A mother and her daughter
I took Melody out after church one Sunday. She was a rather nice girl, 36 years of age, not exactly a playboy model though. Nice long, dark blond hair, with a pleasant complexion to her face, blue eyes, and her breasts were well proportioned to her body. At the restaurant, we talked over our hamburgers. I noticed Melody's blouse was a bit open, revealing a bit of her cleavage, and her bra were quite visible through the material. Melody's nipples occasionally tented her bra through her blouse, then slowly relaxed. As we finished our sandwiches, she excused herself to the restroom. I watched Melody walk away, her legs working beautifully out of her skirt, which reached just to her knees, shaping over her butt nicely. She didn't have pantyhose on this time.

Melody returned to our table, and began to eat her ice cream I had ordered during her absence. She kept her left hand in her lap. I excused myself to go to the restroom. As I returned, I noticed that Melody had reached inside her skirt with her left hand, and I wondered was she fingering her pussy as my dick began to swell in response. After I settled down and resumed eating my ice cream, I noticed her nipples were visibly tenting in her bra. My cock began to ooze precum at the idea of her masturbating in public.

Melody smiled, and began telling me about her 18 year old daughter's bikini malfunction as they soaked in the hot tub at her friend's home. A strap had separated from its cup, leaving the fabric dangling. She helped her daughter remove the top, and took off her own bra. They spent the rest of the evening topless with their friend. I noticed Melody's nipples were seemingly at its peak inside her bra, as she kept her hand down in her lap. I wondered how wet she was becoming. I commented that it looks like she enjoyed her time with her daughter and friend, and Melody blushed.

I escorted Melody out to my car, and seated her. After I got on the highway, Melody asked me if I had a pretty active sex life in my youth and marriage. My cock jumped again in my pants. I told her of some of my masturbatory experiences with my best friend and my porn reading after high school until I married my wife, until her death from breast cancer. I asked about hers as I switched lanes and took the exit off the highway. I noticed she had her hand inside her skirt again. Melody was quiet for a few moments, then told me of her experiences with her sister, and her late husband. Melody admitted when they soaked in the hot tub the previous evening, she played with her daughter, and she loved it. They had several orgasms together.

I rested my hand on her leg. Melody laid her hand over mine's, and pulled it around her thigh, into her skirt, cupping my hand over her pussy. I realized she didn't have panties on, and wondered if she sat like that during the church service. She pressed my fingers into her soaked pussy, and I began to massage her swollen clit while we drove through her neighborhood. Melody's body tensed up as her orgasm built within her pussy. When I pulled into her driveway, her pussy went into spasms on my fingers. Melody's musky aroma filled the car as her juice drained from her pussy on my fingers and her skirt. We sat in the car for a few moments as she recovered from her orgasm while my cock painfully throbbed in its sticky precum inside my undershorts.

I walked Melody to the door, and we kissed when her daughter pulled the door open. Our kiss broken, Melody turned and introduced her daughter Melissa to me. I had met her at church, but never knew her name. Melissa was slimmer than her mom, but every bit as attractive, with darker hair and green eyes. I noticed her breasts were smaller, but fuller than her mom's. Melissa was already in her lounge shirt for the night, having returned from her date with a friend. Melody invited me inside to play some games and visit more with them. As Melissa selected a can of Mountain Dew for me, Melody went down the hall to her room. I noticed a wet spot had formed on the back of her skirt, apparently from her cum a few minutes ago. My cock began to relax within its precum. I wondered if I could go to the bathroom and clean it up a bit, and asked Melissa if I could, when she returned with my drink.

I returned from the bathroom, as Melody shuffled Skipbo cards. She had pulled on a lounge shirt like her daughter's. I sat at the table as she dealt the cards and sipped from my can of Dew. I couldn't help but notice neither one of them weren't wearing a bra. I was pretty sure Melody didn't have panties on, but did Melissa? We began to play as I watched them. Melissa quickly won the first game. I leaned back and munched on a cookie as Melissa shuffled the cards. Melody began to rub her leg against mine's under the table, making my cock erect again. Soon she had her foot in my lap, as Melissa counted out the cards. I laid my free hand on her foot and caressed her leg far as I could reach. Her foot slid down some, and I pulled it into my crotch where she could feel my hard cock. I glanced at Melody, and she winked with a smile, then slowly licked her lips.

Games finished, it was becoming late as I took my leave reluctantly. Melody and I kissed again at the door, this time undisturbed by her daughter. She pushed my hand down between her thighs, and I felt once again her bare pussy and fingered her juicy clit as we kissed. She rubbed her hand over my hard cock, fingering the zipper in my fly. I quickly pulled it open, and Melody slid her fingers inside, caressing the length of my cock within my undershorts. Too soon, I turned and left after accepting her invitation to come the next evening to her home for an impromptu cookout that she had planned on the spur of the moment.

The day could not go by fast enough for me at work as I eagerly looked forward to the cookout date we had. At home finally, I quickly showered and dressed, then decided to go commando within my shorts and stripped the underwear off. I arrived at their home, and smelled the charcoal smoking when I got out of my car. Melissa opened the door as I stepped on the porch. She was wearing a mini skirt, and a loose, tie dyed tank top that was a couple of sizes too large. It was clear she didn't have a bra on. She told me her mother was in the back yard trying to keep the charcoal lit, as I followed her through the house admiring her legs. Melody was coughing in the smoke from the grill. I offered to take over. Melody gladly stepped away, giving me a quick hug. I stood to one side of the smoky grill and watched Melody go into the house. She was wearing a mini skirt and a halter top that accentuated her body.

I stirred the charcoal, creating a dense blanket of smoke, and noticed Melody had tossed in a few hickory wood chips which were still a bit green. I pulled them to one side of the grill, and stood back for the smoke to clear. Melody and her daughter were busily setting the food on the table, and waving the flies away. They were chatting happily to each other, as I watched Melody reach across the table, her skirt riding up her bare buttocks. Then Melissa pulled the bag of chips open and leaned to pour it into a large bowl, her shirt dropping away from her breasts. My cock was stirring within its confines, and I reached down to shift it to a more comfortable place as Melody came to the grill with a platter of hamburger meat. She saw what I was doing and smiled. I took the plate, and she gave my cock a quick squeeze over my shorts with her free hand. I noticed Melody's nipples were tenting the top she had on. I watched the hem of her skirt sway as she went back to the deck, revealing her shapely thighs going up to her buttock.

I began to grill the meat, and was becoming sweaty, so I backed off and pulled my shirt off. Melody came to me, running her hand over my bare back as I turned to her. She slid her hand around my ribcage to my chest, and tweaked a nipple lightly as she picked my shirt off the grill handlebar. She winked at me as she turned and I again watched her thighs working out of her skirt as she returned to the house. My cock became firmer within my shorts at the sight of her bare thighs and butt. The meat had browned and sizzled when I decided they are ready and removed them from the grill as both women returned with condiments and relishes to the table. I came up with the plate of hamburgers and noticed their flushed faces and nipples extended through the fabrics of their tops. I wondered had they engaged in some sexual quickie within the house as they prepared the vegetables, or was it because of myself stripping at the grill?

We sat at the table, with Melody beside me on the bench, and Melissa facing us on the other bench as we began to eat. While we ate, Melody slid her hand into my lap, and began to rub my cock, making it to swell again. I eased my hand to the zipper and pulled it down. Melody slid her fingers between the fly and began to stroke the length of my cock with her fingers while Melissa ate, seemingly unknowing to what her mother were doing. The precum from my cock were mingling with Melody's fingers, as she withdrew them to pick up her hamburger for a bite, then licking the juices off before dropping her hand back into my pants for more. Melissa seemed unaware to her mom's explorations of my cock, but her nipples were becoming more pronounced within her shirt. After a few moments, she dropped her left hand into her lap. I could imagine that she was fingering her pussy.

In the growing twilight as crickets chirped, we finished the dinner, and cleared the table off. I reclined on the lounge and watched the women dispose of the trash and uneaten leftovers. Melody dropped some utensils and bent deeply to pick them up, and I saw her bare pussy between her thighs. My cock leaped again as I wondered what it would taste like if I were to lick it. I haven't had sex since my wife passed nearly a year before. They managed to get everything collected and carried into the house. A few moments later Melody returned and sat on the lounge besides me. We sat there a while in silence watching the stars twinkling. I commented that I enjoyed the meal with her and her daughter, and Melody smiled at me.

Melody rested her hand over her skirt, working the hem up with her fingers. I reached over and laid my hand over hers, and she pulled it into her pussy quickly. I explored her bare pussy with my fingertips, and working them inside, noticing its wetness. Melody slid over to me, and leaned back against my body, as I relaxed my arm and eased my fingers deeper into her pussy. I hugged Melody with my other arm, resting my hand over her breast lightly. I could feel her hard nipple, as I gently ran my finger over it. I worked my other fingers in Melody's pussy until I could feel her swollen clit, and began to rub it lightly.

I asked Melody when was the last time she had her pussy licked. She answered that Melissa had eaten her the night before, but she really didn't get an orgasm like she normally would. I massaged her clit as her pussy grew wetter to her moans of pleasure. After a few moments, Melody asked me to lick her pussy, as she raised off me, and began to pull her skirt down. I hesitated, as she stood to step out of the skirt, revealing a nicely shaved pussy. Melody sat down again on the lounge, legs apart. Melissa came out and stopped in surprise when she saw her mom's nakedness. I knelt before Melody as she pulled her pussy lips apart, showing me her hard clit in its wetness.

I gently pushed my tongue in Melody's pussy, feeling for her swollen clit, burying my mouth within its soft folds. Melissa sat in a lounge across from us. Melody smiled at her, then licked her lips. Melissa grinned back, as she reached into her skirt to finger her own pussy. I pushed my tongue onto Melody's clit and began licking with vigor as I slid my fingers into the tunnel of her pussy. Melody gripped my head, running her fingers through my hair as chills of ecstasy ran through her body. My cock was hard as it could be, leaking precum heavily into my shorts.

I could feel Melody's pussy contracting as her orgasm built within her, then its lips tightened on my fingers. Melody moaned, and her pussy exploded in my mouth. Juice poured out of her pussy into my mouth as it spasmed, much like a guy's cock when he cums. Melody clamped her thighs against my head tightly as she yelped in delight, squeezing my face deeper into her soaked pussy. While this was going on between Melody and I, Melissa pulled her skirt off and began masturbating, watching her mom's sexual enjoyments.

I withdrew my head from Melody's pussy as she relaxed her thighs against my head. My cock was throbbing painfully as I stood, looking around. Melissa was well into masturbating her pussy, skirt crumpled about her feet. I reached into my shorts to adjust my cock as Melody reached for my hand and pulled me closer to her. She began to fumble with the snap on my shorts so I unfastened it for her, and she slid them down, making my cock to spring out, dripping precum. Melody grasped my cock and licked the precum off its head, as I felt my butthole contract from the cooling night air. I glanced over my shoulder at Melissa as she moaned softly while her climax builded. Melody sucked my cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around its head, creating delicious chills to run over my body. Her head began to bob as she slid my cock between her lips savoring the precum that she was milking from it.

I brushed her hair back as Melissa groaned in her ecstasy as her pussy climaxed. I wished I had my mouth on Melissa's pussy as Melody became more vigorous with my cock. I could feel my climax building in my balls, as the fluid rose from it. I pulled Melody's hair over to one side, and could see down her back to where her top ended and her buttocks began, pressed into the lounge seat. Melissa sighed in relief as I glanced over my shoulder at her sprawled body, her top pulled above her breasts, and her glistening pussy as she gently ran her fingers over its lips. Melissa caught me looking at her and smiled. I winked. My own climax was building more violently as the fluid surged into my cock, enveloped in Melody's warm mouth, sliding in and out between her lips. It exploded like a volcano, spewing its hot load into the back of Melody's mouth. She stopped moving her head, and allowed my cock to unload.

As my cock settled, Melody began stirring my cum around with her tongue, lubricating the head of my cock, then she swallowed. Sliding my cock out of her mouth, she inspected it, and smiled. I backed away from her as she stood and pulled her top off. Melody's body was lovely to behold in its full nudity. Melody took my hand and led me to the picnic table, where she laid upon it, with her feet propped apart, knees in the air, thus spreading her pussy. I went to her, and slowly inserted my still moist and erect cock into Melody's waiting pussy, easing it deeply into her. I stood there for a moment, savoring the feel and warmth of her pussy on the shaft of my cock.

Melissa had left her lounge and came to sit at the table. She was still bottomless without her skirt, and had a bit of trimmed hair above her shaved pussy. Melissa's shirt was still resting on top of her breasts, showing her pointed nipples while she watched me thrust my cock into her mom's pussy. I settled into a rhythmic pattern working my pelvis forward and back, maneuvering my cock in Melody's pussy for some time as she moaned and sighed in pleasure.

I paused for a breather, and Melody told her daughter to get up on the table, and let her taste her pussy. Melissa climbed on the table, and pulled her shirt off, revealing her small breasts with its darker areola. She squatted over her mom's face and placed her pussy over her mom's mouth, as Melody eagerly reached up and grasped her daughter's butt guiding it into place. She began to lick her dauhgter's pussy as my cock jerked and swelled even more from the close-up of a naked young woman before my eyes. I began to slowly thrust again into her Melody's pussy as I watched.

I could feel the climax building again in my balls as the fluid surged to my cock. Melissa's face was becoming flushed and she was getting breathless as she bounced on her feet a bit, pressing her pussy into her mom's face. I tried my best to keep my cock from exploding, but I withdrew as my cum began to gush out, and stood before her dripping pussy while I sprayed my hot cum over Melody's breasts and stomach.

Melissa shrieked in ecstasy as an orgasm ripped through her body, at the sight of the cum spraying from my cock on her mom's body. She dropped to her knees and hands over her mom's body, her face inches from my quivering cock, still dripping its load. Melissa opened her mouth and sucked my cock inside. She tasted the remnants of my cum and her mom's pussy coating the cock for a few moments as her climax subsided. I admired her breasts hanging over the white gobs of my cum on Melody's naked body. Melody was still cleaning the juices out of her daughter's pussy. I knew she was enjoying the luscious view and wished I was on my back doing the same.

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