A Fantastic Foursome
Lynn and I thought about and discussed a full swap for a long time but never dared to go for it. After an afternoon of hard and passionate sex, Lynn asked if I was still interested. ‘Sweetheart, after your giving me the ride of a lifetime, I am more than game. She asked how we should pick a couple to play with and we went over our desires and ideas and discussed who we knew that would be attractive and willing. We discussed many pairs and finally decided upon a couple we met at the club. We didn't know if they swung, but that could be cleared up with a simple question.

We looked up Tom and Kate up on our club site and asked if they would like to meet at the club for drinks one night soon.

The response was quick. Tom replied that they were going to the club tonight and hoped we could join them. Our answer was "Absolutely! See you at seven?" It was settled and both of us became instantly excited, horny and unsure if the four of us would fit.

We went off1` to the shower and I bathed my lovely lady and paid particular attention to her soft, swollen mound and finger fucked her as the hot water fell on us. She came hard and then knelt down and gave me a great BJ to orgasm.

After drying off, we got ready. I put on my stretch slacks commando and a shirt with snaps instead of buttons, loafers with no socks. Lynn put on her gorgeous soft wool dress that closed in front with just a tie. I was jealous of the dress because that soft merino clings to her flesh like I wanted to. She had on her 4 inch fuck me heels on and black stockings, nothing else. This will be a memorable night.

After a light dinner out we went to the club. At the front, we were met by the two young stud valets opening our doors for us. Lynn let the waist tie loosen as she turned in the seat to get out of the car and that black dressed opened nicely to give the young man a view from breasts to knees. Slowly, Lynn retired the sash as she coyly smiled at him. "I hope he will come into the club later," she re-lied as she took my arm.

I told her he will have to get out of the mood to get into the car.

In we went and Tom was there with partner Kate. Both were gorgeous. Kate was in soft white that showed a lot of cleavage and leg. Tom was showing off his muscular body in tight shirt and pants. We hugged and went to the bar where I ordered champagne for us and took a table. Everyone there was in the holiday mood still and wnstairs andwomen came to her face and she did her best to eat them out. Kate smiled and said, "You did well, my dear." Lynn blushed as she realized that one of those women was Kate. "Have you had a woman go d own on you, Lynn?"

She replied, "No" and Kate smiled again.

"I think you will like it. We know where we are and what feels good to us," Kate said as she touched Lynn gently at her neck. Lynn, moved in surprise as to how good that felt and her hand covered Kate's as Lynn[s neck was explored. CKate moved in to kiss Lynn and Lynn responded heatedly. A tongue-filled kiss and Kate's hand slipped inside Lynn[s dress to find hot breasts with nipples that hardened and invited lips, teeth and a mouth on them.

Kate complied. Lynn's dress fell open and Kate loved what she saw. Lynn then kissed Kate's neck and slipped the shoulder straps off Kate's shoulders, revealing small, firm breasts with dark nipples.

Both Tom and I were growing some stiff dicks and suggested we get to a play room. All agreed.

The room was lit in red. The floor was mattress from wall to wall with red sheets and comforters. Everything was provided. All sorts of toys, condoms, lubes, candlelight. Perfect scene.

Lynn and Kate sat, undressing each other and kissed each others' exposed bodies. Lynn still had her scrappy heels on and black stockings. Kate was naked with a soft tattoo on one thigh. Very sexy sight.

Soon they were lying down and bodies were being kissed. Lynn seemed to be enjoying it all and was an active participant. When Kate went down on her, Lynn gave out a moan almost instantly and held Kate's head to her pussy. I moved to take one of Lynn's breasts and gestured to Tom to take the other. As soon as we were on her breasts, Lynn came and hard, letting out invective and calling out Kate's name. This went on for some time and orgasms were plentiful. Lynn told Kate that. It was her turn and pulled her off.

They swapped positions and Lynn dived in as Kate pushed er pussy up and began to cum herself. Tom moved to get his prick to Kate's mouth and she downed it. I was on Kate's nipple, biting, pulling and sucking. She came again.
When Tom pulled out of her mouth, I kissed Kate and asked her if I might come in her. I got a nod and I asked Tom if I might fuck Kate. Another nod.Tom asked if he could pleasure Lynn. She looked up from Kate's lap smiled and I nodded.

Lynn rolled onto her back and Tom lifted her legs to his shoulders. He was in her in no time. I heard a deep inhale from Lynn and then slapping of bodies. Kate went onto her hands and knees. I kissed her exposed wet lips before I pushed in my condom wearing dick. I grabbed Kate's hair with one hand and took hold of Lynn's hand with the other. We both were into the moment.

Several positions later, Kate screamed and squirted, soaking the four towels under her hips. I followed suit and rammed home, filling her.

Lynn and Tom came together then collapsed in total fatigue.

We lay together for a long while then the men pulled out. Lynn came to me and snuggled, telling me she had a wonderful time. I agreed as did Tom and Kate.
"We have to do this again!" Tom exclaimed.

Kisses and hugs galore as we headed home at near midnight. Once home, Kate pulled me tight and kissed me good night. We slept soundly.

In the morning..."Ready?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

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