A hookup at the club
Work had been rough, all week my boss had been riding my ass all week I wasn't sure what her problem was she was really starting to piss me off, thank god for the weekend. Friday I decide I will drive to Atlanta to get out of town. I call around and find a room at the W hotel, a bit expensive but I decide the hell with it I needed the break.
By about 4 a.m, I get checked in and in my room on the top floor, eyeing the king bed I immediately make my way over and collapse onto and fall asleep within seconds. When I next open my eyes the clock reads 9:30 pm. Feeling refreshed I take a shower get dressed and decide to head down to the club Whiskey Park.
The club is still a little quiet being early, so I grab a seat at the bar and ask for a salad and beer. After about an hour the club picks up and I work of the nerve to drag my ass out on dance floor and ask a woman to dance. After dancing for unknown amount of time feel a tap on my shoulder and a sexy voice asking me if I want to dance. Turning around I shocked to see a stunning brunette in a mini red bandage dress, finally tear my eyes from her absolutely ravishing mind blowing body to see the smiling face of Merinda my uptight conservative boss. "Well, this interesting," Merinda's voice has a curious/interested quality, "I still want to dance if you're interested."
"Uhh, yess, hell yesss," I stammer trying to find my voice, "I have to say you are WOW, hot."
"Thank you," Merinda's whole face smiles as she accepts the compliment. My hands find her waist and soon our bodies are moving in unison. Over an hour later and several drinks, Her voice barely audible ask me if I want to come up to her room. Without a word I take her hand and lead her off the dance floor. Once out of the club Merinda takes the lead, soon we are in the elevators. As soon as the door closes and Merinda punches her floor my hands are on her pulling her to me kissing her with all the passion humanly possible. My hands grab her ass just to feel it and it is one amazing ass. Slamming into the wall of the elevator Merinda wraps her legs around her hips grinding into my rock hard cock. Too soon the elevator dings and we walk out without never breaking our embrace. Glancing around to get my bearing, then realizing we are in the Penthouse suite. Dropping my passenger onto the couch I start to undo my pants but Merinda knocks my hands out of the way, giving me a smile as she unbuttons my jeans sliding them down leaving me standing there in my boxers my cock straining to be free. "Lovely," Merinda sultry voice declares. Reaching out she begins to stroke it, teasing me through my pants, leaning in she kisses me, with a smile she says "Well I think we need to free this bad boy," Grabbing the waist band of my boxers she pulls them all the way down then kisses all the way back up, driving me wild. Kissing slowly up my shaft any minute I think I am going to just pass out from the amount of pleasure I am getting. Standing up suddenly Merinda kisses me just enhancing my arousal. My hands slide up under her dress to find she is wearing nothing at all. Spinning her around I tell her to grab the couch, bending over in front of me exposing her insanely sexy ass. Unable to stop myself for one more second I grab her hips and pull her to me my cock finding her sweet embrace. She let's out a moan, "Fuck me hard," her sexy voice demands. I am willing to comply, each thrust driving us both closer and closer to the edge, our knees finally giving out as we cum together.
The rest of the weekend we don't even leave the room to eat we explore each other's bodies every driving each other to new hedonistic heights. Monday morning when I come into the office Merinda doesn't even act like she notices me.
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