A career of cock-slurping
When I last left off with Barry, Sara and I had him as our personal French maid. He sucked as much cock as possible and we would have fun with him by humiliating him publicly routinely. We even got to the point where Sara and I would be planning something completely embarrassing for Barry and he would sit down with us and help us plan. He would say things like, "ya know what would be even more embarrassing..." He was fun. But, all good things must come to an end. It got to the place where we were interacting with porn movie actors and directors. Barry was a natural in their industry.

So, Barry moved to California to make several porno films. They were a series of short-films, usually with Barry playing a minor role as the cock-slurper. For example, one movie had Barry popping up every 15 minutes or so. Each time he appeared he would be giving a blowjob to a different man in a variety of places (doorways, subway platforms, parties, parks, hallways, etc.). A couple of the films had Barry taking slightly larger roles and speaking some lines along with sucking cock. In one movie, he was a super-hero called "the Cock-Slurper". He would suck the cocks of bad guys non-stop to keep them from doing something illegal. In the end, he was sent to a large prison to "rehabilitate" the inmates by sucking their cocks non-stop. He would spent the rest of his life sucking cock 20 hours a day.

Barry was also a party favorite in California and was very popular in the bdsm scene there. There was even a "I spanked Barry" fad going on for awhile. Barry was getting his tiny thong panties pounded frequently. There has been some discussion about Barry getting to do a porno where he is the star. He stays quite busy and says that he has sucked more cocks than could ever be imagined. Supposedly, he has even sucked off some pretty famous people. And still he claims that he has never sucked a cock that he could not get to explode...either in his mouth or on his face.

Barry reports that he dresses as a French maid, cheerleader, school girl, ballerina, or hooker routinely. But he says most of his time is spent just wearing a teeny tiny thong panty and nothing else. Sara and I always thought he looked damn good in a thong panty. Wow...we would never have guessed that we would take a cute cheating boyfriend and transform him into an internationally recognized cock-whore. I guess it is good that Barry has fully embraced the purpose of his existence...which is to suck cocks. Can that boy ever perform some crazy good deep throat. We had a lot of fun with him along the way.

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