A Wonderful Gift
Originally titled "The Gift"

Introduction: The setting is in the south of Italy: An older man in his early 60s retires and is given a cheap gold plated watch for his 35 yrs of dedicated service to the company he has given his all! His wife a wonderful and very attractive woman has died suddenly leaving him devastated, and the watch has only added insult and injury to this man of purpose principle and pride!

He and his wife, Susanna had planned for years this retirement vacation a two week long romantic train trip from southern Italy to the Alps and San Moritz for skiing! Then to Southern France Nice and the Rivera, it was to be a present for him and this lovely woman he has loved from the very first time they had met! But now that she is gone at barely 60 in order to dull the pain of her loss, the last several years, before retirement has thrown himself deeper and deeper into the business, only to be treated poorly by the new uncaring management that has acquired his company! This and the watch has left him a broken bitter and unsure man?

His children all four of them having lost their mother being bad enough, and now to see their once proud father so forlorn and remorseful, a normally charming an well spoken man they admired so much, and feel so bad for him. That they have bought and paid for this retirement vacation and encouraged him to take this trip that was to be with his wife he has dreamed of for so long!
They are worried about him, as he without the love of his life to share this experience of a life time, seems to have little interest in life, the trip or anything else? He is still quite reluctant to go, and take this trip, but has finally relented as his children being forceful and supportive have told him to go, and that this trip just might be the best thing that ever happened to him?

They, also unbeknown to him have hired a young attractive woman escort to accompany him on this trip! They know that their father and mother have had a very wonderful and incredible sex life and only want to see him enjoy and rekindle the spark of love, and life. As it is her job to seduce him with out being so obvious! It all starts on the train, it is on the old coastal rail system and is a two, almost three day trip in a sleeper car that runs from Southern Italy to the North of Italy and San Moritz!

They, his children and with the help of friends who work for the rail service have booked them both into the same sleeper car! The train during tourist season is quite crowded and after being unable to resolve the situation, and he being a gentleman has told this young woman that he will stand in the crowded passenger coach section and she can have the sleeper car all to herself!

This is where the the story begins!

Characters in this story

His name is Carlo a very charming man in the past one who had met his wife to be, Susanna in their 20s she was an incredible woman, beautiful adventurist in life but also in sex! She innocently for the most part loved to show her beauty and shapely body, one that easily attracted both men,... and women.

Those that shared her company were quite taken with Susanna as she made anyone around her feel close, and that they, and only they had an intimate and personal relationship with her, this beautiful woman! Carlo and her quickly became friends, then lovers delighting in all sorts of kinky sex play that allowed voyeurism at its best and as an exhibitionist allowed her to enjoy the attention of numerous male and many females that pursued wooed and yes even propositioned her, almost on a regular basis well after they were married!

When they were young he enjoyed taking her to bars and night clubs dressed to the nines and would leave her sitting at the bar alone and watch from a distance as a number of men and even a few women would do their best in trying to enjoy the pleasure of her most intimate company! Many times he would have her meet him at one of these night spots and then he,would be the one to take her home, much to the others chagrin! But Carlo was a hansom charming and very confident man with the ladies even before he and Susanna became lovers!

These and many other displays of intimate romance and public sex in parks alley ways, and parked cars, where others could see was an almost daily thrilling and routine thing. This was just another way to show their love and lust for one another and to keep their incredible sex and love of life interesting smoldering and never boring. One or the other always seem to have a new idea something, or a most unusual place where they could make love and engage romantic sex!

Their entire married life revolved around this type of romance or some sort of similar sex play, even after children and a long wonderful marriage, but the demands of his job that began to take more of his time, that made this trip after retirement ever so more appealing. But they had always found time or a way to engage in all sorts of shocking and kinky public sex! It was something that they could never quite get enough of? They had even enjoyed doing so only days before she was struck down from this rare and mysterious illness that became fatal almost before the doctors could diagnose what it was? He had gone to the hospital the night before to be with her and everything seemed fine, but by the next morning she was gone!

The company and its original owners had placed a lot of confidence and trust in him and he did not disappoint them. He had made an enormous amount of money for this company and was only several short years away from retirement when this terrible event occurred, at almost the same time his company was bought out by another! He was then asked to stay on, and with the death of his wife and devastation of it all had thrown himself hard into his work trying to bury the hurt and loss of such a wonderful woman, this so wonderful wife mother and intimate lover!

Just in these few short years he had doubled the value of his part of business and now having no choice was forced to retire! The new younger management had offered him nothing, no bonus money severance package or stock option in the company! Only this imitation gold watch with the poorly inscribed words that said, in appreciation of your 35 years! Just a few of the original employees had attended his retirement, and none of the new management had the courtesy to attend on that fateful last day! This hurtful humiliating incident along with the finality of his wife's death had left him numb with despair thinking his life was over and for him even less to look forward in the future! This is how Carlo felt as he interred the busy train station!

The young woman's name in this story is Alyssa. She is a dark haired woman of incredible beauty! Her elderly parents were quite surprised when her mother after many years of trying to become a mother and was still childless, had become pregnant in her 50s! It was from taking large amounts of an experimental drug that her doctors insisted she use to resolve other health issues and in doing so had allowed her to conceived Alyssa a beautiful young daughter!

Her parents had been modestly secure financially but both parents, especially her mother had slowly succumbed to failing health! Alyssa a naive girl in many ways had led a sheltered life, and now in her 20s was aware of her parents impending fate, where she had been attending a local all girls college, but do to their failing health was now spending most of her time caring for her aging parents that were slowly loosing their battle with life!

She was still a virgin and had almost no contact with men, most had assumed do to her incredible beauty, that she had numerous male suitors or was engaged?
Her parents had placed her in a private girls school that had dormitory's as a teenager, one that taught academics but very little else about life relationships and especially sex!

Her only sexual adventure had been with an older girl in school! She had caught this young woman quite by accident in a secluded wooded area out behind the school, a place intended for quite study, the solitude was broken by this young woman making sinful erotic sounds while laying in the bushes masturbating!

Alyssa, quietly investigating, and never seeing another girl do this or having done it herself was mesmerized as she watched thinking that the girl was in some sort of female distress and was terrified that she might hurt herself? Once this pleasurable interlude ran its course ending with a most satisfying release and the girl opened her eyes, first catching her breath then looked around realizing she had been watched!
Alyssa was quite relieved to see she was alright! Then after looking closer was surprised to see the girls dress entirely unbuttoned, and open leaving her bare from her breasts to her genitals and was even more astonished to see this naked area of the girl between her legs with little or no pubic hair!

The girl now fully aware that Alyssa had witnessed this most intimate pleasuring of ones self, had set up slowly still fingering her slit and making no effort what so ever to stop,.. or cover herself.

Then said, whats wrong with you, everyone does it? Does what, Alyssa innocently asked? Masturbate silly, it feels good and keeps you from doing bad things with the boys! Then realizing that the question was an honest one, looked at her in wonder? Said, here set down, I'll show you, Alyssa not sure at first slowly set down as the girl guided her into a setting position between her open legs with her back against the girls naked breasts?

For Alyssa having no idea what was going to happen, this offer was both hesitant and appealing! Before she could protest the girl had first cupped her breasts then squeezed her nipples quite harshly through the thin dress and bra, the feeling for Alyssa was electric! She had first tried to push the girls hands away, but they had quickly left her nipples, and had pulled her skirt up followed by the girls hands and fingers slipping into the waist band of her panties and one had easily found her most intimate sexual treasure! OMG!

Alyssa now terrified and holding her breath was unable to move a muscle, the girls hand had held her panties out and the fingers of the other had found this most virgin untouched area of her anatomy! Then these fingers slowly with more aggressive force started to move up and down around and around, then harder searching!

With her trembling, and not sure about anything was frozen and unable to move! She could feel the girls bare breasts against her back as the girls fingers worked, feelings in places she never knew existed started to replace concern and wonder, the girl first tenderly bit her on the neck just behind her ear! Then on Alyssa's ear blowing her warm breath saying you are gonna really like this, as her experienced fingers lovingly played Alyssa's taunt tender young pussy lips and slit like that of a musical bass player! Playing erotic tunes of sex!

OMG! For Alyssa never having experienced anything remotely or so sinfully pleasurable as this, gave no further resistance, when the girls fingers found her clit, it was all over, and in only moments, she had her first of several orgasm's ones that left her helplessly trembling and aroused beyond anything she could have ever imagined!

Now almost unable to move in this girls arms the fingers started to do the same all over again, Alyssa could do nothing nor did she want her to stop! This time it was slower deliberate and much better! But Alyssa had been louder this time and more vocal than the first! This had concerned the girl who was afraid some one might hear and come to investigate? Then she quickly got up buttoned her dress saying come to my room in the dorm later giving her directions where I can really show you much more, as she hurried off!

Alyssa laid in the bushes for what seemed like hours savoring this most wonderful feeling as it slowly left her over stimulated young body! Finally getting up, then later she laid in her room that night not sure if she should go? But the overpowering feeling of sexual pleasure had won out! Not thinking and blinded from her earlier sexual experience had worn nothing but an old thin bath robe, one that was barely covering her shoulders. As she knocked on the girls door realized that she was holding the robe tightly together as the tie that held it together was missing, and that this meeting might be a mistake? She was about to return to her room when the door opened and the girl now stark ass naked pulled her in!

Not expecting anything like this she had let go of the robe and as she did so the girls arms reached around her naked body and had pulled them both tightly together! This in itself was shocking enough, but what happened next, left her knees weak as the girl kissed her full on the lips as the now open robe fell helplessly and unattended to the floor!

The only person that had ever kissed Alyssa were her parents and of course it was that of a platonic loving parent! This kiss unexpected, along with the naked flesh pressed against hers, and the presence of this warm vibrant young woman against her brought even more feelings she never knew existed? This had left her unsure as to what she should do or how to react, so did nothing! Thus letting the older girl kiss her even deeper! The feeling of being naked in the arms of another girl, was at first unsettling even embarrassing. When the kiss finally broke, the girl said I have been watching you for some time and was not sure how, we would become friends,.... close friends?

Then said, things have a funny way of working out when you least expect it will happen, as she led Alyssa over to her bed. They both set down for a moment and let this,.. what had just happened easily sink in! The girl said in a matter of fact way, I really like girls much more than boys, and you are such a sweet beautiful young girl that I just could not keep from kissing you! This was followed by a conversation about feelings of life love and sex. Alyssa barely over the first experience was stunned by her obvious and honest interest, had been looking first at her breasts and then down between her naked legs and bare silky smooth pubic area? Then was finally able to look this older girl in the eyes, again with mixed emotions as the feeling of another,.. especially a woman one that was interested in her and as more than just a friend.

She said, I knew you would come Alyssa, as she pushed her back on the bed and told her to lay down relax and close her eyes. Alyssa not knowing what to expect did what the girl said laying there she heard water running? Then was told to raise up as a pillow was slipped under her bottom, then felt her legs being spread followed by a warm soapy wash cloth on her now very moist pubic area! The feeling was wonderful as it was rubbed around the earlier feelings started to return!

Before she knew what was happening or could say no she felt a sharp razor remove lots of her sparse young pubic hair followed by more and more! As the girl took her time being very careful around the crease of her labia lips and even more careful around her swollen perked up pea sized clitoris!

The sensation for Alyssa was incredible, trembling in excitement holding her breath with hands tightly clutched to the blanket she dare not move! Never having anything like this done before especially by another girl and one that so wanted and appreciated such a lovely thing as her, was such an stimulating intimate thing! She almost afraid to look, not sure what to expect, had finally done so? The feeling along with seeing her formerly modest pubic hair growth now all gone had left her with a mixed, but most erotic deep burning feeling, and one of sexual adventure she had never even existed only a day before!

The girl said, as she got on the bed next to Alyssa, grab your nipples and twist them! Alyssa at first hesitant, but with the girls help Alyssa yelped as this older girl showed her by, roughly pinching twisting and pulling on them! Then got on the bed next to her with one of her knees against Alyssa's ribs and the other next to her bottom reached over and grabbed her ass cheek with one hand as the other started investigating her now bare stimulated, and well shaved very wet pussy folds!

The girl satisfied with Alyssa's position and attention to her nipples, told her again to close her eyes, then started aggressively manipulating her clit pressing it against her pubic bone as her fingers expertly worked the tender succulent flesh! OMG! For Alyssa the feeling was wonderful as she came closer and closer and before she realized what had happened another of this new and pleasurable sensations had released itself and rushed past leaving her almost helplessly used gasping for breath, and wanting more!

As she laid there with her eyes closed in sexual bliss,... thinking nothing could be any better, than what had just happened, felt the bed move? The girl now on her knees had moved between her wide spread legs, worked her hands under Alyssa's bare bottom and had grabbed her buttocks! She now wondering what the girl was up to was shocked,... and even more surprised as this young woman quickly and easily buried her face in Alyssa's wet open sweet pink over sensitive pussy!

A startled "Oh My" followed by no, ...please don't! Her hands had left her nipples and had tried to push the girls over aggressiveness away, but with little success, that is at first! Alyssa's hands and mind could not decide what to do, were struggling but not pushing very hard! Then the sucking and lapping that was occurring had finally settled on Alyssa's over stimulated pea shaped clitoris! Her inexperienced hands had easily found the girls head and was subconsciously helping hold her in the perfect place, one that was of ardent sexual abuse, a place that had no experience with such incredible pleasure!

The results had left Alyssa pleading for her to stop, and again gasping for breath, but making no attempt what so ever to stop her at all, she even arched her pubic area up to meet the girls voracious devouring of her most tender treasure!........Blubbering and almost incoherent she slowly opened her eyes only to see the girls nose buried in her slit! The vision was most sinfully perverse as her cheeks were forcing Alyssa's mound apart as she moved her nose tongue and lips sinfully sending erotic shivers up and down her most intimate sexual being! Then using her fingers had spread her even wider so that she could get a better hold with first her lips and then nibbling with her teeth and finally biting Alyssa's clit as hard as she dared!

This new experience was something she would remember for a lifetime, but this an masturbation along with erotic thoughts of sex and romance, left her ready and open to sexual adventure? Adventure that was waiting where she to would least expect to find it?

Only days later with her parents failing health and inevitable passing, and after graduation a young hansom Italian Air force officer has appeared at her college on a recruiting tour. The armed forces were trying to interest women in military careers. The other young women were quite attracted to him as he in his uniform and with incredible charm was exactly what the military needed to entice many of these young and impressionable women into military service!

Alyssa being a bit shy and insecure after his presentation had stood her ground as the other young women fawned all over him several had even propositioned him, and some quite boldly! He was not use to having someone so attractive as her pay him little attention, and the result was for him to show an even more ardent interest in her! The fact that she was drop dead gorgeous and that he had always enjoyed the company of any woman he had cared to pursue was quite disconcerting?

After the others had left, and they were finally alone together, he had applied all of his forceful charm, and she had quickly and easily succumbed to it! The reason she had held back was not do to her interest, but the fact that she was so naive and with little experience in dating, or the company of young men, was not at all sure how to react or what to do! He had used every trick and situation to woo her, it only took a short period of time before they had become an item as he quickly took charge of the relationship literally sweeping her off her feet!

His name was Antonio, but almost everyone called him Tony! She had gone from having no idea where or what she was going to do with her life, to being engaged to be married in only several short months! He had also introduced her to even more wild and crazy sex, as her only sexual encounter had been with the college girl who had introduced her to masturbation, and the intimacy of a bisexual encounter! But this was more than enough of a taste, one that left her ready eager and naively willing to explore whatever a charming experienced lover like Tony could give?

His pay as a military officer was rather meager but his parents were very well to do and connected to the circle of influential people in the government and the military! He had wined and dined her, had bought her expensive clothes gifts and jewelry! None of these things mattered to her as she was quickly and easily in love with this charming hansom young man, and he with her, they became, and seemed almost in separable lovers? But she had not been the first, as he being a lover had gone from one woman to another with promise's of marriage leaving a trail of broken hearts and ones that had cost his parents dearly, and they had assumed that Alyssa was just another of their sons most numerous female conquests!

He was a very good pilot and had for a short time even been of the prestigious Italian Tricolori aerobatic team, but had been removed do to his dangerous wild, reckless low flying and unwarranted spur of the moment antics!

With her parents now gone and a new life ahead, of love and marriage looming she had little to worry about, and then it happened! One day every thing was wonderful, and the next her world was shattered! He had been on a training exercise and had pulled one of his low flying stunts! The Italian air force was phasing out their older F-16s to be replaced by the more capable multinational European Tornado and this was one of the last flights with these trusty older airplanes! He loved to blow the doors off of place's where young women were in attendance and had made his usual hair raising decent onto the woman's national soccer field only to relight the after burner and speed away making a tremendous noise! Only it did not relight and his airplane plunged into the ground and exploded on impact!.....

For Alyssa much like Carlo her life was shattered, turned upside down and changed instantly, and forever with a blinding flash an enormous angry red orange ball and black smoke, leaving Tony gone forever, and for Alyssa was equally devastating! If this was not bad enough after the funeral service his parents had asked her to leave their sons apartment where she had been staying, assuming she was just another of his many women that he had offered to marry and that she was only interested in his,or their money! This of course was not the case at all, but having no choice, and unable to explain did as she was told!

She had not worried after her parents passing about money as Antonio had taken care of everything and now found herself out on the street alone and almost destitute! After checking on her parents affairs had discovered that most all of their money had been used in their care at the last and the fees incurred of handling of their estate leaving Alyssa with almost nothing! She was staying in a small apartment in Naples and her money was running out, she had no job and no prospects for one!

Times were hard and few jobs were available when by chance she met her old female school friend the one that had introduced her to her first sexual experience! She had offered her a place to stay but it would only be for a few days, as she was leaving. However had also said she knew of a job in a business that would, with Alyssa's looks hire her on the spot! For Alyssa she could not believe such a thing existed, the thought to her was almost unbelievable, and could not be true as she had almost worn herself out trying to find even the most unwanted and unpleasant job with no luck at all!

But after her friend explained that it was an escort service, Alyssa took this to mean a call girl, a lady of the evening, and her to become a common whore! She was in horror, and quite taken aback! Saying she could never do anything like that! Her friend explained no, it is nothing like that at all, and that she had the discretion to be as intimate or platonic as she chose as an escort! Besides the pay was more than substantial, and she did miss the incredible sex that her and Tony had become so accustom to?

So still hesitant in her mind and with her friend leaving, had little choice but to inquire, and with reservations accepted this risque employment that was offered! Then this being her first assignment, and after hearing the story about Carlo and that his children had bought and paid a very large sum of money for the seduction of their father Carlo. This had made what she at first thought a bad choice into a most interesting one?

For Alyssa having a similar experience of love lost that was in many ways similar to Carlo, and the fact that she desperately was in need of money, thought how hard could it be to seduce an older gentleman like him, never thinking any more than several sessions of innocent submission would be required? But she was wrong, and would not only underestimate his charm, but also his sexual prowess!

The train station at Sabari was packed with people every where, as it is the tourist season and the train is over booked! He Carlo has in the crowd caught a glimpse of her, Alyssa this attractive dark haired woman, and is stunned by the fact that by fateful coincidence looks so much like his wife Susanna, back when she was a young woman? He has no idea that they are destine to meet but wants very much to talk with her, and tell her how lovely she is, and that she looks like this beautiful woman he has shared so much of his wonderful life with, and was the love of his life, that is now gone from him forever!

But, he a normally personable outgoing man is a loss for words and before he can say anything, she is quickly gone disappearing into the crowd of people! With his spirits up one moment and then dashed the next, has finally pushed his way onto the train and turned his attention to finding the berth in the respective sleeper car. Once in the car and with his luggage stowed has settled down, trying to read the paper, after the busy terminal crazy madhouse and rushing crowd of people! But his thoughts are of this young woman, how beautiful she was, and how much she looked like his Susanna is a vision that keeps creeping back and interrupting his thoughts, and cannot at all stay focused on the newspaper?

Then my god, his heart stopped!.. As she, with the help of the conductor is opening the door to their sleeper car, and has ushered her in! Telling them both that this is also her car, then excusing himself!

For several moments there is silence as neither no what to say? He do to her incredible beauty is again at a loss for words. Like a young school boy confronted with the most beautiful girl in school, and that she has chosen to give him her most welcome attention! At first they both try to speak at once, then still stunned and smitten by her looks, and with her almost eerie presence to this love of his? As if by design his confident old charming self starts to return!

She looking at her ticket stub and he at his, they quickly compare tickets and yes they are both the same. Being close to this beautiful young look alike is almost more that he can bare, and it is all he can do to keep his hands off of her! They summon the conductor who after hearing the story that they are booked together in the same single person sleeper car, and are not willingly suppose to be together? He tells them that he is sorry, but it is a busy time and there are no other accommodations available!

Carlo being the perfect gentleman says he will try to find a place in the crowded coach section. The conductor again says sorry my friend there are no seats available, and at best that he would have to stand all night in the already crowded coach. Then just as Carlo has decided to gather his things and get off the train in order to solve this unpleasant dilemma it is to late, the train starts to move and that option is quickly gone?

The conductor no longer sympathetic has no choice but to attend to his duties and the other passengers, and says sorry excusing himself again,.. leaving them alone. Carlo again tries to be a gentleman, and to resolve the problem by saying that he will stand in coach and get off at the next stop! But she trying to make the most of this opportune meeting, one that is to bring them together, and not be so obvious has said no, it would be she that should stand all night and leave at the next stop!

The problem is not solved, at least for the time being as the next stop would be late the following morning in Foggia! The sleeper car is small and meant for only one person this has kept them close together as she places her things and moves about the tight confines of the car! Although Alyssa is dressed quite modest she is a shapely young woman and as she moves about her sexual beauty is easily exposed to his more than interested gaze. Even as a gentleman it is impossible for him to ignore the scent of this beautiful young woman and this, has quickly stimulated feelings in his loins he had assumed were, with his wife Susanna ... gone forever?

Just after her things are placed she has finally looked directly at him, and as their eyes meet as if by design the old train hits a bad area of track! Sways shudders and lurches quickly throwing her almost helplessly into his arms! He trying to save her from falling, has awkwardly grabbed one of her breasts with one hand, and her shapely soft young bottom with the other, as she ends up on his lap with them more than intimately tangled together! She almost instinctively has placed her arms around his neck as the train continues its shuddering gyrations for several more very long minutes!

They are very close his hands are reluctant to leave her female charms and are just holding her tight as the train finally settles down and smooths out into its normal noisy travel! Then, as their eyes meet again and only inches from one another's face the look of romance and lust is quickly seen by both!

They set there for several minutes, he still with a firm hold on her tender treasures, this incredibly attractive young woman and she safe with her arms around him, finally says, I am okay and, you can let go of me now Sir!..

Carlo at first was only trying to catch and break her fall, then with her ending up on his lap, has taken several more moments to fully realize exactly what had happened! She again reminds him to please let her go, but as he came to his senses has partly loosened his grip but not entirely, and is now holding her in a more gentlemanly way, but her arms are not pushing him away and are still around his neck!

The presence of this beautiful and so familiar looking young woman in his arms sitting on his manliness and so close was not only intoxicating but his male attribute was quickly coming to attention!

To be continued in chapter Two

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