A Year Older
author notes. Please note it is a little long and slow to build. I hope you enjoy.

Rick's alarm clock began to go off. Rick being the typical male just hit the snooze button, while his wife Sue looked at her clock and noticed it his alarm clock went off a bit early and went back to sleep. Rick lay in bed restless, but not being able to get comfortable again; he decided to get out of bed. He turned his alarm clock off, so it wouldn't awake his beautiful sleeping wife.
Rick began his normal routine by taking a shower, changing his clothes, and headed downstairs to make his coffee for the both of them. While waiting for his coffee to brew; Rick made some scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and some biscuits to complete the meal. Rick also added a cup of coffee to the tray before he took it upstairs to his sleeping wife.
"Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife," said Rick as he walked closer to her side of the bed. "It's time to wake up before I have to head out to work."
Sue just smiled as she wasn't expecting breakfast in bed. She reached up, cupping the back of Rick's head, and drew him closer for the most passionate kiss one could ever imagine.
"Today will be your day, Rick said. "When I get home from work I will be all yours baby."
Rick went to the bathroom and closed the door behind him as his wife began to eat her breakfast. Sue heard running water, which she thought was weird because Rick had already taken a shower. A few minutes later Rick emerged from the bathroom with a grin on his face blocking her view into the bathroom and motioned for his wife to join him.
Sue shook her head in a no motion and said "It's warm under my blankets. I'm not getting out of bed."
Rick pouted until Sue gave in, which immediately put a smile back on Rick's face. "Wait," Rick said. "Cover your eyes and no peeking."
"I'm afraid I will hit something," said Sue.
Rick walked over to his wife and took her hand into his. He guided her towards the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom she was instructed to open her eyes.
When Sue's eyes adjusted to the darkness she took in the sight of a bubble bath drawn for her with some red rose pedals floating at the top. There were candles lit along the bathtub. Rick reached for the button to turn on the jets and watched the bubbles begin to swirl around the tub.
Sue was more than happy. She gave Rick the biggest, tightest hug, which almost took his breath away. "You never cease to amaze me," said Sue.
"And that is why you love me," Rick replied.
Rick helped Sue slip off her silk robe from her shoulders. Her robe fell to the floor as Sue stepped over it, unhooked her bra, took off her panties, and entered the warm bubble bath.
"Unfortunately," Rick said. "I'm running a bit late for work, but I will see you after work I promise." Rick closed the door behind him and left his wife to soak at candle light tub.
As Sue was relaxing she heard some scuffling around in her bedroom as if Rick was looking for something. Curious as to what else he was up to Sue asked "Babe do you need to find something?"
"No. Found it! Bye babe. I love you," Rick shouted from their bedroom as Sue heard their door shut behind him and with the familiar sounds of someone rushing down the stairs.
After relaxing in her bubble bath for forty-five minutes, Sue gets out of the tub, blows out all the candles Rick lit, and dries herself off before slipping her silk robe back over her now clean body. Sue nipples begin to rub against the silk robe and quickly harden against the smooth material.
Sue opens the bathroom door to yet another surprised left by Rick. "Awe, he is so romantic," She said. It was a trail of rose pedals leading from the bathroom door to her knight stand next to the bed. Sue followed the rose pedals to her side of the bed where she noticed a card laying there that wasn't there before she got up for her bath.
Sue sat on the bed, reached for the card, and opened it when a hundred dollar bill fell out from it, twirling all the way down to the floor. The card read;
"I want you to be ready for me when I get off of work. We're going on
a night on the town. After all my queen, you deserve this for treating me
so well. It's my way of showing you how much you mean to me.
P.S. Use the money to get a manicure and pedicure done. Love ya.
Sue finally decides she is tired of sitting around the house, so she gets dressed to go shopping for her outfit tonight. Sue wanted something new that will not only shock Rick, but would also grab the attention from other guys.
Sue is at the mall. She has been in a couple of stores, but hasn't found nothing she really liked, so she continued to browse around. Sue was walking towards the food court in the mall when something in a window caught her attention. She took a few steps backward for a better look. It was a lingerie store.
"I wonder if he will mind if I spent more than what he gave me," Sue thought to herself. "If he does I will just have to make it up to him later. Wait a minute why am I having these thoughts? It's my birthday. I'm entitled to spend a bit extra if he wants his queen to look sexy for the night on the town." A devilish smile came across her face as he entered the store. Sue found plenty of sexy items in the store, but nothing really stood out.
"Can I help you ma'am?" asked the lady from behind the counter.
"I'm just looking, but thank you," replied Sue as she continued to shuffle through the racks trying to find something she liked. "Oh! Now these are too cute to pass up. I know Rick will love these," Sue thought with her smile of approval. "Knowing my luck they won't have it in my size," She thought so she began to franticly search through all garments hoping to find her size. Sue's eyes lit up when she found it in her size. She continued to look around the store to see if anything else would match it. She didn't have to wait long until she found something to go with it. She didn't hesitate and rushed to the changing room to see how it looked on her body. She liked how it looked on her body.
Now that sue was out of the clothes she wished to buy, a tingly feeling came over her body. She couldn't fight the feeling any longer. She was horny. Sue was checking herself out in the mirror when her hands pinched each nipple followed by slowly running her fingers from her breast down her smooth soft stomach to the aching fire that was her desire. She began to rub her pussy slowly through her white thong. Then Sue did something she didn't even expect. She turned facing the mirror, spreading her legs wide open to admire her juices dripping from her pussy through the thong material. She knew she couldn't spend too much time in the changing room with the limited amount of garments she took in, so she had to settle for just a tease for now.
She took a couple of minutes to gather herself before she reemerged from the changing room to buy the articles of clothing she just tried on. She takes the garments to the clerk and she rings her up.
"Did you find everything ok," asked the clerk as she began scanning her items?
"Yes I did thank you," replied Sue.
"That will be $67.34 ma'am," the clerk said.
Sue reached into her purse to pull out her wallet where she remembered putting that hundred dollar bill she got from Rick as her birthday present she was supposed to spend on her nails. The clerk gives Sue her change and hands her the bag with her items inside of it.
"Perfect. Today couldn't have started off any better if she'd planned it too," she thought to herself. "All I need know is something sexy to go with this and then I can go get my nails done."
Sue looked at her watch. She couldn't believe how much time has passed by. It was quickly approaching noon and she still hadn't found something to wear for tonight let alone hit the nail shop yet. "Where does the time go," Sue quietly said to herself.
Sue decided to get something to eat, so she could plot her next course of action. She went into this restaurant, placed her order, placed her number on the table they gave her, and went to the restroom. Her white thong was soaking with her lovely juices. Sue slid part of the thong away and ran her finger the length of her pussy. She brought her finger up to her mouth as she sampled her juices. Sue couldn't take it no more. She began to rub her clit vigorously, but methodically until finally she had her first orgasm of the day. Sue let out a cry of relief so loud someone walked in the bathroom and asked "Is everything ok in here?"
It took Sue a few seconds to realize what was going on before she responded. "Everything is fine. I thought I saw a bug crawling around the floor," said Sue as her breathing became less labored. The woman closed the door and Sue thought to herself "That was a close one."
She ate her meal without any future incident. Sue knew she was starting to run out of time, so she gathers up her things and got a to-go bag. Just as Sue was about to leave the restaurant she notices a small strip mall across the street. She walks across the street to hopefully find what she is looking for.
After wasting another hour and a half browsing through the stores she picks out a couple of dresses. She goes to the fitting room to try them on. She didn't like the way the first dress looked on her. It was one of those that looked good on the rack, but not on her body. The second dress didn't cling to her body as she wanted, so she put both of them back. She was just about to give up looking for something to wear when she laid eyes on the most gorgeous dress she has ever seen. She found the dress in her size and tried it on. "Perfect" she thought to herself.
"Now a girl can't have a new outfit and wear her old shoes. That just won't work," Sue mumbled to herself as she left the store.
Sue looked at the clock in the car's dash board for the time. It was now getting close to two o'clock in the afternoon. Good thing for sue she knew where she was going to find a new pair of killer heels to go with her ensemble. The only bad part about it was, it was across town and it would eat up another twenty minutes or so just to get there.
Sue finds a parking stall and proceeds to park the car. She sees a big sign on the window that is advertising twenty-percent off shoes blow out sale.
She walks around the store for a good hour. She finds plenty of pretty shoes, but none that say killer heels. Feeling a bit disappointed she left her favorite shoe store empty handed, but didn't give up hope on finding exactly what she wanted. Sue drove to another shoe store in town, which luckily for her it was nearby.
Sue walks into the store at a brisk pace because know she knew the clock was working against her.
"Welcome to," was all the clerk got out of her mouth when she looked up and saw Sue walking through the door. "Hello Sue."
"Hello Patty," Sue responded.
"What bring you to this side of town," asked Patty.
"Oh, the husband wants to take me out for my birthday, so I was looking for a killer pair of heels that would turn heads as I strutted by everyone," Sue said.
"Happy Birthday," said Patty. "Hmm. I might know the perfect pair for you. Follow me," Patty instructed. "What are the plans for tonight?" asked Patty.
"I have no clue what he has planned for the evening. He hasn't told me anything," said Sue.
"Here we are. How about these heels," asked Patty as she pointed to a pair of high heels?
"Do you have something a bit taller? Maybe in the six- inch heel range?" asked Sue.
Patty nodded her head. "Of course we have some sexy six-inch heels around here."
Patty took her around the store to the shoes she was looking for. "What do you think about these?" asked Patty.
Sue's eyes lit up once she spotted the collection of six-inch heels.
"I need to keep an eye in the front of the store. Just holler at me if you have any questions okay? And it was going seeing you again," said Patty.
"It was nice seeing you too," replied Sue as she carefully examines her choices.
After trying on several pair she finally made her choice and took the heels to the clerk to pay for them.
"Nice choice," said Patty.
"I think so. I'm sure Rick will love these," said Sue.
"That will be $137.76 please," said Patty.
Sue digs into her purse to pull out the credit card to pay for her new heels.
"Thank you Sue. Enjoy your birthday!" said Patty
Sue takes a quick peek at her watch and realizes she still has one more stop to make before she can begin getting ready for her night out. She drives a bit hasty weaving in and out of cars to make up for lost time. "I just hope the nail shop isn't too busy," she thought to herself as she was speeding down the road.
Sue pulls into the parking lot and looks at the time on her dashboard. It was now pushing really close to four o'clock in the afternoon. Her husband is expected to be home around five-thirty, so she knew if there was more than two people waiting in line; she wouldn't be able to get her pedicure and manicure done as her husband requested she do. There was no way she was going to let her husband down no matter how long it took for her to get ready.
Sue walked into the shop and couldn't believe what she saw. There was no one waiting and so she knew she would be seen right away.
"What would you like done today?" asked the lady behind the counter.
"I would like a pedicure and manicure done please," said Sue.
It took about an hour for her manicure and pedicure. She paid her bill and hurried along on her way. Her husband is going to be home with a half hour and she hasn't even begun to be ready.
As she was rushing home her phone rang.
"Hey babe. What's up?" asked Sue.
"I'm running a bit late. I need to finish something at work before I can leave for the day," replied Rick.
"No worries babe. I will see you when you get home," said Sue.
They both hung up the phone. She let out a big sigh of relief knowing her husband was running a bit late himself.
Sue arrives home from her day she spent out getting prepared for what was sure to be a fun evening planned by her husband. She neatly takes the clothes out of the bag and organizes them on her bed.

Sue undresses and heads for the shower. She steps into her grand walk in bathroom that has multiple shower heads all over the shower making it feels your standing outside while its raining. Once she has the water at the temperature she desires; she pulls the knob to let the water flow from all angles. As the water hits her body from all angles; she begins to feel as if she is dancing in the rain. She is now feeling really relaxed when she gets an idea. Sue turned to face one of the lower shower heads and repositions the shower head to spray water directly at her clit. She puts one foot on the ledge of her in door seat within the shower exposing her pussy even more for the shower head to work it's magic. She flings her head back as the water hits her clit with force over and over again. Sue slaps her pussy to help stimulate her. Quickly she begins to gyrate her hips of enjoyment until she has her second orgasm of the day.

After Sue had her second orgasm she wanted more, so she sat down on the ledge, sucked on her fingers as if she was sucking on Rick's shaft. It wasn't before long her fingers found her waiting hole just begging for some attention, which she was more than willing to give at this point. She rubbed the length of her clit all the way down to her butt hole. Sue began to lightly massage her butt hole with slow circles tracing her outer ring while using her other hand gripping tightly her left breast and raising it to her waiting mouth to suck on her own nipples while she massages from her clit to her butt hole. Sue's body begins to rock back and forth with pleasure she was giving herself. Her breathing became more labored as she approached orgasm number three. she screamed with delight as she had her third orgasm of the day. Her body collapsed with exhaustion.

Once Sue gathers her composure back, she finishes washing her body. She turned off the water and dried herself off before heading into her bedroom. Sue looks for the bag from the lingerie store for her under garments. She removes the tag and puts on her sexy pair of new panties along with her other garments she bought. Then she put on the dress she bought. "Dam do I look sexy" she thought to herself. She slipped on her dress, put on her shoes, and sat in front of her large mirror that was in her room to apply her makeup. Once her makeup was perfect, she went back into the bathroom to fix her hair. While brushing out her hair she hears "Honey I'm home," said Rick.

"I'm upstairs babe," said Sue.

"I hope you're ready," said Rick. "It's almost seven-fifteen. We need to get a move on."

"I'm almost ready," replied Sue. "By the time you get out of the shower I will be ready to head out. I promise."

Rick walks into the bathroom, strips down out of his clothes, and jumps right into the shower just as Sue finished fixing her hair.

Sue walks back into the bedroom to make their bed. She hears Rick turn off the shower and knows he will be needing his clothes. "Darling! Do you wish for me to bring you in some clothes?" asked Sue.

"No. I will get them. Thank you anyways babe," said Rick as he stepped into their bedroom only to stop abruptly in his tracks.

Rick couldn't believe how his wife was dressed. His eyes were fixated on her while she was making up their bed. She was wearing a short black satin dress with red lace trimming that was just a bit higher than mid-thigh, black thigh highs, and red 6" satin rhinestone pump heels.

"Do you like what you see?" asked Sue.

"Very much so babe," replied Rick.

"I can tell," said Sue as she smirks at his growing situation.

Then she continues to make the bed. When she was bending over reaching for the covers, Rick got his first glance of her. Her short dress rode up as she bent over revealing her blood red satin crotchless panties. This was too much for Rick to handle.

Rick quietly creeped up behind his wife to rub his now fully erected cock in between her thighs and simulated he was fucking her from behind. Sue immediately stopped fixing the bed and closed her thighs together to squeeze his cock as if it was her pussy. After a few minutes of that Rick pulled his cock out from between her thighs. Then he ordered her to spread her legs apart. Rick slid Sue's dress over her hips, grabbed her hips, and rubbed his cock head the length of her slit.

Rick felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter as he continued to rub up and down. On one of the passes of Rick's cock down, Sue pushes back against his cock with perfect timing as Rick's head penetrated her tight moist hole. Rick slowly entered his wife until she took his cock all the way in her inviting pussy. After a few strokes in and out to make sure she was well lubricated before he began to pound away. On one of Rick's long stroke out, Sue pulled forward just enough for his prime beef to slip out of her pussy and crossed her legs to prevent reentry into her special love box.

"I just wanted to give you a sample of what's to come later," said Sue. "Now put on your clothes so we can go."

Rick was just standing there shocked with his cock rock hard in his hand. "I will get ready if you agree to let me do something without telling you," said Rick.

"You have a deal," said Sue. "Now get dressed."

Rick slips on his boxers over his hard on and watched his wife straighten up the bed taking out the wrinkles in the bed. He gently stroked his hard cock paying special attention to his tip. Swirling his hand over the tip then sliding back down his shaft. He walked over to the closet to pick out his slacks. He decided on black to match his wife. He thought they would look cute together matching. He grabbed a nice silk black dress shirt and picked out his best dress shoes he had.

"Baby," Rick said.

"Yes dear," replied Sue.

"It's time for me to collect on our agreement," Rick said with a smile on his face.

Sue looks at her husband with an eyebrow raised as if something has peaked her interest.

Rick moves closer to Sue to wrap his strong powerful arms around her waist. Kisses Sue passionately while letting his hands roam all over her back. The kissing intensifies as Sue runs her fingers through Rick's hair. Rick pulls away and just smiles at Sue.

"What," questioned Sue wondering what her husband was up too?

Turns out she didn't have to wait too long to find out as Rick's hands slid up over the back of her dress back down towards her bra, unfastened it, and removed her bra from out of her dress. "Tonight you will hit the town braless. Understand?" asked Rick.

Sue only nodded in a yes fashion as Rick's request took her by surprise.

Rick is smiling and foundling her breast pinching her nipples slightly. Sue closes her eyes and bites her lower lip. She can feel her pussy beginning to get wet.

"Babe. Close your eyes for me. I have one last surprise before we head out," Rick said.

Sue closed her eyes and waited patiently for her husband to surprise her next. A whole bunch of thoughts began racing through her mind wondering what he was up too. She could hear him moving around but that was it.

Rick goes over to his side of the bed, on top of his night stand is a container. He picks opens the container, scoops out a small handful of the secret substance, walked over to Sue and rubbed the cream onto both of her nipples thourghly.

"Hmmm.. that feels good babe," said Sue as her pussy almost got to the point of her sweet juices leaking from her tight pussy and down her legs. "What is that?" asked Sue.

"You will know soon enough," said rick. "Okay you can open your eyes now."

Sue did as she was told. Rick reached out for Sue's hand as they held hands all the way down the stairs.

"I will meet you outside babe. I will set the alarm," Rick said.

Sue opened the front door and realized exactly what Rick put on her. It was that special lotion that heats up as air brushes against it. The sensation caught her off guard for a couple of seconds as her nipples began to harden from the breeze outside. "No wonder he wanted to remove my bra. Dirty old man," Sue thought to herself with a smile of approval on her face. "Well two can play this," was all Sue thought before her concentration broke by Rick telling her to close the front door so he could set the alarm.

Sue quickly gathered her composure long enough to shut the front door, but every little gust of wind only made her hotter and her nipples more erect.

Rick soon emerged from the house, locked the door behind him, and opened the car doors remotely. Rick and Sue walked to the car, got in, and started the car.

"Babe. You look amazing," said Rick.

"Thank you," replied Sue. "I hope you don't mind me spending a bit more than what you gave me."

"Who can argue with perfection? Plus it's your special day," said Rick.

Rick makes sure he locked out Sue's window control because he had other ideas. Rick turned on the air conditioner to a low setting, which sort of mimicked the slight breeze from outside because the vents were mostly pointed in her direction.

Sue began to take deeper breaths as she was really getting turned on now. Rick sensing she wasn't lost in her own little world enough, he slid his right hand up the inside of her thigh, making its way to about mid-thigh then back down to her knee drawing little circles all the way down her leg. Sue parted her legs apart giving Rick more access to her thighs hoping he will go further the next time his hand slid up her thigh.

Rick ran his hand up her thigh again drawing circles all the way up, but this time instead of going back down; he skipped over her pussy and drew small circles on her right leg. Rick knew the closer to her pussy he was the more turned on she would become. After a few minutes of teasing her, Rick began to outline her lips which was just dripping wet at this point.

Sue spread her legs even wider giving Rick complete access to what he wanted. She didn't even care if somebody was to see what was going on in the car. All she wanted was to get off. The constant air blowing on her nipples and Rick's magic fingers was almost too much for her to bear, but there was only one problem. It wasn't enough stimulation for her to get off.
Rick soon fixed that problem by sliding one finger into Sue's aching pussy. Sue grabbed Rick's hand, pulled the one finger out, and sucked it dry giving her a sample of her juices before letting Rick put his fingers back inside of her.

Rick rested his hand on her left thigh keeping Sue guessing when he will give her attention again. Sue decided she didn't want to wait, so she took matters into her own hands. Sue snaked her left hand under Rick's right arm and began rubbing her soft hands on his right leg.

Sue picked her moment to begin her flirting with Rick. She ran her freshly manicured nails tracing over his cock through his dress pants causing his cock to betray his body. Sue continued to lightly trace his cock bringing it to full attention. Then she slipped out of her seat belt, leaned towards Rick, and lowered her head towards his now fully erected cock. She was so close to his cock that Rick felt her warm breath through his dress pants. Rick briefly closed his eyes to take in the excitement but he couldn't fully enjoy it because he was driving.

Sue didn't get the reaction she was hoping for, so she decided to take it a step further by unzipping his pants and taking his cock out. Rick looked at Sue shocked and confused. She has given him a blowjob before but not in the car especially traveling down the road in plain view of other people. Sue kissed Rick's swollen tip then swirled her tongue around the tip before taking him deep into her throat.

Sue became completely oblivious to her surroundings at this time as her only goal was to please Rick. it wasn't until Rick had to stop at a stop light that she became aware there was anyone else on the road. A guy in a raised truck, which was outfitted perfectly for floods, had the best view of what Sue was doing.

Rick looked to his right and saw the guy looking at Sue, but Rick didn't mention anything to Sue about being watched. Rick grabbed Sue's right butt cheek and lifted it off the seat a bit, but also pulled her closer to him causing her skirt to ride up exposing her crotchless panties to the other motorist.

Rick watched the motorist as he pulled out his cell phone and began videoing Sue giving Rick oral and all Rick would do was smile.

The light turned green, Rick was back on the gas pedal with the truck acting as if he was in a high speed chase. Rick was laughing so hard on the inside but all he could muster on the outside was a big grin.

Sue was so focused on the task at hand she wasn't aware of anything going on around her. By this time she had picked up the pace on the ferocity at which she sucked Rick's cock. It almost seemed as if she was possessed and Rick loved every minute of it.

Rick's driving became more erratic as Sue speed up her pace at which she was working his cock. He was constantly running over the divider bumps of the lanes.

"I think you better pull off the road before you kill both of us," said Sue as she went back to work on his cock.

Rick had no argument so he pulled off the road and into a parking lot of some old factory that has since gone out of business. Sure enough the truck followed them into the same parking lot but kept his distance.

Sue paused her oral stimulation.

"Oh baby don't stop," Rick said while he had a hand full of Sue's hair trying to force her back down on his cock, but she refused.

Sue unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his button on his dress pants, and slid his pants and boxers to his knees giving her full access to his manhood.

"Babe I want you to lean up against your door facing me," Said Sue as she batted her eyes seductively at Rick.

Rick moved the steering wheel out of the way and shifted to where he was comfortable up against his door. Sue also repositioned herself to where her knees where now on the seat and her ass was up in the air.

Sue gripped Rick's base of his cock using her forefinger and thumb on the right hand and began to jack him off with the left, bobbing her head at the same pace as her left hand was jacking him off. Rick kept Sue's stringy hair out of her face as he wanted to watch her suck away.

Rick reached for Sue's left breast as soon as she began to slow her pace because she wanted to make it last as long as she could. Rick pinched her nipple and pulled on it towards him. Sue didn't need any direction as she knew what he wanted. He wanted to suck on her nipples. Rick was burning with desire as he dove his head first into her chest and pulling down her straps so the dress would fall below her breast.

With Rick's left hand pinching her right nipple while he is biting her left nipple keeping drawing Sue even closer to him to the point where they are sharing the same seat in the front. Sue rose up just enough to let the tip of Rick's cock rest against her pussy entrance.

Rick feeling the entrance was so close, he shift how he held Sue positioning his hands no her shoulders, so he could lower her down onto his hard cock. She slowly slid all the way down his cock as if it was a stripper pole until his balls were up against her butt.

Sue wrapped her arms around Rick's neck and began to grind her hips on his hard aching cock. She looked around the parking lot before she really started bucking her hips and shaking the car. She stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed there was a truck across the way.

"Babe. Is there a guy in the truck right over there?" asked Sue.

"No. That truck was there when we pulled in. He must be out hunting or something," said Rick.

Sue began to cautiously rock her hips but in slow movements as she didn't feel comfortable, but that changed when Rick started to ram his cock deep inside her with all of his might. Her eyes started to roll back and she quickly put it out of her mind someone could be watching. She began to match Rick's pace swinging her hips in a circle motion arching her back backwards to ensure it was getting in as deep as it would go. Her breathing picked up as she was nearing another orgasm. Rick used his right thumb to stimulate her clit as she rode him violently.

Sue let out a blood curdling sound of ecstasy as she came all over Rick's cock. She got up from his lap and went back to sucking his dick, but this time there was a purpose. She cupped his balls with her left hand knowing that was one of his favorite things while she was giving head. Then she began to massage his balls while taking him deep in her throat. "Right there baby. I'm about to CUUUMMMM!," said RICK. He gripped the back of her head as he exploded all of his saved up cum into her mouth.

Rope after rope of thick cum shot into Sue's awaiting throat. She continued to suck until his cock expelled every last drop and his cock stopped pulsing. She looked up to meet Rick's eyes and gave him a French kiss exchanging some of his own cum with her tongue allowing him to taste himself.

Sue reached into her purse and pulled out some mouth wash for the both of them. Once their mouths were washed out and they both regained their composure, they witnessed the truck drive off.

"Oh my god. There was someone in that truck," said Sue as she playfully hit Rick in the shoulder.

"I was so turned on by the thought of someone watching us," Rick said.

"Now where were we heading before we had to make a detour," asked Sue?

Rick didn't answer; he just pulled up his pants, zipped up his fly and buckled his belt back before they left the parking lot. Rick drove about ten more minutes down the road before arriving at their destination.

Sue's eyes lit up when she saw she was at a famous restaurant, which was only by reservations only. Sue gave him another long passionate kiss on the lips before getting out of the car and heading inside.

They both approached the front podium where the hostess stood hand in hand. "Hello. Dinner for two. Mr. and Mrs. Smith," said Rick.
The hostess went looking down her sheet to find their names. She smiled and said "Follow me. Right this way." She took them to a semi private area where only a few eyes could see them, so Rick could have complete privacy while he dined with his wife on her birthday.
"Here are your menus and the waiter will be with you shortly," said the hostess as she strutted off to help the next customer waiting in line.
Rick begins to shuffle through his pockets obvious he is looking for something.
"Don't tell me you forgot your wallet," said Sue with a disappointed look on her face.
"No it's not that at all. I must have left something in the car. I will return shortly," said Rick.
Rick gets up out of his seat to walk back to the car for her gift he purposely left in the trunk. He opens a box to grab a remote out of the box and left a sweet message in the box;
Open this box in the bathroom. I want you to slip this into
your pussy, but you have to hold it in throughout dinner.
This is part of your birthday surprise. ï
Rick then folded up the box carefully and neatly, and then walked back into the restaurant.
"Well someone is just full of surprises today now aren't we," asked Sue with a very excited smile on her face.
Rick slid the box across the table and said "Happy Birthday Babe," just as the waiter was walking towards the table. Sue properly excused herself while the waiter talked to Rick.
"Can you just give us a couple of waters for now please sir," said Rick to the waiter as he watched his wife walk to the bathroom. Once she was out of ear range he explained to the waiter that today was her birthday and wanted to know if they would sing happy birthday to her."
"Sure sir. We do it all the time here," replied the waiter. "What is her name?"
"Sue," Rick replied. "Can you do it when you bring out the dessert with a candle in it?"
"I will," said the waiter. "Is there anything else I can do for you," asked the waiter?
"No that will be all," said Rick. "We will need a few more minutes to decide on what we are going to have."
Meanwhile Sue was in the bathroom reading the instructions from her lover, but noticed the remote was already missing. She knew Rick was up to something now she just wasn't quite sure what he was up too, so she decided to play along and slipped the egg shaped toy into her pussy clinching it for dear life. I mean she wouldn't want the vibrator to fall out as she walked. How embarrassing would that be?
Rick saw his wife emerged from the bathroom with the biggest smile on her face. His cock began to get excited again because he now knew her fate and she was game.
Sue sat back down and looked over the menu.
"Babe. Since tonight is your special night, I'm going to let you pick whatever you want to eat tonight and order for me as well," said Rick.
The waiter came back to the table and asked if they were ready to order yet?
"I think we are," Sue replied.
Just as she began to order she felt a buzz, which made her jolt and let out a soft moan. She locked eyes with Rick who was smiling away at her. Sue knew she had to gain her composure long enough to order because it was apparent Rick wasn't going to turn off the vibrator.
In a shaky voice Sue managed to get out "We will have the lobster Dinner." Squeezing her thighs together real tight fighting the urge to moan in pleasure.
"An excellent choice ma'am," said the waiter as he grabbed both menus from them and walked away.
Once the waiter was out of sight he turned off the vibrator.
"Someone is being a bad boy today," Sue said.
At this point she couldn't hold back her juices from flowing out of her pussy any longer and Rick knew it. Her will had been broken and just gave into the pleasure of the evening.
The couple engaged in small talk as they waited on their food to arrive. It took about twenty-five minutes for their food to arrive after they place the original order. The server brought out their food and immediately Rick pushed the button in his pants and Sue began to buzz again. Closing her thighs even tighter to not only keep the egg inside her, but the sudden shock of the buzz is more intense than the first. It was obvious to her; he had it on a different setting.
The servers walked away, but Rick continued with the vibrating egg for a few more moments when she started to arch her back towards the back of her seat; Rick suddenly turned it off denying her orgasm. Her juices are now rushing out of her hot love box and spilling, running down her crack and dripping onto the seat beneath her.
Rick would turn it on for a short while and off again just to keep her in that constant state of arousal. He had big plans for her and wanted to make sure this was a birthday she would never forget.
"What's the matter babe," asked Rick? "You have hardly touched your plate?"
Sue looked at him with nothing but lust. Her eyes had glazed over and Rick knew all she wanted was to cum. little did she know how soon it would be.
The waiter returns back to their booth. "Can I get you guys something else or your check?"
"What are our choices for dessert," asked Rick?
"We have a wonderful Cheesecake with strawberry glaze on top of it. We also have Chocolate Mousse, Cherries Jubilee, Biscott, or Italian Meringue Trifle."
"Why don't you come over here and sit next to me," asked Rick while patting on the seat next to him.
"We will have the Cheesecake with strawberry glaze thank you," said Rick.
"Ok sir, I will be right back with your dessert," said the waiter as he winked at Rick.
"Looks like someone has a crush on you babe," said Sue with a smile on her face.
Without missing a beat Sue got up, but once she got up; Rick turned on the vibrator again causing Sue to grip the side of the table so she wouldn't lose her balance and crossed her legs again. She gently maneuvers herself into the seat next to Rick.
While she was changing seats Rick saw the waiter walking towards the table with a few of his fellow co-workers in tow behind him, so he decided to leave it on the lowest setting.
"Here is your cheesecake sir," said the waiter. "1,2,3,4" sounded off the waiter.
All his co-workers began to sing "Happy birthday to you."
Rick hits the button on his pocket that speeds up the vibrator to the next setting causing Sue to contract and tighten up her stomach muscles. Sue quietly lets out a soft moan but it was covered up by the people singing.
The song continued. "Happy birthday to you." Rick is carefully watching his wife like a hawk as he hits the speed up button once again. This time her moan was a bit more audible and her hand dove in between her legs while biting her lower lip. At this point Sue began give into her desire to cum.
Again the song continued "Happy birthday to you." again Rick speed it up to the next speed drawing her deeper into her desire. She moaned almost as loud as a sneeze. Rick knew it wasn't going to take much more so he slowed down the vibrator to make it last. Sue is completely incoherent at this point. She could care less who's around. Her burning desire is starting to show.
The song continues, but this time Rick lets them get future into the song before he changes the speed throwing off his wife completely. " Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Sue." He turns it up to top speed at this point in the song and sits back to admire his work. Her pussy is dripping juices as if she spilled water all over the place.
"Oh Yes!,"Sue shouted at the same time as the people finished saying their last lines of the song. Rick turned off the vibrator as he knew she was shaking from that orgasm.
The co-workers and the people sitting around their table all started clapping and cheering. They all left the table but the waiter. He said "I will be back with your check in a little bit. Again happy birthday Sue." Rick knew he was working for his tip, but unbeknownst to the waiter he had already earned his tip for the evening.
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