A Year Older Part 2
"Babe think fast," said Rick as he tossed the keys in Sue's direction.
"You want me to drive," asked Sue?
Rick nods his head yes.
"I don't know where we're going," Sue replied.
Rick puts his hand inside his pocket. Sue's eyes get real big and crosses her legs in preparation of feeling the buzz from the vibrating egg, which was still lodged in her pussy. Rick just smiled and said "I will tell you where to turn," as he got into the car on the passenger side waiting for Sue to get into the driver seat.
Sue gets in, rearranges the seat and mirrors so she would be comfortable for the drive.
"Which direction are we heading," asked Sue?
"Get on the freeway heading south," replied Rick.
"You know I don't know my north and south babe," said Sue.
Rick chuckled out loud. "Take the freeway towards downtown," said Rick.
Sue used her turn signal to merge into traffic. A couple of blocks down the road she came to a signal light, which was red. She came to a complete stop and rested her right hand on Rick's mid thigh softly brushing his leg up and down.
Rick looked over to Sue with a smile on his face. They locked eyes on each other just staring not saying a word. They didn't break eye contact until they heard horns honking at them. Sue looked up to see the light had to turned green, so she stepped on the gas to continue her march to the freeway.
Rick continued his stare. When he noticed Sue right leg move off the brake pedal to the gas pedal; he hit the button in his pocket. Sue pussy began to vibrate as her body reacted to the sudden vibration. Instead of stepping on the gas she stomped on the gas. The tires screeched a bit from the sudden power from the engine. The engine's rpm rose quickly as the car shot off like a rocket once the tires stopped spinning and gripped the pavement.
Sue was having a difficult time focusing on driving while fighting her urges her body so desperately wanted to surrender itself too. Then just like that the buzzing stopped. She was taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself down.
A few blocks later were the entrance to the freeway. Sue got on the freeway and asked "Which exit am I taking, so I know in advance which exit to get off on?'
Rick paused for almost a minute before replying. "Take the thirty-second street off ramp then make a right," Rick said.
Sue knew that particular exit was only about fifteen miles from where the got on. The couple didn't speak a single word the entire time they were on the freeway.
Sue approached the exit Rick told her too and followed his directions to a tee.
"Now three blocks I want you to make a left," said Rick.
Sue did exactly what Rick told her to do.
"Find a parking spot," said Rick.
Sue went circled the parking lot a couple of times looking for an empty parking spot. As soon as she found one she parked the car.
"Okay. You can pull out the vibrator now," said Rick.
Sue removed it from her pussy."Where are we going now," asked Sue?
"To the club over there," said Rick as he pointed out the club across the street.
Sue lit up with a huge smile and gave Rick the biggest kiss along with the tightest hug of the night.
They get out of the car, locked it up, and went to go stand in line waiting to get into the club. They security at the front of the club were doing their job. They were checking to make sure people were of right age. Then another two security officers were patting people down to ensure no one was bring in any alcohol or weapons into the club. Sue and Rick with through their routine. Before they knew it, they were inside the club.
"Do you want anything to drink babe," asked Rick.
"Get me a jack on the rocks," replied Sue.
Rick looked puzzled by his wife answer. He knew she didn't normally drink the hard liquor, but he figured tonight she was making an exception. "Are you sure babe," rick asked her?
Sue nodded yes as her body began to catch the rhythm of the beat. A few minutes later Rick returned with her drink in hand.
"Here you go babe," said Rick.
"Cheers," said Sue as they clanked the glasses together before letting the alcohol flow down their throats.
Rick and Sue hit the dance floor to dance the night away. A slow song came on. Sue rested her head on Rick's chest while Rick's hand found their way to Sue's ass. He would give it a firm grab every so often pulling her lower region closer to his. Every time he did that, she countered with little nibbles on the side of his neck.
The next song that came on was a more upbeat type of song. Sue turned around to where her back was up against Rick's front. She arched her back slightly to where her butt was now firmly in Rick's crotch. She began rubbing all over Rick's crotch area to the beat. She would go up and down, but would mix it up with tight circles focusing on the crotch area.
Sue was working his area with all her might, but Rick wasn't getting the desired effect that Sue had attended on.
Once that song ended, Rick walked back to the bar to order more drinks. He came back a few minutes later, handed a glass to Sue for her to drink, and leaned into her so she could hear him over the music. "Lets get a table before the club gets to packed," Rick said.
Sue nodded her head in agreement because she knew she wasn't going to be out dancing in her high heels all night.
Sue spotted a booth that had only one guy sitting in it. Sue walked up to the young man and asked "Do you mind if me and my husband share this booth with you?"
The young man carefully looked Sue up and down from head to toe. Sue became rather impatient so decided to force the issue instead of waiting for his response. Sue lifted her right foot off the ground and placed her heel right between his legs while at the same time leaning towards the young man. The young man was taking in all her sights. She was showing the young man her wet pussy. "Do you want to share your booth with me and my husband," Sue asked a second time while almost tapping his crotch with her toe to make a statement?
"As long as I can have a couple of dances with you," replied the young man.
"What is your name," asked Sue?
"Tommy," said the young man.
Sue agreed and motioned for her husband to have a seat. Sue removed her threatening foot away from the Tommy crotch.
"Rick baby. This is Tommy and Tommy this is my husband Rick, said Sue. "This kind gentleman offered to share his booth with us in exchange for a couple of dances. I thought you wouldn't mind so I agreed.
Rick extends his hand to Tommy for them to shake and greet one another. "I don't mind at all," replied Rick. "Actually I like to watch my wife have fun."
All three of the shared a few more laughs. A waitress walks by. Rick gets her attention and orders a round of drinks for everyone to break the ice so Tommy would feel more at ease.
After a few more rounds of drinks Sue asked Rick if he wanted to go and dance some more? He turned her down, but Tommy was quick to take Rick's spot.
"Have fun. I will be right here enjoying the drinks," said Rick.
Tommy grabbed Sue by the hand to lead her to the dance floor where Rick could keep an eye on his wife. They began to dance once they had enough room to do so. At first Sue was keeping her distance from Tommy.
Then Sue began to think about what Rick just said a few minutes earlier about how he likes to watch. "He wants to see a show. I will give me a show alright," she thought to herself. It just so happened the next song was more upbeat.
Sue just smiled and thought to herself "Watch this lover." Sue began to exactly what she did to Rick earlier by shoving her ass into the crotch region of Tommy. She looked at Rick from the dance floor with a smile on her face and began to grind away.
It was clear to Sue that she was having an effect on Tommy as she felt his erection growing in his pants. This only made her more determined to see how much Tommy was working with so she kept up the grinding motions.
"Damn he is hard as steel," Sue thought to herself. "I wonder if I could make him cum in his pants on the dance floor," she thought.
Her thoughts were interrupted by Tommy grabbing each side of Sue's hips. Tommy began to thrust his hips forward as if he was fucking her from behind. This sudden action caught her by surprise, but she was loving it. She checked the booth for Rick's reaction and he was just glaring at her. "I thought you like to watch me have fun," she thought to herself. "I bet now he wished he didn't say that."
Sue's pussy began to get wet as Tommy's hard cock was slapping up against her butt. After about a minute and a half of grinding she decided to change positions and face Tommy. Sue just had to feel his hard cock slapping against her pussy.
Sue place one leg in between his and the other was outside giving her the perfect angle to rub her pussy against his hard cock. They continued to grind that way all the way until the song ended. Once the song ended she said "I think we better go back to the booth and rejoin my husband."
"I think that is a good idea," said Tommy.
Tommy and Sue walk back to the booth to rejoin Rick who was drinking the entire time watching his wife dry hump some random guy they just met at the club. Tommy breathing was labored for two reasons. One he was exhausted from dancing and two was because of the constant grinding from the beautiful woman that was in front of him.
Before Rick had a chance to say a word, Sue placed her right hand in Rick's crotch. To her surprise she found Rick was hard as a rock. Then she had an idea. She began to stroke Rick's cock with her right hand. Since she was sitting next to him no one around was any wiser to what was going on under the table.
Tommy was looking around the club to see where the waitress was. "I'm going to order another round of drinks from the bar. I will be back," said Tommy. Tommy got up from the booth to head to the bar. Sue stopped stroking Rick's dick.
Rick looked at Sue and said "You know you teased the hell out of that poor kid," said Rick.
"Maybe next time you will join me on the dance floor and it wouldn't be poor someone else," said Sue.
Sue began to think about the poor kid. She knew he was in need of release after a sexy tease.
Tommy came back to the booth and passed out the drinks. It wasn't long before Sue had the most devilish grin. Sue resumed rubbing Rick's cock though his pants slowly. Just enough to keep his attention focused else where so she could implement part two of her plan. Sue had slipped her foot out of her show while Tommy was at the bar ordering the next round of drinks. Sue brought up her left foot to so it could rest in between Tommy's legs, but on the edge of the seat. This immediately got Tommy to look directly at Sue almost with begging eyes.
Sue could tell Tommy was attracted to her feet because when she placed her foot in front of him before she thought she saw movement stir in his pants. This was her chance to test that hypothesis.
Tommy's eyes reminded Sue of a begging puppy. She gave in and extended her warm foot towards his crotch. When her foot met Tommy's crotch; Tommy tipped his head back to enjoy the sensation of her expert foot rubbing on his cock while still masturbating Rick at the same time. Sue was able to mask her movements as she bounced around in the seat as if she was dancing to the beat, so her husband Rick wouldn't be any wiser of what she was doing to Tommy.
Sue was teasing Tommy because if it was a fast song she would rub him faster, but if it was a slow song; she would slow down her movements driving the young man crazy with lust. Sue was focused on giving him pleasure when she felt fingers creeping up her thigh heading towards het wet pussy. She looked over at Rick and noticed he was just smiling away as his fingers reached their target.
Tommy didn't know it, but Sue's foot movements were now going to be dictated by the actions of Rick's talented fingers.
Rick's fingers went up and down her slit gathering up her juices in preparation to enter her. Sue spread her legs a bit future apart giving Rick total access to her pleasure zone. Rick slipped two fingers in between her pussy lips in search of her clit.
Sue removed her foot from Tommy's crotch and placed it back on the edge of his seat. Tommy looked over at Sue asking why she took her foot away with only his eyes.
Rick began to use his talented fingers to work his wife close to another orgasm. After stimulating her, Rick buried two fingers deep inside her awaiting pussy. Sue's eyes began to flutter as his fingers penetrated her. Rick started to slowly run his fingers in and out of her wet love box. She moaned softly as Rick's fingers were working their magic.
Sue placed her foot back in Tommy's lap and worked his shaft up and down to the speed of Rick's fingers working her pussy. All three had dry throats from the heavy breathing. Rick sped up is finger movements which then Sue sped up the rate her foot was working Tommy's cock. Sue felt Tommy cock was close to bursting its hot load into his pants when Rick slowed down his fingers to a crawl, which meant she slowed her foot movements to crawl. She was driving Tommy may as she ran her toes over the tip of his cock and giving the head a gentle squeeze with her toes. Tommy let out a soft moan while driving his hips towards her foot for more friction so he could release his load.
Tommy didn't have to wait much longer as Rick sped up his fingers in and out. He made sure to hit her g-spot with a finger while signaling to come here motion on her g-spot. Sue began to moan with pleasure. She began to rub Tommy's cock with purpose again. The only difference about this time was she knew she had found his weak spot on his cock. She had no intentions of losing that special spot. She rubbed him so fast Tommy couldn't hold out much longer. Neither could Sue as Rick was working her g-spot over. Sue moaned loudly as she came really hard followed by a few seconds after she came; her new friend Tommy also came. She felt Tommy cock pulse through his pants with her feet as it began to spew his load. Sue had a look of satisfaction on her face. Sue continued to rub Tommy's cock a few seconds after he finished cuming to ensure she drained his cock of everything it had in it.
Sue pulled out Rick's hand from her pussy and licked every single finger clean in front of Tommy. She knew she was putting on a show when she ran her tongue in between his fingers sneaking glances at Tommy every once in a while. She took both of Rick's fingers deep inside her mouth making sure she got all of her juices off his fingers.
"I think we should get cleaned up," said Sue looking at Rick.
Rick nodded in agreement.
Sue managed to slip back on her heel casually so Rick wouldn't be any wiser that she just got off Tommy.
Sue grabbed Rick by the hand, slid out the booth, and headed towards the bathroom. Of course there was a line for the women's bathroom, but the men's side didn't have that problem. Sue feeling horny decided to sneak in behind her husband. They both went into the same stall.
Sue unzipped Rick's pants and pulled out his cock. She was kneeling down on the balls of her feet like a catcher. She kissed the tip of his cock before smearing her lipstick all over his cock. Sue grabbed the back of Rick's legs to help keep her balance while she began to take Rick's cock down her throat. She started off slow at first, but quickly picked up the pace. When her lips broke the seal from his cock, you could hear the popping sound. There was no mistaking what was going on in the bathroom stall. Sue took her right hand and cupped his balls as she continued to suck away on his cock. Sue knew playing with his balls was one thing that drove Rick crazy and got him hard no matter what. Rick was no match for his wife oral skills as he was hard as ever. Sue stopped sucking and turned around lifting her dress up. Rick knew what his wife wanted so he obliged her. He gave her his cock being buried deep inside her. Thrusting his hips forward with all his might as she rocked her backwards to meet his cock as it entered her. Soon everyone in the bathroom heard the familiar sounds of skin slapping skin. Rick grabbed Sue by the hair, which forced her to arch her back while pulling on her hair. Sue couldn't stay quite as she began to moan. The more she moaned the harder and deeper Rick was forcing his cock into her pussy. Sue took her finger and began to rub her clit while her husband was fucking her hard from the back. Sue felt her knees get weak as she got close to her orgasm. The closer she got to her orgasm the louder she moaned until she had her orgasm. Sue not wanting to be greedy decided to help her husband out by massing his balls. With in a few seconds of sue working her talented hands on his balls, Rick let out a loud grunt as he came deep inside her pussy. Wave after wave of sperm was now deep inside Sue's pussy. For the first time that night she was satisfied.
Sue turned around to lick clean Rick's cock; then stuffed his cock back inside his pants. Rick zipped up his fly while Sue straightens up before the exited the stall together. Rick opens the stall, looks up, and sees security guards waiting for them to exit.
"You two come with us please," said one of the security guards.
"Can we at least wash our hands first," asked Rick.
The security guard gave permission with just a simple nod.
Sue's legs were trembling from the fear of getting caught. She didn't have a clue as to what was going to happen next. She didn't care as long as she didn't go to jail on her birthday.
Rick and Sue washed their hands.
Sue couldn't hold in Rick's massive load he had just given her. She felt it leaking out of her pussy and down her gorgeous thighs. Sue kept her head down as she knew people would be looking at the pair being lead away by security guards. With each step Sue took; more of Rick's cum was leaking out and down her thighs. What made it worse was all the black light the club was using only accentuated the cum running down her legs.
Rick and Sue both heard all the cat calls and whistles as they worked there way through the crowd toward an exit.
"Were sorry, but you have to leave this club," said the security guard.
They were both relieved to hear they weren't going to call the cops and would be able to continue their night out on the town.
Once escorted outside more cat calls continued as well the whistling too. Since Sue knew she was free; she strutted her stuff with pride adding a little extra swing in her hips as she walked to their car.
They get into the car. Sue gets into the back seat of the car.
"Why are you in the back seat babe," asked Rick?
Sue didn't utter a word. She just extended her foot between the seats showing Rick his load that had leaked out. Rick supported her leg by placing his left hand under her heel while running his tongue up her leg cleaning up his mess which he left. He continued to run his tongue up her legs, fitting his body between the front seats making his way towards the back seat. He ran his tongue till it met Sue's love box.
The thrill and excitement of getting caught had Rick fully aroused while he began to lick away on Sue's pussy. Rick forcefully spread her thighs open and dove his face right in as if he was a starving person who hasn't had nothing to eat in a couple of days. Rick was like a man possessed as he hardly came up for air.
Sue loving the feeling of his tongue moving so fast she began to slap her clit causing her to have contractions as she let her juices flow. Sue was running her fingers through his hair. Rick stopped licking her pussy, but Sue wasn't finished. She gripped the back of his head, spread her thighs future apart, and rocked her hips up and down using his face to rub on her clit.
Rick was having a hard time breathing as Sue was taking all of his air from him. She was focused on having another orgasm. She was so close to coming and with Rick struggling to breathe; it only added another sensation to push her over the edge. Rick began to gasp as the last little bit of air was escaping his lungs with vibrated against her pussy lips causing her to cum again.
Sue released her grip from the back of Rick's head to let him catch his breath. Rick took in several deep breaths to get air back into his lungs.
"Slide over babe. I'm driving," said Sue. "You know you had too much to drink."
Rick slid over to the passenger side while his wife jumped into the driver's side.
"Where are we going," asked Rick?
"Do you remember Kathy," asked Sue?
"How could you forget her," replied Rick?
"Well she offered for us to stop by and join them in their brand new hot tub," said Sue.
"What are we waiting for," asked Rick.
Sue headed towards her friend's Kathy house. After driving for thirty minutes they arrive at Kathy's house. They knock on the door. Kathy greets them in her bikini.
"I'm glad to see you two made it," said Kathy with a smile as she gave both Sue and Rick hugs before offering them to come inside.
"Who is here," asked Rick?
"Just me and my husband James," replied Kathy.
Kathy leads Rick and Sue to a room for them to get out of their nice dress clothes. Sue takes off her dress and thigh highs. Rick took off his dress shirt and pants. Kathy waited for them in the kitchen.
"Oh my," Kathy said. "My husband s going to love you Sue" with a smile of approval on her face.
Kathy led them to the hot tub where James was already in the hot tub. When James got a good look of Sue coming around the corner; he just stared at her crotchless panties she still had on and her bare nipples were hard. James began to get aroused; the good thing for him was he had water hiding his hard on.
"James, you remember Sue don't you," asked Kathy.
James nodded.
"This is her husband Rick," replied Kathy.
"Nice to meet you Rick," said James. "Come on in. the water is fine."
They all pile into the hot tub. The women seat next to one another while the men sat across from each other. Kathy had brought everyone a bottle of wine from the kitchen. About an hour later is when things began to heat up in the hot tub.
Kathy reached over Sue to grab her bottle of wine when suddenly Sue bit her breast that was dangling in front of her. Sue at this point has had a lot to drink, so the effects of the alcohol were starting to get the best of her.
Kathy sat right down on Sue's lap, wrapping her thighs around her waist so that she wouldn't float away. Wrapped her arms around her neck, and leaned in for a passionate tender kiss. Their lips locked around each others as their tongues explore each other mouths.
The men stayed quiet and just watch the ladies enjoy this moment.
Kathy puller her lips away from Sue, but she wasn't going to let her get away that easy as Sue had reached in between Kathy thighs and placing her hand on Kathy's butt drawing her closer towards Sue.
Sue unties Kathy's bikini from the back. Then she uses her teeth to pull down her bikini top exposing her breast in front of both men. Sue carefully and skillfully licks the nipples giving close care to each one equally. Sue alternated between sucking and nibbling while Kathy was nibbling on Sue's ear while she whispered "Do you want to play that game we have talked about before?"
Sue nodded her head yes as she removed her hand from Kathy's butt; running her finger between her cheeks of her butt down and around to part her pussy lips.
Kathy and Sue both turn to face the men.
"We can't decide which of us has the bigger nipples," said Kathy.
"You guys wouldn't mind help settle a debate now would you," asked Sue?
Both Sue and Kathy began to rub, tub, and even lick their nipples to get them as fully erect as they can be.
The men come in for a closer view. They have a little discussion before they have their mind made up.
"Babe I'm sorry, but Kathy's are just a bit bigger than yours," said Rick.
"Excuse me everyone," said Kathy. "I need to use the bathroom real fast."
Kathy gets out of the hot tub. Rick goes to comfort his wife because he knows what a sore loser she can be. Before long Kathy has returned back to the hot tub, but she is hiding something behind her back.
"What cha got babe," asked James.
"I want to see how far our pussies can spread by seeing how much of this dildo one can take into her pussy," asked Kathy as she shows every a very large dildo, which had to be at least a foot long and four inches wide.
"Okay I will take that bet, but I want you to go first," Sue said.
Kathy removed her panties and sat on the edge of the hot tub as she carefully inserted this huge dildo into her pussy. She let her walls get use to the size before trying to push it in any deeper. She catches her breath and pushes it in some more.
"James and Rick. Care to do me a favor," asked Kathy?
"Sure," both men said at the same time.
"Can one of you grab one leg and the other grabs the other for me," asked Kathy.
Kathy's legs are now spread as wide as they can go. She takes the dildo and twirls it around adding to the lubricant to help guide it way up there. Her last attempt to get in as deep as it will go. She closes her eyes and forces it up in there. She moaned as it went deeper passing her g-spot.
"Rick would you be a good boy and use your finger to mark how deep it went," asked Kathy.
Rick placed his finger outside the entrance to her love box and slowly pulled it out not wanting to hurt her as he did. James pulled out the tape measure to measure the distance from Rick's finger to the tip.
"Nine inches!" shouted James.
Sue knew it was now her turn to prove how much she could stretch her pussy out. Sue did have one unfair advantage. She has been wet the entire night so she is very well lubricated. Sue teased her entrance a bit before inserting the large beast into her.
Sue gets into her favorite position leaning over the hot tub at the waist with one leg bent on the steps. "Babe can you insert me with that thing," said Sue.
Sue handed Rick the dildo.
"Are you ready," asked Rick?
"Yes give it to me daddy," replied Sue.
Rick slowly inserted the dildo into Sue's wet pussy. Inch by inch her pussy was swallowing it. She moaned louder and louder the deeper the dildo went.
"Wait babe. Let it settle," said Sue.
After pausing about thirty seconds she was ready for the dildo to get inserted more. Rick carefully inserted it deeper. "That is it. I can't take no more," said Sue.
"Step back Rick and let James do what you did for me. That way there is no cheating," said Kathy.
James got the tape measure and measure the same distance. After both men confirming the findings the James blurted out the findings.
"Sue you had ten and a quarter inches. Looks like they are tied one a piece," said James.
"What's the next game," asked Rick.
The women go inside without saying a word. The men quickly get out of the hot tub both of them full erected from the show their wives are putting on.
When both James and Rick arrive in the living room they see both women on the floor facing one another.
"The object of this next game is to see which one of us will cum first. The first one to cum first loses," said Sue.
Sue is positioned on her back with her legs wide apart. Kathy is positioned on top of Sue with her legs on either side of her. They walk themselves closer to one another until their pussy lips are meeting each others. Sue lifts her hips off the ground to give Kathy good solid contact. They begin to rub on each others pussy. Sue started off with circles while Kathy runs her pussy the length of Sue's pussy.
It was clear that Kathy had the advantage early on in the competition because she was rubbing on Sue's clit roughly. Something Kathy knew from all their girl talks her and Sue had.
The moaning from both women were all most to much for the husbands to bear. James pulled his cock out and began stroking it while he watched intently these battling babes duke it out. Rick was running his hard on through his wet boxers which were pretty much see thru at this point.
Kathy then grabbed one of Sue's leg, put it up against her left side of her body exposing more of her pussy lips to be rubbed by Kathy.
Sue knew she was in trouble now because her breathing had picked up and the feeling Kathy was putting on her clit was wonderful, but she continued the fight. She didn't want to give up, so she began thrusting her hips upward slapping her pussy into Kathy's pussy. The women continued to moan louder and louder as they were both approaching their orgasm.
After about four minutes of continuous rubbing Kathy had one final trick up her sleeve which she thought was going to be enough for her to pull out this victory. Kathy rose up a couple of inches to gain the necessary distance for her to slam with all her weight into Sue's pussy repeatedly. It was a chance she had to take because she knew both of them were right there on the verge of losing it. Kathy's first thundering slap. A direct hit on Sue's clit. Sue's leg almost buckled from the force Kathy exerted on Sue. She did it again, again, and again just as if she was riding a cock rough.
Sue was no match for her onslaught and let out a loud shout. It was over, but Kathy wanted to prove her point she won, so she continued slamming her pussy into Sue's pussy until she got her climax as well.
"Did you enjoy the show," asked Kathy as she noticed both men were playing with themselves. "Don't cum yet."
"For the next and final part we need two guys to volunteer. Would you two care to volunteer to help us girls out," asked Sue.
Both men nodded yes.
"Good. Stop jerking then!" demanded Kathy. "We will have to wait two hours to let you calm down so we can make sure everyone is on the same playing field."
Sue licked her lips. Tracing the outline of her lips seductively.
They decided the best way to get everybody calmed down was to watch a movie. They figured t enough time should have passed for everyone to be in the same state of arousal.
"No touching yourselves throughout the entire movie. We promise we will make it up to you," said Sue.
They put in a movie. One of the most boring movies they could find, but it also had to be interesting enough to hold their attention to the movie and not what was going to happen. The movie ended and both guys were good so now it was time for their reward.
"For our last challenge," said Sue all enthusiastically. "We have decided on giving each of you a blowjob at the same time."
"Whichever one of us gets you to cum first wins the last challenge," said Kathy.
Both men looked at each other and just smiling away at the thought of receiving a blowjob from their wife.
"However there are a couple of catches that you must agree too," said Kathy.
"How bad could it be," asked James.
"let's start with the loser. The loser will endure a session with both of us as dominatrix's fucking you up the ass with a strap on. The winner gets to claim his prize and fuck the one that made him cum," said Sue.
"To make this fair; we've decided to switch partners for the blowjob contest," said Kathy. "Does that sound fair to you guys?"
James and Rick didn't even bother to think twice about it. A free pass to have another woman suck on their cock. Why not right? Both men agreed to the terms.
"Once we start there is no backing out," said Kathy.
"We understand what we're getting into," Rick replied.
"On the couch," said Sue in a stern voice.
Both men got on the couch with their legs spread wide so the women could slide in between them.
The guys counted down from 3, 2, 1.
Sue wasted no time to suck on James's balls while holding his cock away from her face as she buried it. She began to move her tongue around his balls almost tickling them. Taking each ball one at time, but making sure she was giving him the most amount of pleasure his body to take while she jacked him off with the other hand. Her plan was working as James's cock began to grow hard.
Kathy on the other hand took a completely different approach to the task at hand. She remembered a conversation her and Sue had a while back about how Rick loved the feeling of his flaccid penis just being taken into her mouth, so Kathy figured why not try that approach first. Sure enough he was right behind James as his cock started to grow as well.
Sue had her fill of James's balls and began to slide her mouth over James's hard cock. Each time she her lips pulled away from his cock a popping noise was heard along with wet noises as she continued sucking James's cock. She picked up the pace on James's cock as her head began to bob up and down faster and faster.
Kathy took Rick's cock out so she could flick the tip of his sensitive penis very rapidly. Then she grabbed a solid hold around Rick's base and started smacking his cock against her tongue a few times before going back to flicking her tongue on the tip. She spit on his cock to add extra lubrication as she began to stroke him from the base of his shaft to the tip of his cock. Rick began to moan and stir a bit.
Sue hearing her man moan only provider her with more determination than ever to give James the best blowjob he had ever had in his entire life. She deep throated James's cock so far down; her nose was touching the skin just above the base of his cock, but also managed to get her tongue under his ball sack. James began to moan. "Ah ha" she thought to herself as she kept up with the deep throat.
Kathy also began her deep throat, but had one problem. She would gag because she wasn't expecting Rick to thrust his cock in her mouth as she was going down the shaft costing her valuable time as she wasn't use to it. She tried her best to recover by stroking his cock faster. She would alternate between deep throating and stroking. The pressure was beginning to build as the temperature in the room was sure rising quickly. Rick's moan become a little louder as his breathing slowed down.
Sue knew her man was on the verge of cumming so she decided it was now or never and went for broke. She began to deep throat James's cock so far it started to go down her throat. She used her throat to contract around James's hard cock as it slid deeper and deeper. While she was wildly sucking his cock; she stuck her finger in his mouth while he sucked on her finger getting it all nice and wet.
Kathy is now bobbing up and down sensing Rick is getting close to the point of no return. She is using her right hand to twist left to right as her head goes up and down. She even tightens her lips to make the hole smaller hoping to provide enough friction to get him so shoot has load. She held Rick's cock out started to trace circles around his penis head at a furious pace. Rick's breathing quickened in between breaths. It wasn't long now.
Sue removed her well lubricated finger from James's mouth to only relocate at the opening of his butt hole. She cautiously massaged his hole before trying to stick her finger up his ass. James's let out the loudest moan yet as Sue's fingers penetrated his butt hole. She got her finger up to the second knuckle feeling around for his prostate gland. Once she located the prostate gland, she really went to work on his cock bobbing up and down as she made the come her motion with the finger rubbing up against James's prostate. James was now moaning uncontrollably with each pass Sue made on his cock. Sue felt his cock began to harden even more.
Kathy had glanced over to see Sue had taken her finger up James's ass so she decided to do the same. After all she didn't want to be out done by her friend during a competition. Instead of having Rick suck on the finger she just reached out for the lube, which just so happen to be sitting next to her. She coated his butt hole with a generous amount of lube, which by the way was cold and smeared it all around getting her finger nice and wet. Now she had her finger buried deep up Rick's ass. She was moving her finger in and out motion as if he was getting fucked up the ass. She started off slowly at first, but quickly picked up the pace. When she picked up the pace so did Rick's breathing. She knew it wasn't too far off now. She was working his cock with everything she could muster.
When all of a sudden, a loud grunt echoed throughout the room. James had beaten Rick to the money shot. Thick hot ropes of cum shot down Sue throat swallowing everything James produced during that hot blowjob session. Sue made sure James's cock was licked cleaned before smiling.
"We won," said Sue as she gave James's a high five.
Kathy not being detoured by losing still wanted to get Rick off, but his sperm was just being stubborn. You could hear all the slurping and popping as well as her finger going in and out of his butt hole, but nothing seemed to get him to blow his load. It wasn't until Sue felt sorry for Kathy that she walked over to Rick. She began to massage and squeeze his balls with enough force it was pleasurable. Rick stamina didn't last more than forty seconds later before he unloaded his load into her mouth. Kathy wanting to show off she could catch everything like a good girls should do. Rick was making all kinds of noises as he came hard.
Both men sitting on the couch spent. Chest were expanding and contracting as they tried to slow their breathing.
"I will let you know when I want to collect on that ass fucking ok," asked Sue?
Rick just nodded.

To be continued...
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