A break from reality
A trip to Las Vegas seemed to fill the bill. I found the best prices and booked the hotel room for
We arrived at the hotel and decided to have some dinner. We kept our expenses low so we could enjoy a show that caught my eye: The Zumanity package at New York New York.

We returned to the room an hour before the show. I needed some time to relax. I took off my shoes and socks, rubbed my feet and let them feel the soft carpet. It felt good. My toes came alive. I felt much better. Then I loosened my belt and slipped off my pants. I loved being without pants. My panties felt better without the pants restricting me. I walked to the closet and started to unpack my suit case. My husband was preoccupied with the TV. Not a problem.

I went into the bathroom and started the bath. I brought my favorite bubble bath and began filling the tub.

Shorty after I removed my. I looked in the mirror. Damn I looked good. Those workouts worked wonders. I was a knockout. I was a sex symbol and I loved it.

I removed my panties and bra. It felt great to be naked. I looked into the mirror and saw a woman that could have any man. I wanted to send this photo to all the guys that looked at me today. I liked the thought that they were horny because of me. I pictured them going crazy looking at his gorgeous body!

I slipped into the bubbles and felt them tickle my body. I rubbed them on my nipples, teasing them to life. My pussy was becoming wet from the promise of personal satisfaction. I rubbed it next to let it know I was still fond of it. It came to life. I lay in the tub and relaxed and aroused myself. I was planning a long evening and I wasted to be up for the adventure.

I Rinsed off and placed one of the hotel robes on. I told my husband that the bathroom was him if he desired to freshen up before the show. I put on a very thin under-wire bra that pushed my tits out and up, letting my nipples say hello if they were the least bit stimulated. I put on a pair of black pantyhose and a nice dark skirt that could rise up if I desired it to do so. I placed on a nice set of two inch pumps the help look I looked in the mirror. My lace bra was stunning, my tits were beautiful, I ran my finger along the top of the bra and my nipples shot to attention. I could go like this, I was too sexy. I could have sex with the first man I saw in the elevator, dressed like this. I am Hot!

I place on my black blouse. It completed my outfit. I opened the top two buttons. The blouse opened enough to show the cleavage of my breasts and with a dip down the edge of my bra. The lady in black is ready to show the town what sexy looks like.

My husband finished getting dressed and we left the room to go to the show. In the elevator an man and his wife traveled with us. She checked me out and smiled. He examined me, I could feel his desire. He repositioned his pants as we traveled down the floors. I could have had him and his wife.

We went t to the show. The theater was dark and then we sat off of center mid way up. Two women sat next to me. They were dressed well and the woman next to me was wearing a perfume that smelled very good. We smiled.

The show started. The bodies were magnificent. They were doing things I could not believe. This was pure erotic adventure. Even my husband was noticing. The show was hypnotic. I was getting wet. My arm brushed my nipples and they came to attention. I reached over and began caressing my husband's leg. During the highly erotic scenes, I moved my hand closer to his cock. I brushed his nuts and grazed his cock several times. He was getting hard. Since he was easily embarrassed I knew he would not get totally hard. It was fun to tease him.

As I was watching I could feel a light touch along my leg. Occasionally at first and then more as the show went on. I glanced over and saw the lady's moving their fingers along their breasts during the shows. This show was turning the whole theater on. The woman noticed me and winked. Her leg traveled to mine and pressed against it. I moaned. She hummed. I moved my hand to my husband's cock and rubbed it. I was excited. The show lasted for an hour and a half. I almost came during the show. My pussy wanted attention now! The women had me turned on as they began stroking each other. Their hands lifting each others skirt enough to show the tops of their stockings.

The show ended, I was exhausted......
I was not sure I could stand up, I was afraid I would drip onto the floor. As we stood up I looked over to the women next to be. The lady next to me asked how I enjoyed the show. I could not speak. My throat was dry. She grabbed my hand, the furthest from her, and held it. This turned me toward her and away from my husband. She said she had watched the show several times and it always had a great affect on her. Since we had experienced the show together we were now friends. She pulled my hand up to her breast and leaned over. My hand pushed into her breast. She was either wearing a very thin bra or no bra. I could feel her hard nipple. Her breast was moderate sized and felt wonderfully soft. She leaned over and kissed me on each cheek. "We are now friends" she said. As she moved back she slipped a card between the buttons of my blouse. "Until we meet again" she said as she and her friend turned to walk away.

My husband and I went back to the room. We got the door open just in time. I was ready to cum and I wanted a hard cock!

I remembered to take my time. I had been pleasuring myself indirectly for several hours. He was a beginner. I needed to bring him up to speed. I pushed him on to the bed. I unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt then I slipped off my skirt. Then I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I reached down and undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. I moved his shorts and his cock peeked out and was getting harder. I pulled his pants down enough to expose his cock and balls. I knelt down and grabbed his cock. I began to stroke it as my tongue licked the tip of his cock.

After a while he became hard, I figured it was the month since we had sex. I could have been related to non use. "Use it or lose it, I wonder if they fall off?" My mind went back to business. I wanted him up and hard. I was so excited I would fuck his belt, if I could get it up. I concentrated on getting into the rhythm.

In out and stroke, I measured my breathing. I was not into sucking cocks, I had to concentrate and let me relax to create pleasure. My mind drifted as my tongue explored his cock. I was fantasizing about the amazing bodies I has watched for the last several hours. The men the women the sensual experience. I was becoming excited. My breath quickened. I began rubbing my breast as my tongue stroked his cock. Mmmmm this was better, I was becoming excited and I was about to taste gymnastic excellence.

Yes, he was up and I was wet. I stood and lifted myself onto the bed. I loved to be on top. His cock had fallen onto his pelvis; I slid on to his cock. I could feel it through my panties. I began to slide up and down the hard cock. It felt worm and good. I was enjoying the sensation as I leaned over and rubbed my bra against his chest. Teasing works well, he responded, his breathing was heavy. I rose up slid my panties to the side and mounted his cock. The warm hard cock felt wonderful, I rocked back and forth, and it rubbed the right places. I was in heaven, the sensations were exquisite, and I was in control.
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