A close shave for loving
I woke up thinking about you today and how much I enjoy teasing and being pleased by a freshly shaved cunny, so I wrote this for you, I hope it pleases you.

I'm laying on the bed next to you and you are totally exposed and waiting for me
to shave you. You legs are spread wide, your hair is very neatly trimmed having
already used your scissors and my old mustache clippers. The shaving cream and razor are beside me on the bed, and I can sense the moisture building in your pussy. My heart is racing and my cock is swollen and I can feel the pre-cum dripping from it. There is a bowl of warm water on the nightstand to aid the process so I am ready to begin.

You gently touch my arm as my hand caress you. I watch your deep green eyes seeing how
my touch sends waves of electricity through you, increasing my own arousal. We can both
smell the scent of your sexual desire in the air. My tongue reaches out and gently
caresses the insides of your pussy lips which now glisten with excitement. I then
teasingly slip a finger deep inside of you. Your whole body goes rigid with the feeling
of that entry. I remove it slowly and rub your juices across my swollen cock, protruding from my slacks. As my finger becomes coated with my pre-cum, mixing with your nectar, I then bring it to your lips. You quickly suck the juices off it in much the same way you would if I had placed my cock in your mouth. I pull it away and you can see by the swollen cock head extending from my pants that I too am getting excited by all of this; seeing you laid out, wet and exposed for me to touch and tease and pleased.

I softly whisper into your ear "I want this memory to last a lifetime".

"Umm Ahh.. PLEASE" you whimper back at me.

I reach for the shaving cream and with no warning squirt it on you. The shaving
cream is cold against your warm skin. I smear it around while kissing you deeply, further increasing my desire for you.

You are trying so hard not to move and I know that once I begin, any movement could
be disastrous. Next I slowly place the razor above your Mons so you can feel the
hard, sharp razor against your sensitive skin as I make the first pass to remove
the soft hair and make you as smooth as possible. It's so hard for you to hold still.
I can see in your eyes and from your sweet swollen nipples how you want to feel
my fingers back inside you, my mouth on your clit. Soon my swollen cock will be DEEP inside, giving the please you desire so badly.

After each pass of the razor my fingers gently stroke the freshly shaved area, teasing your smooth skin as I search for any remaining stubble. At last, every hair is removed and your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. I use a warm wash cloth to remove the traces of shaving cream left behind. I then lower my mouth to your pussy soothing your burning skin with tender kisses and licks. My lips take your clit inside my mouth so my tongue can stroke it and press hard back and forth upon it. By now, your lips are swollen with desire, your legs reveal a small tremble and your pussy is dripping with your hot wet cream. I taste your juices and then focus in on your clit again, flicking it with my tongue, sucking it back inside between my lips and teeth.

Harder and harder I suck, while my hand reaches up to rub your breast and tease
your nipples. Your legs are now shaking as I slip my fingers inside you, first one,
and when you begin to accept it another. As my fingers spread wide to tease you, like my fat cock will soon stretch you, my fingers tips brush across your G-spot sending ripples of pleasure through your body.

You are slowly building with sexual desire with each lick of you clit and stroke of your pussy. As you juices flow even more, I lap them up like a hungry puppy and lick your clitty around and around, then pressing my tongue down hard upon it. I feel your pussy as it contracts and loosens wanting me inside me so badly. When you are easily accepting
my two fingers, I roll my hand over so my fingers are now pointed up towards your
tummy, the small finger gently rubing your ass, as the other two fingers find your
G-spot. Sliding the 2 fingers in and out, I add a third. Your juices have lubricated
your sweet anus so it can easily accept the teasing of my little finger and you squirm with this added sensation. Still flicking
your clit with my tongue and pinching your nipples I hold your pussy firmly against my mouth so all you can do is accept the fact that you are going to cum and come with me teasing every sensitive spot.

"Cum for me baby" I breath into your open pussy "I want you to explode on my face."

As you begin to climax I lick you faster and faster, pressing my fingers against
your g-spot. I'm teased to feel you accepting my little finger for even more pleasure.
As you go over the edge I reach up to you and kiss you hard, letting you taste the
juices you have spread all over my mouth while my fingers continue to stroke you and rub across your slick lips. I bring you ever closer to the edge of a second orgasm but do not allow you to get quite there.

As you quickly realize a firm cock is needed for your second climax you sit up and slowly you undo my slacks, the look in your eye is pure lust. You reach out and take the head my swollen cock head and begin to lick it like an ice cream cone. My fingers continue to rub your swollen pussy, building your desire for a second, even stronger climax.

Wrapping you hand around my cock you look me in the eye "I want THIS in Me NOW!"

Yes, you want me, but are a little afraid of how thick I am. Even with all the teasing
I have given you, to stretch you back out, you know the fit is going to be tight, wonderfully tight. As I lay on my back I pull you up on my lap and let you sit upon my swollen cock, your breasts hanging free like ripe fruit. Wrapping both your hands around my thick member, you smile at me as you rub me back and forth, take me in a little, then rub me more back and forth across your lips, lubricating me and stimulating yourself. My pre-cum is pouring down my shaft contributing to the lubrication from your dripping pussy.

I reach up and rub my thumb across your clit, at the same time you decide you NEED
me inside. Leaning back you press your hot wet pussy down around my thick throbbing shaft to take me half way inside. I'm so teased to feel you gripping me and the heat of your silky pussy is making me ready to explode. Lifting up, I almost slide out, but this time you release all of your weight as you sit right down, driving me deep inside.

As I hit your cervix you grab my arms and scream "OH MY GOD that is sooo fucking good".

I'm doing everything I can NOT to explode as you get comfortable with me DEEP inside. As the pain quickly passes and pleasure of your full pussy and stimulated G-spot combine you bend down to kiss me and then start to pump me in and out of you. As you begin to fuck me with abandoned desire I reach up to kiss and suck your exposed nipples. The shaft of my cock teases and rubs your shaven lips and then teases you clit, each time you sit fully down on me.

"Come for ME baby, Come for ME" you demand.

Hard and fast you fuck me, your nipples protruding like hard eraser tips, wanting to be
sucked and teased. I'm so deep inside you and all I can do is hold your hips, pressing
you down upon me till I begin to explode like a fountain, coating your insides
with hot cum. You reach down and give your clit some attention and it drives me
wild to feel your fingers at the base of my cock while I'm exploding like a rocket inside you. Your flings head is back, your breasts are heaving and we both cum so hard.

"GGGGAAAAAWDDDDDDD" you scream as you squirm around the hard shaft impaling you.

For a moment, you collapse on top of me, I can feel your hard nipples nestled in
the hairs of my chest. Then as my cock relaxes and slides out of you, you continue to
stimulate yourself rubbing against my semi-hard shaft. You move down to lick and
suck me, tasting our combined juices as I touch your breasts and caresses your nipples. It is no wonder that I quickly harden again. You kiss your way up my tummy, suck on my tiny nipples and with both our juices still on your face you kiss me, deep, making me taste our combined cum on your lips. Playfully you pierce my lips with your tongue as your slide my thick cock back inside you to feel me filling you again.

Happy and pleased you nestle in my arms, satisfied and full. Feeling my hands caresses and tease your soft smooth skin my need for you begins to strengthen and my cock is swelling again. We rest this way for only awhile till the smoldering ember of desire, deep inside your pussy, flashes once again into a fire of need and want.
I miss you..............

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