A lost Valentine - Part I
Because you asked :)

It was Valentine's Day and James was dreading another night, especially THIS night, without any passion, the fire of a lover naked and close in his arms or even one soft kiss. Jean was with her husband and the fantasy of her leaving and coming to be with him had long faded. Too many Valentine's Days had passed and the long desired call of "I'm here Jimmy, come pick me up" had never occurred. He was blessed and cursed with having found his soul mate and the one woman who could ignite his full passion but never complete the cuckold of her husband.

He decided it was probably a good night to keep busy and push the sadness aside as far as possible. Avoiding the computer he knew he was also avoiding the half empty feeling left by even the best of sex chat or erotic stories. James decided to put on a t-shirt, loose gray shorts and clean out drawers, while listening to LOUD rock music. Steady activity seemed the best defense tonight against sexual gloom rather than get into a movie that would just make being alone all the more apparent.

The tight sounds of Jethro Tull made the walls shake throughout the house. The thin cotton shorts provided scant support for his thick cock swinging free and probably going to waste, yet again tonight.

Visiting a room, once the center of their marathon sex chatting, now only used for storage. James soon found himself holding a box that he had stuck away one night after a sad sweep of his den. Slightly larger than a cigar box this metal Led Zeppelin boxed set storage container had served to save the small things that had touched his life. Not a regret box as much as a path never fully taken box. He had not thought to seek it out but it did appear he was inexpiably drawn to it.

Opening the box he quickly found himself looking at the few pictures she had allowed him to take of her. Never a picture of them together, that had been her firm rule. Jean had refused any evidence of their love affair. But he did have his memories to fill in the missing details.

James smiled as he looked at the picture of Jean in her tight white jeans and her white full neck sweater, flat sandal shoes and bright painted toes. She looked so innocent, almost virginal, in that picture. He smiled knowing she had not caught on that the back of an upscale hotel room door was plainly visible. Her smile beamed back at him, almost a dare not to love her. He had often thought of this as his favorite "before" picture.

With a surge of desire that made his cock twitch at the edge of his shorts James thought "Yes, this was just before we had first made love."

Jean had knocked softly on the hotel room door. She had never been in such a hotel as this let alone with another man since her marriage. The drive to the hotel was filled with an inner struggle. Her Lit-erotica num de plume "Passionate" had a heated argument with her pigtailed Jeannie, the good girl self. Even as she again knocked, a little harder on the door, an inner voice, born of her catholic upbringing, cried out for her to run before he had a chance to open the door.

"Hello" James greeted her with a wide smile and his deep DJ voice beckoned her out of the hallway as he bowed and gestured for her to come in.

"Oh, Hi, Thank you" Jean stumbled for the words knowing she was crossing one serious line as she crossed the door threshold to enter the room. As James closed the door she quickly scanned the large study area, with an adjacent room filled with a king bed and what liked like a hot tub.

Teasing him Jean tried to break her nervous tension "You could not find anything more UPSCALE for our first date?"

When James in silence did not respond to her obvious joke she just stood there, her smile tight almost forced. Her nervous hands clutched at the sides of her jeans as she stuttered to admit "I almost did not come. Err, .my.."

Jean stopped speaking as James lifted a camera and said "Smile".

Before she could again speak he set down the camera and closed the distance between them. Wrapping her up in his arms he brought her close, sought her lips and then softly breathed between her lips, just before they touched, "I have waited for this for so long".

The scent of her White Diamonds perfume and his Old Spice after shave inter mingled as they began to connect physically. That first kiss, lifting her to her toes, lasted several minutes as they ignited into a passion of touches, and caresses and exploring. For his part James was rewarded with the soft but firm feel of her swelling breast under her sweater. Jean felt the rush to her head as his thick cock pressed against her, telling her the passion she had so long missed was now in her arms. Each touch enflamed the next kiss that they continued to repeat. James finally began to kiss her neck and she in turn whispered how much she had wanted his touches. Jean took little time reaching down to find the girth of her new lover and was pleased that the online teasing and sex chatting was well founded.

Breaking their embrace only slightly James cupped her breast on the outside of her sweater and professed: "I can't tell you how much I wanted you to come here today and not find an excuse to stay away".

Steeping back into his arms she eased her head upon his shoulder, her lips wet, warm and soft upon his neck. Still holding his staff firmly in her clutch, Jean replied: "Darling, you have no idea how badly I want to cum here today".

The both laughed at the play of words. As they again pressed their lips together James slowly slid his right hand under her sweater and rubbed softly across the smooth skin of her back, up her sides and finally, slowly, across the thin material of her bra. It was not her everyday bra. Jean recalled her husband had watched her dress that morning and had not even noticed it was thin, low cut and trimmed with white lace.

As James brought his palm across her left nipple Jean gasped and moaned between kisses,"I LOVE being touched, by you!"

Releasing her from his arms James slid his left hand under her sweater and in one quick motion pulled it over her head to fall on the couch behind them. His hands again began to slide up her sides to discover the warmth escaping from her thin and sexy bra.

Feeling her nipples begin to swell Jean said impatiently "I need to take this off".

Keeping James close in front of her she reached behind her back and began to unclasp her bra. James noticed the clicks, 1, 2, 3 and 4? and stared with absolute lust as the sexy cups dropped down her arms and then onto the floor, letting her firm 38DD's and jutting nipples come proudly free.

Reaching up to cup them gently in his hands James softly spoke with adoration to the center of his gaze "My God, they are so beautiful, and firm."

Hands now proudly on her hips Jean swayed slightly back and forth "I'm glad you like them!"

She relished in the feel of her sensitive skin gliding over his hands as his gaze remained fixed upon her flowing tits. No previous lover, or professional porn star, had ever triggered the Firm reaction he was now feeling.

Bending down, as if to pray, James began to kiss and gently lick the swelling orbs she had presented him. Each kiss was accompanied by a gently squeeze to the tendered breast. Jean, mentally tracking his ministrations and could sense the random path of his kisses were moving closer and closer, to her most sensitive erogenous zone, her nipples.

As he kissed, and teased, a hand would leave her breast, but for a moment, to rub across the zipper of her jeans and then press against the awakening passion trapped inside.
Jean slid off her sandals and reached for James to take off his shirt. As the buttons were released off his white satin shirt she was rewarded with the warm touch and feel of his fine chest hairs that had turned her on during their sex chats. Wrapping the hairs on his chest in her fingers she again kissed him passionately while pinching his hard nipples.

Pressing her breasts and swollen nipples against him she laughed then kissed him again, darting her tongue between his parted lips. "This is sooo much better than a cam"

As Jean embraced her love James urgently pressed their kiss and felt his cock engorged and straining by the naked feel of her warm smooth skin against his. He reached down between them and released the button at the top of her jeans. As she kissed and pressed him tighter he deftly undid her thin brown belt and slid the zipper down past the top of her panties.

Breaking their embrace Jean stepped back, her face flushed with desire, her nipples perturbing like two thick pencils. "Darling, let me help things along."

James smiled a knowing stare as Jean worked her jeans down across her ample hips and kicked them aside, her only covering, a thin white satin panty with a lace V that ended just above her slit. The collection of moisture on the thin strip covering her pussy revealed she was shaven with thick lips straining the thin material.

"Jimmy" Jean said, her gaze fixed upon his crotch "I think you have too much on."

To his surprise and pleasure Jean quickly knelt before him and attacked his belt and zipper with lustful vigor. James had no chance to remove his shoes, let alone kick off his slacks. Jean blew her hot breath and kissed his cock head through his blue silk boxers, now thoroughly stained with his pre cum. His musky scent made her begin to drip with desire.

James had to grab her head to keep from falling as she jerk down his shorts and engulfed his cock head in one swift motion. There was no cock teasing foreplay this day, just deep cramming as much of his swollen cock head into her mouth as she could. Her sucking, and licking of his pee slit was rewarded by more pre-cum. As she continued to grip his thick cock, her sounds were a mixture of a growl, when she could not get his girth down her throat, then a whimper when James reached down to pinch her nipples. This unexpected and aggressive milking of his cockhead was accompanied by a squeeze of his shaft and the deft massaging of his balls.

When James tried to pull away she wrapped one arm around his thighs till her hand could catch the break in his ass. "I.. Wan ..Yoou..too kum" Jean breathed between long sucks, attacking his thick cock like it was her last meal.

Jean thought to her good girl side, "Honey if I'm going to bad, I'm really, REALLY going to be BAD!"

Pressing her breasts against James legs she rubbed them back and forth enjoying the pleasure from the tease of his hairy legs against her fully engorged nipples.

James had planned a long and slow seduction but Jean had quickly turned the tables. He was beyond any rational thought, made prisoner by long building desire for her to be really FREE with him. Grabbing her head he raised up on his toes.

Forcing his shaft into her hot, wet and warm mouth he nearly choked her as he felt the rising volcano coming from deep in his balls.
Releasing his cock head for only a second Jean cried out to him, "You cum into my moth NOW!"

The next thing James felt was simultaneous sucking of his cock head, her tongue trying to snake down his cum slit AND a finger deftly inserting its' self into his ass.

"Oh MY GOD" James shouted so loud he could be heard clearly by anyone within a couple of rooms.

The force of his released climax quickly chocked Jean such that she had to let much of his precious HOT love juices spill out of her mouth and down her neck covering her right breast and nipple. For her pleasure Jean had been using her free hand to massage her own clit, a practice well learned from all those nights rejected by her husband. The cum in her mouth, and the hot lava like flow across her nipple sent her into a climax where she had to hold onto James leg and grind her drench hand against his leg to heighten the pressure on her clit.

As her climax subsided Jean was fixated on the semi erect cock in front of her that was still dripping cum like the faucet in her old kitchen. As she uncorked James ass, she reached to take a hold of the cock that had so mesmerized her. As she nearly had it in hand James fell backwards, fortunately into a waiting chair.

What a sight they presented. Her with her panties nearly ripped apart by her furious massaging of her clit and pulling on her thick lips. He with his shirt half off down one arm, his pants and shorts entangled in his shoes and his thick member still leaking cock cream as it bobbed semi hard back and forth.

As Jean began to crawl the few feet between them, James shot up straight. "Wait, he pleaded, did you bring it?"

"Bring what sweetheart" Jean asked with a deep smile "Do you mean my glass toy, the one with the increasing girth and ridges that I play with when we chat?"

"Oh Fuck yes" James leaned forward kicking off his shoes. "Please tell me you did not forget that, YOU Promised."

Standing and looking for her purse Jean rewarded his struggles to get fully naked by pulling it out of the black satin sleeve that protected the only sexual joy, till now, in her life.

Taking it from her, like it was a precious jewel, James led her quickly into the master bedroom. Holding the trophy between them he removed the covering and immediatly began to kiss, and smell the symbol of teasing all these many months. Jean began to seductively remove her stained panties.

Pointing at Jean, now comfortably laid out on the bed, James said "I have BIG plans for this today, so you will NEVER forget me, especially when you play in the future."

"Cum show me how That" pointing at her toy while drawing up her legs wide "is going to make room in This" now pointing at her swollen pussy lips and almost virginal entrance " for THAT" now pointing with her painted toes at the thick member resting against his thigh.

Lying down between her spread legs James leaned forward to run his tongue across her wet clit, down her swollen slit and deep into her tight love tunnel, darting quickly as fast as her could.

Feeling Jeans legs begin to shake he broken contact, only long enough to whisper, "I will find a way sweetheart" then another lick to her exposed clit.

As he began to suck on her clit like a small nipple James began to insert her toy, then looking up between her legs he saw her intent flushed face stare at him as he finally spoke a solemn promise " I will, baby girl, I WILL make me FIT!".

To be continued....

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