A confused young man
Josh had just turned eighteen years old and he was confused. Here he was, in great shape, popular with almost everyone at school. His only problem was he was attracted to guys. He dreaded gym class. Showering with all those naked boys. He stole peeks without anyone noticing. He kept thinking that one of the boys was going to notice him looking and that would be devastating. But he couldn't help himself. The way the other guys would jack their cocks as they lathered up to wash them. He wished their hands were his hands.

Even with gym being his last class of the day the teacher always made everyone shower or you didn't get credit for the class that day.

Every day after school Josh would run home, drop his backpack by the front door as he went inside, and then strip on the way to his room. By the time he got to his room, he was completely naked having left a trail of clothes from the front door to his bedroom. Thankfully his mom wasn't going to be getting home from work for a couple of hours yet.

As always just like he had done every day for the past three months, ever since school started and he got to watch the other boys in the shower he got on his bed on his back and slowly jacked his cock until it was fully erect. God! This feels so good he thought, slowly jacking the foreskin over the tip of his cock and down again. He could never hold out very long, he always jacked his cock as fast as he could until he came and he always came a lot. Then he would lick his hand clean, he loved the taste of his own cum.

Josh wasn't small either, he was a little over seven inches long and almost three inches around. He wondered if all guy's cum tasted like his. Every time he licked his own cum from his hand he pretended it was one of the boys from the showers at school. He was kind of glad gym was the last class of the day or he would probably jack off in one of the bathrooms and get caught.

The next day being Saturday Josh went and swam laps at the school pool. In the three months that Josh had been going there, he had never seen any of the guys that used the pool use the showers. But today would be different, in more ways than one. When he was done swimming Josh went to take a shower he noticed there was nobody else in there. He was kind of glad and not at the same time. He stood under the water to get wet then he lathered up his cock and began to slowly jack it, he was daydreaming thinking of all the boy's cocks in the showers after gym class.

He was so intent on stroking his cock he didn't notice someone else come into the showers. Josh began to moan as he stroked his cock thinking he was alone until he felt a hand on the back of his shoulder and someone whispering in his ear,

"Please, let me do that."

At the same time, he felt a hand on his cock and a cock touch his ass. Josh let out a gasp and the voice shushed him saying,

"It's ok baby, just relax."

Josh did as he was told, partly because he was scared but mostly because he liked how it felt to have someone else's hand on his cock instead of his own. Whoever the guy was Josh couldn't place his voice. Maybe it was because he was too scared or maybe because he was too excited or maybe because he just didn't care. He just kept his arms at his sides and let this stranger do what he wanted. With the stranger keeping his hand on Josh's cock he whispered,

"Take two steps back for me sweetie."

Josh again did as he was told. The stranger then began to jack his cock again. Since they had stepped back the water from the shower wasn't hitting them anymore and the guy kissed the back of Josh's neck and for some odd reason, he liked it. The stranger kept jacking Josh's cock and he whispered,

"You like that, don't you Josh?"

My God, he knows my name Josh thought. Josh's only response was a moan. The guy quickly jacked Josh's cock until he came. Then he brought his hand up to Josh's mouth and told him,

"Lick my hand clean like a good boy."

Josh responded with a, "Yes sir."

He then quickly licked the guy's hand clean of every drop of his own cum. After he licked the stranger's hand clean he stepped away from Josh. Josh asked, "Who are you?"

When he got no answer he turned around but there was nobody there.
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