A Womans Touch pt. 2
As I lay there on the table, she enters and turns to close and lock the door, I get a nice view of her nice round, firm ass. I can't believe how excited I am getting.

"So, tell me what you like" she says. I'd like to pull you close, feel your breasts next to mine and slowly kiss you is what I'm thinking. But instead tell her I've had a rough week and need to relax.

"I know just what you need" she says. She gets a bottle of lotion, squirts it in her palm and and rubs them together before touching my shoulders.

OH MY GOD...I feel her soft warm hands on my skin, the tiny shockwaves shooting thru every nerve my nipples harden, my pussy starts to tingle. I want to feel her everywhere!

She's slowly rubbing my upper back, trying to ease my tense muscles and I am so turned on. Her oily hands graze the side of my breast and I gasp. I don't know if I can make it thru this. As she makes her way down my hips and upper legs increasing the pressure, I feel myself getting wet. This is like nothing I'vefelt before.

My mind and body are at war,,,one says this can't happen, this is just a massage, the other responding to her touch, enjoying and basking in the pleasure.

I feel the sheet being lifted and as she tucks it between my legs I just know shes going to notice my soaked panties. What will she say I wonder. She says nothing but I feel her touch my pussy with a light touch..I can't help but let out a moan, as shockwaves roared thru my body I lift up raising my ass in the air and press into her hand.

This is it I want, to feel her and I hope she wants the same. " Does that feel good?" she asks as she presses her hand to my swollen lips straining against my panties. OMG I cum just from that!

She slides her hand inside my panties and inserts a finger, I let out a moan, this is what I've wanted and it's amazing. As she pleasures me my whole body is alive with sensations.

"We're almost out of time, so turn over" she says. I do as she says and lay on my back. As I look at her for the first time, she smiles and reaches out and traces my hardend nipples, her oily hands gliding over them and squeezing. She bends to take one in her mouth and moves her hand back to my wet pussy.

As she sucks and flicks her tongue on my tit she teases my pussy with her fingers. I'm so wet and as I buck against her she moans. I reach a hand out and feel between her legs, I can feel her wetness thru the thin material of her pants. She lets out a soft moan, and starts moving her hips. I don't want this to end I want to feel my hand on her lips, I want to taste her. I feel my own orgasm coming and buck against her hand as I start to cum!

"Thats it cum for me, cum hard I want to feel you explode" she says as she drives her fingers in deeper.

As I lay there spent, she leans down and tells me to take my time getting dressed. I'll leave my card for you.

When I recover and get my clothes on and look at the card shes written on the back..

I make home visits too...Call me so we can get together without a time limit. We can take this further...

Well you can bet I'm making that call as soon as possible


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