of the local bars, and I had watched her dance! I had also made friends with her husband and had showed him naked Polaroid pictures of my girl, and encouraged him and his wife to watch our sex play in the garage. I would leave the garage window uncovered so they could see the goings on while standing in our back yard.

One of the two young women my wife had told about our naked sex play out in the woods fun and games was married to Bill, a guy who I worked with at the time. We worked at a Standard Station just across hwy 60 from a place called the Cherry Pit a Go Go, one of the first all topless and bottomless bars to operate in our local area. He and I would have a few beers after work, many times late at night and watch the girls dance, this would usually stimulate conversations about our wives and led to more detailed conversations about some of our sex play, and was quite interested in what we did! He was quite forth coming as was I, and said they had an okay sex life but it had been really flat, uninspiring and needed something a bit more than the usual wham bam thank you missionary position in their marital bed. Especially after three kids, as sex seemed to have become more an uninspiring duty at best!

His wife's name was Joyce and after my girl told her about being taken out into the woods naked bound and blindfolded! At first she did not believe we did this, but several days later in the local supermarket parking lot when I was by myself she pulled in next to me got out of her car and got into mine saying I know what you and your wife do out in the woods and before I could say anything kissed me, suggesting we should meet, and that I should do to her what I did with my wife?

I never had a woman come onto me like quite this, and was pleasantly surprised, not quite sure what to say and caught off guard only blurted out that I would see what I could do. It wasn't that this proposal was appealing as it certainly was, and the thought of doing the same thing I did with my girl to another willing woman out in the woods was quite exciting.

Not long after this, and one afternoon when my wife and I were alone and horny I had her naked, tied face down on our bed and was ready to have a noon-er when I heard a knock at the door? This was something as a young horny couple we did regularly.

I still had my pants on and was curious who it might be? So carefully looked out the front window curtains and was surprised to see Joyce! I quietly opened the door put my fingers up to my lips motioning her in and to be quiet. I then opened the bedroom door and let Joyce look in? We had an old metal bed that had vertical bars at the foot and head that was great to tie my girl helplessly spread to them, I had placed several pillows under her that pooched her bare bottom up and left her legs wide apart making her a perfect target for lustful sex! Joyce was almost beside herself and this vision of my girl stark ass naked with her ass up in the air tied to our bed was more than enough to perk and convince her interest in submissive sex and bondage out in the woods! I gave a fleeting thought to having Joyce watch me ride her, but did not want my wife to know, I had answered the door. So only gave my girl a good hand job by finger fucking her with Joyce watching after which with a devious smile she left quietly.

Since Bill and I were friends and had conversations about our sex lives, I did not want to do his woman especially without him knowing about it or his consent. He had taken a better job hauling double wide trailers an was gone for several days at a time or more. This had left Joyce by herself with more time to think about this naked kinky sex out in the woods thing! Bill after telling him what had happened, I came up with an idea and a plan, one that I thought would satisfy everyone's perverted sex drive. This is where some of my first planning of our adventurous sex life started, as I told Bill I would do to Joyce exactly what I did with my wife with one exception? It would be he waiting out in the woods at the appointed time and place. Then after she was naked blindfolded and tied up I would play with her and tell her exactly what I was going to do, but he would be the one fuck her brains out and she would think it was me that did it!

It was a wonderful plan and if it worked out exactly like I had hoped, would satisfy everyone. Several nights before this was to happen she called me at work and asked me to stop by after I got off, it was about 10:00 pm in the evening, and Bill was gone hauling double wides. I think she was just trying to make sure our sex play out in the woods a little more exciting especially after seeing my wife naked and tied to our bed!

Now she knew for sure it really was true and that some kind naked sex play would actually happen. Joyce was almost the same age as my girl but like many women after several children her breasts had lost their shape and seemed to be flabby hangers , and although Joyce also wore glasses, she was still a most attractive young woman. Her breasts looked much like these and that of an older woman's

But the appeal to me was not her breasts, as I had always been a pussy man!

For me to suck on a woman's pussy and bring her off gave me as much pleasure as it did them, and was one of the first things I had ever done to my wife, I think on our second date!

I had knocked on her door, it was on the side of the house facing the car port and the door was set in several feet from the house that allowed some privacy from the street, she met me at the door wearing only an old house coat that was fully unbuttoned! This allowed me to get my hands inside her coat as she helped guide them so I could kiss her really good and fondle her naked body all at the same time!

It did not take to long until I was down on knees as she had stepped out and closed the door not wanting to wake her children, this allowed me to get a good hold on her ass cheeks and bury my face in her pubic haired muff, she was already wet and more than ready! I do not think Bill was much of an oral pussy man, if at all, and apparently had never really gone after her goodies, it did not take me long to work her over, cunt lips first and get a good hold of her clit with my mouth and once I did so, she grabbed hold of my head and was really grinding her pubes into my face as I greedily tried to suck her cunt lips and clit inside out! It did not take much longer until she got off ! Joyce told me later she had never had an orgasm like that before and could hardly stand for a while as I held her up by only her ass cheeks with my face in her pubic hair and me still trying to suck on her even more, until the sensation was so stimulating she could no longer stand it, and was now trying to push me away... I pushed her back firmly against the screen door..still sucking..

At about this time we heard one of her children that had awaken and was looking for his mom! I am not sure what might have happened as she quickly closed her housecoat opened the door pushing me out and closing the screen with me outside. I am sure had her child not woken up that I could have easily stuck it to her and she would have let me!

This was only a precursor to what was going to do several nights later?

I never told Bill about this or what happened that night as our focus was on Joyce and the naked bound sex play that was going happen out in the bushes. I had taken Bill up in the hills off Rubidoux Blvd across from the cement plant, this was a place where hill climbing motorcycles and off road vehicles would come during the day, and on the weekend.

There were several dirt roads leading up to the higher ground and where I had picked was about half way up with only one tree and a number of bushes that made it a perfect place, I had also seen cars parked farther up the road in the past at night where other couples would go to park and more, but back then most would never get out of the car.

This was one place I had taken my girl several times in the past, and told Bill I would park off the road some distance away and once she was out of the car would take her coat off and he could watch me lead her across this open field from the car down to where he would be waiting. I also told him that as long as she thought it was me he could do what ever he wanted to her, things a wife would never willingly let her husband do like spanking or using a switch on her breasts bottom or pussy along with a blow job or some forceful face fucking! Then I could tie her hands up over her head to the one big tree, that would make her helpless and ready! It had always excited and scared my girl to be taken away from the car wearing nothing, as if some one was parked along the road and quickly switched on their lights and drove up the road there was no way I could have hidden or covered her nakedness, but then this kind of thing was all part of the naughty adventurous sex play and a possible situation that would leave her sexed up with her heart pounding anticipation!

I was counting on Joyce to experience the same naked helpless feeling. My girl had given her just enough information along with the pussy sucking I had done several nights before that really excited her as to what might happen! She had asked my wife to watch her kids!

I normally worked late but had gotten off early for this, and in the past would usually go to many of these places in advance. Where I was going to take my girl to make sure every thing was a go, and so I could set things up, by hiding my ropes and duct tape in the bushes as well as some of the toys I planned on using. Many times I would tie ropes to the surrounding bushes and up in the trees so that it would be easy and convenient, only taking several minutes to have her, and now Joyce helplessly bound. Then would use the duct tape to insure there was no way she could get loose or free! My wife due to her religious upbringing as she got older, on a number of occasions insisted that I make sure she was totally helpless!

As in her mind when she was like this anything that happened was not her fault and therefore no guilt especially when naked and hiding behind a blindfold, almost as if she was another person! This allowed her the luxury of submitting to almost any kind of sex I could think of!

As for Joyce I do not think she had any hang ups, religious or otherwise and for her I think it was a most appealing and stimulating new type of kinky sex and one that she had, after my wife's comments, along with seeing her naked tied to our bed and getting off was looking forward to our naked sex play out in the woods...

So after I had told her I would do it, was now more than ready. But that she had to wear as little as possible and especially nothing under whatever it was she decided. I had also told her to wear hi heels, as for me they made a woman's legs thighs and ass all the more shapely and attractive especially when naked!

I was aware that it was difficult to walk on a dirt road or in some of the sandy washes in heels, and we in the past after ruined at least several pairs of them doing this, but for Joyce I wanted her first naked bound blindfold experience, to leave her in the most precarious and vulnerable position possible in order to enhance the experience, and hi heels added to this.

I had asked her to meet me in the big super market shopping center at Mission Plaza as she could leave her car parked there all night if necessary and no one would notice. It was almost dark as she got in, and was wearing a modest dress that buttoned all the way up the front and had undone over half that gave me a really good view of her naked breasts and that she was wearing nothing under it, as she leaned over and gave me a most passionate kiss. I could smell the moist nakedness of a freshly showered girl. At the time I had a 61 "T" Bird, and had modified the passenger seat to fold back as I used this car a lot with my girl out in the woods and during our naked sex play, and once folded down no one could see her, many times during the day I would slip dark glasses over the small patches of tissue and duct tape I used to blindfold her, so most that looked our way never gave us a second thought.

I could tell by the look on her face she was excited and ready, about half way to the spot, I pulled off onto a deserted side road, and first placed the tissue and duct tape blindfold over her eyes the same thing I used on my wife, as I discovered that by using this method there was no way she could see! Then with old hand cuffs that really did not lock well , snapped one on her wrist and hold her hands behind the seat while I snapped the other shut! The clicking noise made her think that she could not get loose, but had she tried very hard they would have released. This was followed by tilting the seat back after which I unbuttoned the rest and opened up her dress!

To have a willing naked woman blindfolded and laying next to you and her unable to resist allowed me to fondle and play with her tits and then lean over and kiss her several times on her bare tummy, as I worked my way down to her pubes! She was really trembling as I nibbled on her goodies, and this aroused her even more!

The ride from there, up to where we parked seemed like only minutes as I drove and played with her pussy this excited me also, that made my dick come to full attention! Bill unable to wait was just as excited and next to the car before it came to a stop. When I opened my door, the light came on and he could see his wife Joyce laying there cuffed and unable to see with her dress unbuttoned and showing her in vulnerable nakedness. I walked around to the other side opened her door raised the seat releasing the cuffs on one of her wrists. Then swung her legs around and placed her heels on the hard ground and helped her up at the same time removed her dress and tossed it in the car re locking her wrists behind her back. Then used a tactic that worked very well with my girl. I turned her first one way and then the other and finally fully around, leaving her with no idea where the car was? This was to confuse and leave her uncertain with naked helpless anticipation wondering?

I had used several different ways to lead my girl around when naked and blindfolded like this, or to march her off in the direction I wanted, down the trail and into the bushes.
I purposely had parked along the road so she would have no choice but to walk the distance totally naked out in the open with her hands cuffed behind her back in only hi heels, this of course was the whole idea! I usually would grab one or both of my girls nipples and pull her along using them to help keep her from falling, she was a klutz even when she could see, but for some reason when naked blindfolded and wearing hi heels seemed to do much better and be more sure footed than when she was able to see? I had thought about a collar and a leash or clothes pins on her cunt lips tied to a short rope using this as a leash for Joyce. I had done this with my girl several times during our naked kinky sex play. But was a first with someone else, so just grabbed both of her tits that were hanging down and easy things to pull her along by!

Once she realized we were away from the car, she started to panic and dig her heels saying the word no, but after a moment resisted little and said nothing else,.. as I pulled her along! It mattered little now as there was no real choice. I had a really good hold of her tits, making it easy to lead her by these, across the open field down through the bushes where I had set things up. I loved doing this with my girl and always visualized that someone might drive up or down the hill, and with her naked and not being able to see, she could only hear a car coming and this would scare the shit out of her! The other thing that was so exciting was that her clothes were in the car and if any uninvited guest did come by or show up she had absolutely nothing to wear or cover herself with!

Things like this is what made these naked out in the bushes sex play all the more risky and stimulating. When you do something like this with a kinky willing woman one that is excited and ready it is difficult not to over do and try as many different and sexually nasty things, as possible. But with Joyce this being her first time, I had planned to do only a few? One was to have her suck cock and I wanted this to be her husband Bill and her not know it was him! The other was for him to fuck her thinking it was me, I had no idea if we could pull it off back in those days, but being the kinky and devious person I was wanted to try! Many married women will tell you they would know, if the man they sucked off or was fucked by was their spouse. But I can assure you that this is not always the case, and since Joyce had only done this according to Bill several times in the past and was very ladylike about it when she did, I thought we could make it work! So once she was in the bushes had broken off a switch from one of the dry bushes and playfully switched her breasts bottom and pussy as I forced her down on her knees then told her to open her mouth wide and stick her tongue out!

I think she knew what was coming and was excited and willing to do exactly what she had been told, as she was now naked and on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her back, I had told her to lick my cock and suck me good! Bill was more than ready and probably had the hardest dick ever or since he was 16, and the thought of Joyce naked and on her knees giving him a submissive aggressive blow job and her thinking it was me, only added to him really face fucking her, and had made the thing even harder yet! I had told him not to touch her and let her do all the work, and OMG! Did she ever, I had also told him not to get off and cum as I was worried after a blow job like this, he would be unable to give her the fucking she wanted and he wanted, but he was so hard from the excitement of it all he could not hold back or last at all, and like a young man getting his first blow job really had no choice but to let her have it!

With Bill somewhat spent an shaken and Joyce with a mouth full of cum, it only took several minutes to remove the cuffs and using rope and duct tape with Bill, not much help had Joyce pulled up tight on the tips of her toes, then made sure she could not get loose with several wraps of duct tape around the rope and her wrists.

I asked Joyce if she could, encouraging her to try, something I did with my wife, she soon found that there was no way, and this always added to the kinky sex play and sexual abuse that would follow, now knowing that she was totally naked and entirely helpless.

Joyce now knew full well that if anyone came along uninvited there was no way I or Bill could free her quickly and that she would be at the mercy of what ever we, or they wanted to do?

It amazes me in retrospect that all through the yrs when out in the woods with my girl and her naked and bound like this that someone did not just come along and take her? It would have been so easy if the man or men had a gun or a knife and threatened her or us telling me not to call anyone or the police or she would really be hurt! And with her already naked bound and blindfolded would have no idea who they were or what would happen! As we got older and continued to do this I would almost always threaten her with other men especially well endowed black men, which would really get her sexed up and wet!

My wife once told me that she would do anything to keep me from getting hurt, and I think subconsciously said this so it would allow her to submit to the most nasty and abusive sex she could endure! At least in her mind, fortunately she never had to put her thoughts into practice!

But the feeling of naked bound blindfolded helplessness was for both my girl and now Joyce a scary and incredibly arousing feeling! I had taken the dry switch again and started on her breasts working down to her bare bottom!

But like I said pussy and pussy abuse was always my favorite so started on her brown haired bush quite aggressively the pubic hair gave her pussy some protection but not enough to keep her from experiencing this new kind of kinky sex play! She twisted and turned not knowing where the switch would hit next, but at no time ever asked me to quit or stop as I tried my best to switch her clit!

Most women back in the late 60s and early 70s did not shave their bush and Joyce was certainly one, she was beside herself as she squealed and squirmed around trying to avoid the switch not sure where it would come from next?

After several minutes I stopped, then went down on my knees and attempted to finish what I had started several nights earlier as I grabbed Joyce by her ass cheeks and really went after her pussy! She was wet and more than ready, even pushing her pubes out for my aggressive sucking, which only took her several more minutes to have the first of several orgasms, at first I thought she might hurt herself as she was really pulling on the ropes and trying to force her goodies out! But when a woman much like a man really gets off they are in no condition for much of anything at least for a while? I had not told Bill I was going to do this, but I guess to see his wife get off with such force had his dick harder than ever! I had told him that my girl like being fucked from behind, not it the ass mind you. But I loved to have her put her hands up on a wall or tree and stick her ass out so I could really stick it to her! I had suggested that Bill try doing the same! I had told Joyce to do this before stepping back and out of the way...

This what I was about to witness up until this time was one of the best things in the way of kinky sex out in the woods I had ever been involved in, and when a kinky devious plan like this comes together it is a most satisfying thing! To watch Bill really hard hump his wife and her willingly stick her ass out for it was was wonderful to watch! Plus the added enjoyment of sucking her off to orgasm gave me almost as much pleasure as it did Joyce!

Years later with another friends wife had done a similar thing in Steve's basement during a naked bound blindfold gang bang, where I had taken his wife, and he came by during the event and did her when she was naked bound and blindfolded and left, with her not knowing he was one of the men that did her! When I took her home later that evening he asked if she had a good time, and her comment was best ever!

No uninvited guests showed up and no cars drove by either as Bill watched me remove the tape and rope. I had found out from experience that by first wrapping some tissue before the duct tape made it much easier to remove it, also by folding the edge of the tape over and working a little Vaseline under the tape one could get it off much easier. Good old 3-M silver tape really sticks and used it for other kinky things over the yrs. Walking her back to the car after it was all over was an experience she would remember for some time. We were always going to do it again but never did , but Both her and Bill did come and watch me do my girl in our garage!

I had talked to Joyce several times after and she said the experience was incredible and how she reacted that night certainly proved it.. I do not know if Bill ever told Joyce the truth or that she ever fessed up, but would like to think that either never did? Not long after this they moved, both were from Illinois and missed their families as Bill was offered a much better job. My wife got one letter from Joyce that said she was one of her best friends ever when they lived near us in Southern Calif . So my advise to many women is , be careful as to what you tell your girlfriends about your kinky sex life out in the park or woods as your husband may get much more that he ever bargained for!.... At least I did.
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