A little knowledge. . . . .
By itself, the slip was quite lovely. Slightly off white, pure silk charmeuse, almost mid-calf length. It had artfully applied lace above and around the breasts, with very thin straps. It reminded him of the one worn in the movie Devil's Advocate.

But when she wore it, it came alive. Her full breasts filled the silk and lace, and her curvy butt pulled the silk almost tight across her cheeks. And when she moved, it whispered to him. When he touched her through it, it drove him nearly mad, the sensation was so intense.

And she knew this. She knew all about his fetish, his fantasies. Intimately. And she just loved making him nuts. Driving him crazy. It made her feel powerful.

So, tonight, when he came over to her place for dinner, she met him at the front door. Wearing that slip. And nothing else.

Holy crap, he thought... got to control myself here. This is a lot to handle right off the bat..

"Hey baby, come on in. I was just making us a couple of drinks", said she. He walked into the room, and placed a kiss on her mouth. Her smile was mischievous. As he reached to touch her, she turned and walked toward her kitchen, her magnificent ass moving under that silk so enticingly. Damn, this was going to be tough to maintain composure. But she didn't like it when he got impatient, and too "hands-on" right away. Besides, this gal could cook. And he was hungry, for a good meal, AND for her.

"Have a seat, babe.... dinner's ready in about five minutes", she said, handing him a glass of red wine. "I've just got to light the candles, for ambiance, you know...."
"Don't go to any trouble for me baby.... although you do look wonderful in candle-light", I said.

"Oh, it's no trouble. I want to. Really", she said, returning to the table with the electronic-match device....

I sat back and took a sip of the wine. It was quite good. Very I looked up from my glass, she stood there, with both candles in holders at the end of the table, staring at me, with that smile. She pulled the 'trigger' on the lighter, and a small blue flame erupted from the end of it. Very, very slowly she moved the flame to the wick of one candle, and then the other, then released the trigger and placed the lighter on the table.

Without taking her eyes off of me, she moved ever so slowly closer to the edge of the table, and, to the candles. I saw her eyes sort of get heavy lidded, and she moved again, closer to the candles. The flickering flame if each one inches from the front of her slip.

I felt my cock jump in my pants as the significance of what she was doing seeped into my thick skull. I stared at the scene, unable to speak, unwilling to break this spell..

Now she looked down at the candle-flames in front of her... "I can feel the heat of the candles"..... she whispered.... "so very warm..."

She moved closer again, now the candle-flames so close, they cast a glow against the silk material...she moved one of the candles so that the flame was a half-inch from her now hard as a marble nipple.. I resisted the urge to grab my cock...this was getting very erotic, and I still hadn't finished my glass of wine...

"Mmmmmmmm", she cooed softly as she felt the heat of the flame near her nipple.... "I'd better get dinner,..... before it, burns"....she said, and turned to walk into the kitchen. I watched as the flames flickered in the breeze she created leaving the table. And exhaled.

Dinner was great. Stuffed pork-chops, fresh corn on the cob and green beans. A chunk of apple pie for dessert, and then after clearing up the table, we went into the living room. "I'll be right back", she said, and left the room, leaving me to my Scotch on the rocks.... "Build us a fire, will you?" she asked from somewhere in the other part of her apartment.

I loaded her fireplace with some crushed newspaper, kindling and three chunks of dry wood she had next to her hearth, and got it going.

I heard her come back into the room behind me, and stood. She had changed into another silk or silk-satin nightgown. This one was white as well, but had more material in the skirt. Beautiful. She held the slip she had worn earlier in her right hand. "Take of your clothes, and warm yourself by the fire baby..", she said. I did. Shedding shoes, pants, socks, underwear and shirt, I stood there, in front of the growing fire. It did feel good. My back was sore from being on my feet all day..

She moved up to me, and pressed against me. My cock once again aroused to attention by the feel of that delicious silk against it. She reached down between us, and took me in her hand....the hand that held the slip she had worn.. she began to slowly move the silk on me...

"I know you love this slip, don't you?", she asked...

"Yes.... you look terrific in it", I replied.

"You like how it feels against your cock, don't you?"

"Yes, know I do... "

" I want to make you happy...make you come.... would you like that?"

"Yes, yes my love...I would really like that..", I replied.

"And I want to do something too, she said... I want to destroy this slip. I want you to watch me..." she whispered..

"I......... will ........ yes.....", I managed to stammer... Her slow, silky stroking my cock was utterly mesmerizing.."Jesus that feels so good..."

"I know, baby, I know. It's going to feel SO much better", she breathed in my ear. Now she turned and ever so slowly walked into her bedroom, walking with exaggerated slowness. The smooth material of her nightgown whispering promises with each step. My ass was hot. I had forgotten how close I was to the fireplace. I followed her into the bedroom.

Her ironing board was set up near the foot of her bed. She walked behind it, and spread out the slip she still held in her hand. Smoothing it on the board, she began... "I had to buy a new iron. I think I wore the other one out (laughs). This one is very nice...not cheap for sure. I think the papers in the box said it was 1800 watts.... is that a lot? Is it powerful?", she asked..

"Well.... yes, I guess you could say that... If you divide the watts by the voltage... you get its amperage.. the more amperage it draws, the faster it can heat..and the. . . . . hotter it ..... can....get." She was smiling at me, as she caressed the handle of the appliance, as it sat on its heel, the soleplate a gleaming piece of stainless steel... "So," she said. "That would mean this bad boy will pull about 15 amps. I'll bet it can get very, very hot..."

" bet it can", I replied. I stood there naked... hands at my sides, staring at what she knew to be an erotic scene for me. Her blonde hair soft around her face, the shine of the silk slip on the board, the creamy white nightgown she wore, nipples now hard against the silk of the bodice, her right hand on the handle of the iron, a wicked smile on her face. . . .

"Come here, love..", she said. I complied. I walked up to the ironing board and stood with my cock over it. She reached out with her left hand, and picked up some of the slip, wrapping me in it. She barely moved her hand on me...but Gods I could feel every centimeter of movement. I watched as her right thumb began to move the temperature dial on the iron. From 'Off" to "Low".... and she waited,....listening to the iron, as it 'ticked'...the metal soleplate expanding as the electric current ran through the heating element....

"I love this slip, you know? I think I found it after we'd watched that movie together....Devil's Advocate? The one with Charlize Theron..she wore one like it in one scene.... ", she said

"I remember it", I said, my eyes half-closed, my senses overloaded already. She picked up the iron, and lowered it to the slip, beginning to smooth out the wrinkles incurred while she handled it, and stroked me in the living room. I watched as she moved the heavy appliance over the soft material. She could feel his cock harden in her grasp as she ironed... slowly moving the iron over her slip.

She watched his face. It was pre-raptureous. She smiled again... and turned the iron up one 'notch', and turned the steam function off....

"I saw you get a hard-on during that scene. I know what you were thinking... This is what you were thinking..this right here", she said..

"You know me too well....."

"Yes, I do....... Yes. I. Do..." she said...turning the iron up another 'click'... "Mmmmmm, ..... Iron's getting hot..... "

I was speechless.... watching her perfrom my fetish.. It never, ever got old. Every time she ironed for him it was simply, fucking wonderful.

"Baby, she said, I want to burn this slip so badly.. I really can't wait any longer.... please forgive me...., and she turned the iron up... higher, higher until it was as hot as possible...

He could hear it clicking again, as it the heat built up in the soleplate... he began to smell it.., the faint odor of too hot metal, against silk charmeuse.... She was moving her hand a little faster on his cock now...just a little, as she had discovered that it took very little to push him over the edge at this point...

This was the time she loved..fully in control of this situation...He was hers.... she owned him..... she picked up the iron...and turned the temperature dial down... just enough to let it cool to a temperature that was nearly too hot. His groan was audible. She held him fast in her silky grasp.... "Not yet, baby...not yet", she whispered.... and placed the iron on its heel.

"You want me to burn it, don't you?", she taunted...

"Yes, yes, yes baby.... I can smell it ..... "

"Me too.... almost scorched it that time....I don't know... maybe I shouldn't. I really like this slip...."

"Please...lover, please...burn it for me..." I nearly begged. My cock felt like it was going to rupture. She held me at the brink of orgasm, as skillfully as one would balance an egg on its end....

She released me from her grasp. "No pulling yourself off", she admonished me.... and stepped back from the board.

Now the scene was one of torture. Everything before me went into slow motion, as my brain tried to process things..... I didn't understand.

Just about when my synapses were about to short out she says...

"Turn it up for me love. All the way". I did so. Turning the dial to its highest setting. The iron began to heat rapidly. I could see the little waves of heat rising from the hot steel. She picked up the slip, and folded it in half, laying it on the board. Now she dropped the strap from the left shoulder of the gown she wore. And then the right. The silk whispered as it fell from her breasts into her hands. She stepped out of the gown, and he saw her fold it in half as well, and lay it on top of the slip. She walked around to my side of the ironing board, and went to her knees, gently turning me toward her.

Looking up at me, with the most lustful of expressions on her face, she took the head of my cock into her warm mouth... moved her soft lips around the head... gently, softly, slowly....She never took her eyes off of mine, as she whispered..."Burn them....please, lover... burn them both".....

I picked up the now very, very hot iron, and held it up over the gown and the slip... about two inches above.... "Yes..", I heard her say..... and then she took me in her mouth again, massaging the head of my cock with her lips, running her tongue along the underside of it....the most sensitive part..... Her mouth moved on I began to lower the iron toward her lingerie..Her eyes were pleading with me....."burn them, yes please, I want to see them burning under the iron"!.....

I finally could control my movements any more.... my orgasm was beginning and everything began to slow down...

I lowered the iron into her silk nightgown, the folds embracing the hot soleplate. A puff of smoke rose from the soleplate as the iron began to burn the silk. She groaned, and taking me in her hand, she said, "Ohhh, yes, baby...yes....burn it for me...." Now she couldn't take her eyes off what I was doing.. And I was really, really enjoying it. I loved the destruction of her gown.... and as I moved the iron over it, I saw the slip beneath it begin to burn as well....

Now she was fingering her clit, bringing herself to climax... as she took me in her hot mouth again... I pressed the burning iron into her lingerie, the smoke rising around and behind the iron now, the air filled with the smell of the burning silk, and I could smell her perfume in the smoke as well....

I came,..I exploded into her mouth, as I heard her groan with pleasure, as she brought herself to climax as well...Both of us staring at the iron as it sat in the middle of the stack of silk lingerie, burning it, ruining it..smoke rising from beneath the iron....

Later. We lay on the bed together. Just looking at the iron on the ironing board. I had turned it off, but left it sitting on the silks.

"You never fail to please me", I said. "I know", she said.

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