A little Endurance Control Training
Just her voice made me squirm. And she knew it. She loved the reaction she got from me whenever we talked. And she also loved the control she had over me. That's way we both always looked forward to talking a few times each week. But I have to admit, the conversations were never easy for me.

"Have you been good?" she asked.

"What do you mean Ma'am?"

"You know very well what I mean," she responded, the absolute strictness creeping into her voice.

I stammered a bit. "Well, I .. um.. You... you mean have I cum? No Ma'am. I have not. I did not have your permission. We both know that."

"Yes," she replied. "We do both know that, don't we boy?" She waited. I think she was listening to me breathe. "And we both know it's better with my permission, don't we?"

"Yes, I admitted. Much better." I could feel my voice quivering. "So much better that I love waiting for it. And working hard for it."

"Mmmm.." she said. "How delicious. I do know that you work hard for me boy. And I..." (I could almost see her smiling) "I know that boys like you need need to learn to control their demanding little organs. I know it's tough for you. But there's nothing I enjoy more than teaching an undisciplined boy like you to have a little discipline."

I couldn't speak. My erection was raging, just as it always did whenever I heard her voice. We had never met face to face, she and I. We had originally met through an Internet site that specialized in erotic fiction and from their it progressed on online chatting and then phone calls. We were both married, after all. To others. For many years in fact. But then we realized that we both had a fascination with teasing and denial games... and the conversations had ramped up in some very interesting ways. She had given me blueballs several times over the past few years, while claiming, not only that it was MY fault, not hers, but also that it was good for me. She said that boys needed to learn endurance and proper orgasm control.

"You've grown quiet boy. Is something wrong?" He voice brought me back to the present, and today's training.

"You know...." I stammered. "You know very well."

"What, you're anxious to cum already? Your mind is wandering> My my.. such an anxious horny boy. You'd think you would have learned by now. If you want a pushover who will let you cum immediately, you can find plenty of sluts to play with online."

"I know Ma'am,"

"Yes, there's a reason you come to me to chat, isn't there boy? You come here to learn control that you can't learn elsewhere."

"I know Ma'am. It's just.. your voice. And then I.. ."

"Then you what boy? You hear me talk and you lose control? Just like that? I don't care. I'm here to teach you control. I'm here to tease you without mercy just to PROVE to you that you have more endurance than you think you do. Don't you dare tell me that I'm causing you to lose control. This is about you learning."

I was nearly panting with lust by the time she finished. That strict voice. That air of stern authority.

"I know..." I slowly grew quiet again. But my breathing quickened, and she heard it.

"You are at work, right?"

I whispered yes.

"Are you pressing your crotch against the bottom of the desk again?"

She knew. Damn, she always knew. At work, it was the only discreet way that I could pleasure myself, even slightly.

"Did you ask permission?"

"What? No! I mean.. I guess I didn't... But."

"But what boy? Humm? You only learn cock discipline by learning to wait for pleasure. You know that. And last time we talked, I believe told you NOT to press like that unless you asked first."

I gulped.

"You didn't ask, did you boy. Oh.... such a shame. I don't think I'll let you cum today."

"What??? but you said... you said I couyld if I held it in last time. And I've been waiting... I.. I..."

"Shush. What you have been waiting for is MY permission, which is only given to good boys. Have you been a good boy? Or were you not just caught pressing your dick without permission, trying to get a little relief."

"I know... but..."

And on an on the dance went. Teasing. Waiting. Listening to my voice as the excitement rose and fell and always - ALWAYS - with strict control coming from her and only her.

And I knew what she wanted. She wanted blueballs. From me. She considered blueballs a tribute to her. And she wanted something else too. She'd told me so in a moment of pure honesty a few weeks before. She wanted to break me. She wanted to hear begging. ME, begging HER to let me cum.

But I wasn't going to do it. I would not give her THAT satisfaction. After all, she had been teaching me self control, and at least that much had taken hold. I don't care HOW full she made my balls. I was NOT going to break down and beg her to let me cum for her.

"By the way,." she whispered, did I mention that I am off from work today? That's right boy. I have all day to do this to you. You'll break for me eventually. I know you will. It's just a matter of time."

I gulped. I stammered. I man an excuse to get off the phone.

"Silence boy. Now sit up straight and listen to my voice. Listen to my lecture about how good boy's need to learn self control... We both need this..."

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